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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking stories. first, out of lauderhill a car crashes into a home and a family is inside sleeping. >> another breaking story as well, a deadly crash in kendall. police investigating right in front of a gas station here. we are live with that late breaking information. mosquito inspectors here in south florida on the front line battling the zika virus. we'll s sw you what's happening today as this health emergency continues to grow. >> live, "nbc 6 today" arts now. we are following a whole lot right now. good morning everyone. i'm eric harryman.
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we have a very active thursday morning. we have you covered across the board. fir let's check in with traffic and weather. >> we've got dry roadways this morning. that's a good start to our day. we have a warm forecast for you as well. savor it, enjoy it. we're not going to be as warm for several days. winter will make a return for south florida as we get through the next few afternoons. right now out the door, dry conditions. all the wet weather right now tucked away across north florida into the big bend, out into the gulf waters here. we'll see extra clouds floating in, similar to what we experienced yesterday. overcast sky today. i think we'll see sunshine in and out of some clouds. up. it's a warm morning already at 73 in miami, 74 in ft. lauderdale. the soueast breeze is still in place. it's not quite as strong as it was yesterday. bottom liep, ocean breeze means a warm forecast. this rning, partly sunny to mostly cloudy. lower to mid 70s on the drive
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notice we'll be dries. first alert forecast high of 82. the changes start as soon as tonight. my complete forecast in about 12 minutes. right now traffic with kelly blanco. >> good morning, ryan. ggd morning, south florida. let's see what's going on on your drive at 5:32. we have police activity i-95 southbound after miami gardens drive. no issues making your way wards the golden glades interchange. we have michael spears live on scene with update on a fatal accident in minutes. but what you need to know as far as your commute is wendell drive, westbound lanes at 117th avenue are completely shut down. your eastbound lanes are open. what you can do is exit off 112 and take killian or sunset instead. 5:32. following breaking news out of morning. nbc 6 reporter michael spears
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accident just off of kendall drive and 117th avenue. michael, we know a lot went down here klein uding a box truck and a vehicle that collided. one person did n make it out of the burning vehicle. do we have any idea how this went down? >> reporter: we do. u mentioned one person dead, three others sent to the hospital. within the last couple minutes, florida highway patrol just opene the westbound lanes of kendall drive at 117th avenue. both sides were shut down for hours this morning as investigators piece together what happened. you ask what happened. look at this video first. around 1:1: this morning, the florida highway patrol says this orange car you seehere, this dodge charger crashed into a box truckk pulling out of a nearby shopping center. at this point investigators say t is likely that dodge charger was speeding.. inside there was a driver, a man and woman. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene.
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hospital in critical condition. the two in the box truck were transported to the hospital, both in ktable condition and expected to survive. for one witness, extremely tough to see. >> i heard a loud bang. it kind of scared me. when i looked up, i saw a car coming from this direction. it was on fire, and it hit the little banknk over here and came to a stop over here. called 911 real quick. other people came yelling, screaming, get the girl out, get the girl out. >> according to that witness, the car did catch fire. one person dead, three september to the hospital. right now they have reopened the road kendall drive at 117. there should be no further delays for morning commuters in the area. as far as the cause of this accibent, that part is unclear, as far as whether drugs, alcohol wa involved. something troopers definitely will be looking inxo. live in kendall, michael spears, nbc 6 news. michael, thank you very much.
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breaking news out of lauderhill. that's where a car slammed into a home and the family was inside sleeping at the time. listen to this, the driver apparently just ran off. this morning nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live at the scene. julia, what strikes yoyo here is how close this car came to this family. >> reporter: sheli, can you imagine being asleep in your bed, a car comes in, hits your bed and pushes you 20 et into the house. have a look at this video. have you seen it yet? it is intense. you see that honda accord aer crews were pulling it out of this house on northwest 16th and 33rd avenue. a family of three survived that smash this morning. the driver of that car on the run. right now police don't even know how h ht that driver may be, wherever that driver is. mom and dad were sleeping in the bedroom.
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onon minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital. their 14-year-old daughter, she was asleep in the bedroom next door. she is okay. but was also taken to the hospital for a precaution. once the family gets out of the hospital, they cannot stay here. >> the building is completely uninhabitable. the building department has tagged it as an unsafe structure. nobody is allowed into it. >> reporter: here is another look at that gaping hole left by that car when it slammed in here overnight. back out live, i want to show you that sticker that division chief jeff leavy was talking about. that tells you you can't stay in this house, it's not safe to be inside. ming up in our next half hour, we'll take you inside what's left of that hohoa accord to give you an idea of just how bad this crash was. live in laud der hill, julia bagg, nbc 6 news.
