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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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still watching radar, a wet the time is 6:00 on this thursday, january 28. police are investigating a deadly accident involving an officer in pembroke pines. police confirming within the last hour thatneperson did die. that person is not the officer. our team coverage includesour facebook and twitter pages. julia bagg and kelly blanco keeping you up to date with alternate routes. other our big story as you wake up with us this morning. take a look at pictures viewers sent in. tornadoes touched down in northern broward county l@aving behind a path of destruction. nbc 6 meteorologist ryan
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>> we have a contrast in our weather locally, first thing this morning. good thursday morning. we'll still be on guard for a threat this afternoon for severe storms. in the meantime, some nuisance showers hanging on across broward county, same location that had the unfortunate strong tornado touch down into coconut creek and pompano beach. still wet weather lingering here on the saw grass, on the florida turnpike and also on to i-95.. those showers will be quick to exit. we're free and clear into miami-dade county. i'll come back to what's headed our way momentarily. there were isolated showers in place across eastern miami-dade county. i do think ouroadways will be wet on i-95 and on the 826. most of south florida, not really concerned about any wet weher initially. if you're a 6:00 a.m. commuter, i think you'll be just fine. we're watching the shield of rain press closer to the metro area after we get past 7:00. in the meantime,taking an umbrella for more showers in place today.
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morning time temperatures right now into the lower 70s. last hourly observations with showers nearby in ft. lauderdale. quiet in miami at 71. on our way to 80. a warm and humid day. not much sunshine. as we get deeper into the afternoon hours, first alert forecast looks to lean towards more showers and thunderstorms across the area. flood watch into broward county. we'll talk about why in a little bit. right now first alert traffic with kelly blanco. >> good morning, south florida. a couple of things in broward county. we have pines boulevard eastbound and westbound completely shut down at northwest 114th street. our alternates, pembroke road, johnson street or taft. we a julia bagg on scene of the police-involved accident. i-95 northbound at pembroke road is nice and green, traffic moving at full speed. b a left lane is lock blocked off due to a broken down car.
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lanes around northwest 62 on the street. about 20 minutes ago is where we had two express lanes and a couple local lanes blocked off as well as on-ramp to northwest 69th strere. that accident cleared, no major issues in miami-dade. we continue to follow the test on breaking news out of pembroke pines. one person was killed following an officer-involved accident. nbc 6 keeping you up to date on the story on air and on the nbc 6 twitter page since 4:00 this morning. reporter julia bagg is live there. when we last talked to you, they're now saying alcohol may have played a factor. witnesses say she actually ran that light. >> she did, sheli. let me talk about that as we look at what's left of the two vehicles t. gray infinity is the what the woman was driving who died at the hospital.
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officer was driving that vehicle. let me show you the red light that we're learning witnesses say she ran. coming out of that parking lot, because of the time of this crash, it was around 2:15, there were only a few places open including the ale house here in pembroke pines. that's one of the pieces of this puzzle hat police are trying to figure out, was alcohol a factor? was she driving drunk behind the wheel? what they do mow is six different people were watching wpen this crash happened. >> based on solely the witness testimony, we do believe that the gray infinity did run the red light unfortunately and caused the accident. >> a a for the police officer, investigators are not releasing his name. they are saying he's a veteran police officer, been with ppbroke pines police at least ten years. let me give you another look live at this crash and what's left here.
