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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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drivers using caution as they approach the water logged streets. >> all of this as s other twister rolls through south florida leaving a path of damage for a second day in a row. good evening. >> we're covering the severe weather all day on air and online to keep you safe. let's check in with john morales. he's in the first alert weather center tracking everything that's happening out in. how about it, john? >> right now, the heavier rain is moving offshore in dade county. we had a lingering rain for southern dade county and coastal dade county as well. it's shifting into biscacane bay and key largo still being effected. the stronger storms are now near -- these were the ones that yielded yet another tornado here in south florida.
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area for nbc 6. it was up in delray beach. i want you to focus on this l)ne of new thunderstorms off to the northwest. th one is headed our way. should be here past dinner time. it should be the last batch of rain before we see clearing skiesnd that'll be late tonight and into tomorrow. ere is a flood watch in effect right now for broward county extending up into palm beach county. the flood watch is in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight. lots of rain in this area. palm beach county, well over 6 inches of rain. broward county well over 2 inches inches of rain. as far as thattornado we saw earlier today, itffected the the vilray beach area. this one only yielded 65 to 85
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mainly downed trees the damage observed. >> if your morning commute looked something like this, you were not alonon spinouts and flooding all over. be sure to buckle up again this evening as well. >> good morning. good afternoon. see? good morning. take a look at your driver here. this is i-95 your southbound and northbound lanes by cypress creek roads. southbound looking a little slslw. northbound a little better. an accident on the palmetto express wayzsway expressway. you'll see that entnce ramp is partially blocked off due to a crash with injuries. this crash happened just moments ago. i'm going to see exactly just how it will be effecting your ride this evening.g. let's take you on over to our map and see how it is looking on
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we had a right lane completely blocked off because of an accident. no delays. on the turnpike extension northbound right at southwest h street, the right lane is blocked off. north 74th street, near southwest 40th street, you have a 25-minute ride ahead of you. a violent funnel of winds whipped through south florida. power lines snapped as a confirmed ef-0 tornado blue through delray beach this morning. the hardest hit area along interstate 95 and atlantic avenue. this was the work of a second tornado in the area in just 24 hours. that ef-0 tornado typically has wind speeds of 65 to 85 miles per r ur. >> south in pompano beach,
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flooding along roads. take a look at th. it caused trees to snap in half. a tree came crashing down on top of a car. >> a tri-rail train derailment happened this morning. >> there are major delays. passengers are being urged to avoid the train all together if possible. buses are taking people between pompano beach and cypress creek stations. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: still delayed, jawan. they're checkg to see if weather did play a role. a piece of debris caused this derailment. whether some wind picked up a piece of debris and dropped it on the train n acks or not, they're still trying to figure that one out. this stretch of rail now has
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there is no quick fix in sight. chopper 6 offers the best look at the derailment. the engine to the right of the tracks. several other cars derailed as well. all the day the stretchetween the cypress creek and pompano beach stations has been closed. buses are moving people from one station to another and trains are r rning about 30 minutes late. we talked to a student. >> this is very much a pain. we've got to get to class about 9:25. >reporter: shelly helped move passengers off the train and onto the buses. >> t ty didn't feel it at first. >> reporter: rain has haampered efforts to rerail the cars and delays are expected to contue into the evening and possibly stretch into tomorrow. one person waslightly hurt and
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of tracks open here for tomorrow morning so the train can run in both directions on one track, but they may not make it in time and this stretch may stay closed tomorrow tomorrow. nbc 6 news. >> don't forget to log onto our nbc 6 news and weatherrapp. while you're there, be sure to check out all the storm photos from across south florida. there's a new top cop in town. we were on hand for the big announcement announcement. >> reporter: there's a new chief in town. the mayor appointed a new director for the miami-dade police departnt. he's not afraid to stand up to county hall.
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carloscar carlos gimenez came at the swearing in ceremony of several officers. perez has the union behind him. >> as for the directt, congratulations. i know he can do a great job if he's allowed to be a professional laenforcement officer without any interference from the mayor's office. >> reporter: the mayor chose perez even though last year perez demanded action to stop police layoffs. >> this same tenacity is what we need out there outside of these walls, telling the community, the commissioners, the mayor, whoever is listening, that we need them. >> reporter: perez was so upset at the time he dramatically took off his badge and left it on the podium. >> i'm a very passionate guy. i carry my emotions on myy sleeves and i say what i mean and i do what i mean. i think the mayor respects that from me.
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was the director of the miami fire department. you've got to fight for your department. you've got to fight for your people. >> reporter: on a day when dozens of new officers received their badges, he reminded him of that moment. >> there'll be some times when i have to tweak things in the department. >> reporter: it wouldn't be fair to say meet the new boss, same as the old boss, but director perez is promising to stay on the same track saying he doesn't want to fixhat isn't broken. nbc 6 news. a new report out tonightt laying out just how bad florida's highways are. the analysis comes from the advocates for highway and auto safety. it gives the sunshine state a red rating due to a, quote, lack of certain basic safety laws in florida like requiring a booster seat for children through the age of 7.