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man serving a life sentence for killing his best friend when both were 14 years old could one day be released from prison. 2004 murder of haimjaime gough, miking hernandez sitting behind bars. automatic life terms without the possibility of parole for minorsrs convicted of murder. prosecutors are pushing for himm to stay locked up. nbc 6 will be here as the hearing continues a few hours from now. keep in mind what sheli was just talking about and add this to that. late they are morning parents whose kids have been murdered will ral rally together demanding action. families demanding police do aggressive investigatiwns and the state attorney's office enforce the laws. theyay they're outraged a lot
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rap sheets and are released. they're calling it the enough is enough rally. this morning at 10:30 at the miami-dade state attorney's office in miami. friends and family of a south florida couple are begging for your help in finding this kouchlt last night a group handed out flyers hoping the community can help finding 21-year-old alexandra picon and brandon arana. they were last seen at cadillac ranch at the town and country mall. the couple's car is a red 2014 toyota corolla, with tag aggi88. we have postedphotos of brandon and alexm alexandra. miami mosquito control inspectors will be warning people on what is a health
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governor rick scott declared a state of emergency in four counties incncding miami-dade. he's expected to give an update on the virus overall. that's after nine cases have turned up for peopleho have traveled to south america and the caribbean. this second flight of stranded cubans in costa rica will be question parting today. it's going to take the cubans to el salvador, then transported in boxes to guatemala and mexicc. this is the second group made up of 184 people. 75 of tem are kids including four little babies. costa ricanan officials have given priority to pregnant women and families with children. mexican authorities have issued them a 20-day transit visa to get them here to the united states. >>tonight, down to only two democratic candidates battling it out on stage. it is now the focus in new hampshire. it's going to be a one on one at this point. hillary clinton and bernie sanderssill once again face
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it's going to happen in durham at the johnson theater. you can watch it, 9:00 tonight on msnbc. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd and msnbc@anchor rachel maddow maddow. a lot more ahead. coming up, a rude awake ening for a family in lauderhill. we've continued to follow this all morning long. the car slammed into a home with the sleeping family inside. julia bagg working details to figure out exactly how this happened. an outbreak of tornadoes leaving a path of destruction all across the south. take a look at that helicopter view. we'll have a closer look at that damage coming your way next. hey there, south florida. if you're headed out the door right now on the turnpike, a ten-minute commute with traffic moving at 60 miles per hour. 826 drivers, traffic moving at 55 miles per hourur only a five-minute ride from the
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welcome back. another president will be i the white house today. colombia's president juan manuel santos will chat with president obama just ahead of what can be an historic peace deal beten colombia and leftist rebels. plan colombia is the $10 billion program that will help the country rebuild. breaking overnight, severe storms hitting the south. a tornado touched down in georgia leaving damaged homes and cars, power outages across the state because of this. this is brand new video out of hinesville about 45 minutes southwest of savannah. dozens are displaced after the stororbrought down trees right on top of homes, bringing down power lines as ll. officials say it could take at least three days toully clean up out there. it's unfortunately a similar story all across the stougt.
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nbc's jacob rascon reports from one of the hardest hit are, the small town of collinsville, ssissippi. take a look. >> reporter: there was no time to be afraid they say, only time to run. >> this door here is j jt blown out. >> reporter: pastor wade ricks and his wife julie jumped under a desk and prayed. >> what is the prayer? >> lord save us. save us. >> that's what she prayed, just lord save us, and he did. >> reporter: the church where they were hiding, however, was not saved. all three buildings torn to shreds, but for the faithful at first baptist, there is a lesson in the rubble. >> that's what this storm is about. we're going to learn to walk with god and you're going to see whether we really believe what we say we believe. >> reporter: nearby a neighborhood in shambles. for some there is little worth saving. vicky hartley and her husband had just moved in. >> this is the workshop where i
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>> reporter: the only room untouched. >> it was just a roar and a lot of shaking. >> reporter: severe weather is on the move. flash flood watches or warnings for more than 20 million americans along t t east coast with whiteout conditions in south dakota following days of heavy snow. in the south dozens off damaged or destroyed homes and flooding left roads impassable. 92-year-old luna farrell had to be rescued from her me by boat. >> will you rebuild it? >> oh, yeah, we'll rebuild. >> reporter: in kol vincevillecollinsville they desurvived a toado that destroyed their church, losing everything, but not their faith. it i i 5:46. starting off on a warm and dry note. your commute in should be just fine in terms of the weather. we will be cloudy at times,
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but at least the roadways are y. could be a different story as soon as tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that in youou first alert forecast. here is what you can expect on the roads. in and out of cloud cover. this is similar to what we eeerienced on wednesday. thursday with temperatures into the lower 70s. do take the sunglasses. we'll see pockets of sunshine as the day goes on. ill breezy on the beaches. a dry afternoon. the drive home still in the car, temperatures at about 81 or so. southeast winds, a humid breeze for us. it's not quite as strong as what we had yesterday. the bottom line is we've got that ocean breeze in play. it leads to a very warm morning and a warm afternoon. 71 in west kendall. 72 in opa-locka. 74 in ft. lauderdale, 75 in arathon. pam bow neech and key west. quick stop into the keys, winds from the southeast maybe 10, 15 miles per hour. still another day in the 80s, but for everyone, i think k is
