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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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death, reportedly over a parking spot. plus tomorrow is the big day, we've got our eyes on iowa ahead of the first vote in t nation this election cycle. and upping the game in the fight against the zika virus, the new measures in place in hard hit countries. >> announcer: live, nbc 6 today starts now. good morning, everyone, and welcome to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. we will get you started with meteorologist erika delgado and south florida's most accurate forecast. good morning, erika. >> good morning. happy sunday to you at home. things are looking nice. we're waking up to temperatures on the cool side but not as chilly as we saw yesterday. right now 55 degrees in the kendall area, that seems to be the cool spot this morning, 61 degrees in miami as well as in fort lauderdale and 58 degrees in pembroke pines area. let's take a look at our first alert doppler radar. things looking pretty good, no
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another rain free day for us. good news there. it's been a beautiful weekenen so far. taking a look outside over watson island t t sun is about to rise in the next few minutes and things are looking really nice so far as you can see. light north wind reallyllowing for temperatures to cool down this morning in the upper 50s and low 60s. so here is what we can expect for your first alert recast the next few hours temperatures will slowly rebound, they will be in the 60s, mid to late morning we should be in the upper 60s and finally hitting that 70 degree mark come noontime. a mix of sun and clouds, similar to yesterday, but we are expecting major changes in the forecast as early as tonight and into tomorrow. i will have more details coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. deadly disputes, family and friends gather in miami to remember the victim killed in a rampage that witnesses say began over a parking spot. the victim identified as a 33-year-old father. erika glover has more. >> reporter: this morning officers here are trying to
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for that early morning shooting in little havana. this as family and friends are mourning the loss of their loved one who witnesses say was gunned down after an argument over a parking spot. >> those who loved jackson salis held a candlelight vigil in the spot he was gunned down. officers say just after 2:00 saturday morning on northwest 17 place and northwest 7th street. salis was shot in the upper part of his body. witnesses say what started as an argument over parking took a turn. no one saw coming. >> all i could hear is a strong cuban accent and my other friend which you saw he had a gun pointed at his head. >> he was a very loving person. very kind. he was always there, you can see everybody is over here praying. >> reporter: officers have not made any arrestes in this case so far but say if you have any information call crime stoppers, that number is at the bottom of your screen.
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erika glover. he search for a shooter entering day three after a teen was gunned down in broad daylight on the streets of northwest miami-dade. eddie harris was murdered friday in the brownsville neighborhood. the shooting forced several schools into lock down mode as police hunted for the gunman. witnesses claim they saw a dark colored car leave the scene, but police have yet to say who they're looking for. if you think you can help clos the case a good tip could earn you up to $3,000. a tragic story from jacksonville this morning. a 22 month old boy was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting. aden michael mcclen don was killed as he sat in a car with his mother and grandmotherhen the bullets started flying. the little boy was shot in the should and stomach. police say the intended target was inside a nearby house that was also sprayed by bullets.
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little baby boy shot multiple times. the senselessness of it can't be overstated. >> police believe this shooting is gang-related and are looking for a white vehicle seen leaving the crime scene. turning now to decision 2016, with the iowa caucuses starting tomorrow one democratic presidential hopeful just received a major endorsement. "thnew york times" is backing hillary clinton saying she is, quote, one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modedn history. this isn't the first time clinton has received its support. "the new york times" backed the former secretary of state in her bid for presidency in 2008 and two more times for her senate positions. on the republican side "the new york times" is givivg its support to underdog john kasich. >> with just one day until the iowa caucuses all of the presidential candidates are out in full force.
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will get caucus goers out to vote vote. >> reporter: with two days to go donald trump comes back. >> if we can win here, everyone is talking about it, we can run the table for the first time ever. >> reporter: he means win every republican contest and it's possible. trump's weakest polls are here, a 5 point iooa lead. >> on february 1st you've got to get out and caucus, you've got to do it. >> reporter: even in a blizzard he said or a marital storm. >> if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care whatt is, if you're sick, if you're -- you've got tget out. >> reporter: ted cruz gently urged his backers to show up and caucuand insisted to me he's winning back the iowa front runner spot that he once held. >> what do you say to the trump backers who used to back you but now back him? > well, they're backing me once again. >> reporter:pmarco rubio push will be partly digital.