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expect pines boulevard at northwest 114th avenue, expect it to be blocked for quite a while. no word yet on when it may open back up again. stay close to your nbc 6 weather app for that. live in pembroke pines, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> you can see where the gray honda civic flipped on top of that toyota and would continue to make its path across the parking lot here, overturning this f-150 pickup truck. you can only imagine how incredibly intense this storm was to be able to do that. >> at that point we did not know this was a tornado. nbc 6eporter bobby brooks, one of the many reporters we had coverg that coconut creek tornado. >> we were right there with you during extended live coverage through the morning and early afternoon mesterday. keeping you safe as severe weather@ ravaged through that area. this morning nbc 6 reporter
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>> michael t process is to dry up out and clean up. that may sound simple but it's much easier said than done. >> it is. we're not too far from where bobby was. yesterday surprisingly they got to work pretty fast. here on browawa college, still some wor left. trees and limbs still down on campus. classes are back to norm toll day. no cancellations this morning. we've heard the leaf blowers out lready. the workers are here working to get the rest of the mess eaned up. the national weather service showing you the path of yesterday's ef 1 tornado. you notice at the bottom left, that is the start of it moving north from coconut creek to pompano beach. the area in orange is where we are now, the worst of it there you have video right now off the
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even as it subsided to the north, still causi a lot of damage to the business. trees all over the cars. they caught up with one man. he was caught in the middle of this, was able to get inside. many other folks who were not caught in it but were inside. they got quite the surpriseame out. take a listen. >> amazing. i lived through hurricane andrew. it was similar to that, to come out and see everything upside down. >> reporter: amazingly just one injury reported, very mimir. you're looking at a video from broward campus hehe. the cars that were whipped around, those cars are gone. when you look at this and other nghborhoods in the area, we neighborhoodahead. we know the city of coconut creek isfering cleanup and bulk picp for neighborhoods that have this mess to clean up. keep that in mind as the trucks make the rounds. live at broward college north campus.
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right now it's 6:08. we're getting a different look at the rollover wreck in southwest miami-dade that involved six different cars including a miami-dade police cruiser. this is red light camama video showing the moment the driver loses control of his carending it on a crash course with a whole bunch of other veicles. it happened tuesday night in the area of southwest 8th street and 32nd avenue. the officer ended up with minor injuries related to the crash. in the meantime,olice are saying the man that caused this crash is facing dui charges. david marin any is his name. he told nbc 6 he crashed because his brakes gave out thaha night. he ended up hitting a total of five cars. two teens holding people up at atms are behind bars. they're behind at least five robberies that stretch fom pompano beach to deerfield beach. the 17-year-olds use the same
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they would approa people at walk-up and drive-through atms and demand cash, all while they have a gun in their hand. police are still looking for a third person. >> all right. donald trump is saying he's going to be a no-show for tonight's gop debate. ted cruz isn't taking that news lightly. what that texas senator has done in hopes of luring trump into a one-on-one match-up. rain in the forecast again today. you're looking at our live first
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nbc 6 meteorolo welcome back. if you're just waking up, prepare for another wet start to the day. meteorologist ryan phillips has been tracking showers and first
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blanco getting you around any delays. t is all the buzz in politics, tonight's republican ebate without donald trump. >> he will not be there. for nbc 6 tracie potts is in washington, d.c. the big question is we know he's not going to be here. is this going to help him or hurt him in terms of being the front-runner for the gop. >> reporter: a good question. we really don't know. what we do know is there are brand new numbers that show us he's running strong not just in iowa but other early voting states. the analysts are debating whether or not trump dropping out of this debate is going to be a bigger risk for him or whether it might turn out to be a smart move. . just released this morning, the nbc merit poll showing donald trump noww up by seven over ted cruz who was leading there earlier this month. trump is up by 19 in new hampshire and 16 in south
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feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly has led to one less candidate on the stage. >> i don't like being taken@ advantage of. >> reporter: trump tells south carolina voters it's what the u.s. should have done with the iran nuclear deal. >> we walk out. you leave. that's what you do. you leave. >> ted krus challenged trump to a one-on-one on saturday. >> he doesn't want to answer questions to the men and women of iowa about how his rord doesn't match what he's selling. >> reporter: drawing attention to where cruz was born, trump tweets, can we do it in canned da? other candidates are ready to move on. >> did i whine and moan, refuse to show up, did i hold my breath and stamp my feet, no. i said, you know what. give me a podium and a
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you don't walk away. you stand up and fight. >> reporter: donald trump has decided to sit this one out. it remains to be seen whether iowa voters will feel snug, will they be offended or might they impressed. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. this is happening out of ft. lauderdale. the process of figuring this out is on going. a tri-rail train has derailed at northweses 18th street. this is in ft. lauderdale. we know 40 people right now are being evaluated for their injuries. again, a tri-rail train, northwest 18thtreet in ft. lauderdale. >> we understand the train engjne is on fire. there's fluid leaking, but we understand emerncy crews are on scene managing the situation. also these0 patients -- injuries don't seem to be severe or really major at this point.
