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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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to the bank and they open a bank account. they understand if they want something, they watch the number go down. they have a better idea of what's going in and coming out. >> encouraging them to have an allowancend do chores. the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00, breaking for you overnight, a car slams into a laudererll home making for a very rude awakening for the family sleeping inside. julia is talking with investigators right now as they try to figure out what happened. more breaking news. nbc 6 reporter michael spears just tweeted this video out from a deadly overnight crash in kendall. we're helping you get around this this morning. the government declcles a public health emergency as more case of zika pop up across florida.
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the virir from spreading. good morning to you everybody. yoyr time right now 5:01. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this thursday, february 4th morning. what you'll notice as you walk out the door, it's warm and humid and it's florida. >> south florida. we're loving it. meteorologist ryayaphillips with a closer look at the forecast. closer to the weekend, looking great. >> we do have shakeups coming into the weather pattern. oneery warm day ahead of us. get out an enjoy it. we're warm this morning, but also dry. live first alert doppler looking good. skies up above partly to mostly cloudy. our temperatures have not cooled off at all. talking lower to mid 70s across the two-county area. 75 in pompano beach. that's a warm location. 74 in ft. lauderdale, 73 in miami, 71 into the kendall area. we've got cloud cover in and out of our skies so far this morning. much like yesterday, periods of sunshine and cloud cover, but staying dry.
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our nextxt front comes in this evening across the gulf waters. ll it straight that in greater detail in about 11 minutes temperatures above average, 82. a warm day. partly sunny skies. tonight a cooldown coming and it will stick around into next week. a roller coaster of temperatures. we'll look at it in just a bit. good thursrsy morning, south florida. thank you for joining us this morning. if you're headed out the door, we have police activity, your southbound lanes here, the right lane partially blocked off as you can see. traffic is getting by. this is just after miami gardens drive as you're making your way towards the golden glades interchange. we have a traffic alert. michael spears will be live e the scene in a couple minutes. kendall drive, westbound lanes at 117th avenue completely blocked off because of an earlier fatal accident. there are also reports of stop lights in that area that aren't working well.
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on twitter @kel lily@kellynbc6. a five minute ride from the big curve to okeechobee with traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. we are following breaking news out of ken dachlt like we were just talking about, nbc 6 reporter michael spears first at the scene of a deadly accident ff kendall drive and 117 avenue. michael, do we know so far how many people were hurt in this? >> reporr: we do. florida highway patrol says four people hurt including one man who did die on scene unfortunately. behind us here, within the last couple minutes -- we're not going to show you this. we have the medical examiner preparing to remove the bodyof the person who died on scene. after this point, we're told by investigators, they'll be able to open the eastbound lanes of kendall drive. it is shut down until the
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this is 117th avenue and kendall drive. around 1:30 investigators say this orange dodge charger, we believe it is, up on the flatbed, w w driving eastbound. troopers say probably speeding driving eastbound when a box truck pulling out of a nearby shopping center, they collided, the two collided. we're told by a gas attendant we spoke to at the shell station, e car burst into flames before coming to rest, careening into the area. we're probably a hundred feet or so away. the man had a passssger in his car, a woman who was pulled out unconscious,sent to the hospital. right now she's in critical condition. as far as the box truck, investigators say there were two people inside the box truck. they, too, were sent to the hospital. both expected to be okay. you can see the tow trucks about to be moved out of the way. once theedical examiner finishes its work, troopers will
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we don't have an exact time frame, but we will be out here providing updates along with kelly blanco. we have more on the nbc 6 news and weather app. michael spears, nbc 6 news. we want to continue with more breaking news, this time out of lauderhill. that's where a car slammed into a home and the family was inside sleep ing sleeping. we understand the driver is on the run this morning. julia bagg is live on scene with a look at the damage. what can you tell us, julia? >> reporter: sheli, the damage is extensive. thisis a piece of what used to be a window here, just blown off whehethis honda accord came smashing through here. there used to be a fence right here, but not anymore. the car struck the house right whwre you see those wooden boards hear on northwest 16th street and 33rd avenue. let's show you that brand new video we have for you that we actually first posted on facebook for you this morning.