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mails for two days. >> demoat hillary clinton's large iowa lead has slipped to three points, her e-mail problem flared again. >> for those of you who have already decided to support me on monday night thank you so much. >> reporter: more than clinton bernie sanders is relying on first time caucusers, young people. >> we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. >> reporter: and predicting the turnout in iowa, monday, say experts is impossible.@ they say a big turnout helps trump and sanders and a small turnout helps cruz and clinton. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at iowa caucus headquarters time right now just about 7:07. still ahead, a motorcycle expo turns violent. the search is on for who fired the bullets. plus the search for two run away inmates is over. coming up we will tell you how police learned about their whereabouts.
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died down, skies have cleared as far as the rain is concerned. we have had no advsories over the atlantic waters yesterday and into tqday. today will be a beautiful day to be out of the waters, win from 8 to 10 knots, up to 4 feet in bay. a light chop all day.
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we expecting welcome back. the body of a missing 13-year-old girl in virginia has been found. nicole la vel's body was discovered off of highway 89. she was reported missing on tuesday. dachb eisen hour is currently facing abduction and murder charges. some sad news coming out of new jersey. that's where a ddler fell from an open window of a seven story apartment building and died. police haven't said much about the fall, while they investigate how this may have happened. the child was no older than three. one person is dead, seven
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stabbing at a motorcycle expo in enver. police are saying four people including the one who died were shot, one was stabbed and the other three suffered injuries from a fistfight. the incident happened yet afternoon at the national western complex. no arrests have been made, but police are interviewing a person of interest. authorities are not sure what started the incident but they say other events associated wi theu!! expo have been canceled. an enormous fire rocking lexington, kentucky, and surrounding areas. it started yesterday afternoon at a stockyard, then strong winds spread the flames to six nearby businesses. witnees claim they heard explosions then saw dark smoke cover the sky. at least 20 cows died in the fire but no one else was hurt. officials think it was biggest fire in lexington in the last 33 years. in california the search is over. all three inmates who broke out of a maximum security jail more than a week ago are back in custody.
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has more on how a tip led to their capture. >> finally a collective exhale from law enforcement in the golden state. >> i can say this morning that the entire state can breathehe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: after a week on the run all three men who broke out of an orange county jail are back behind bars. this morning hossein nayeri and jonathananieu captured in this san francisco parking lot after a woman spotted their stolen van on a side street. >> she told the officers it looks like the van i've bee seeing on the news. >> reporter: as police approached nayeri fled on foot but didn't get far. > i am told it was a short foot chase so i don't think it went on too long. >> reporter: police then found tieu hiding inside the van. >> there were some 380 rounds found in the van but no weapon. >> reporter: saturday's arrest is the end of a statewide police drag net involving hundreds of officers. a break came yesterday when balk
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up at a body shop less than three miles where he made his escape. >> i told my wife that's who you want to turn in. >> reporter: but the investigation continued to center on nayeri as the possible mastermind. police say despite speaking english he enrolled in an english as his second language class and befriended a teacher. she provided maps showing images of the jail's rooftop that may have helped the men escape. >> we don't have any information to determine it was romantic, but we do know that it was much closer, a much more personal than it should have been. >> her neighbors were shocked. >> you would think somebodydy so innocent is helping criminals. >eporter: now the teacher is being held at the same jail where she taught and the men she is accusese of helping will soon join her back in orange county. >> announcer: now first alert weather.
