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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, breaking news out of lauderhill, a caca slams into a home with a family sleeping side. julia bagg is live there. we'll talk with her live in just a couple minutes. florida's governor declaring a public health emergency after the worldwide zika outbreak. they left a restaurant, hit the road and no one has se them since. now police are asking for your help trying to track down a missing couple. >> live. "nbc 6 today" starts now. your time right now 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. we're almost t t friday. i'm looking at the radar in the weather center. it looks fantastic. >> looks like a nice end to the workweek. meteorologist ryan phillips with more on that.
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we have partly sunny skies, but a warm warning, too. clear from broward, dade, all the way down through the keys. this will be the story for your thursday forecast. live look outside right now. mostly cloudy skies, a nice ocean breeze. remember, it's february 4th. our temperatures this morning at 75 in ft. lauderdale, 73 in miami, 76 in key west. these close to what our average highs would be, not morningng low temperatures. it's a warm and humid morning. scattered clouds moving through the area,, but not scattered showers. we'll keep those in the northeastern gulf today. we'll talk about changes for the upcoming weekend. first alert weather on your thursday morning, quiet and dry, lower 70s this morning to the lower 80s this afternoon. look ahead to the weekend in just a little bit. right now activity on the roads from kelly. >> good morning, ryan, good morning south florida.
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around kendall and southwest 117th avenue, that area is partially shut down because of a fatal accident that happened earlier. you're taking a look at the palmetto expressway. 826 southbound and northbound lanes. at northwest 103rd around 122nd, northbound at 103rd is where you have a crash with injuries that's blocking two of your lanes and causing a little bit of a tie-up there. if you're headed out on i-75 to palms, about a nine-minute drive. >> we're following breaking news right now out of lauderhill. that is where a car crashed into a home and the family was inside sleeping. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live at the scene with a look at the damage. julia, the driver in this ran off? >> that's right, sheli. a driver on theun.
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in the hospital. let me show you what they survived. you can see this boarded up spot in front of the home. just beyond those boards, sheli, is where mom and dad were sleeping. this car slammed into the house overnight and hit both of them. that's what we're hearing from firefighters. their daughter,r,he was asleep in the next room. all three have been taken to the hospital as a precaution. they are expectedo be okay. i'm looking at the tire tracks here off northwest 16th street and 33rd avenue that show how intense this impact was here. this house cannot be inhabited. the family will have to find someplace else to say because this house is so badly damaged. stay close because coming up, we're going to show you what this looked like without those boards when the car had just slammed into the house. you won't want to miss that. we're live in lauderhill, julia bagg, nbc 6 news.
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nbc 6 reporter is live at the shell gas station off kendall drive and 117 avenue. michael, what is happening? what can you tell us here. >> reporter: the highway patrol is investigating a horrible, horrible crash. we've confirmed one person dead, three others sent to the hospital. have the photographer zoom into the car on the flatbed. that's one of the cars involved. southwest 88th street, kendall drive shut down at 117 in the westbound direction. they just reopened eastbound. as far as what happened, troopers sa around 1:30 a box truck was pulling out of a shopping center here, not clear which way they were turning. there was this red car driving west on kendall drive, possibiy speeding according to investigators when the two colided. that car, with the force of the crash flew all the way down here, we're told caught fire, the driver pronounced dead on scene.