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can you believe what that's like? you can see a picture hanging on he wall inside the house. here is what we know from firefighters. the car smashed through that bedroom wall where a mom and dad were sleeping. it struck their bed and pushed them through the house, going into the family room, the bathroom. their 14-year-old daughter, she was sleeping in the bedroom just necked door. all three were taken to the hospital as a precautio they're expected to be okay. have a listen to just h h far this honda accord went into that house. >> we got the 911 call for a vehicle in a house. when we arrived our fire rescue personnel found a vehicle about 20 feet into a house. >> reporter: are you lookokg at this video that shows how badly damaged that car is? remember, that driver he or she is on the run this morning. back out here live, you can get another look at this hous we are going to be checking with
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our nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll bring you more information as we work the scene. live in laud der hill, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. > a south florida boy waking up in the hospital this morn. aatwaan lawson was riding his scooter along northwest 58th street and 5th avenue when a city of miami police car hit him. the 6-year-old has broken bones. weo know he is in stable condition. right now nbc 6 repepter erica glover is going through interviews we have with the boy's mom. we'll have her reaction to what happened to her son just ahead at 5:30. miami-dade police looking for armed when who carjacked two people. they already nabbed one suspect, 17-year-old deondre johnson. this started in southwewe miami-dade where investigators say johnson and two other m m shot one guy, pistol whipped anotr and stole their rental
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we learned that the driver arranged the meeting to buy a car. the u.s. coast guard responded to a pickup truck that wound up in the indian creek lagoon. you can see the gmc picku completely submerged under ater. the woman behind the wheel was trying to move it when it tk a dive. police detected signs of alcohol and gave the woman a field sobriety test which she passed. she was arrested because she aaitted she didn't have a license. an accused peeping tomei bail out of jail. the 43-year-old was arrested in december. pembroke pines say he would lurk outside women's rooms, touch himself while watching them get undressed. he could bond t in the next
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prosecutors are hoping to find more evidence to keep him locked up. later today, governor rick scott will have an update on the state's preparedness for zika. he's declared a public health emergency in four different counties including miami-dade. zika cases in florida make up a third of the cases reported overall in the entire unit states. nine floor id kbrans who recently visited latin america or the caribbean have the virus. florida is home to the mosquito that carries the disease. travel is a concern especially for pregnant women because zika can cause very serious birth defects leading to developmentalal issues in newborns. >> we have to have a healthy dege of respect for this virus. i don't think we need to be unduly alarmed just yet. >> cruise lines and hotels in the caribbean and latin america are doing everything they
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visitors know what's going on with zika. doctors are recommending passengers pack insect repellants containing dooet to protect themselves. >> coming up, we check with michael regarding the deadly accident on kendall drive. a rude awake ening in lauderhill have aa car slams into their home. julia bagg las been working the scene all morning long as investigators are trying to figure out exactly why that happened. one of the world's most controversial people nominated for the nobel peace prize. thursday morning, ten past 5:00. clouds in and out of our skskes. 75 pompano beach. back to the 80s for one more day
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to south florida for the in germany raids are under way at homes and refugee shelters as police hunt for four men suspected of planning attacks. at this hour they have confiscated computers, cell phones and notes. two people are in custody. investigators say at least one ofofhe men they're looking for has received military training at an isis terror camp. democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be facing
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one-on-one debate, this on the heels of dueling town hall debates. >>eporter: tonight's msnbc debate is hillary clinton's last chance to take onobernie sanders face to face before n hampshire votes on tuesday. >> if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide. >> reporter: sanders has a double-digit lead here, hammering clinton on her six-figure speeches. >> i do not know any proroessive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not professional. reporter: her response? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: leading republican donald trump is claiming he could have won iowa if ted cruz hadn't sent out questionable mailers and sent out false
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dropping out. >> these politicians are brutal. they're brutal. they are brutal. they are a bunch of dishonest cookies. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted because he's losing it. >> reporter: marco rubio going after cruz, too, rubio is a close number three here. it goes back to what i said before, the willingness to say or do anything. >> reporter: the field is getting smaller. rick santorum just droppedout and endorsed rubio. rand paul is also dropping out with no endorsement. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. donald trump may have lost the iowa caucus, but now the controversial candidate could win one of the most prestigious awards in the entire world. according to the head of the piece research institute, drum has been nominated for the 2016 nobel peace prize. just because trump received the nomination doesn't mean he's in
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others include edward snowden. the winner will be announced officially in october. look for more coverage of decision 16 on our nbc news and weather app. our live reports from new hampshire start monday ahead of tuesday's primimy. severe weather cauaing major damage across north carolina. here is some of it. yesterday's heavy rain and winds left several homes unrecognizable. up to 2,000 people lost power in gullford county. in charlrlte, close to 5,000 people were left in the dark. the winds were so sttng that this giant tree came tumbling down missing the house by just a few feet. this wicked weather didn't stop in north carolina. parts of mississippi seeing the effects. a church in the small town of collinsville was torn to shreds. thankfully a couple inside one of the buildings survived.
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got into the newsroom all the way from sydney, australia. two friends in a shed barely miss a lightning strike. perful storms over sydney over the weekend. >> now first alert weather with meteororogist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> dry conditions await you as you head out this morning. if you're an early morning walker or runner, not a bad pattern for you. the winds not quite as strong. the skies are mostly cloudy but dry. our roadways are d. not anticipating weather problems on the drive in nor on the drive me. we'll have a warm day. but we've got changes coming your way. first and foremost at the bus stop this morning, sunrise at 7:04 this morning. low 70s for theids as they continue through their school week. not worried about any cool weather.