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south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right. 7:13. a cool sunday morning. things are comfortable out ere. not as cool as yesterday. actually, we're dealing with average temperatures right now across miami dade. 61 there, 61 fort lauderdale. still in the upper 50s across the inland area, pembroke pines 58 degrees and 55 in kendall down into homestead. taking look at the temperature change. yesterday mentioned the next few days we will see this gradual warm up. we are 5 to 10 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. now, winds yesterday quickly shifted out of the east to that allowed temperatures to rebound just a bit, but that cool air is long gone, at least for the next few days. things are looking pretty good from palm beach all the way down into miami dade, nothing we need to worry about, no showers over the atlantic waters. we are two for two on the weekend and looking pretty nice so far. dealing with a few clouds especially across northern
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we saw them in the form of high clouds yesterday, we are expecting the same situation again today but then this afternoon that's when things begin to change just a bit. let's take a look at your first alert forecast on this under is, temperatures will be in the 60s, possibly hitting that 70 degree mark by late morning hours. for the second half of the day we will see a few more clouds in the area, i'm not expecting overcast skies but definitely will notice a change in the cloud cover this afternoon and into tonight. highs into the upper 70s, 5 derees warmer than yesterday, the high in miami and fort lauderdale yesterday reaehed around 73 degrees. high pressure was over the gulf of mexico, that's what left us that north wind yesterday. now that it's over the atlantic waters clockwise circulation leang us an east-southeast wind. take a look at this. beautiful start to our sunday. over watson island right now you can see a few high clouds. north wind very light this morning so it is bringing quiet conditions but we are expecting
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up. light sweaters this morning, low 60s does it for you, if not you will be comfortable. northwest caribbean all the way down into the gulf of mexico plenty of moisture to go around, that slowly but surely will continue to creep up later this afternoon and into tomorrow and that's what's going to alalow the increasing cloud cover and also reinn introduce the chance of showers in the forecast as early as overnight tonight into tomorrow. rain free conditions all day, we will leleeppfthat on the nonexistent side of the threat for today. marine also lower. also no advisory anhere over the atlantic waters. the uv index that will remain on the moderate to higher end of the scale, especially througuout the first half of the day. if you have any outdoor plans keep that sunscreen handy. we are expecting increasing cloud cover. we will see a cloudy %nd to our sunday with &)j(overnight showers and possibly isoted thunderstorm or two overnight and into tomorrow. some of that tropical moiature arrives to south florida. take a look at the temperatures,
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the end of the two, week. after the showers monday we should be dry up until friday when the next front approaches and that's going to knock temperatures down again just in time for next weekend. >> thank you very much. 7:16. still ahead, a oman, a man and two monkeys at t t center of a crime investigation in south florida. get the bizarre detatas next. also in florida more details on a family taking disney to court. find out why they are now suing after having an unexpected meet
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you're watchehenbc 6. detectives on florida's west coast are looking into the death of a woman found inside of a hotel room with two caged monkeys. they said the discovery near sara associate at that inside of a budget inn hotel room. they identified the woman as linda marie smith but didn't find any signs of trauma to her body. police plan to interview a man
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the time. the fwc took the kmonkees away in good health. 20 minutes after the 7:00 hour. an alabama family plans to sue disney world after theysay a snake dropped from a tree at animal kingdom and bit a boy. although the boy is fine, they say the episode led to the death of the boy's grandmother. for nbc6 michelle meredith reports. >> reporter: did the sight of her great-grandson being bit by a snake on disney property cause a woman to die of a heart attack. >> in a news conference matt morgan told reporters he plans to find out when he files a lawsuit against disney. >> ultimately a tragedy occurred. >> reporter: morgan says in october 2014 a family from alabama was visiting disney's animal king don when a snake fell from a tree. >> fell onto an eight-year-old boy and then wrapped around him. when the snake wrapped around
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>> the snake was nonvenmouse, the bite itself was not serious but according to morgan what was serious was the woman's reaction to seeing her great-grandson bitten by a snake. she died of a heart attack two days later. >> when she arrived at the hospital the doctors informed her family that she had had a massive heart attack. >> reporter: matt morgan described the woman was being in her late 80s to early 90s, in a wheelchair and in perfect health. a spokesperson for disney described the case as a real mischaracterization of the incident, that the boy's wound was cleaned and a band-aid was applied at disney, that the family declined further medical help and returned back to animal kingdom later that day. >>if we are unable to prove our case the defense will file the appropriate motions and this won't get to a jury. >> that was michelle meredith reporting. a last minute push for folks
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deadline to enroll in 2016 coverage is today. those who don't sign up may have to go without insurance for the rest of the year or face a hefty tax penalty in 2017. so far more than 1.6 million floridians have signed up or have their coverage automatically renewed sincece last november. 600,000 of them are from here in south florida. big changes coming for more than a million low income americans on food stamps. they are at risk of losing their aid in 21 states if they donnt meet work requirements that kicked in this month. the change triggered by falling unemployment rates. it affects able bodied adults between 18 and 49 years old who have no dependents in their home. beginning this month they must work volunteer or start education or job training courses for at least 80 hours a month. if they don't they will lose benefits in the spring. volunteers with the cuban