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evaluated possibly on scene. no reports if they have been taken t t the hospital. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. >> one of the big thing is fluids are leaking from the train. so they want to contain that as much as they can. whether or not they're flammable we're trying to figure that out. michael spea is on his way to the scene. we'll be talking with them as they are on their way. we'll be posting and sending push alerts using the nbc news and weather app as well. breaking news out of ft. lauderdale, a tri-rail train has derailed at northwest 18th street in ft. lauderdale. 6:16 now. good thursday morning. we bring weather back to the center stage into our thursday headlines. showers and storms willove back in across the area perhaps as soon as t t 9:00 hour and
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hours where more rains could aggravate the problems that we already had yesterday @nto broward county. we'll talk about that in just a moment. let's show you where the rain is right now. south florida's only live local doppler radar on the air. in broward county we had early morning showers move through. we had a shield of wet weather overtake the area and now dissipating over to the north and east. improving conditions for coconut creek and pompano beach. al here back as far as margate and tamarac. notice the shield of shower activity breaking down as it lifts to the north and east. so we're left with some wet roadways. and they'y' important roads at that. federal highway 95, turnpike and saw grass expressway, wet but no active weather right now. miami-dade, you've been free and clear for a couple hou. we've had overnight showers that were quick to break down. we're watching this cluster of showers. thunderstorm activity across the gulf.
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with this particular line of showers in the last half hour. not worried about that immediately ramping up. we watched for it to move into the metro area. after we get folks on the road after 7:00 this morning. for the next hour or so, conditions wide and dry into miami-dade county. showers back into therea later on. again, some embedded havy rains, yes. we could see wind gusts up to maybe 35 miles per hour. but nothing severe in there. no lightning. no signs it's ramping um in intensity. prepare for more wet weather today. we're quiet and dry in the keys with light showers just beginning to nose into the key west area. bus stop forecast, lower 70s this morning. a cloudy and humid start to our day. more wet weather as the day goes on. send the kids with the rain gear. we still maintain our threat for severe storms, isolated in nature later this afternoon and into the evening hours. i'll show you why in just a moment. flood watch now in effect for broward county.
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we could see more wet weather moving in and setting up shop across the area. any additional rains could bring in flooding problems into broward county. here are the temperatures not moving at all in the next few hours, 69 to 72. we could see a lull in the aaion as some of the activity bleeds off to the north. late they are fternoon, i think the showers will consolidate along the cold front as it pushes through the area. that with upper level energy above the surface, moving through the area could ignite strong, if not severe storms. chief meteorologist john morales will keep an eye on that into the afternoon and evening hours. everything clearing out later today. great end to the workweek ahead. wet weather on the way for today. strong to severe storms this after noo noon. highs 80. lows for the 50s on saturday,
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here is kelly with an update on your morning commute. >> something you're definitely going to have to do, the ads are slick and dangerous. it's really busy out there. taking a look outside, southbound and northbound lanes at griffin road. traffic moving up to speed, but a lot of folks out there this morning making their way to work and school. over to our maps, we still have that police-involved accident completely blocking the roadway at pines boulevard eastbound and westbound, completely shut down. julia bagg is on the scene telling me this will not clear up for at least another two hours. don't even think about pines boulevard this morning. take pembroke road or johnson street instead. we still have the broken down car blocking the left lane on i-95 northbound at pembmbke road and a brand new crash at miami-dade. 836 westbound making your way towards northwest 27th avenue, we have a crash with injuries
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6:21. quick update on the breaking news we told you about in ft. lauderdale, a tri rail trarn has derailed at northwest 1 1th street. we know 40 people are being evaluatedight now, triage established which means injuries and there treated on the scene. michael spears son his way right now. we'll have live report from him asap. meanwhile t as zika virus continues to spread in the u.s. leading many questioni whether health organizations are doing enough to stop it. one person is involved after a police-involved accident in pembroke pines. officers are telling nbc 6 reporter julia bagg that alcohol may have played a role in what happened. that's not confirmed.