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fatalities in florida in 2014. the controversial bill passed another house panel today. it could effect the nearly 1.5 million floridians weapons with concealed permits. proponents say it will not hurt public safety. two of donald trump's rivalal join in. trump is throwing a veteraras benefit instead of debating. mike h hkabee and rick santorum will join him. both candidates plan to head to the trump event after taking part in the undercard debate. huckabee says that the move should not be seen as an endorsement of trump's candidacy, but that he simply didn't have anything else to do.. he's delighted to join with donald trump in an effort to salute vets.
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some company this weekend. gabby giffords will make a final push in the hawk eye state before the caucuses monday. she and her husband will appear at a rally on saturday the couple became outspoken advocates of gun control after giffords survived a terrible shooting at a political event in tucson five years ago. a poll shows clinton and sanders virtually tied in iowa. a somber reminder today. it's been 30 years since the challenger imploded upon takeoff. ceremonies were held around the nation today in an effort to keep the legacy of those on board alive. the most public ceremony naturally was at the kennedy space center on florida's cape canaveral. after a half dozen delays, the shuttle challenger launched into an unusually col day for
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the seven astronauts, family, and friends watched from the grandstands. but shuttle launches had become so routine by january of '86 only one network carried it live for the country to watch. that is until some 70 seconds into flight. yearlong investigations that followed would concle cold weather caused parts of the shuttle to break apart causing the explosion and the nation to stop in shock. the challenger seven were remembered at an emotional memorial service thursday at cape kacanaveral. it included a special tribute to challengers most famous astronaut, who was s spposed to be the first teacher in space. >> at a time when many people would think only of the
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care of a teacher's business. >> reporter: there was everyone a tribute from those on nasa's latest mission. the crew on the international space station. >> i would like to take a moment of silence and recognize the sacrifice of all those crew members and how their spirit and their legacy lives on in our achievement in space. >> reporter: achievements that followed the tragedy of 30 years ago today. >> i remember that like yesterday. >> i do too. holding out. >> the oregon occupation comes to a tipping point. more arrests are made. the message the leader of the pack has for his followers. this morning waste management crews want you to know when these trucks hit the streets, they're looking for crime in your community.
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of a kinkajou here in so welcome back. three more people have been arrested in oregon as armed protesters still occupy a wildlife ref three more men have turned themselves in the fbi. 11 people have been arrested. from behind bars, bundy is telling those remaining activists to please go home. a small group of holdouts have been there since the first of the year protesting the
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an occupier says seven people are still inside. an owner of the detroit business pledging to raise $10 million to heelp resolve the water woes in his hometown of flint, michigan. flint was once a cornerstone of american history. the crisis is reaching all the way up to the nation's capital. legislation to address the lead contamination is likely. today michigan's two senators added an amendment to an energy policy bill that would provide up to $400 million in federal fufus to replace and fix led contaminated pipes. now toon update on that loose kinkajou. after more than a week on the lam, tonight officials confirm to nbc 6 it's wildlife owner's permit has expired. he told nbc 6 over the phone that he's been talking to fish and wildlife officials about
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exotic pet. he admitted he may be fined or face a charge because banana got loose, but he's not worried. we learned about the mammal tuesday night when an elderly woman woke up to find the animal snoozing on her chest. a special delivery at a coast guard base in miami this week. crews pulled logger turtles to recocor at the miami sea aquarium. the cd water temperatures can make it hard for them to move. it can also make their@organs shut down. the turtles weigh close to 100 pounds each. water temperatures must stay between 68 and 78 degrees during the transport. sea turtles are protected under the endangered species act. all right, folks.
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the last batch of rain. it's going to be a few hours. might be8:00, 9:00 or so before we get it. this batch is the one that's still departing parts of south florida and it's certainly persisted well into the afternoon for portions of miami-dade and the florida keys. we'll do a tour here on the radar. we're going to pan into the metro area. broward, yououe been dry for a couple hours now. things have been pretty quiet in broward. even saw a little bit of sun trying to peek through at times between clouds. but keep in mid, as i zoom out further here, there's more rain on the way off to our northwest. there it is. this line of showers and storms already arriving near naples. should be arriving in our metro area in southeastern florida 8:00, 9:00. then later on into the florida keys where at this hour it is still raining. take a look outside here. still clouds out there. 72 degrees is the current
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eventually we're going to get more rain in here as you know. there is a flood watch in effect due to the possibility of the rain on saturated ground that some floods might be occurring. here's the look at the map here. we've got low pressure crossing the state dragging a front behind it. with that low and the front, all the rain that's currently effecting us. i thought we'd take a look first the evening forecast with rain chances increasing and peaking between 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. keep that in mind. things are about to get wet again as this new line draws in. tomorrow morning out the door weather looks great. cool, dry, becoming sunny tomorrow. 56 to 60 degrees as you head out the door.% here's what it looks like on the future tracker. again, we have a line approaching for the northwest.