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donations r cuban families arriving from costt can a reek can a. they are looking for clothes, food and medicine for the thousands of migrants expected to fly to south florida from central america. many want to make it to the u.s., worried washington will change its migration policy now that relations have thawed with cuba. it sits rht next to versailles, if you want to help take your dough tagss to 8th street and 36th avenue. still ahead, iowa caucuses take place tomorrow but does the winner on eititer side of the aisle depend on how many iowans turn out to vote? chuck todd weighs in next. >> we're expecting pleby of sunshine this morning. take advange if you have any plans to get out of the beach because we are expecting increasing clouds as the afternoon goes on. highs back into the upper 70s. that will leave us average for this time of year. winds out of the southeast will
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nooshafarin ravaghi. with just one day until the iowa caucuses all of the presidential candidates are out in full force. they're hoping one last push will get caucus goers out to vote tomorrow night. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd interviews through candidates on the show thihi morning. he joins us live from iowa with a preview. we understand you will be speaking with ted cruz, marco rubio and bernie sandersoday on your program. for which candidates is iowa make or break? >> i think the three you just rattled off. that's why they are on the show today. ted cruz, there's no path to the nomination, i think, that doesn't include him winning iowa. him not winning here mooay night makes his path more complicated. if marco rubio ends up thehe nominee in cleveland, the only way i think that happens is if
7:23 am
here in iowa.. what's that? maybe second place or a very close ird place, just bigger than it is. then for bernie sanders it's hard to imagine how he creates this long drawn outprimary fight with hillary clinton and possibly pull the upset without beating her here first. i think it starts with those three having the most at stake with monday night. >> we're going to have to wait and see what they have to say on your show, too. will the latest in hillary clinton's e-mails scandal hurt her chances tomorrow with voters thinking she possibly isn't trustworthy? >> look, there is a couple of ways that this could impact her on monday night. the democrats -- look, this whole caucus process can seem complicated. here is one key thing you need to know on the democratic side. people can show up and decide to be undeclared, it's called, meaning, do you know what, they are not sure which candidate they want to be for, maybe they're uncomfortable with clinton and these e-mails, maybe
7:24 am
rather be undeclared now and cast a delegate later in case the race gets shaken up. this is ho this can impact hillary clinton, 4 or 5% of folks end up being undeclared and bernie sanders sitting at 45, 46% instead of being a losing number, that's a winning number because some votes peeled away to undeclared. it's complicated but that's how it could impact her. if she loses monday night everybody will point to this e-mail story. >> we will all be watching iowa. thank you so much. we will be watching you as well this morning. be sure to tune in. you can catch "meet the press" this morning right after impact with jackie right here on nbc 6. thank you, chuck, for joining us. time is 7:28. more news ahead in our next half hour. still ahead, road rage raj page, a deadly ending to what started out as an argument over a parking space in miami. plus we're learning more about a man killed in an
7:25 am
pines. starts now. good morning, everyone. welcome back to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it's sunday, january 31st. last day of the month. let's toss things over to meteorologist erika delgado and south florida's most accurate forecast to see how your sunday is shaping snup sunday ifou know day. it's going to benice. we have had a nice first half of the weekend, it's looking like the second half will be just as lovely and probably more comfortable as far as
7:26 am
right now waking up to chilly temperatures further to the north across northern florida, in the 40s, already beginning to see that warm upcross the panned handle with shifting more out of the south. closer to home temperatures right now are closer to average. waking up to low 60s in miami as well as in fort lauderdale. 57 degrees in kendall and the cool spot right now in homestead area, temperatures right now around 55 degrees. we're waking up to average temperatures, it's looking like we will see highs that are average as well. finally an average day, this is exactly where we should be for this time of year. also e en better news we're waking up to dry conditions. our radar looking good from fort lauderdale all the way down into miami dade. quiet reasons, no rain over the atlantic waters. the next few hours temperatures in the wer 60s as we head out the door this morning, possibly brunch come late morning, temperatures in the lower 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. deadly dispute, family and
7:27 am
victim killed in a rampage that witnesses say pan over a parking spot. the victim identified as a 33-year-old father. erika glover has more. >> reporter: this morning family and friends are honoring the life of their loved one who witnesses say was gunned down early saturday morning after an argument over a parking spot. those who loved jackson silis held a candlelight vigil saturday night in the very spot he was gunned down. officers say just after 2:00 saturday morning on northwest 17th place and northwest 7th street. salis was shot in the upper part his body. witnesses say what started as an argument over parking took a turn. >> it was over something very stupid. he was a very loving person, very kind, he was always there. you see everybody is over here praying because he was there. >> reporter: officers have not made an arrest in this case but say if you have any information you can call crime stoppers. that number 305-4712.