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information on . welcome back. we continue to follow the
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we're hearing a tri-rail train has derailed near south dixie highway and 18th street. we're hearing the engine may have caught on fire and fluid may have been leaking from that train at some point. 40 people are being checked out for injuries. we have nbc 6 reporter michael spears on the way to the scene. he'll have a live report for us in just a few minutes. nbc 6 following also breaking news aboutut the zika virus. our team working to gather the latest information for you. eric standing by at the breaking news desk with thoso details. >> sheli, things are getting pretty bad at this point and growing. in a couple hours the center for disease control and prevention will give an update. president obama is calling for research and the development of vaccines and treatment to fightht that mosquito-borne virus. the fda working with federal partnerso put together restrictions for blood donations for travelers who have visited the impacted countries.
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than a dozen south american and central american countries. generally the virus isn't that dapg rouse to most people. if you do get it, mild flu-like systems. once it's out of your system you're immune from it for life. the real danger is for pregnant women. they san jose it can cause smaller heads and brains in newborns which translates to extensive mental disabilities as they get older. so far in the united states, no loek case haves been reported. there are cases reported in people who have traveled to thehe affected countries. here in south florida two cases were confirmed, also one case reported in los angeles. straight ahead, see what detectives are up to after an early morning crash that left one woman dead and one of their own in the hospital. watching live first alert doppler this morning, showers
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trying to press in across
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will it impact t one woman is dead, an officer in the hospital after a crash that happened here just a few short hours ago. right now detectives taking measurements. you see the smashed-up cars. coming up, we'll have a full report about what happened here and what we know now. julia, thank you so much. a chk of your busy first alert traffic and weather together starting with a live look of downtown miami. south florida in for more rain. >> nbc 6 meteorologist ryan phillips keeping busy. the question s obviously yesterday a severe weather alert
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a confirmed tornado. anything like that headed our way? >> we'll maintain the threat torefofo severe storms late they are afternoon. we have a break in the action in brard county and miami-dade, seeingngll the activity push towards the east. we're watching this cluster of showers. we had embedded thunderstorms moving to the east, not making a raraid push into the metro area at 6:31. after we get past 7:00, we might find light shower activity moving into the area. the deeper we go into the morning hours, the better the chance for storms to kick up. initially this morning, you may step outside into broward county with no active weather overhead. same is true into miami-dade county wre we've been rain-free for a few hours. showers looming off in the distance. we've got a wet forecast into the afternoon hours. again, a threat for isolated strong ifot severe storms. still in the first alert
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al this moisture through the area, keeping a close eye on this cell, in particular this line staying to the north of the keys out here moving into southwest florida. we'll keep an eye on that and what you need to know out the door. your morning drive may y hampered here by isolated shower activity. better ances for showers as the morning goes on. this afternoon could see locally heavy rains. we have a flood watch in effect for broward county. everyone on guard for locally heavy rains and thunderstorms. highs today at 80. one more active weeher day. more on your weekend forecast in about 12 nutes. right now first alert traffic with clack. >> good morning south florida. if you're headed out the door a couple of issues to worry about. no issues inin miami-dade. pines boulevard eastbound and westbound at 114th avenue will remain shut down because of that police-involved crash. it will remain shut down for about two to three hours. we have julia bagg on scene who will bring us the latest. she has confirmed that this area
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another two to three hours. you can take pembroke road, johnson street or even taft as your alternates. in regards to the tri-rail incident, i can tell you mcmcbb road might be shut down. once he gets there, he'll be able to give us more information on that. 836 drivers westbound, a brand new accident blocking the left lane on northwest 27th avenue. let's take you outside now if we can to busy i-95 at northwest 62nd street. no accident reported. as you can see, the express lanes moving a lot faster tn the local lanes. nbc 6 on the breaking news out of pembroke pines. a woman is dead, a cop rushed to the hospital after this accident happened early this morning. witnesses are telling police officers the woman may have run a red light leaving the mall right on the corner of 114th.
