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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> we might as wellll just health official in florida taking the fight against the zika virus to the streets. plus a car crash, a car rolls over and crushes. and a weather change. a bad batman, a man dressed as a crime fighting hero is caught acting more like a villain. today, health inspectors spreading awareness in miami-dade about zika now that the governor has declared a state of emergency, they are going door-to-door educating people about a virus that just a few weeks ago no one even knew about it. thank you for joining us today. the zika virus, the top
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we're showing some of the comments we're getting on our facebook page. we're getting a lot. it's the most talked about topic on a lot of social media pages including ours and a lot of people are raising questions illness. >> eri glover is live at westchester. you are at a home where homes were spraying for mosquitos. right. there's actually nine confirmed cases of the travel-associated zika virus here in florida. that state health emergency applies to four counes one of which includes miami-dade, which is exactly why mosquito control groups are going around, passing out flyers and looking for standing water just like this one. just this little bit of water can cause a big problem and really be a place for mosquitos to breed. they were here earlier in this
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they wererspraying for larger adult mosquitos. they were next door also spraying. this isn't typically a busy time of the year for mosquitos but because of the zaek virus they are getting a lot of phone callll >> i don't have any children, but i have senior citizens but it can affect pregnanan women and small children and older adults so you want t make sure they don't get hurt. >> around this time of year we normally receive an average maybe two, three calls a day. just we receive 56 just today. that's a huge difference. >> reporter: officials say if you live here in miami-dade, that you can call 311. that puts you i connection with mosquito control groups that can come out, assess the problem and see if they need to spray. for now we're live in westchester, erika glover. nbc 6 news.
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crazy crashes. one wreck you kilied a person in kendall and in lauderhill to your left there, a car plowed into a home, missing the people sleeping in their bed inside by inches. stephanie rotini is there gathering morere information. and michael spears is at a kendall gas station with new video we is just twted about. >> reporter: that's right. it shows not only part of this fiery wreck, but it also shows helped. debris was along the sidewalk right here. three remain hospitalized. we have a woman in critical stable. >> i heard a big bang. scared me. i just looked up and i heard screeching of tires coming from this way. >> reporter: a burst of light in the darkness. the front of the car was engulfed in flames.
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when the car came to its final resting place close to the gas pumps. the driver of this mangled car hit a box truck just east of the gas station that was pulling out on to kendall drive. troopers tell us the force of the crash sent the car careening west toward southwest 117th avenue, leaving a path of debris and shutting down traffic in both directions. >> a bunch of customers came over and asked me where was the extinguisher. i told them where and they ran it and put out of fire. >> the driver was killed immediately. the passenger was found unconscious. quick thinking good samaritans sprang into action. first responderers rushed the woman to the hospital. a couple inside the box truck was also rushed to the hospital and are expected to live. investigators say the driver of
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though just how fast isn't clear. benjamin who has work here for more than two decades says he's never seen anything quite like this. >> what i find said is that people have to contact the person's family and tell me your son has died in a car crash. >> reporter: we just moved down the street a little bit to show you this. when you look at this, you get an idea from the surveillance video, oking at the concrete broken up how powerful the impact of the crash is. as far as this investigation, the florida highway patrol, they are not identified those involved and they are not saying who is at fault. >> michael. now to that other car accident we mentioned out of lauderhillll a driver lost control of a vehicle and rammed into a house where a family was sleeping inside. our reporter is live on the scene right now and we're not just talking about the car hitting the house. we're talking about the car hitting the house with such
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hit the bed where a child was >> reporter: just imagine sleeping in your home and something like this happens. take a look now. you could see the damage is boarded up but this gives you sort of a perspective in terms of the extent of that damage. a couple was sleeping on the other side of where the area is boarded up now according to first responders. their bed was pushed 20 feet approximately when that vehicle plowed through the home. their daughter, 14 years old, was sleeping on the room next door, according to first responders, and she was hurt. minor inries for both -- all three, actually. so people in both rooms, minor injuries overall according to first responders. all three sent tohe hospital where they are being checked out right now. now, first responders say that driver took off and right now lauder dale police are looking for the driver. people around here reacting this morning to what happenedver night. take a listen.