7:28 am
erika glover. new details this morning about a homicide investigation under way in pembroke pines. police have identifiedd the victim in this case as devin hall. the 41-year-old was killed near pembroke road on friday. no word on how he was killed or any possible suspects or motive. this morning police are searching for the armed thief who robbed a 13-year-old boy. near slam charter school. you can see a man in a white hoodie following then running up to the group of teens. he flashes a gun, then rips off the boy's gold necklace and bracelet. nuk i will no one was hurt. police hope you recognize the suspects and give them a call. we're learning more about a 19-year-old sprayed by bullets in broad daylight. several schools in southwest miami dade forced into lock down mode friday while police looked for the gunman.
7:29 am
miami dade plice headquarters. >> reporter: eddie harris 19 years old just became another victim of gun violence in miami dad. >> he was covered with bullet shots. >> his aunt spoke with nbc 6 news right after investigators say the teen was murdered in broad day height. ththyellow markers, mark the bullet casings left behind in the area of rthwest 52nd and northwest 26th avenue. >> you can see there is a lot of bullet casings, but one bullet is too much. >> reporter: several schools in the area locked down as police worked the scene. by the time responders got to the teenager they say he was already dead. eddie harris neveve made it to the hospital. for his family the loss of this young life seems senseless. >> they need to catch whoever it was. >> they want justice. >> it's unfortunate for all of us to feel so hurting@right now. >> reporter: even an arrest won't take away the pain. stephanie bertini nbc 6 news. right right now 6:35.
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the last few holdouts at a wildlife refuge in oregon when the leader who started it all. why ammon bundy says their work there i done. plus celebrities are filing into flint, michigan, to show their support for community in fries is. take advantage the first half of the day because we're expecting a beautiful start, winds will be out of the southeast as the days goes on. temperatures by late morning in
7:31 am
mix of sun and clouds. one of the men arrested in the oregon proteut is speaking out with a message to the holdouts still at the refuge. >> to those at the refuge, please stand down. this was never meant to be an armed standoff. we only came to expose abuse and educate people about their
7:32 am
constitution of the united states. >> ammon bundy's attorney released this video with bundy's voice on speakerphone to his wife. bundy and seven other people who supported him were arrested last week while four other armed men remain at the refuge. the standoff began on january 2nd. cities around the country are coming together to collect bottled water for flint, michigan. schools are also collecting money and water filters for those in flint. in order to help with the high levels of lead in the water. even rapper snoop dogg has joined the cause. snoop visitt flint in an effort to see how he and other celebrities can get involved with the water crisis. >> i have a lot of information to take back to my celebrity friends and people around the world who want to help, but mainly we'd like the governor to step up and do what's necessary to make sure that flint is taken care of. >> flint lives matter to the rap legend and he plans on being part of the solution to get clean water to those in the area.
7:33 am
long-term effects on children who drank that tainted water for months. nbc's stephanie goss has more on that this morning. >> reporter: these preschoolers were just two years o o when the water source in flint was switched to save ney. for more than a year they were exposed to lead. there are nearly 9,000 children in this city under the age of six, the most vulnerable population. >> well, it breaks my heart because they already -- they already have a struggle, everything is a struggle for them already. >> reporter: preschool director jennifer rivera watches with a careful eye and wonders if she is already seeing signs of lead exposure. >> i've noticed the speech, the articulation and i've noticed behaviors of anger. >> reporter: right now flint is getting a lot of attention, right now these kids are getting a lot of attention, but this is the insidious part about lead exposure, the symptoms may not
7:34 am
even the months to come. it could take years. and every single one of these children will have to be tracked their entire childhood. a good education, a healthth diet and a stable home are all ways to lessen the effects, but those are the building blocks of childhood that a single mother was already struggng to give her girls. >> i'm watching them all the time. are they smart enough still to do the things this they were just doing or did the lead level cause theirntelligence to fall off a little bit. >> carlina spent the first year of her live drinkingaby formula with tainted level. last year her bod contained an elevated lead level. this pediatrician sees a cases like this every day. >> when a womananomes to see me the anguish and anxiety in her eyes is palpable. we need to provide the healthcare services, educational services, nutrition services for these children now.
