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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bank-nbc sports report. we've been drying wrecklessly and pushing 180 to 100 miles an hour. >> a florida woman turns the table on a police officer. you got to see thi it's all caught on camera. more information about a pal beach county sheriff deputy who shot and killed a teenager. documents show thi isn't his first time being questioned for his use of force. i ask you to pray and think about your decision tomorrrw morning. this one we can't get wrong. plus, caucus craze. just over 24 hours until the caucuses. presidential candidates making a
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hopes to swing their votes. close call. nearly a dozen people rushed top hospital after a carbon mononode leak. workers began feeling lightheaded and acted quickly. >> reporter: it's a gas you cannot see and cannot smell. that's why it's so dangerous. it looks like everything will turn ou okay. >> reporter: we're told the scene looks worsehan it is. these 11 employees were rushed to a local hospital for what we're told is just prautionary measures. the cause for the alarm, be odorless, colorless and potentially deadly gas carbon monoxide. >> discovered we had high levels. >> reporter: emergency call came
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lovers. it's a catering company that specializes in healthy food. >> it could become a life threatening situation. >> reporter: thankfully one of the employeye inside realized something was wrong and called for help. officialsay a lot of times carbon monoxide will cause victims to become disoriented to the point they can't function. >> everybody is okay. the rest of the workers are inside, healthy. there are no issues inside. >> reporter: a store manager spoke with us iefly after rushing over to the store. >> it's a colorless, odorless gas. >> reporter: firefighters say right now during colder months, the potential for theseinds of situations increases. especially if people are trying to heat their homes. someone did the right thing. they suspected somethihi was
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>> they started to feel bad abdomenandnd did the right thing. they called 911. we treated them accordingly and they should be okay. the cause for the leak, a prpane tank. i ask do you check that. be careful. bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. no luck yet for police looking foa violent killer loose on the streets of south florida. they want to find the man who gunned down jackson solis in a dispute that may have began over a parking lot. the scene unfolded saturday morning. friends and family gathered there last night to remember the 33-year-old father. stupid. he was a very loving person. very kind. he was there.
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facing a lifetime without his dad. his family is praying for justice. search continues for three armed men behind a deadly home invasion. this happened friday afternoon at a home. police are reviewing entrance video and asking for your help in findinghe suspects. if you have any information call crime stoppers. new information about a palm beach county deputy records obtained showed andrew has been subject of at least 15 use of force investigations and was cleared each time. spokesman for the sheriff's office tells the post he was reassigned and came back to work just ten days a after the january 16th shooting. if investigators say the suspect pointed a gun at the deputy.
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to file criminal charges. rough day on the job for miami police hurt in a highway crash. we're told he's going to be fine. the patrol car is not. the front end has a lot of damage and pretty smashed. the wind shields cracked. the driver was ticketed. the university of florida fraternity in disbelief that one of their brothers is gone. the student from right here in south florida as well. gainsville police are still look looking into the death of 20-year-old chance. he fe six stories from an apartment cplex. police tried to save him but he passed away at the hospital. cops catch sueillance video. he walked out of sixth floor elevator down the hallway and
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no foul play is suspected. two virginia tech college students out of class and in il in connection to the death of a 14-year-old girl. cops found her body yesterday. the discovery devastating the family. friends and family mourn the death of her at a vigil. crews were searching for the teen since the middle of last week. police charged an 18-year-old freshman athlete with her murder and abductio they also arrested a 19-year-old sophomore for improper disposal of a body. the community is responding to the news with prayer and reflection. >> this investigation is far from over. >> police confirm the teen and the man suspected did know each other before his disappearance. the medicaca examiner will determine how she died.
