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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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police were searching for whoever pulled the trigger. his family members saying he was an adult education student on his way to catch the meto rail when he is ambushed. >> never in our life would we expect to see him on the ground laying down covered with bullet shots all over his body. they don't have no respect for young kids today. we lost a great family member. it's unfortunate for all of us to feel so hurting right no@. >> there's a lot of bullet casings, but one bullet is too much because one bullet can killl somebody. it's still tragic. >> reporter: police officers telling us they are looking for a dark colored vehicle that sped off after the shooting. if you know anything at all about this shooting, call crime stoppers. reporting live in brownsville,
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cameras are rolling when a teenager falls prey to this thief. he stripped him of his gold chain and bracelet by a crook who carries out his devious plan. >> we are live in little havana. >> reporter: pretty scary incident. tonight outside slam academy in little havana. somebody targeted this teenager for his jewelry. investigators tell us that teen was threatened with a gun. several surveillance camer captured the crime as it was happening. surveillance video captures three kids crossing the street about 6:15 wednesday evening. you'll see a man in a white jacket running after them. he assaults one of t boys and by now he's already ripped a gold chain off the student's neck and now he's demanding the bracelet.
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he rips it right off the boy's wri. >> i was scared. yeah, first i thought it was a friend, but then i noticed it was a robbery and i got scared. >> reporter: that's moises on the right running away. they're all students at slam academy. police have been hooklooking for that suuect for the past 48 hours. >> he made a run for it. he quickly disappeared from that camera's view. >> reporter: by the end of school today most had heard about the assault and received instructions from school officials. >> the told us to stay around people like in groups and keep everybody safe and watch out for everybody. everybody is our brother and our sister. >> reporter: that 13-year-old boy was not hurt. we went to his house earlier today. his grandmother told us he was not interested in being interviewed. more on this story coming up at 6:00 to include howow the school is reacting. nbc 6 news. thank you.
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out of california whereolice have made progress in their search to find three escaped inmates. cops announced today that thth have nabbed one of those fugitives in santa ana, the same city where he and two others maden elaborate escape. bac duong surrendered today. they cut a hole into a metal grate, then crawled through plumbing tunnelling onto the roof. they repelled dowow the jail with bed sheets. police have since made more than ten arrests directly connected to this investigation. they're now focusing their search on a white van that the fugitives may be living in right now. here's a live look over
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compared to yesterday, right? we're trying to dreary skies for the bright skies. adam berg has your weekend first alert forecast. >> it shows you how soft we've become living down here. 50s tends to hurt sometimes. average lows thhs time of year right around 60. we haven't been around average or below average this much this fall and winter. key west the only place hitting 70. 67 in miami. 66 fort lauder. ten degrees below average. some of that high cloud and that north wind, that'll do it to you every time. temperatures right now locked into the 60s. naples you're just about t t hit the 50s. you're sitting right at 60. naples, how do we compare right now versus 24ours ago?
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sat yesterday evening. right now with that north wind, temperatures have certainly been taking the plunge. here' the evening forecast. between now and 1:00 a.m., temperatures right around the mid 50s. for youright owls who are going to be out and about, goose eggs as far as rain chances. coming up in a few minutes, i'll let you know how deep into the 50s we get and if we get any bright sunshine this weekend. back to you guys. an attorney accused of doing the dirty with an inmate has been barred from entering any broward sheriff''office property until further notice. according to the office, jessica david was caught having sex with
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granda. sheriff's deputies interviewed both suspects. he is in jail on unrelated charges of murder. for the first time, the obama administration is confirmed that clinton's e-mails contained top secret information, including material requiring one of the highest level of classification. 22 e-mails from clinton's private e-mail server have been marked top secret and will not be released according to the state department. the e-mails wer not marked as classified at the time they were sent. clinton's campaign spokesman says her e-mails should be released. this comes three days before the iowa caucuses. the fallout from last night's debate seemsms to favor donald trump who again refused
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to have benefitted from not showing up at the debate. trump's chief iowa rival ted cruz is getting bad reviews for his performance at the debate. steve handelsman is in des moines tonight. he has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump went to new hampshire bragging about boycotting the iowa debate. >> i'm getting more publility than if i -- you know. >> reporter: as rivals mocked trump last night, he staged his % own show nearby. >> do you see the kind of love in this room? >reporter: iowa republican ves trump. >> i think they talked about him more last night when he wasn't there than if he had been there. >> you'll caucus for him on monday night? >> yes, i will. >> reportererted cruz got hammered by rivals and earlier lost his lead in iowa polls to trump. >> cruz is in second place. he got really pummelled last night.