7:35 am
federal government to expand medicaid for the children in flint and the state health department is developing a long-term plan to monitor health problems. and then there is therit of this post industrial town. >> the cloth we're cut from is something different. most of us we're strong. we're going to get through this. >> reporter: the children of flint are depending on it. stephanie gosk. c news, flint. >> announcer: now first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado. south florida's most accurate >> all right. south flori, 7:41 on this dry rain free start to our sunday. things looking pretty good. live first alert doppler radar how we like to see it. early sunday morning shaping up to be a nice one again. right now waking up to light north wind across much of the area. we are expecting winds to be shifting a little more out of the southeast, but it's because of this light northwest wind
7:36 am
allowed temperatures to cool down again last night. temperatures a a a little chilly on the chilly side on the ndall and homestead area, mid 50s, upper 50s forpembroke ppes. 58 degrees there. average temperatures in florida and miami 61 degrees, already in the mid to upper 60s down into the keys. taking a look at clouds as you can see things are looking pretty good. we have seen a few clouds rolling on through throughout the morng hours. it made for a beautiful sunrise across much of south florida. beginning toee some of that cloud cover over the gulf of mexico will continue to move towards the east as the day goes on. for your first alert forecast we're calling for increasing clouds, especially throughout the second a half of the afternoon, winds will be shifting out of the southeast later today. that's going to allow temperatures to warm right up back into the upper 70s leaving us average for this time of year. we are expecting to be rain free for the most of the day -- i should say for all of the day, but we will begin to see those clouds rolling in as the afternoon hours go on. taking a loooo at your first alert forecast down into the keys, highs in the upper 70s,
7:37 am
east, mix of sun an cloudsd and cloududwill be on the increase later in afternoon, possibly maybe leaving an isolated shower late tonight and into the overnight hours. remember that high pressure system that was over the gulf of mexico? i meeioned yesterday we continue to track towards the east and it definitely did so right now over the atlantic waters. the high pressure has that clockwise circulation, that's leaving us that east southeast wind later this afternoon. that will warm us up. earlier we looked at the temperatures, over the panhandlee temperatures were much warmer than the rest of northern florida. that's because the wind is out of the south so that warm gulf of mexico moisture creeping up, that's why temperatures are already much warmer than the rest of nthern portions of our state. let's take a look at levels of moisture in the atmosphere. the reason i want to bring this up, i mentioned the increasing clouds. it's because of this moisture over the gulf of mexico and northwest caribbean that will continue to pump into south florida as the afternoon goes on and into the overnight hours.
7:38 am
increasing clouds but also a better chance for showers overninit and especially for the start of the workweek. today no showers in the forecast, that will not be one of our threats, we will leave that on the nonexist ent scale. uv intent will be on the moderate to higher end of the scale. increasing showers overnigh and especially into monday with a thunderstorm chance in the forecast. 80s, stick around for groundhog day. warm tempetures well above average until the next cold front on friday and that's going to leaveve us our next cool down come the following weekend. 7 #:00 # 44. still a read, the zika virus spreading here in the u.s. and beyond. how countries are upping their
7:39 am
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, welcome back. the forr presidents of el salvador has died. francisco flores had a stroke that caused irreversible brain damage. at the time he was under house a les battling corruption charges. flores was president from 1999 to 2004. he was 56. authorities in canada say an avalanche that killed five snowmobilers in british columbia was humor triggered bu the exact cause of friday's huge snow slide still under
7:41 am
rescuers are saying 150 snowmobilers were in the area at the time. those caught up in the avalanchee were said to be experienced and most dug each other out. . turning now to the zika virus. there are now cases in two dozen countries and territories across the americas with more than 30 cases reported here in the u.s., including south florida. the major problem as we've been reporting is a smart increase in birth defects mainly in brazil. now, officials are increasing efforts to contain thevirus. nbc's rehema ellis reports. >> reporter: on the front line in the battle against the zika virus it's a ground game. brazil mobilizing more than 200,000 troops along with health department workers in a fight against the mosquitos that spread the zika virus. >>we need to fight very hard to reduce the population of mosquito and reduce, therefore, the number of cases of
7:42 am