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at least the future tracker doesn't think much of this line which is pretty robust n nr naples and fort meyers. then what's left? not much. it starts to clear out by tomorrow morning at 7:00. it's still partly cloudy in the keys, but it is generally sunny in the metro area and it remains sunny into the midday hours. here we go into the afternoon. maybe a few high clouds come through. but tomorrow should be a stellar day here in south florida. that's why the threatracker for tomorrow is green. no problems weather-wise tomorrow in south florida. friday and saturday, other than a few high clouds it should be great. low humidity.. lots of sun. lows in the 50s both nights. saturday night into sunday the low will be 62. sunday's high 79. a few more clouds. slightly more humidor this sunday.
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nbc's comedies of the past are reunited. >> it's a mix of comedy and drama as the impending end of the world approaches. >> i didid a heck of job baby proofing this office. >> reporter: jenna fisher wanted a change. "you, me, and the acalypse" starts with her character wrongfully in prison. >> i can't survive in here. >> reporter: looks like no one is going to survive because a comet is headed towards earth. 34 days. 34 days jenna fisher, let's say we're not in a comedy setting. what would you do? >> i would do what my character does on the show. my character is separated from her family. shs actually in prison for a crime she didn't commit.
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spends those 34 days desperately trying to be reunited with her family before the endf the world. >> we need each other. >> reporter: she's forced to rely on a rough and t tble fellow escapee played by megan mullaly. >> is there something you want to add? >> reporter: including one with rob lowe as a bad boy prest. >> he plays this crazy like sexy chain smoking potty mouth priest at the vatican. >> reporter: all these characters eventually converge. >> i don't want any more surprises in my life. >> reporter: as the end of the world approaches. lots of fun, no doubt. it premieres tonight at 8:00. "shades of blue" comes your way at 10:00. join us for the news at 11:00. >> some good shows tonight.
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got to watch. still to come on 6, it's a new spin on community policing. >> an extra set of eyes on your streets to keep you safe. who police in coral gables are asking to lend a helping hand
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out of c welcome back. check this out right here. it's a shocking hit out of the nhl. dennis weidman intentional knocking a ref to the ice. the ref did get back up eventually. he is just a little dazed here. both men finisheddhe game. no word yet on what exactly cacaed the long-time veteran to unload on that ref. so far no punishment as been nounced from the league, but i'm sure it's coing. an extra set of ears and eyes on the street in coral gables to keep you safe. >> the problem isisalled waste watch. it's an effort between police and waste management. erica glover has the story.
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corner, i would be.. >> reporter: but a partnership with waste management might be >> we see three or four cars parked in a business that's closed. >> reporter: the waste management program works with local law enforcement agencies training drivers to always be on the lookout. >> our drivers have a unique vantage point because they're up ch week. >> reporter: police in coral gables are the most recent department to join the effort, but waste managementh crews say they are continuously expanding their services throughout miami-dade. >> these trucks blend in with everything else. criminals are not paying attention to them. i think it's going to be an outstanding additionn to our crime watch program. >> reporter: they'll focus on reducucg crime in high-rise and business areas. they're already making a
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>> in collier county we found a toddler wandering the streets ry early in the morning. we saved a woman from a pit bull attack. >> reporter: an extra set of eyes and ears helping to keep our communityafe and clean. nbc 6 news. >> that's a great idea. that'll do it for the news at 5:30. mwre news is straight ahead. nbc 6 declares a first alert weather day. another tornado. the twister touching down in delray beach toppling trees. a new view of the tornado that createded chaos in coconut creek as a driver nearly headsds into the middle of the storm. today's rain hampering some cleanup efforts, but the good news is better weather is on the way. nbc 6 has live team coverage of this first alert weather day.
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outside where it looks like the rainy weather of the day has sub subsided somewhat. broward county is still under a flood watch. >> take a look at all that. it's been filled with green and yellow are downpours being reported from palm beach to southern miami-dade. most of the bad weather is heading offshore. another line is coming in right behind it. good evening, everyone. i'm jawan strader. >> and i'm jackie nespral. we have team coverage of this first alert weather day with crews spread out from delray beach to miami beach. we begin with john morales. >> this last batch of rain, which persisted throughout much of the day in parts of south florida, is moving towards the east. it extends down into the florida keys. i'll show you the rain there. it's all sliding again towards the northeast for a good portion
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the keys and southern miami-dade county.
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