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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we're dry. thinning the clouds as we look for more sunshine, cooler than average. hi today at 71. let's get a check on traffic right now. here is kelly. >> good friday morning, south florida. right now we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. good news if you're making your way out the door f. you're headed out on the palmetto expressway, this is where it means the 836. 826 southbound, ramps westbound and eastbound are bogt blocked off. we'll let you know as soon as this clears. let's take you over to broward county. this is i-95 southbound and northbound lanes south of sterling road. this is an area where we had construction earlier. no construction cones so traffic is up to speed. no lanes are blocked off. don't forget you can follow me on twitter. i'going to be posting traffic updates all morning long. >> right now a homestead community is waking up in shock after an armed man shot two people inside a clubhouse and
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the gunman and one of his victims, a woman, died on the scene. the other victim in all this is in critic condition. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live in homestead tracking the new developments overnight. michael, good mornging. >> reporter: good morning. we're working to find out more informatatn about the victims. two people dead, a third in the hospital recovering. we have one officer from homestead police outside the clubhouse. this clubhouse is where investigators say it all happened last night just after 8:00 p.m. a triple shooting. we have two victimimpronounced dead inside the clubhouse. video from the scene last night, the third person who was sentto the hospital is actually the victim. the shooter here, dan, did kill himself according to investigators. at this time al@ we know is it's a 41-year-old man and police are telling us this all points to being a domestic related incident. this mororng, the question we have and the question many folks
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this and what's the relatioship between the shooter and the two victims. that part is not clear. as the investigation continues, that will be the focus of@ the investigation for miami-dade police as they move forward, not only identifying the victims whose body was removed but a ao figuring out what led up to the shooting. this area here, this is call the isle of the oasis. neighbordescribe it as a very quiet place. they were shocked to hear what happened. coming up, we'll hear from some of the neighbors as we continue to find out more about the investigation. michael spear nbc 6 news. disturbing discovery on the miami river after police say they found a body on a sailboat. this is near 2600 northwest north river drive. the coast guard working the case. no word on whetetr police suspect foul play in this. police need your help finding a knife wielding clerk
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cashier. surveillance video capture the man entering the dollar store. the man jumps the counter right there and demands the cashier open up the register. police say att first he threatened to stab her when she refused. word on how much cash she took off with. if you recognize this guy, call miami-dade crime stopps, 305-471-tips. the republican debate goes on as plabd without donald trump. it's still not clear if trump's absence will help him or hurt him in the campaign trail. >> for the rest of the candidates who did attend, it as clear they were working on that last-minute push before the iowa caucuses this coming monday. julia bagg has more on the gop debate. >> seven republican hopefuls squaring off last night in the final showdown dedeate on the fox news channel. the front-runner, like you said, he was missing. donald trump instead opting to host hissown fund-raising event for veterans just three miles away. he skipped the debate over
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meanwhile, the rest of the field, well, they tried to best one another. >> we need to stop allowing political correctness to dictate our policies because it's going to kill us if we don't. >> radical muslims and radical islam is not just hate talk, it's hate action. they blow people up. >> the candidates took aim at each other with senators ted cruz and marco rubio accusing one another of changing their position on immigration. meanwhile, donald trump confessed he would liked to have been there. coming up in our newscast, hear why. dan and sheli, back to you. time is 5:04. a lot more ahead. a south florida student is in
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offic a major operation by several law enforcement operations ended with dozen under arrest. investigators say most are dangerous criminals accused of selling drugs and guns. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live in downtownmiami. erika, how did this massive crime ring come to an end? >> sheli, many are under arrest and facing serious chars. they say our reets and communities are a little safer because of it.
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the guns, the weapons, the dugs that were seized it's all part of the u.s. attornene's violence reduction program. that's local, state and federal attorneys working together. miami-dade officers took a closer look at what they call hot spot areas, focusing resources on individuals known to sell firearms and cocaine in the liberty cityarea. they say eight of those arrested fall under the career criminal statute. >> which strategically starts and focuses all of our resources into specific neighborhoods and communities that are plagued by high levels of crime. we call these hot spot communities. >> officers say about 50 guns were taken. you heard him mention those hot spot areas. we'll tell you the areas that
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reporting live in downtown miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. thousands of pro government supuprters showing support for the hand picked successor to the haitian president. recently a presidential and legislative election was called off over the suspicion the first round was rigged. haiti's leaders have been working for days to find a solution to this crisis. as the manhunt continues for three escaped inmates in california, police have arrested a woman who taught at the men's prison in santa ana. they accused the 44-year-old woman of helping the three men escape by providing them with maps and even tools perhs. the cher riff's department spokesperson says the woman had been assigned to the jail since last july to teach english. they say one of the inmates who escaped was in her class and they had some sort of relationship. all three men escaped last friday.