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he got pummemeed. wow. and they didn't even mention he was born in canada. >> reporter: cruz insisted today he would block amnesty for illegal immigrants. iowa democrats linedup in des moines today to see hillary clinton. >> people with health emergencies can't wait for us to have some theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever, come to pass. >> reporter: bernie sanders also in iowatoday. he's backing a shift to a government-run plan. three days to go and all the candidates here agree the toughest part from here on out is getting their supporters to gofout and caucus for them on monday night. nbc 6 news. we have a comprehensive guide to the november election
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contenders are up to on theh campaign trail and see how they stack up on issues like education, gun control, and taxes. it's all right there at your fingertips. now to an update on the case of ethan couch who faced a judge in ft. worth, texas. that was his first time in u.s. courts since his deportation from mexico. the judge sided with the defense and ruled tha the so-called affluenza teen will remain in a juvenile detention facility for now. couch was 16 when he killed four people and severely handicapped another in a drunk driving accident. it was a case that outraged a community over the christmas holiday. that little 7-year-old klled in a barrage of bullets. one of the men arrested in connection to the tragedy had a court date. claudia docampo explains what happened today. >> reporter: he faces charges of
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that ended with the murder of his 7-year-old nephew. prosecutors claim tobler tried to kill de and trewin with a gun. one of the bullets killed tobler's 7-year-old nephew, amir castro. he was opening his christmas presents. >> everybody is sad about it. we're sad that it happened in our community like this. >> reporterwhile tobler pled not guilty, the others are in jail awaiting trial for the murder of his nephew. and tobler will be back here in this courtroom at the end of next month as the attorneys get ready for his criminal trial.
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> a school fight with legal ramifications. and an eye-opening story about how your life can literally change in a flash. how a camera helped save the life of a baby. picking the perfect wine to go with your girl scout cookies? the new app. that cloud cover lingering just a little bit today. sunshine filtering in now. 60s across the board. i'll let you know how low we go coming up. coming up, an education on 6 report. >> we found nemo.
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welcome back. new video tonight appears to show an adult egging a fight between students on gro@und in new york. this video has outraged parents because the coach standing nearby did nothing to stop the fight at the shool in queens new york. the department of education has since fired the man from his position. >> i think education has a responsibility because they are obligated to vet all those who work in the school interacting with children.
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you can see it looks like he was actually participating in the fight. >> the department of education says the man was not an employee but rather soon who oversaw the afterschl program. an attorney for the father is filing a lawsuit. listen to this. thy say that your eyes are the windows to the soul. but your eyes could be a sign that there's a greater health issss. >> that's what happened to an arizona mom when she noticed something in her3-month-old son's pictures. we have their story. >> rider is the hapappiest baby you'd ever meet. >> reporterer like all proud parents, she wanted to catch every moment of her baby's life. >> constantly taking pictures. enough pictures we have to move on. we're just in the grocery store. let's go.
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she noticed a flash in his eye. then for christmas she got a nicer camera and the glow kept appearing in the pictures. >> 150 a day. out of 145 his eye was glowing. >> reporter: rider has dow syndrome and cataracts are common. 24 hours after his 4 month appointment turned into cancer. it was aalash reflecting off of a tumor. the choice to treat rit away. rider is receiving chemo treatnt from a therapist in new york city. >> this type of treatment 96% success rate. >> reporter: use that flash. >> ifou see it once, take more. >> reporter: if the glow won't go, it's time to see doctor. you can be sure rider's parees
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same way again. >> the first thing aislei'll be looking at his eyes. >> reporter: rider will >> let's hope that's the end of that for him. no to an update on the car crash lawsuit against caitlyn december. kim howell was killed last february when her car was rear ended into oncoming traffic. jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed for the conditions. the they have dropped the case. o of our favorite shops here at nbc 6.
