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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now on 6, a toler not even 2 years old, the latest victim of gun violence in florida. and new information aboutu a man killed at an apartment complex i pembroke pines. we're lve at police headquarters tonight with new developments. but first -- >> it's just not worth it. >> road rage rampage. a deadly ending to what started off as an argument over a parking space in miamimi good evening, i'm keith jones. police are on the lookout for the driver who left someone for dead. nbc 6's heerika glover has more.
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argument ended with gunfire. >> all i could here was a strong cuban accent. the other guy had an a gun pointed at his head. >> repororr: he was here on northwest 7th street and 17th place early saturday morning. he was looking for a place to park, but says a little after 2:30, things took a turn for the worse for two other drivers also looking for a spot. >> we see another guy saying, what's going on? the other guy gets out of the car. it didn't look good from then. >> reporter: witnesses say in a flash the argument led to gun violence and this bloody scene. >> it looked like it was over a parking space. >> reporter: investigators are looking a a surveillance video and looking over thescene to see who was responsible. >> he fled the area, a very aggressive driver. >> reporter: officials say the
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transported to jackson memorial hospital where he later died. >> it just wasn't worth it for what happened over a parking space. >> reporter: officials are not releasinthe name of the victim but are asking anyone who might have been here early saturday morning to come forward with more information. in little avana, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> several schools in northwest miami-dade were force look lockdown yesterday while police hunted for a gunman. nbc 6 reporter stephanie bertini is live from police headquarters. stephanie? >> reporter:`keith, day 2 of the investigation. detectives from the miami-dade police department just released the name of the victim and his picture. he's not even 20 years old. he willnever get to see anything that most adults get to do o their life, a harsh reality for his family to accept. eddie harris, just 19 y yars old,
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gg violence in miami-dade. >> i didn't expect to see him on the ground, layg down, covered with bullet shots. >> reporter: his aunt s oke with nbc 6 news yesterday, after investigators say the teen was urdered in broad daylight. the yellow markers mark the bullet casings left behind in the area of northwest 52nd. several schools inhe area were locked down as police worked the scene. by the time first responders got to the teenager, they say he was already dead. eddie harris never made it to the hospital. ff his family, the loss of this young life seemed senseless. was. >> reporter: they want justice. >> it's unfortunate for all of us to feel so hurting right now. >> reporter: even an arrest won't take away the pain. no detail on a suspect or suspects. investigators are asking for your help tonight. anybody with any information on the shooting is asked to call crimestoppers.
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the number is at the bottom of the screen. detectives are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest, the dollar amount up to $3,000. reporting live at miami-dade policecheadquarters, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. new details about a homicide investigation under way in pembroke pine police are identifying the victim as dave onon hall, killed at pembroke road and southwest 118th avenue yesterday afternoon. no word yet how he was killed or possible suuects or motive. please are searching for the armed thief who roroed a 13-year-old boy right in front of a school on wednesday. this whole incident caught on camera. you can see here a man in a white hoodie following, then running up to the group of teens. he flashes a gun, rips off the boy's gold necklace and bracelet. luckily nobody was hurt. police hope you'll recognize the suspect and give them a call. a deadly accident tied up
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in davey. cops shut down the northbound lane last night as they investigated this crash. they said a car collided with a three-wheeler motorcycle just before 9:00 p.m. the impact killedhe driver of the bike. no word on the names of those iolved, but stick with nbc 6 as we learn more, we'll certainly bring it to you. a tragic story from jacksonville tonight. police say a 22-month-old boy was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting. he was sitting in the car with his mother a a grandmother last night when the bullets started flying. the little boy was shot in the shoulder and the stomach. police say the intended target was inside of a nearby house that was also sprayed by bullets. >> multiple times. a 22-month-old little baby boy shot multiple times. the senselessness of it can't be overstated. >> police believe the shooting is gang-related. they're looking for a white vehicle seen leaving the crime scene.
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in colorado, multiple people injujud after shots were fired outside the denver coliseum this afternoon. at least one person was stabbed. expo. right now multiple victims are in nearby spitals, although it's unclear how many are hurt or their conditions.s. police say at least one person is being questioned, but no arrests have been made. the motive is still unclear at this hour. just two days left now until the iowa caucuses, and the first white house. democrat hillary clinton have small leads in the latest polls. but the races are close, and tt campaigning is intense. steve handelsman is in iowa with the latest. >> reporter: ted cruz today at a rally in ames, iowa with time running out. call friends, he said, get them to caucus. >> this is the men and women of iowa, the time to make a decision. >> reporter: marco rubio in sioux city closing in on cruz.