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regional medical center in critical condition. both people in the box truck were rushed to the hospital as well. we're told by investigators that both are stable, expected to be okay. at this point in the investigation, still too early to say whether alcohol, drugs or even charges will be involved. right now investigators working to identify the person on the ground, notify family and get this road back open. it's been closed a couple hours as they investigate. we're not told when they expect to reopen the road. the medical examiner needs to get here and remove the body to the scene. it could take 30 minutes to an hour before they open up the westbound lanes of kendall ive. for now, live in kendall, michael spears, nbc 6 news. also today, we'll be finding out if the man serving a life sentence without parole for killing his best friend when
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could be released from prison. the 2004 murder of hiem may goff is something m my will never forget a 2012 ruling banned mandatory life without possibility of patrol. prosecutors are pushing for him to stay locked up. nbc 6 will be here as the hearing resumes just a uple hours from now this morning. parents whose kids have been murdered will be rallying together to demand action. families will stand united demanding aggressive investigations. the state attorney's office enforced the l ls completely. they say they're outraged that a lot of killersave lengthy rap sheets and they're released after attempted murder and gun charges. the enough is enough rally will
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miami-dade state attorney's office. friends and family of a south florida uple are begging for help to find them. last night a group handed out flyers hoping the community can help find 21-year-old alexander picone and brandon irana. they haven't been seen since they left cadillac ranchn kendall's town and country mall. they were in a ready to toy cal role la. we posted pictures of the couple on our facebook and twitter pages government there and share them on your social media pages and spread the word. this morningng miami-dade mosquito control is on the front line battling the zika irus. it is now a public alth emergency in the state of florid
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la shows us, nine cases in miami-dade. >> reporter: brazil is ground zero, but south florida is home to the 80s aid december' gyp tie mosquito. experts at an fiu conference say there is no evidencece the mosquitos here are infected. governor rick scott declared a public health emergency in miami-dade and three other counties because nine people who recently visited latin america or the caribbean have the virus. >> we have to he a healthy degree of respect for this virus, but i don't think we need to be unduly alarmed just yet. >> reporter: the united states hh more than 30 cases. >> you're at risk for the full 40 weeks of pregnancy. >> reporter: travel also a concern, especially for pregnant
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>> cruise lieps were being very flexible about passengers concerned. >> reporter: the caribbean is a port for many ships. >> they're making sure areas where mosquitos would fester are being constantly cleaned and recommending passengers do pack insect repel lent like dooet. >>reporter: those measures can be applied to our daily lives, using repellant. >> the second flight of stranded cubans in costa rica, it will take them to el salvador, then transported to gaut malo and mexico. the group is made up of 184 people, 75 of them are childrenn including four babieie costa rican officials have given priority to pregnant women and families with children.
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20-day transit visas to reach the u.s. tonight it is down to two, only two democratic ndidates battling it out on stage. the focus is on new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face each other in tonight's debate. it will take place in durham at the johnson theater. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd and anchor rachel ma dough will moderate. we'll have a report from washington at 5:00. a live look from our first alert camera over downtown miami. ryan, it looks like we're shaping up to have another pretty friday. >> we have changes around the corner. as we kickff our morning commute, i think we stay dry. we'll be in and out of cloud cover. no rain to worry about at least for today. broward county, miami-dade sweeping clear. here are the temperatures. still very warm. 73 in miami, 74 in oakland park.
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location, closest to the water and a southeast wind has not let up. 76 in key west with southeast winds at about 14, 15 miles per hour. all the wet weather for today staying in the big bend area through the panhandle of north central florida. probably make it as far south as i-4 later today. back to sunshine this afternoon. above-average temperatures this morning. that's the case this afternoon as we get throgh the morning commute with temperatures in the lower to mid 70s. kind of a muggy morning in and out of cloud cover and breezy beaches again. first alert forecast high is 82. the emphasis on dry conditions that could change as soon as tonight. a preview of that forecast and cooler winter weather coming our way in abobo six minutes. right now back to traffic and kelly. >> try to avoid the area of kendall drive andnd southwest 110 avenue.
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i-95, no major delays in the 954 area. we have police activity around miami gardens drive and an earlier accident on the palmetto expressway northbound. this is approaching northwest 103rd street. that has two of your lanes blocked off. let's switch sources and take you to our maps. if you're headed out from the pines boulevard to the palmetto, a nine-minute drive. from flamingo road to u.s. 441, an eight-minute drive. your time is 4:42. still ahead for you, a theft ring is busted. how dozens of birds led to the arrest of four young teenagers. an outbreak of tornadoes leaves a path of destruction across the south.
