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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 29, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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thanks for joining us this day. i'm dan krauth in for eric harryman. >> i'm shell muniz. ryan has great news for us. not everyone is seeing the sunshine just yet. we've had some pockets of clearing but clouds are hanging around, the temperatures on the cool side of the spectrum. this morning, starting off at 60 or so. briefly dropping into the upper 50s and now slowly trying to climb. low temperatures right around 60 to 61. at this point we're going to watch the temperatures slowly advance into the lower and mid 60s. we're kind of stuck right now. limited sunshine holding temperatures back. that in tandem with the northwest wind bringing in some cooler, drier air. it's been a tough go. i think the cloud deck will start to break u that wasn't. any pop of sunshine will help boost the temperatures into the mid 60s. that's what we count on in the
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good news, even though we have this channel of moisture and the cloud cover that's been streaming across our skies, we're finishing with this wet weather. we need to get this cloud deck to break down. we've got ourselves set up for a great forecast for the afternoon hours. partly cloudy skies we'll call later on. 71 today. below average, yes. we'll be mighty fine through the upcoming weekend and slowly get warmer each and every day. it will be cooler tonight. we'll talk about how low the temperatures will go and when our next chance for rain will come. coming up in 12 minutes. nbc 6 the first to identify a woman who was shot and killed inside a homestead clubhouse. this picture was tweeted out this morning. police say her estranged husband is responsible for the tragedy
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person. he is live at jackson memorial hospital with the latest details. michael, it sounds like the gunman also shot and killed himself. >> reporter: that's what police tell us, dan. that surviving victim remains hospitalized here atackson memorial hospital. he's stable but remains in critical condition. police are not identifying him however we just heard from the woman's family who was gunned down and they tell us that the two were friends. that they worked together. at this time they are planning a funeral for a woman who leaves behind children and a very heartbroken family. tania adams never got to say good-bye to her three boys. she was gunned down thursday night inside a neighborhood clubhouse. >> we're shocked. that's crazy.
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to flashing lights. >> the place is really secure. nothing really happens here. >> reporter: she said her she work at clubhouse. she was shot to death by a 51-year-old man who the family identified as her husband. thissen ma, domingo adams. >> he shot the female. shot the second victim and turned the gun to himself. >> reporter: domingo adams died on scene. tania's family is too shaken to speak on camera. the second victim is a friend of adams. a 28-year-old man who also worked at the clubhouse. tania left her husband just before christmas because of a rocky relationship. friends and family say they will never forget her grin. a genuine soul with a a heart of gold. right now we're working to find out from police whether or not
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was taaeted or shot trying to help tania. a link to her go fund me account, you can find that on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we're live outside jackson memorial hospital. michael spears. trirail service back to normal and running on time. a train skipped the track yesterday morning causing delays. you can see it's all clear now. officials believe key bree on the -- -- debris on the tracks. just one person had injuries of the 40 people on the train. an update to the missing children alert we first told you about earlier this week. edward and liz hethet gamez are safe this morning. right now, police have a mystery on their hands after
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the miami river. take a look. investigators say the boat was near the area of northwest 27th avenue and north river drive. u.s.s.coast guard also working this case right now. there's no word yet on how that person died. donald trump promised his veterans would draw more attention than last night's republican debate. >> and he was wrong. e two cable channels that run parts of trump's event had about 1/4 of the audience of fox combined. >> look at all the cameras like the academy awards. >> reporter: side by side donald trump's fund-raiser. >> isn't this better than the debate going on. >> reporter: during the fox news debate where candidates mocked his absence.e. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. >> he was a little teddy bear to me. >> i miss him.