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first reporter on the scene. we know one person was killed in the accident. what do we know about the police officer who was rushed to the hospital following that crash. >> reporter: good news about that officer. he is expected to be okay. he's at the hospital right now. he's a veteran officer, a fatherbut he's doing okay according to detectives. you heard kelly say pine boulerd likely to be shut down for a while. here is why. detectives taking measurements. they have lots of them to take. let me show you what's left of the two cars, a gr infinity we're learning from witnesses, that ran the red light. also the patrol car that was smashed up. let me show you new video of what officers have been up to since we last spoke. what they tell us is that six different witnesses saw the female driver coming southbound going through the intersection during a red light, coming out
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pembroke lakes mall at 2:15. the mall was closed at that time. at least one restaurant open late, the ale house. no confirmation on whether the woman had been there. she comes southbound out of the parking lot and slams into this patrol unit with the police officer inside. he was headed eastbound, he was on a nighttime regular patrol. regular patrol. he didn't have his lights on so heasn't answering a call or anything like that. have a listen to what d dtectives are saying about this crash this morning. >> nobodwants an accident to happen. it's a tragic circumstance and we feel terrible for the family of the victim. it's just a tragedy all around. >> reporter: again, one woman dead in this crash, the officer njured. both had been taken to the hospital but it was too late f r the woman inside the infinity. back here live, wel stay on the scene and let you know what else is developing here and how much longer you can expect it to be closed. the latest word on that in
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you'll want to take an alternate ute. julia bagg, nbcjulia, thank you so much. more breaking news outf pompano beach. >> nbc 6 reporter michael spears on way to the scene where a tri-rail train derailed. michael, what can you tell us? i know you're on the way. >> reporter: we're about ten minutes out at this point, still in the car. we just spoke with a tri-rail spokesperson who confirmed at least one person was hurt because of this train derailment. this is the train t-600, a northbound commuter train heading north this morning. where it derailed, power line road and dixie highway, so broward county. at least one person hurt. it's not clear how badly they were hurt. also it's not clear what caused this train to derail. obviously it's very wet out here.
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went into it. that's certainly something we're working the get confirmation on, to get information on. right now, ten minutes out, we anticipate an update within the next 15 or 20 minutes. we'll be tweeting it out and on facebook and the nbc 6 news and weather app once we find out. back to you. >> michael, thank you so much. we do know 40 people were on that train. we heard from michael spears that it is confirmed that only one person was hurt. at least that's w wat the early reports are saying. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and be the first to know about this and any breaking news using our nbc 6 social media pages, more specifically twitter and facebook. nbc 6 the first to tell you about the fatal accident that julia is on right now, of course this train derailment that michael spears is on his wayto in pompano beach and anything weather related. you can also use our nbc 6 news and weather app. breaking overnight out of oregon this morning, three more people have been arrested as
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the wildlife refuge. what you're watching is brand new video we got into the newsroom just a little while ago, just two days after one of the group's members was killed and leaders arrested three other men have turned themselves in to the fbi. they will be facing one felony federal count. meantime from behind bars, ammon bundy is telling those remaining activists to please go home. he wants it called off. these demonstrators have been there all month long prosting the sentencing of two ranchers. this morning two families are looking for a new place to call home after a fire destroyed almost everything they own. barely little damage ououide this little havana 40e8. inside it's a total loss. this happened between 5th street and northwest 20th avenue. it was just before dinnertime when someone noticed smoke coming from a first floor window. they called police. an officer is the one who helped the family save two dogs. firefighters rived. they had a really hard time
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because most of the windows were covered with storm shutters. >> everything burned. thereto's glass everywhere. we don't have nothing. i don't kno i'm lost. i just lost everything. >> it is not easy to hear that interview. the home is a duplex. we are talking about two families who were impacted hee, a family of four, another of seven. the red cross is helping them out. your time is 6:39. a south florida dad waking up in jail after police say he abandoned his son, and this while his teenage son is still missing. that teen went missing last month afterhe was kicked out of the car by his father in sunrise. although police are not suspepeing foul play, school administrators, teachers and other students who go to the school are worried about the missing 16-year-old. police say the teen has gone missing before. one reported case in hawaii,
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a woman is dead this morning following an overnight crash volving a police officer. police are saying that officer was struck by the fele driver in prierns right at 114th and pine boulevard. both were taken to the hospital. the woman later died from injuries related to the crash. coming up, the six stories you need to know before you head out the door today. >> reporter: this morning waste management crews want you to know when these trucks hit the streets, they're doing more than picking up your trash. they're looking for crime in your community. if you're hitting the road right now, no active weather to greet you in the two-county area. we don't have to look far to see a line of rain slowly pressing across the interior locations. we'll talk about the timing of this and the severe weather threatcoming up in just a few minutes.