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you can see the flags waving. some poke of sunshine. the combination of some of that cloud and that north wind, completely dififrent feel to the air today versus yesterday and the day before. it was very tropical now. let's go ahead and take a peek at live first alert doppler radar. it allows us to o t this data to you quicker than some of the other guys. not much color. we're not tracking anything of consequence here. it is dry across the skis. homestead up through hollywood, deerfield beach, ft. lauderdalele miramar, everybody really dry out there. little nippy too. it was a chilly morning. 58 degrees in nape llesnaples. 63 ft. lauderdale. this is typical though for this time of the year. temperatures around 60 to start the day.
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not much higher than where we started. we onl made it into the mid and upper 60s in many parts of south florida. key west, you did touch 70 briefly. with a lack of sunshine, that north wind, many of you probably thought it was cooler than it actually was. wind 5 to about 10 miles per it'll begin to dial back just a little bit tonight. first of all, you notice some of that milky white? that's that stubborn cloud cover that we saw today. very dry at the surface. there's no chance of any rainfall coming out of the high clouds. the high pressure is delivering that northwest wind for us. it's basically following florida. it's a land breeze basically. no marine protection toniht. that means it is going to be even cooler tomorrow than what we saw today.
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below average when you start seeing 50s across the keys. average lows around 60. 53 in miami. you get away from the water we're flirting with 40s. i wouldn't be surprised if some of us saw 40s out there. there's coral springs. we're thinking 49 for you guys. big warming trend. 74 for saturday. still some of that high cloud like what we saw today. much more humid. possible thunderstorms into monday. another front may take the edge off the temperatures. possible mid 70s by next friday. coming up in 25 minutes or so, i'll be breaking down your hour by hour forecast for the weekend and we'll talk marine weather if you want to take the boat out. back to you guys. >> sounds nice. >> yeah, it does. >> i'm lookg at you like you got a boat, you got a boat. >> no. >> why you got to go there?
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much vitamin c be bad for you? >> why popping too many of the supplements can be harmful to ur health. ferrets are also feeling the
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the local rescue group that's oh, welcome back. well, big question hereor you.
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there's an app t help wash down these treats without milk. thin mints pair nicely with a brunello. the company has created a dozen different flavor profiles is offering up to 12 different pairing suggestions. you can discover the pairings by checking out theirwebsite. americans spent more than a billion dollars on vitamin c supplements last year. it ma seem like a good idea to boost up your vitamin c when you have a cold, but that may be a big mistake. the common cold can leave you sniffling, sneezing, and aching for a week or longer. while you might be temptpt to try anything just to feel better sooner, think twice before loing up on vitamin c supplements. chans are you're already too late. >> there is some evidence that
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supplement on a regular basis while you're still healthy might shorten your cold by a day or so, but taking one once you're already sick really won't help. >> reporter: taking vitamin c supplements won't prevent a cold in the first place. taking high doses can cause other problems. studies have shown that men who take excess amounts are twice as likely to develop kidney stones and consuming more than 2,000 milligrams can cause an upset stomach and painful cramps. 90 milligrams per day for men and 75 milligrams per day for women for maintaining good health. >> the best way to get vitamin c is the old-fashioned way from
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>> reporter: kiwi and broccoli are good sources. to help your cough, try2throat lozenges or honey. vitamin c supplements may interact with treatments or drugs according to the national stitutes of health. tht includes chemotherapy and heart medication. >> i take i every day, but it's scary. bu don't overdo it. an orange. a single orange. >> i like oranges. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> a look ahead to our next half hour of news. family members of a won shot to death at her work in homestead already poinng fingers at the suspect tonight
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middle school students teaming up with police officers to make a big difference in the community. more on the mission in south miami. i'm at south plantation high school with this noble steed over here. >> no, it's a pony. >> it's a pony. whatever.
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