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>> he's probably looking for me. he's said has anyone seen trump? where is trump? where is he? where is he? >> did you miss donald trump last night? >> not at all. that was the best debate we've had of all the debates, easily. >> reporter: issues like immigration. >> you changed your issue on immigration because you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. ted cruz accused the moderators of targeting him. >> if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> don't worry. i'm not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me. >> the last debate before iowa makes its choice. at that competing event last night, donald trump says he raised $6 million for wounded warriors. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. doctors sending out a
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zekeika virus could spread to north america. they say it could easily spread anywhere where there are mosquitos. the fda is working on regulating blood donations from people who have recently gone to the areas where zika is spreading. the world health organization has a big meeting on monday, the zeke ra virus is generally not dangeroro but concern is for pregnant woman. a perfect bowl -- super bowl bid committee has its eyes on the future. there is a discussion to land either 53 or 54. they are hoping the new rent vagses not stadium will tip the odds in their favor. dramatic video showing this wild scene on a frozen highway. see how a stop escalated to
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was this a repeat of a new york jail break? why police believe a teacher at the jail helped inmates escape. one family, the constant photo-taking ended up saving their four-month-old baby's life. the rain is gone but lingering cloud cover in place as we head to friday afternoon.
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to the week new video thisday showing the deadly shooting at one of the occupiers at the wildlife refuge in oregon. he tried to go around a roadblock nearly hitting an agent. he steps out and reaches in a pocket. he had a loaded gun in that pocket. four people are still in that refuge. a south carolina jail teacher finds rself behind bars this midday as new detail come to light about that prison escape in orange county. the sheriffs department saying the woman had some sort of relationship with one of the men and helped them in their bak out. investigators believe the jail worker gave the inmates power tools and google maps that may have shown the roof of the jail. >> we know there was some type of relationship that developed but how far it went and whether it was physical or not we're
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>> hey believe they are getting close to catching the three fugitives. it has a striking similarity to the other prison b bak last year in upstate new york. an arizona mom loves taking pictures of her son. her pictures started to reveal something. >> rider is the happiest baby you will ever meet. >> she wanted to catch every moment of her baby's life. >> constantly taking pictures and sometimes i'mlike, okay, enough pictures. we got to move on. we're just in the grocery store. let's go. >> at three months old she noticed a recurring glow in his eye. >> it looks like a flashlight in his eye. >> ss thought it was a bad camera phone.
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cataracts are common. 24 hours after rider's four-month appointment turned to cancer. it was reflecting off of a tumor. >> you remove t`e eye or treat ride away. >> the treatment is right away. >> this type of treatment, 99% success rate. >> if it wasn't for tis glimmer in his eye this could be a very different story. advice, use the flash. if the glow won't go, it's time to see the doctor. you can be sure rider's parents will never look at a picture the same way again. >> no, the first thing i'll be looking at is eyes. >> how about that?t? well, little rider will eventuallyet a prosthetic eye and family waiting for more testing to see if he was at risk for morecancer.
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local middle school kids are donating brand-new blankets to the homeless and they are enlisting the help of the men and women in blue. erika glover has more. this sounds like a great event. >> reporter: it's a great organization. students here at south miami middle school are paying it forward with random acts of kindness. they are doing this through a club called the power of one. check out this video from earlier with officers and students working together. now, this group got its start back in october. that's when their teacher challenged his class to focus on kindness, positivity, and the needs of others. now, this morning, middle schoolers are donating 50 brand-new blankets to patrol officers with the south miami police department. the blankets wi be given out to the homeles >> you won't be there when i'm standing there and somebody is shivering and they are a person that doesn't have a home or anything else and i in able to give them a blanket and just their face that they are going
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to be absolutely amazing. and just to know that you did that. >> reporter: now,s frs say -- frs say thatonation is going to go a long way to helping those who need it most. the power of one is a gre example of students giving back to this community. dan has been talking about this all day. hoping that he's going to have a sunny weekend. >> we're still looking good. >> the clouds getting us down right now. that is a temporary situation. we're on our way to the sunshine and then dan will be happy. >> perfect timing. >> that's what we're here for. i think it's going to be a great weekend. we're throughthe severe weather threat. we're finished with the rainy skies. friday afternoon, we are finished with the rain, just a few false returns here on the radar. south florida's only live area here in south florida.