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the campaign. in. >> reporter: the republican frontrunner flew backo iowa. >> we have a chance to do someing so great, make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump holds a nearly 7-point lead in iowa polling over cruz who once led here and who insisted today the numbers are reverting. >> what do you say to the trump backers who used to baa you and now back him? again. >> reporter: for democratic frontnner, a reminder that she is under investigation. more of what she's e-mailed classified as top secret. >> it's the same story as has been going on for months now. >> reporter: clinton held more events in iowa. >> go out and stand up for me on monday night. >> reporter: bernie sanders has campaigned hard, telling iowa supporters today, if they caucus, thth can take power back from the billionaires. >> if we have that courage, not
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not only will we win the nomination, but much more importantly, we will transform america. >> reporter: first, a big effort to get out the vote. caucus turnout is usually so small, just a few votes can make a difference. they have busy schedules. they'll be pushing hard 'til monday night. from des moines, iowa, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. >> be sure to log on to the nbc 6 news and weather app to find out everything you need to know about the race for the white house. you can also watch live town halls and campaign events from your favorite candidates. big changes coming for more than a million low income americaca on food stamps. they're at risk of losing their aid in 21 states because they don't meet work requirements
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following employment ras. it followed able bodied adults who have no dependents at home. beginning this month they must work, volunteer, or start job training courses foror at least 80 hours a month, and if they don't, they'll lose benefits in the spring. the hunt to find fugitives in california is over. cops say it's a prime example of how helpful the public can be. officers caught one of the fugitives after a short chase. they found the other in a white van, a day after the third inmate surrendered to please. officials think the trio cut a hole in a metal great, crawled through plumbing tunnels and rappellll down the jail wall with a rope made from bed linens. ahead on 6, a bizarre ime scene in southwest florida has police in one town scratching their heads.
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and a fisherman has quite a tail to tell. how he saved lobstermen from a burning boat just in time. florida state may have to answer to a higher power. a nice day today, a little warmer are and less wind. that goes a long way, doesn't
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weekend forecast. police on florida's west coast are looking at the death of a woman found inside a hotel room with two caged monkeys. they're calling the circumstances suspicious. cops made the discovery at northport inside a budget inn hotel room. the woman was identified as lindnd marie smith of arcadia. they didn't find any sign of trauma on her body. they plan to interview a man also found in the room who was apparently incoherent at the time. they took the monkeys away in good health, we're told. a boy scout troop is devastated that someone made off with their trailer full of supplies. tonight t ty still can't wrap their heads around it. deputies are looking to who
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the thief apparently cut off a lock and drove off when nobody was watching. the truck had $10,000 worth of supplies, critical items like tents, cooking supplies, even stoves. >> these were everything, all of our things. we've had them for years. we thought this was something that nobody would care about. but this is something that affects many people. >> unfortunately for the scouts, there were no security caterpillars to catchcameras to catch the criminal. a fisherman in maine saved the lives of two lobstermen after their boat caught fire, forcing them to jmp into the ocean. luckily jerry curbman was on three miles away. when he reached the men, their boat, fully engulfed in flameme
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put out the fire. first alert weather. >> all right, everybody, live first alert doppler. no rain on the docket. things will change, they always do here in south florida. it is the dry season, but it's been kind of a wet dry season, right? so you know the rain is coming back. we'll discuss tht timeline in just a moment. let's bounce around the timeline to make sure nothing is creeping around. bone-dry, key west, all of the keys, incredibly low humidity today. a high cloud, that was about it. no rain fallingng out of those clouds. deerfield beach, fort lauderdale, hialeah, miami, everybody looking smooth. flash forward to your boating conditions for tomorrow. this is also what we want to see, light winds, 10 knots outset east-southeast, 2-foot seas. water teteeratures coming in right around 70. what about the rain?