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lacerations over her body. she was covered in blood. they were scared. it's something you don't see every day. >> reporter: probably very scary a to see happen on your street. peoplethinking look it could have been my house and b to happen to you. take a look out here live. the tire marks still on the front lawn ofhe home. right now, we understand the family is still at the hospital. the vehicle, a honda accord according to police andndfirst responder and as i mentioned the driver on the run. police are looking for him. anybody with any info asked to call crime stoppers. the number&is at the bottom of your screen. reporting live in lauder hills. a live look over miami is what you are looking at. 7 minutes past the hour. it is warm as we speak. come tomorrow, it will be a different story. we're talking about the possibily of maybe a 20-degree
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>> yes, from this afternoon into tomorrow morning. a pretty significant cold front sweeping in later on this evening. it will enhance our rain chances. not just yet. we're dry through the lunch hour and through the rest of the afternoon. on live first alert doppler, don't forget you can get this any time. let's show you where the rain is right now. it's up the road, across at least the northeastern gulf waters extending off to our west. look terrain moving off to the east, northeast here heading into the tampa bay area. here's the front itself. i'm not looking for a lot of rain with this coming into play floo the -- into the overnight hours a a early morning hours friday. what's significant, once it rolls through, we'll see cooler air roll in. it's still breezy out there this afternoon. feels real night. 80 is our warm location in ft. lauderdale. we're at 79 in miami but we're
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well above avage. increasing clouds late. 82 your first alert forecast hi but here comes the changs. today is the last day of the warm weather pattern. we have a series of cold fronts reshaping the forecast. new video this midday of a dangerous duo ripping off a radio shack. police sayy the woman in this dress slipped several hundred dollars worth of electronic under her skirt while a man acted as her look out. do you see what she was doing there? this happened at a radio shack in weston, if they look familiar, less than a year ago, we showed you surveillance video of the same couple pulling this off, at the same radio hack location. if you recognize them call broward crime stoppers. today, we will find out if a man serving a life sentence without patrol for killing his
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years old could one day be released from prison. right now, it is unsure. this is a live picture from the courtroom where michael hernandez is testifying as we speak. during testimony, he took a moment to apologize for his criri. hernandez is serving a life sentence for the 2004 murder of 14-year-old hamid goth. a 2012 u.s. supreme court ruling without the possibility of murder. prosecutors are pushing for hernandez to stay locked up. we're live streaming this hearing on our app. you can also follow us on twitter for updates as we continually get those updates from our crew that i in that courtroom right now. the florida tina kus ds of shooting and killing a new york rabb buy is back in court as well.
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not deandre charles should be granded -- granted bond or not. rabbi was walking the beach when charares shot him. charles was 14 years old at the time. the second flight of stranded cubans is departing today. there are 184 people. 75 of them are children and this does include fofo babies. costa reeken officials are issued priority for women and children. joe garcia has decided to run for congress once agai the former u.s. democratic representative told the miami harold empties his old -- he wants his old seat back. he's no alone. he will face-off against three
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election. ahead of the democratic face-off in new hampshire. hillary clinton's use of private email during her time as secretary of state, that is grabbing attention once again and this isiswhy. a handful of emails forwarded to her personal server contained references to under cover cia officers including one who was killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan, but three officials are confirming that none of those emls revealed the identity of any of those officers. clinton's campaign manager saying incomplete details of the emails were leaked to give the wrong impression that those actually contained the officer's specific identities. and tonight, hillary clinton will go toe-to-toe with bernie sanders. >> i do not have any progressive who has a super pack and takes
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>> that's what they offered. sanners holds a double digit lead over hillary in new hampshire ahead of the primary. on the republican side, a new poll showing donald trump is also up by double digits in new hampshire. the leading republican now claiming that he c cld have won in iowa if cruz are not sent out questionable mailers and spread false rumors that ben carson was dropping out. >> you know, these politicians ar brutal. they are brutal. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted because he's losing it. >> florida senator marco rubio giving ted cruz something to worry about. the latest poll has him coming in second place and cruz third place in new hampshire. still ahead, a batman sighting outside of gotham, what a florida man is looking more like a villain. enough is enough.