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cancelled by ordede of denver officials. this after violence erupted yesterday. one person died and seven others injured. multiple shots were fired and there were reports of tabbing. so far no arrests have been made. turning now to the race to the white house. with just over 24 hours to the iowa caucuses. presidential candidates out in full force hoping one last push will get caucus goers out to vote tomorrow night. laura rodriguez joins us with more from the campaign trail. >> the candidates are entering the home stretch and right now polls show clinton has a slim lead over bernie sanders and for the republicans, donald trump remmins on top. one final push beforep the caucuses in iowa. the latest poll shows dona trump leading ted cruz by five points. >> the numbers were so good to me. >> reporter: trump's
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matter more monday night. >> it didn't matter if you don't caucus on monday. >> reporter: his closest rival, ted cruz, has volunteers making 20,000 phones. >> this race is a dead heat. it's neck and neck. now it is effectively a two-man race. >> reporter: marco rubio would beg to differ. >> i ask you to pray and think about your decision tomorrow night. this one we can't get wrong. >> reporter: the florida senator ahead of other candidates with a third place poll position. >> i hope we'll be able to persuade you to join us to make progress for our country. >> reporter: the democratic cant candidatat criss-crossed. >> i'm so proud to support my mom. >> she is the single best change maker i have ever known. >> clinton's once large iowa lead has s sipped to three points
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on first time caucusers. young voters who overwhelming support him. >> we will win the caucus on monday night if there is large voter turn out. >> that's what perts say a big turn out will help trump and sanders and a small turn out helps cruz and clinton. >> be sure to log onto the nbc 6 news and weather app to find everything you need to know about the race to the white house. click on our decision 2016 tab. you can watch live town halls and campaign events. more abortion restrictions legislature. one payment would ban medicaid payments. still, if any measure paes it challenge. proponents claim the proposals are aimed at protecting women's
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proponents think it will deny access. new video shows a miami motorists turning the table, actually pulling over a police officer. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation is because i saw you since miller drive when you wre first jumping on to the palmetto. you were pushing 90 miles an hour. i wagoing right behind you. >> the officer tells the unidentified woman he didn't think he was speeding while he was on his way to work. the only reason he pulled over is because he thought she had an emergency. she was flashing her blinkers and hazards and honking. the woman said she didn't want his badge number or name but pulled him over because we think we should all set an example. the officer agreed. in statement miami-dade newly appointed police director said the didn't will investigate the incident once the officer and citizen are identified and the appropriate course of action
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still to come, from hunt to how. investigators in california trying to get to the bottom of an elaborate jail escape involved bed sheets and three prisoners who busted out. could have been anywhere, but i chose to be here today. it's about choices. >> from rapper to activist. snoop dogg among a bunch of celebrities in michigan this weekend with a message for government. all eyes will be on a pennsylvania courtroom. while bill cosby's lawyers say this will be the last time. the clouds rolled in today, but light winds and temperatures in the 70s.
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el salvador's former leader passed away. he was just 56 years old. he led the poor central american
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before his death, he was on house arrest awaiting trial for misappropriating $15 million. those funds were donated by taiwan for earthquake relief efforts back in 2001. prosecutors allege he diverted two-thirds of that to his political party coffers and kept the rest for himself in his personal account. he maintained his innocence on all charges against him. the last happened in a district of damascus where the holiest shrine is located. all eyes will be on pennsylvania courtroom as bill cosby and his attorney try to get to the criminal assault charges against him thrown out.
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the last time f f the comedian to stand before a judge. his lawyer claims he's protected under an agreement with a past district attorney in a deal he made years ago not to prosecute in exchange for his deposition. >> they say that's game over. the current d.a. says there's no evidence of that written agreement from the time. >> in that 2005 deposition, cosby admitting to obtained drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex. more than 50 women have come forward. now that the three inmate who is escaped from a california jail are back in custody, the investigation turning from the hunt to the how. there will be a top to bottom investigation to find out how the trio, sawed, crawled and climbed their way out after maximum security facileityfacility.