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an eight-minute drive. 441 to i-75, a nine-minute drive.
6:36 am
eight-minute drive. a live look at first alert doppler radar tracking raven across south florida. meet october ryan phillips will beith us with more on the forecast. nbc 6 brought youu extensive live coverage all morning long on air and our nbc 6 weather app yesterday as a tornado moved through northern broward county. this morning we're getting a clear picture of the cleanup still left to be done. nbc 6 reporter michael spears tweeting out this new video a short time ago. lots of downed limbs in yards. just before he headed off to
6:37 am
report on the storm cleanup. >> reporter: this morning classes are back to normal at broward collge's north campus. i can tell you and show you there's plenty of cleanup left after yesterday's tornado swept through the area. you can see downed trees and limbs there. the cars twisted and moved around. those have been removed. but again, work ahead. look at this map we have this morning of the papgt of this tornado, the national weather serce says it's an ef 1 tornado that touched down in coconut creek. you can see the path moving up north towards pompano beach. at its strongest, winds of 90 to 100 miles per hour. luckily throughout all of this, the downed trees, the cars thrown. even on the turnpike one reported injury, very minor injury at that. so back out here live again, cleanup continues. very thankfulo one was seriously hurt and for people living in this area o coconut
6:38 am
pickup, the city helping folks clean up this mess this morning. coconut creek, michael spears, nbc 6 news. 6:46, don't forget to download the free nbc 6 news and weather app. you can keep an eye on live first alert doppler at any time on your tablet or smart phone. we'll have more rain move in. some of the light shower activity could come in into the 7:00 hour. what we're watching is what's inland to see if it holds together and powers through the area or if it begins to weaken just a touch. most of the florida keys with the exception of key west fairly quiet and dry right now. had some overnight showers move through the two-county areaea a lot of that activity dying out. in fact, miami-dadede you've been relatively rain free for the last two hours. just had showers exit intnt northeastern broward county. re is the main show across
6:39 am
namely across collier county and into mainland monroe county. not much in the way oflightning activity. we use lightning as a signal for a storm ramping up in intensity. what we've got low clouds and a sheared of shower activity moving into northwestern miami-dade county. sprinkles perhaps towards the florida turnpike as we approach the 7:00, 7:15 hour.% we move into eastern broward county which was wet at 4:00, 5:00. now starting to dry out. that's only a temporary fix, though. we'll see more wet weather in your first alert forecast today. keeping an eye on our skies into the afternoon hours for the threat of isolated severe weather. i don't think it's too far away, just using the miami radar
6:40 am
line has at least been maintaining its intensity. we've had rotation across th gulf water. a signal this has the potential to intensify. i think this activity will hold off until the 8:00 hour and when we come into miami-dade county. 8:15 for miami. watch the line as it progresses right now we've got cloudy skies. first light on the horizon, not much sunshine. you can see wet weather in place. day, as far as your commute, wet, cloudy,y, drive in, drive home. kaintain the threat for stronger storms today. broward county residents, you a flooch watch in effect all day. heavy rains that unfold could cause. we'll keep you up to date. 80 is your high. wet weather gear, oneore day
6:41 am
beautiful, lower humidity. >> south florida, stay with me here because there are a lot of accidents and they're all traffic alerts this morning. 395 westbound, you can see the flashing lights causing heavy delays. this is westbound leaving miami beach heading towards the mainland..% if you can, take the julia tuttle causewav instead. you can see flashing lights to the right. let's change sources and take you over to our first alert traffic maps on e 836 westbound at northwest 27th avenue, an accident with injuries blocking two lanes. we also have the police-involved accident that still has pines boulevard eastbound and westbound completely shut down at 114th avenue. you want to take pembroke road or johnson street. we have a crash 95 southbound at griffin road causing delays. you the se flashing lights off in the distance. right lane comptely blocked off. ten minutes to the top of the hour.