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living in a stolen van. former house speaker dennis has center will have to wait two more months to learn his sentence. last week his lawyers asked the judge to delay his sentencing in a hush money case as he recovers from a stroke, health strain and other problems. the 74-year-old had to be rushed to the hospital last november after pleading guilty to breaking banking laws to pay someoeo a quote $3.5 million. mayor carlos jimenez announced 25-year-old veteran juan perez will officially begin work monday and replace retiring j.d. patterson and lead one of the country's biggest police forces. jimenez says he has earned respect from his colleagues. right now we're taking a live look at our live doppler radar.
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fferent than yesterday. >> oh, my goodness. a big contrast from yesterday's stormy mess. the past few days we've had a wave of bad weather across south florida. >> julia bagg tells us how the cleanup begins for the damage left behind. >> dan and sheli, some of that significant and sudden damage happening to our neighbors in the north. a frightening scene at st. mary's church where one man barely dodged the fierce winds as a tornado blew by, packing gusts up to 85 miles per hour, launching benches you see@ there clear across the patio. two people there scramble to escape that squall. >> so i opened the door to let ryan in, tanld two oufs almost got sucked out. the water was horizontal here. the patio furniturwas flying from that wall to that wall. >> thankfully noboby there was hurt.
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utility crews say they have to work over time just to clear the downed power line and try to get the lights back on for the neighbors in delray beach there today. live in the studio, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. she was literally reporting the weather right there. so why don't you get involved in the good side. >> how are you this morning? >> i'm good. so glad you have good news to share. >> it's about4time. dramatic video. >> none of that today. >> my co-anchor, guys. you get one, i have two. >> get your own entourage. . >> you have more video the next half hour? >> i'm going to show you some more stuff. >> i just hijacked the show. now i'm in trouble.
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have dry conditions in place. it's friday, 5:13, everyone getting home from i-hop. now they're tuning in. heading through the weekend, more sunshine. how about lower h hidity and cooler temperatures, a little bit of everything over the course of the next few day get your sunglasses out. one fly in the ointment. satellite and radar, watching the cloud cover kind of think at times overnight. this is the high veil of cloud cover that the sunshine will easily get through. once we eliminate this channel of moisture which we'll witness the bulk of our friday, transition from mostly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. much cooler at the bus stop. unrise after 7:00. temperatures settling back into the lower 60s. a plan start to the day. cloud cover still very visible even in the nighttime hours thanks to the city lights illuminating the low clouds
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visibility just fine, no fog problems developing. the ouds have cleared out overnight. may have fog to contend with, ut that's not the case. 63 in ft. lauderdale. 64 in miami. 62 in west kendall. temperatures will still fall. winds transitioning to the northwest. that brings in the cooler and drier air. as i mentioned, lower humidity d below average temperatures. here we are into friday afternoon. futu temperatures into the mid 60s. we'll spend the bulk of our day into 60s.s. tonight we head into the 50s. in northwestern broward county possle upper 40s popping up. 49 potentially in coral springs. around 50 in westin. tomorrow lower to mid 70s. sunshine all weekend long. first alert weaeaer for your friday, last day of the workweek, extra clouds on the drive in. partly cloudy, making the transition to mostly sunny skies and 71 next few days look great. from 71 today to 74 tomorrow. 78, a little warmer on sundnd,
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partly sunny skies. itill be a little warmer yet dry on inn to next week. no need for the umbrellas any time soon. we'll see how the roads are moving with kelly. we're still acacdent-free in miami-dade and broward county. 5:15 a.m. good morning to you south florida. we have construction going on 836 westbound. you can see all lanes completely blocked off. construction crews starting to pick up those cones. it hasn't cleared just yet. i'll let you know as soon as it does. let's change sources and take you on over to i-95, this is southbound and northbound around the area of northwest103rd street. this is where we had couple lanes blocked off. express lanes should be opening up within the next few seconds or minutes. the express lanes have reopened and are 50 cents as the moment as you make your way northbound on the gogoen glades interchange.