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let's talk about the abundance of rain we've seen this month alone. this is the last weekend in january. as we wine things down we're well above average. at least 7.5 inches of rain in miami and under in ft. lauderdale. we're way under for the month for what we would normally see a tune of about 6 inches in miami. an exexptional amount of rain. we've had 17 rainy days this month. now, we just need some dry weather. working on getting that suuhine back. live look into ft. lauderdale from our first alert camera and down into miami. see the gray skies up above. we'll show yoyo on the satellite. thin ribbon of cloud cover and impacting just the immediate metro area. we go a little to the south, across the southern peninsula. upper keys. we're gradually seeing some clearing and lake okeechobee and points north. very narrow area. i think the clouds will break up into the afternoon hours.
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60 in pompano beach. 61 in miami. 65 in homestead. overnight, it all happened very quickly, our front now into the western atlantic. it was moving overhead last evening. it was a fast-moving system. we're making way for drier air, fooler -- cooler air to come in. that will take us into the weekend. as for the temperatures, it was cool this morning. it's cool out there right now as we're stuck in the0s but it gets better as we get into the evening and overnrnht hours tonight. we'll drop quickly into the lower 60s. tomorrow morning, i thnk we're looking at potentially somee pockets of upper 40s to lay low in here across western broward county and western miami-dade county from coral springs all the way down into the kendall area. tomorrow, full sunshine, 72 to 74 across south florida and heading into the rest of the weekend, slightly warmer. fternoon hours, continuing with the cool northwest breeze.
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first alert forecast and highs into the lower 70s. 54 tonight. we'll stay clear d cool. you'll feel the change as we head into tomorrow. condition beat it. saturday and sunday. your weekend forecast, the timing is great for the weather pattern like this to fall on the two-day weekend here. 74 on saturday. 78 on sunday. and then that's it. january is over. we head into february and february will bring in at least a the chance -- for rain showers on monday. that's very brief. tuesday,y,roundhog day, we're back to 80. partly sunny skies and lower 80s. will be around to at least to take us into the month of february with overnight lows, don't get used to the 50s and 60s. they only last through the weekend. warming back up above average for lows into the 70s early next week. remember, throughout the weekend, you can chhk your local forecast by downloading the free nbc 6 news and weather app. back to you, guys. a monster sink hole opening up right in the middle of a
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it is the case in southwest oregon. it opened up yesterday but then this morning it got even bigger. look at that. forcing crews to shut down a stretch of the highway. get this, then another sink hole opened up right across the street. investigators think heavy rain is to blame. >> that's crazy. a reef in an island is devastated by a boat. it has damaged 14,000 square feet of reef. they were told by the area authorities to go in the water where they did. this just five months after it was announced support for research to restore coral reeve df reef. hasty pudding pickck kerry
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washington. they chose her because she is the first black woman to headline a drama on network tv since 1974. >> very nice. well, hollywood is helping out with a water crisis in flint, michigan. >> here with the latest celebrities helping with the cause. >> unlikely duo, mark wahlberg and p. didy. they co--own the brand aqua high drid. they are working to get the bottles there asap. they are committed to the continued aid to flint residents and they hope it will zpied others to do the same. step aside christian grey, christian black is taking over the box office. marlon way ones, we'll preview
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third annual miami beach jazz festival. the details. a scial in studio.
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so imagine an ice rink for cars. sounds pretty dangerous, right? it is exactly what happened on tuesday in the capital of azerbaijan. people taking pictures like this one. cars slipping up and down the strt covered in ice, leaving car brakes and wheels useless. they are skating is essenally what they are doing. a bus began to slide siways despite the slippery ice there were no accidents. this is an eastern part of asia is what we said.
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>> it's not used to a lot of ice and neither cars or roads are prepared to deal with it. everybody is skatin >> that looks like some parts of michigan right now. that would be a january, february, march, sometimes may. lucly we do not have to deal with that iced slicked rights roads there. >> it is a trans continent nal untry in the region of eastern europe and asia. >> azerbaijan. >> good job. luckily, we'll have sun. >> wouldn't that be awful? we're bad drivers as it is. >> imagine that. >> sunny and 74 tomorrow. partly cloudy and 78 on sunday. guys being we're dry for the next few days. i know the clouds out there kind of getting you down. we're free of rain. it's going to be a great wwk.
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50s. nice, chilly morning. >> we don't know what to do with that. in the 50s here in south florida. that's it for us. >> stay tuned. "six in the mix" is coming up
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