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of ten people so far with crimes related to the escape. smoop is one of many celebrities that learned about the supply. he plans to take the information back to his friend who is want to help the city get back on track. >> mainly we like the governor to step up and do what's necessary to make sure that flint is taken care of. >> for such a long time we felt like we were alone in this. people are stepping up and praying for us and thinking about us and sending things here and coming to help. >> jesse smollett from "empire"
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on the fight. a lot of cloud out there but not a lot of rain. things are chanaing a bit. just a couple of showers beginning to creep into live first alert doppler. kind of a sign of things to co overnight tonight and through first two-thirds of your monday. never fun traveling into work with rain. when will be rain kick in? detail komslils coming up. let's bounce around. notice nothing really here. all the way down towards miami all on the dry side here. all points in between looking good. you c see the subtle signs that are beginning to creep in here. mid level moisture working southwest to northeast. some of that deep enough to create a few showers that are going to be falling. it's going to take its sweet time before it works on through all of south florida. let's talk temperatures. pretty comfortable today. close to average.e.
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over towards ft. lauderdale, 76. right at average for this time of year. we're locked into the 70s right now with the light winds. it's kind of on the comfortable side. dew points is how we measure moisture. these are much, ch higher than they were yesterday at this time. another sign that things are becomomng a little more unstable. whn we start looking for showers. winds also out of the southeast. that will allow temperatures to warm as we go through the week. winds comfortably lm. there's the surface map. see a lot of milky white out there. still a lot of high clouds working in from southwest to there's the deeper moisture you can see it off towards the keys. we'll zoom into that and show you exactly what's going on. let's get right down in there. there's the surge. cuba. that's the source as it moves our way. here's the evening foreca. generally low rain amounts here. once we hit late evening hours
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creep up a bit. temperatures will be stead by. i do thinke'll creep into the 60s as you wake up tomorrow morning and showers and possibly even a thunderstorm chance. that wet weather kicks on out. look at this. warm and humid tuesday, wednesday, thursday. looks like the cold front works through friday. big model questions on how cool through front. here is a quick look at monday. we'll show you the time line here. most of the action in the morning hours should be off toward our south. just a little bit of daytime heating may crank a couple of thunderstorms for the afternoon. nonsevere but something we'll be watching. looking like another mild day out there. we are locked in the 80s for at least thursday. we take another look at this timeline tonight. >> pretty y uff. thk you, sir. nhl such a long season. players love this little break. >> they're really well
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three took part in the first
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a different format. welcome back. after closing out a road trip with three straight winds, the heat return home to face the hawks. friday they got dragins back from injury. the team still scored by chris bosh and dwyane wade. they combine for 44. however, as the heat still pulled out that game with a 188 victory. right now the game is underway over on biscayne boulevard. the heat with a quick early lead, 16-7. chris bosh with five quick points in first quarter. we'll have highlights tonight on sports final.
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team won the skills challenge, the all-star game puck was dropped tay on nbc sports network. before that start he got some smack talk from his own teammate. yesterday goalie tweeted a life alert picture. just picked up something for you on the three on three. he's 36. he might want to pick up one of those himself. guess who is laughing now. the 44-year-old scored. he joined the e ptain on the score sheet. yaeger had such an impact on the young players especially alexander barkov. >> he helps me a lot. i try to follow him on the gym,
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i have noticed it helps me a lot. >> you can see the full interview tonight at 11:30 on sports final. move over to the nfl, the ame is only a week away. teams are on their way. the denver broncos were sent off by hundreds of fans. paytoneyton manning looking for his second title in what many think may be his final game. the carolina panthers got a big send off from their fans in charlotte. fans are confident that their am can bring home the first trophy next sunday. cam newton will be playing in his first big game. hopefully not in those pants. not a good look. . final day of the australian open. a day after serena was upset, it was two old rivals facing off in the men's finals. andy murray taking on number one. this match belonged to the
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absolute domination. straight sets for djokovic. the next major up is the french open. back to you. thank you. tonight a unique project around alexandria, louisiana to keep the homeless population warm. it's called i am not lost. anyone in need can grab one. local police officers says the idea just amazes him. >> i noticed there was a note on one of the jackets. it said i'm not lost. if you need me, take me. >> each and every note has my heart. every item given is coming from my heart. >> miles says her next project will be to collect personal hygiene items. >> love her ingenuity. they give him hard time
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>> that is ancient for a hockey player but he can still say i'm an all star. >> the gugu crushes. >> i can play professional hockey. >> you could. >> could. >> might not have the same --
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