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if you're plannnng a family
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the white house. colombia's president juan manuel santos. theresidents are going to talk about plan colome yeah, the $10 billion program helping the country to rebuild. one person died and two other people were hurt after an explosion on a somali commercial plane. it left a huge hole on the side. they were forced to make an emergency landing yesterday. in the cell phone video you can see oxygen masks flapping in the wind and the giant hole right there on the side of the aircraft. witnesses say a man on fire was sucked out mid flight. incredible. the cause of the explosion has not been confirmeded across the south, millions of people are facing severe weather once again today after a series of tornadoes caused widespread damage. nbc's jacob rascon reports from the very small town of
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>> coming right us. >> reporter: there was no time to be afraid, they say. only time to run. >> this door here is just blown out. >reporter: pastor wade rikscks and his wife julie jumped under a chair. >> what's the prayer? >> lord save us. just lord save us. and he did. >> reporter: the church where they were hiding, however, was not safe. all three buildings torn to shreds. for the faithfulult first baptist, there was a lesson in the rubble. >> that's what this storm is about. we're going to learn to walk with god and you're going toee whether we really believe what we say we believe. >> reporter: nearby a neighborhood in shambles, little rth saving. vicky hartley and her husband had just moved in. the only room untouched -- >> it was just a roar and a lot
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is on the move. flash flood watches or warnings for 20 million americans in the east coast. whiteout condions and icy roads in south dakota following days of heavy snow. in the uth, roads impassable. 92-year-old luna farrell had to be rescued from her home by boat. >> will you rebuildd it? >> oh, yeah, we'll rebuild. >> reporter: in collinsville they survived a tornado that destroy their church, losing almost everything but not their faith. 4:42 is time now, thursday morning, a dry commute, got that in storeor you. but very noteworthy changes coming to our local forecast. live first alert radar, miami-dade and broward county
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you'll need the nbc 6 news and weather app in the days ahead for the changes we're about to see. let's see what's moving on the roadways this morning. i think the roads stayed dry. not concerned about any real shakeup in our weather. there will be a bit of a breeze and extra clouds around, but temperatures this morning into the lower 70s, mid 70s on the drive in. dry and breezy on the way home. again, clouds mixed in with sunshine. temperatures at about 81. let's talk about what's going on. i think one more nice day, that's today. the series of cold fronts move on in. they'll reshape our forecast leading thhugh the weekend and into next week where we'll certainly be back to winter, south florida style, of course, by early next week. mostly clear skies in this perspective looking towards the freedom tower and the aaa. more clouds continue to move into our skies as the day goes on. right now at 73 in miami, southeast winds at about ten
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not quite as strong this morning as they were yesesrday. i still think breezy beaches will take shape into the afrnoon hours. everybody mild. 71. that's our cool location. in west kendall, 73 in opa-locka and hialeah. 76, and key west with 75 in marathon t. changes forthcoming. breezy days, just up the road here is our cold fronon it will roll into the area as we get into the evening and overnight hours. we'll likely see showers as we're sleeping tonight leading into friday. future weather trying to gather moisture offshore. i think we'll stay dry.p the bulk of the rain moving into the west coast, but not arriving for us until after 9:00, 10:00. not worried about impacts for wet weather in today's forecast. overall, mostly cloudy, breezy aches, but still warm and humid. first alert forecast high today, up to 82. huge pattern shift in the upper levels.
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next week leads to cool readings. the next few days already seeing impacts after aigh of 82 today. tomorrow after an early shower and the front moves in, only up to 70. i think we spend the bulk of the day in the 60s tomorrow. that's a big changes. okay on saturday, but by sunday here comes the real push of cooler air, highs again only at 70. wait until you see what our lows are next week. more on that in about 15 minutes or so. right now back to traffic and kelly. >> good morning, south florida. thank you for joining us right now. a couple things to worry about as you're making your way out the door. this is i-95 sothbound, police activity blocking one of the lanes. traffic is getting by withlut a problem heading into the golden glades interchange. we have a fatal accident westbound lanes of kendall drive and southwest 117th avenue,
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there's debris all over that intersection. make sure you avoid that area and pssibly also for a couple of blocks, a couple of those lights not functioning correctly. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. 911 operators were bombarded with calls when theyy spotted a boy taking a joy ride near daytona. his mother says she left him alone for just a few minutes. that's when he took off in just his underwear. he's 11 years old and has autism. witnesses say the whole thing came to an end when the boy hit a fence and another driver. luckily no one was hurt. police did give the kid a ticket for driving without a license and improper backing. a federal grand jury has indicted ammon bundy for the october piegs of that wildlife refuge in oregon. the eact charges in this case areretill sealed for another day. we should knowt more by the end of the week. the indictment could impt the four men still holed up at that refuge.