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wind speeds also looking fine right now. wids were pretty calm today. that makes things feel so much nicer out there. with those winds turning more easterly versus out of the north as we were dealing with bounced. they'll be a little bit more out of the southeast tomorrow. all of us are much warmer, sitting at 69 to 70, that's about the spread in miami and fort laudeale, cooler across key west. pretty pleasant, most would agree. high pressure delivering us those east winds. our next rain maker, a little bit farther towards the south. an old front across cuba, some of that moisture is set to move back over south florida. looking at southbound, not much to look at except a beautiful skyline. zero p pcent chance of rain all night long. temperatures into the mid-60s as
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do they drop into the 50s tonight? nope. 63 in miami. that warming trend continues. lows intn the 70s before you know it. upper 70s for sunday, for the highs for sunday, rather. then into the 80s before you know it. then the humidity comes back as well. a understorm chance possible on wednesday, much better chance on friday as a stronger front moves through. hour by hour on sunday, winds continuing out of the southeast. moisture from the old front should start pushing back in. probably not seeing rain, though, until overnight sunday. that may make things a little tricky for that monday commute. of course we'll lo at everything again as the new data rolls in for the 11:00 show, keith, we'll give folks an update on the workweek ahead. today in miami, volunteers collecting donations for cuban
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rica. many are worried washington will soon change its migration policy now that relations have imoved with cuba. if you would like to help out, take your donations to h street and southwestst 36th avenue. this week on forever family, we bring you the story of a little boy named david with a big heart, and truly embodies all that is love. right nowe needs a family to share all that love with. >> hey, everybody! >> reporter: he's full of ergy and he's full of life. he's just a happy little boy. everything that boys are made of is david. >> playing games. >> yay! >> fun stuff. >> he's laughing, he's asking questions. he always wants to be not the
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happy to be alive. >> can i have a hug? >> he's so happy to do everything. and so i think he's just going to bring you a smile. he knows how to show affection to other people. he's such a sweet litlle boy. >> i want my guys with me, to be on tv with me. >> why is david so special to you and to everybody around him? >> david needs a home. and when you meet david, you'll understand the urgent thing for him to find a mom and dad and somewhere where he can live. more than anything, that's what he needs right now. >> if you would like to learn more about how to help out
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children, call 1-888-365-family. a big day in sports, miami looking to continue to do well in the ncaa. >> they had a three-win curve. you wouldn't think they would have trouble against a local north carolina state team. we'll have the highlights coming up now in sports. head on "nbc nightly news," the hawkeye state counts down to monday's caucuses. we'll take a look at the ground game. plus with more than 30 cases of the zika virus reported here in the u.s., everything you need to know, tonight.
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cooking welcome back. the 15th ranked miami hurricanes are riding a three-game win
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surely they would have no trouble against local nc state, right? guess again. it was a battle for the squad. early on it was angel rodriguez that kept the canes in the game. the canes got a big boost from their star sheldon mcclellan. look at that dunk. as well as from behind the three-point line. he had three of those. anthony barber went absolutely crazy. he was on fire, finishing with 30 points, causing problems all over the floor. hurricanes turned to their offense. nc state duns the canes. they're third inside the acc. after a slew of road trips that seemed like they would never end, the heat had their third straight win.
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point guard. he had a calf injury earlier this month. the game's hero was the saa as it had been, dwayne wade. the all-star led the team with 24 points, sinking the most important bucket of the game with 45 seconds left. a rough month for miami with a ton of injuries and losing streaks. ttngs are starting to come together slowly but surely. >> it just seemed like everything was going wrong. we stuck with it, we went three in a row. believing in each other, believing in our game, prepping well. now you get your confidence back. australian open finals tomorrow, andy muay faces off once again with the world number one player, novak jokedjokovic. meanwhile serena williams taking on angelique kerber. williams lost the first set,
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in the third, kerber came out as strong as ever. it was a match point at 5-4 in the final set. she would not be denied. serena failed in her attempt to tie steffi graff with 22 grand slam title. kerber had her first major championship. >> big upset there, thank you, sir. >> good tennis play, that's for sure. >> peop have been talking about kerber being much improved. >> very strong. a great day to play tennis today. >> exactly. >> gorgeous stuff. a perfect weekend. >> light winds today and tomorrow. a little more clouds as we roll through the day. shower chances into monday. and really warm next week. we'll talk more about it tonight.
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that does it for on this saturday night, down to the wire.
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the candidates make a
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