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couple minutes. rescue crews speed through the waters of watson island to save an elderly man clirnging the a buoy. take a look at the pictures here captured behind jungle island. when firefighters brought the 90-year-old back tooshore, they think the man paddled out on his boat, dropped something off his boat andumped in to get it. the rough waters sent his boat far away and forced him to swim to a marker. a student was written up for having a lamp in his dorm room. >> it's not an ordinary lamp. this is one made out of a recycled liquor bottle. >> fau sophomore chris valdezez has a warning on his student record, a hefty fee to pay, mandatory online alcohol course.
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it's a recycled bombay sapphire gin bottle. he said he got it at an arts festival with his dad. >> i was a bit shocked and taken back because i anything -- i follow the rules. i understand what the codes are. there's a hole at the bottom, it's plugged in. it's a lamp. >> he appealed the charge explaining the lamp was decorative in nature and there was no alcohol inside. the appeal was denied. >> certainly a talker. >> that is a talker. >> i'm shire they would find other things in other people's dorms. >> much more serious than something that turns on electricity. >> an alarming new report shows how dangerous florida highways reaeay are. >> we'll show you how we fair
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the country. welcome back. time is now 5:20. a major investigation is under way that left many fans on a sour note. have you tried to buy a hot ticket for a concert or sporting event the only get shut down?
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the new york attorney general's office some tickets never make it to the general public. internet robots are used to scoop up hundreds of tickets the second they go on seal. >> it all makes sense now. >> it does. a busy time for online dating services. there's been a boost in new singles signing up and in user activity. holiday loneliness, family nagging and social mdia envy and also time off from work can all contribute to the jump. here is a tip looking for love. don't spend too much te messaging before setting up a first meeting. be sure to mile on your profile picture, and don't show photos where you're drinking or showing too much skin. also in your description,n, give details and let people know who
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>> who are you, sheli? >> who are you? >> what would be your headline? >> i don't know what it would be. i don't think i would good at that. >> shooting free-throws is a devils came has a curtain of distraction. >> a common site in attempt to distract players at the foul line. last night the team had a little olympic help. >> take a look at this video here. that is michael phelps popping out of the infamous curtain of distraction behind the basket with two other students. medals draped around his neck with the swim cap. it worked. the beavers player missed both shot. he moved to the area after preparinge preparing for the 2016 games in rio. >> a little distraction.
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still more ahead in our next half hour of news. growing concerns ove the zika virus. why top health officials@say it's spreading faster than they first thought.
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take the try rail, right now at 5:30, two people are dead and a third is in critical condition after a triple shooting inside a gated community in homestead. why neighbors are in shock this morning. donald trump makes good on his promise to skip out on the gop debate, but his name still at the top of the political headlines this morning. >> the feds arrest dozens for
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findut what they confiscated. good morning. i'm dan krauth. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. after a soggy night, waking up to what should be a nice day. >> i'm looking forward to a nice day. apparently there could be some sunshine. let's check in with ryan for florida's most accurate forecast. >> all these rumors of sunshine. we'll get back into a beautiful weather pattern. it's january. it's the dry season. we expepe to have nice weather at this point. that has not been the case in the month of january where we've had almost every other day with this time around heading into the weekend, beautiful conditions. we're dry. free and clear of any rain. roadways drying out overnight after late evening showers. live first alerer doppler taking a break for the next few days. t's show you the temperatures first and foremost. still falling into the lower
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oakland park 62, 63 in ft. lauderdale.e. drier air coming in will help us get back t t the sunshine that dan has been looking for. mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. a beautiful friday forecast. we're dry and cooler than average. first alert forecast high 71. coming up on 5:30, let's get a check of traffic with kelly blanco. >> all right, ryan. still accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. we have been for an hour and a half at least. what you're looking at here is the ramp to the palmetto expressway southbound that you can see is still ompletely blocked off from the 836. if you're trying to head on 826 northbound or i-75, you can do so. we've seen cars like this one making their waynto the ramp. it's the 826 southbound ramp that mains blocked. let's take you over to our maps. if you're headed out the door, turnpike looking nice and green meaning it's moving at full
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