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into the 80s before winter returns to south florida. i'll illustrate at that means in just a moment. in and out of the cloud cover, mostly cloudy skies, some sunshine in the front end of the day. again, if you're going out to the beach, a little breeze to contend with. but for everyone, a warm day with highs at 82. changes come as soon as tonight. this cold front heading towards south florida may kick off a few showers while you're sleeping this evening and into the overnight hours, lows by tomorrow mororng at 61. some of those showers could be residual. that's why i say maybe some wet roadways first thing tomorrow morning. the big story will be this weekend into nextxt week, huge dip in the jet stream. cold air becoming verywell established across the southeastern states. that will have a big impact on ourlocal forecast for the next few days. 82 and warm today. as soon as tomorrow, highs only at 70. saturday 77. let's lay it out further for you in your first alert forecast. today is the best day of the
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early showers friday. i think friday most of the day we're into the 60s, partly sunny skies. saturday is okay, a nice little rebound. our next cold front on sunday leads us to highs only to 70. morning lows next week in the 40s. highs staying below 70. that is winter here in south florida. let's see how the commute is shaping up. good morning, south florida. thank you for joining us. we had unfortunately a fatal accident that had all lanes of kendall drive and southwest 117th avenue shut down eastbound, and then it was only westbound. now you are going to be able to travel around that area. all lanes have been reopened. let's take you outside and see what's going on on your drive in broward county. i-95, southbound and northbound lanes, all construction has cleared in the954, no accidents reported right now by fhp in broward county. as far as your major roads in miami-dade, the palmetto expressway, looking busy, but we did have a broken down car that
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no longer thhe in your southbound lanes of northwest 74th street, northbound no delays either. you can follow me on twitter. i'll be posting traffic updates all morning long. a south floridid boy recovering this morning. he was struck by a miami police cruiser and rushed to jackson memorial hospital. that is where we find nbc 6 reporter erica glover. she has aupdate on how the boy is doing. >> chaos and panic all caut on camera. this morning that 6-year-old boy who was struck by a city of miami police car is here at jackson memorial hospital. we have to warn you the video we're about to sh can be disturbing. >> oh, god! >> reporter: this cell phone video captures the moments. multiple witnesses say the boy was struck by a city of miami police car while riding his scooter on northwest 5th avenue.
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broken pelvis, broken leg and multiple cuts and bruises. police say it does not appear speed was a factor in the case, but antwaan's mother disagrees. >> i grabbed hi. i was holding him until the ambulance came and i was trying to talk to him. he shouldn't have been riding down a street where kids play every day 60 miles per hour with no lights on, no sirens, no nothing. >> reporter: coming up later this morning, you'll hear from that child's mother again. she says this was negigence and she's demanding justice. reporting outside jackson memorial hospital, erika glover, nbc 6 news. nine minutes shy of the top of the hour. a federal grand jury has indicted or gone standoff leader ammon bundy for the occupation of the wildlife refuge in oregon. the exact charges in the case, still sealed for at least another day. we should know more by the end of the week. the indictment could impact the four men still holed up at that refuge.
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where the s@xual assault case against bill cosby is going to be moving forward. judge ruled there was no agreement between prosecutor ansd cosby to notpress charges. cosby claimed that that was the case ten years ago, this after two days of arguments from both sides. cosby's lawyers say they will appeal that decision. checking the clock for you, 5:52. still ahead, theft ring busted. how dozens of birds led to the arrest of four young teens. coming up on nbc 6 news at 6:00 this morning, the alleged victims of a peeping tomant
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find out why a rds. welcome back. the family of a boynton beach man killed by an officer in plainclothes is fighting for a bill in his memory. the proposal calls for regulation of police body cameras. the parents and sister of the late corey jones went to tallahassee yesterday on what would have been his 32nd rthday. back in october jones was shot to death by a palm beach gardens officer. his car had broken down on i-95 and he was on his way from a gig because he was a drummer. >> it may be your sov or it may be your daughter. i wasn't expecting this. i wasn't looking for this, but it happened to my family.
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police agencies that already use the cameras. it would regulate the way they're used and how data is stored. a very bizarre story, stolen pigeons in hialeah are back with their families this morninin police say they caught four teenagers responsible red-handed. the boys were trying to sell these birds, the pigeons to a pet store. so far they're charged in dealing in stole property. they tell us more charges could be added as the investigation moves forward. checking the clock for you, 5:56. working on a whole lot more for our next hour of news. nbc 6 following a couple of breaking news stories this morning. the first one out of lauderhill. a car crashed into a home while a family was sleeping inside. the driver apparently took off. we're live with julia bagg and more details. a fiery crash left one person dead. nbc 6 reporter m mhael spears talking to witnesses trying to figure out how this started.
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coming up in just minutes. sheli, just bfore 6:00, it's a warm and breezy morning. mostly cloudy skies, too. 75 in ft. lauderdale, 73 in pembroke pines. we've seen pockets of clearing overnight ornight. warm and dry at the bus stop. a warm day today before winter returns. we'll talk about it next hour. you're watching nbc 6 "south florida today." >> more news, traffic and weather coming your way in just about three minutes. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works therecomes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. rit then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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