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forward. there are questions leading up to this. a judge ruled there was no agreement between prosecutors and cosby not to press charges. cosby says that that happened about ten%years ago. this afafr two days of arguments from both sides. cosby's lawyer says they plan to appeal the decision. the family of a boynton beach man killed by an officer in plainclothes is fighting for a bill in his memory. it calls foror regulation of police body cameras. the parents and sister of the late cory jones went to tallahassee yesterday on what would have beenis 32nd birthday. back in october jones was shot to death by a palm beach gardens officer. hisar had broken down on i-95 and cory was on his way back from a gig because he was a drummer. >> it may be your son or it may be your daughter. i wasn't expecting this. iasn't looking for this, but it happened to my family. >> the bill only applies to police agencies that already use
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it would essentially regulate the way they're used and how data is stored. some stolen pigeons in hialeah are back with their family this is morning. police say they caught the four teenagers responsible red-handed. they say these boys, you're looking at them here, were trying to sell the birds to a pet store, pigeons. so far they are all charged with dealing in stolen property. they say more charges could be added as that investigation moves forward. depending on whether you live, it might be a month or two away. the kids will be out of school. if you want to travel during spring break, a good time to book the trip if you want th best deal could be right now. >> it's a few months away, buu you're already thinking of it. for nbc 6 lindsey mathis shows us what to do to save money. >> reporter: when it comes to spring break, you don't want to wait for last-minute travel deals. experts say if you want to save money, you have to bookerly,
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spring break is a chance for families to spend quality time together on vacation and you don't want to t left behind. >> the minute you know you want a vacation, you have to book. >> using third party websites and apps to find deals may seem like a good idea. >> the airline only helps those phphically that bought either from a travel agent or their airline direct. >> reporter: some cruise lines offer online specials for booking in advance like norwegian. >> once you get on a cruise, it's hard to save money. >> reporter: she recommends making off-shift plans with the cruise line. >> if something that were to happen on that excursion, they'll wait fofo you. if not, they'll just leave. >> reporter: many families take road trips. she recommends booking hotels early. you can also use apps like yelp
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groupon can help save money on activities. another way to save money, avoid traveling on spring break and travelerly or later. >> spring break always creeps up on you. the kids are so excited. all of a sudden it's there. you better make plans. don't disappoint. >> your time 4:55. still ahead, we're checking in
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. a new study says when it comes to teaching american kids about money, schools get a failing gra. >> sharon epperson has more on a push for better financial literacy for all of our kids. >> reporter: they're only teenagers fwourks day's high schoolers often have to make tough financial decisions. >> i don't think a credit card
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>> i do lay out how much money i need during the wek to pay for gas or if i want to go out with sy friends. >> the price of college today is insanely high.` >> yet how to manage their money is something many u.s. schools are failing to teach. until 2015, rhode island had no basic standards for teaching financial education, an issue a big concern to patricia paige who spent years in the private sector before becoming a business teacher. >> we were graduating a students who had to make financial decisions before they left high school walls and were ill-equipped to do so. >> reporter: some of page's students took action, suck sis sesfully petitioning the board of education to adopt financial literacy standards. >> recent graduate charlotte palmer was part o@ that influential group. >> when you learn from parents, it feels the same as put your money in a piggy bank.
4:58 am
is learning, seeing in the broader scope what's going to happen to me as i'm growing up. >> reporter: studies show that high school graduatesho have taken a finance course are more likely to pay their bills on time. many states don't require udents to take a personal finance course to gaduate. according to the non-profit council for economic education, just 20 states require students to take an econonocs course before graduation. that number drops to 17 for personal finance classes. the impact on those who take these classes is clear. >> it's important to know about the federal reserve because they sort of regulate the economy. >> it's definitely contributed to the successfulness of my small little business. >> reporter: helping students makemarter financial decisions while they're in high school and for the rest of their lives. sharon epperson, cnbc biness news. >> of course they're talking about high school there, i have %
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