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dressing different by tomorrow morning. we'll talk about why in just a minute. 5:18. partly cloudy skies over miami from our first alert camera here. wind speeds not quite as strong as what they were even last night leading into the e ely morning hours. we'e' talking ten-mile-per-hour winds or so. they'll pick up on the beaches today. but overall not quite as breezy as what we were contending with on wednesday. 75 in pompano beach, 72 in opa-locka, mid 70s through the florida keys. today we touch the lower 80s. that's it. i don't foresee us heading back to the 80s for at least a week, maybe longer. enjoy today. tonight the cold front moves in. even before the midnight hour, upper 60s, lower 70s. then the cool air sinks in overnight. as we head into the early morning hours, we're talking low 60s. that's the reason the kids will need to be dressing different for tomorrow morning's send-off to school. as we get through the day
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the cooler air will spill in across the area, keeping us in the 60s most of the day. when you take the temperatures from the lower 80s on thursday to the mid and upper 60s on friday, that's a significant change for us here in south florida. as for the front, it's up the road here. let's bring showers in across the big bend area across the gulf waters. briefly bree ahead of that day. today partly sunny, mostly cloudy highs at 82. overnight tonight while you're sleeping, the front moves in, we'll see a few showers. much cooler, 61 the overnight low. here is the big al for the next several days, look at the bottom of your screen. into the weekend, lows in the 50s and 60s for the next few days. early next week lows inthe 40s for three mornings in a row. highs not even touching 70. at least the sun will be out. we've got the winter weather
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here is kelly blanco with traffic. >> we have a traffic alert. michael speaea live on the scene will bring us details. as far as your commute is concernene as you take a look at your screen, you'll see heavy police tivity, a very active scene. this is a fatal accident that happened around t area of kendall drive and 117th avenue. we were first on the scene. what they told michael is a white box truck was coming out of a shopping center when it was hit by a red car going westbound on kendall drive. once that car crashed into the box truck it caught on fire. unfortunately the person driving the red car did not make it out alive. you can see it's a veryry active scene that will take some time to clear up. the good news is that the eastbound lanes are open. but the wesound lanes are completely shut down. let's change sources and take you over to i-95 right now where we have police activity blocking one of your southbound right lanes here just after miami gardens@drive.
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just fine as they're making their way towards to golden glades interchange. three boaters back on dry land very thankfully. they were five miles off the coastwhen their 18-foot boat capsized completely. take a look at these pictures. leaving them with nothing else to do than just sit there and wait for help. a good samaritan actually saw their red flare shoot up into the sky, called the coast guard right away. fortunately no one was hurt. we're working the find out more informationon about a double shooting at a shopping plaza. it ppened in brevard county north of cocoa beach. we're told three people were shot while a third was hurt by flying debris. no word yet on how they're recovering. witnesses tell us one person has been arrested. and it looks like it was an argument about money t`at led up to the shooting. an unexpected visitor getting a lot of attention in cape coral. >> you would probably guess an alligator or crocodile. a crocodile spotteded right next
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complex. >> ugly, huge. he was huge, but he's ugly. >> it is a rare american crocodile taking a nap along a all strip of waterfront at cape cove condominiums. wildlife officers says the animal is already tagged for tracking. florida is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators exist in the same ecosystem. >> it was huge and it was ugly. >> i've never seen a pretty one. >> exactly. sound bite of the day. your time is 5:22. coming up, a pig skin pigout. we know super bowl sunday is just as much about the food and fun and drinks as it is about football. we have a few tips to keep you fros packing on the pounds. a man dressed as the caped
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the dolla welcome back. super bowl parties usually have some artery clogging food. we'll show you healthy alternatives. at coexperts say you can eat up to
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one huge winner, chicken wings, almost 300 calories for just five wings. the besway to reece your intake is to fill up a plate once and stay away from the buffet for the rest of the night which may be hard to do. >> especially if your team not doing well. you eat to make yourself feelel better. >> batman made an appearance outside gotham. >> this time apparently he's on the wrongng side of the law. where is robin during all thii police in orlando are looking like a man dressed like the dark knight. he actually robbed two dollar stores at gunpoint. no one was hurt so that's a good thing. investigators a trying to figure out who exactly is under that mask. mind you, there probably is some level of desperation because he's robbing a dollar store. the dollar store is great, but probably -- >> and he's dressed like that. he has to be kidding. time 5:26. still much more ahead in our next half hour of news. police trying to figure out why
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two people w wre hurt. the driver ran off. we'll hear from julia on the other side of the break. also, florida at risk.
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