6:42 am
breaking news out of pompano beach. >> nbc 6 reporter michael spears on way to the scene where a tri-rail train derailed rly this morning. michael? >> reporter: good morning. we're still a couple minutes out. as you can see, we're in the car working to get more information. what we have confirmed so far is one person hurt, one person being treated. not clear the extent of their injuries. we know from the tri-rail spokesperson this is train p 600 traveling northbound. derailed sometime, about an hour ago, we're getting reports of near oakland park area between power line road and dixie highway. not clear what caused the derailment or the etent of the damage. we know again possibly one person being treated. probably many more being evaluated. a couple minutes out. check back with the nbc 6 news and weather app. we ould have an update in a couple minutes. >> tri-rail is encouraging people who take tri-rail to take other means of transportation this morning.
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your local garbage men and women may soon be helping fight crime. let's check inn with nbc 6 reporter erika glover for how the waste watch training is going. >> reporter: these crews hit the roads early which is why officers and organizers say it's a great extra resource for our community. waste management crews are taking queues from officers with the coral gables police department. law enforcement officers say the waste watch community partnership program preven vandalism, petty crime and burglary. that's why they're training more than 200 drivers servicing miami-dade county and reminding them to always be on the lookout. >> our drivers have a unique vantage point because th're up and down the same streets multiple times each week. so they know what cars are in the driveway, who is coming who are is goinin they're just able to see something that's suspipipis or
6:44 am
>> reporter: waste watch organizers say they'll continue to improve on the program to best meet the needs of every community. erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> now the big 6 stories you need to know. a crash killed one woman and left another person, an officer injured at the hospital. that officer is sedated right p now, expected to be okay. he doesn't have major injuries after the crash that you see on the corner of 114th and pines boulevard. it happened around 2:15. detectives saying they expect big pines boulevard to be closed for up to three hours while they take measurements. . stay with nbc 6 for the latest details.
6:45 am
bagg, nbc 6 news. >> police don't expect foul play. they say the teen has gone missing twice before. breaking overnight out of oregon, three more people in jail as armed protesters still occupy the wildlife refuge. president obama calng for research and development of vaccines and treatment to fight the mosquito born zika virus, mostly dangerous for pregnant women. >> you can catch the top gop hopefuls in one last debate including marco bio, jeb bush
6:46 am
the front-runner says he has an issue with the moderator megyn kelly. >> be sure check out the nbc 6 app. >> good morning to you. a couple of traffic alerts this morning as you're making your way out the door. we've had julia bagg on the scene completely shut down at 114th avenue. it will be shut downor a couple more hours. you can take pembroke or johnson street instead. things looking bad on 836 around northwest 27th avenue. two lanes completely blocked off causing westbound and eastbound onlooker delays. if you're headed out the or on palmetto expressway. take a look. >> another accident right now in broward county on i-95
6:47 am
roadblocking one of the right lanes. as far as the try rail derailment, you will see road closures closures, possibly mcnabb road. right land. >> a lot going on this morning. what we don't have, a big shield of shower activity in the metro area. >> taking your wet weather gear today and seeing that more showers will move in progressively as we dig deeper into the morning and head towards the midday hours. looking at live first alert doppler, the only live radar in south florida. some low clouds here and some light rain. the heard of the heaviest rain across eastern collier and mainland monroe county. we haven't seen an intensification into this line.
6:48 am
showers after 7:30 begin to move in across miami-dade and for everyone into the afternoon hours. looking prerey decent in eastern broward. things will charng and watching the line extend down into the lower keys. live look into ft. lauderdale. broward county you a flood watch in effect until 10:00 p.m. any additional rain could bring on isolated flooding. future radar, a lot of activity eases to our north. the main event and what we'll watch for for the threat of vere storms will come later in the afternoon towards the evening commute as evything consolidates into one line pushing through the area. once we get through that line, great weather lies ahead. for today, let's bank on wetted weather in place. threat for strong thunderstorms this afternoon. tomorrow, 73 and sunshine. a beautiful end to the month of january but could be a rocky afternoon. >> we're ready for a regular january. >> it's coming.
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