the virus may be causing the alarming cases of microcephali, a birth defect, babies born with smaller heads and often brain damage. there is no vaccine and no cure. they're going door to door passing out pamphlets and looking for mosquito infested water. health officials say a big part of the mosquito breeding problem occurs in communities like this one because of the water shortage many people store water inside their homes. officials are treating the water with chemicals and gathering samples to take for testing. for people living hereret's put them on edge. do you worry at all about the zika virus? this man is concerned because his own mlther was diagnosed with the virus three months ago. and in maternity wards doctors are also alarmed. there has been a dramatic spike in the number of suspected microcephali cases seen in more
7:43 am
these past four months. >> there is an ultimately sound i see the pregnancy is supposed to be a moment of joy but now a woman -- they fear about the new problem. they ar about the future. >> reporter: fear overshadowing joy for many new parents as the country struggles to stop the spread of zika. rehema ellis, abc news, brazil. and earlier this month the florida department of health confirmed three travelrelated cases of zika in the state. two were in miami-dade from people who brought the disease back from columbia, the third was in hillsborough county where the person cooracted the virus in venezuela. cuba's government says there are no confirmed cases on the island. coming up, a look at our big stories. big six stories of the day. but first a live look at miami from our first alert camera.
7:44 am
the forecast. good sunday morning. just aheadn "today" it is officially iowa caucus eve, the pped dats are out in full force, hillary clinton and bernie sanders now neck and neck in the hawkeye state. donald trump surges ahead of ted cruz. just how will today's campaigning effect tomorrow's vote? we have full coverage from des moines. also ahead bill cosby due back in court in week. why the lawyers say the sexual assault case should thrown out. plus the s sory of a retiring police officer now going to great lengths to keep his k-9 partner by his side. that's despite an attempt by the state to auction off the dog to the highest bidder. harry smith brings us a terrific story about how talent talented a unlikely artists are being discovered. now the big six stories you need to know. >> family and friends are gathering in miami to remember the 33-year-old father killed in
7:45 am
began over a parking lot. jackson solis was shot. police are continuing their search for the person who pulled the trigger. it's dayayhree for the search of a shooter after a teen was gunned down on the `treets of northwest miami-dade. eddie harris was murdered friday in the brownsville neighborhood. witnesses claim they saw a dark colored car leave the ene. authorities have identified the victim in a homicide investigation under way in pembroke pines. 41-year-old devin hall was killed. no word on how he was killed or possible suspects or motives.2 the search is on for the armed they have who wormd a 13-year-old boy in front of a school. you can see a man running up to the group of teens, flashes the gun and rips off the boy's jewelry. if you have any informationh contact authorities. a 22 month old boy was shot
7:46 am
shooting in jacksonville, place say the baby was shot in the shoulder and stomach as he sat in the car with his mom and grandmother. police say the intended target was inside a n%arby house that was mrs. sprayed by bullets. it's decision 2016 here in the states with just one day uuil the iowa caucuses. all the presidential candidates are out in full force in weekend and they are hoping one last push will get caucus goers out to vote tomorrow night. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for full details on all the stories we're covering as you wake up. not as cool as pesterday. >> we're about 5 to 10 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday, but we're seeing average temperatures out in miami right now, taking a look outside, looking likes a nic start to the day. a light north wind. we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds to continue throughout the first half of the day, however, later in afternoon we are expecting increasing clouds as moisture from the northwest caribbean continues to push to south florida. highs later today will be reaching into the upper 70s,
7:47 am
average afternoon. pretty much average as far as temperatures are concerned today. taking look ahead we begin to see changes. overnight tonight and into tomoow thours return to the forecast. we're expect highs the next few days including groundhog stay to be in theheower 80s. we should be dry for most of the days. the next colol front approaches for friday and that's going to leave us our next shot of showers and also a few thunderstorms after monday of course and then that's also going to knock temperaturur down into the weekend. it's going to knock temperatures down to average temperatures on acacrs leonardo dicaprio and brie larson took home the top honors for best actor and actress.
7:48 am
alba and the sag lifetime achievement award when to carol burnet that was great. i saw that particular part. i just love carol burnett. what a trailblazer she was. >> look at everyone just standing there applauding here. it's wonderful. >> oh, yeah. tha i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time.
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