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sound the alarm on a problem
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risk. a woman is dead after a freak accident involving an industrial-sized food fixer. the woman was mixing ingredients
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caught in the machine and pulled in. the mixer was turned off when they heard the woman's screams but it was already too late. batman made an appearance outside of gotham. police now looking for the man who dressed like the dark knight and robbed two dollar stores at gunpoint. no one was hurt and investigators are trying to figure out who was behind that mask. a lot of questions surrounding this one. florida has a law specifically designed to keep some sexually violent predators even custody even after their prison sentence ends. >> but the person could be released and investigators found out there's a problem with how they are being watched once they are freed. we have a preview an investigation we're working on for tonight at 6:00. >> reporter: nearly 60,000 sex offenders set for release from prison have been screened to see if they should be held indefinitely for treatment. fewer than 1,000 have been sent to that treatment. we were there as one man was being released from a broward
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years in custody after his prison sentence ended. many others, though, are put back on the streets by merely aagreeing to continue treatment and to n n break any laws. we discovered another man who left custody and returned, unsupervised, to a home in davey where this woman lived with her daughter. >> he was only for how long? >> a month. >> and what did he do? >> he raped my daughter. >> tonight, at 6:00, what the fafae has failed to do to protect children from those predators released from custody. that investigation tonight at 6:00. 18 past 11 here as we approach midday on thursday. a beautiful bright sky above miami beach. port miami, we've got a nice ocean breeze. it's warm and humid for early february. we'll soon feel a change for that with the arrival of our
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just shy of 80 degrees in miami. miami internationa reporting 16 miles per hour breezes. an elevated rip current risk. the clouds, final we get a break. it won't last too long. in the afternoon hours, more clouds build up and through the overnight hours tonight, we enhance our rain show chances. good looking day down through the keys. not much happening with the exception of the breeze. there's your 20 miles per hour wind immediately near the water in ft. lauderdale and southeasterly winds at about 15 to 20. bright sunshine warming us up to 80. pembroke pines, 80. we dial it back with more cloud cover moving in through the evening hours. about 72 to 74. as we begin to wind down our thursday.
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a.m., we're already down to the mid 60s, but watch what happens as wego through the morning. the temperatures continue to tumble as coldir moves in. temperatures actually fall a little bit more before we try to rebound. we may see a little bit of sunsne aafter we get to midday, but i think at that point the damage is done. it's going to be a tough recovery. it's going to be a much cooler day on friday compared to the 82 we'll see this afternoon. evev into the evening hours, mid 60s. brief rebound on saturday but the big story comes in by the tail end of the weekend. here's what's going on. we've got a cold front stretching out across north central florida. this extends into the gulf waters. looking up the road, maybe we'll have showers and storms. i don't think we'll see a lot of punch in terms of wet weather with this front as it slides through. high pressure building behind that starting to bring in some cool air. slim window for shower activity overnight tonight. the rest of your thursday is just outstanding. warm day, moswly sunny to partly cloudy skies, about 82.
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the -- we'll get into the evening commute and then turn down into the evening hours with mostly cloudy skies and 77. but we begin the drop after midnight, after we get a chance for some showers coming through, probably in kind of a thin ribbon -- thin line of showers coming through overnight. much cooler by the time we get our day started on friday. quickly across the nation, we're still hanging in there. by the time we fast forward into the weekend, a series of cold fronts and a big pattern shift here at least across the eastern third of the u.s., allow colder air to sink in and we're back to wintertime weather here in south florida. 82 today. early shower. maybe lucky to get to 70 on friday. we might have to adjust those numbers further down but main story into the weekend, another cold front really pushing temperatures back. lows in the 50s on deck for saturday and sunday and lows in the 40s for three days on end next week. highs barely pushing 70. at least will be sunny all the
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we'll bring you up to date with more information on this forecast starting at 5:00 tonight. a call to action today from a part of the south florida community that says that they are fed up. it's being called the enough is enough rally. dozens of parents whose kids have been murdered are rallying together to demand action at the state attorneys office in miami. they want police to conduct aggressive investigations and the state attorneys office to enforce laws as a way to keep neighbors safe. families are outramged that a lot of alleged killers have huge rap sheets but are still released after attempted murder charges. subway is blaming higher food p pices part of a w $6 simple deal. it's a choice of six different
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>> apparently _eorge clooney may have a pretty suave hollywood, but marriage proposal, not so much. >> he reveals how he popped the question to his wife. he said it didn't go smoothly as it planned. >> finally, i said, i blew out the candle. i think a ig lighter is behind you. she reaches around and pulls out the box. she looks at thth ring. she pulls it out and she says it's a ring. somebody had left it there some other time. i don't know. i'm like -- >>awkward. and prankster form, he pranks he will ln and never have i ever with special guest rihanna. more coming your way at 4:00
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"six in the mix," two local high school students looking to make a difference in the protection in the dangers of couldn't kegs.%
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it's your birthday, right? facebook adding another candle to its cake for its 12th birthday and giving you a gift this time around. the social network is calling it today today. >> if you want, you can later edit and share it with your facebook friends and you'll be able to view the video at the
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spoil alert, it shows you the good, bad, ugly. >> some of the pictures you hope aren't going to resurface, they resurface all right. >> no such like.
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