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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and south florida is getting ready for colder weather. good evening. >> let's get you right on overr to first alert chief meteorologist. >> let me show you somethg weird here. today's high temperature occurred about 23 hours ago right at midnight in south florida and since then temperatures have been dropping. we have readings during this afternoon in the 60s. these were the highs. happened midnight last night. currently readings are running 5 to 10 degrees below what they are last night. we're in the 60s and heading not much lower than this. that's the particulity about tonight. the temperatures are not going to change all that much during the night. they will stay pretty steady. tomorrow we'll see a bounce back but there's more chilly air. we'll see the coalest readings of the seasons. the forecast coming up in about 17 minutes. back to you.
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wraekbreaking news out of orlando ere there was a shooting at an upscale mall. >> here's what we know. one person is dead. another person is injured. the orange county sheriff office is investigating the shooting. it happened at the florida mall. we can see where this mall is right after the beeline expressway. itit in between universal orlando and the orlando airport. just outside the jcpenney department store department say they found one man dead and another man taken to the hospital in critical condition. an area still blocked off by moment. still in word on what sparked the shooting or if there's any kind of suspect description. for any late breaking details remember you can get updates on the nbc 6 news andwet e app. we'll follow this at the
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police say this instructor inappropriately touched two young students who attended his classes. stephanie, police there may be more ycung victims out there. >> reporter: jackie, investigators say these two victims were students at this martial arts studio off and on for five years. because the instructor was in contact with other children, there is a good chance there could be more victims out there. they say their work is just starting. >> do not have any contact with these children either directly, indirectly, in person, in writing. >> reporter: going before a judge today accused of sexual abuse. his victims, two sisters, and they were his students at this martial artss studio. >> interviewed one of the victims and itit led to the identification of the second victim which was the first victim's sister. >> reporter: what started the initial investigati detectives say text messages on the older sister's phone discovered by her
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arrest affidavit the defendant invited the 15-year-old over to his place. also the facility where he teaches asking her to be his baby. we went to the martial arts studio this afternoon. called the number on the front window, no answers. his son came to court asked the judge to be lenient. the judge ordered him to not only stay away from the victims but not to have unsuperervised contact with any children. >> detectives believe there could be other victims since the majority that attend are children. >> reporter: the affidavit said he fondled the over victim's breasts and exposed his erected eded
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at her. tonight this man is behind bars without bond. i'm reporting live, nbc 6 news. the centers for disease control released new guidelines for pregnant women and their partners. protect women whose partner ts have traveled the country where zika virus is spraeding should not have sex or use condoms. the new warning comes amid growing evidence where babies are born with abnormally small brains. last week we learned of case in texas where the virus was sexually transmitted. tonight, there's word that scientists have detected the zika virus in saliva and examples. tonight dozens of friends and family came together to plead for the help if finding the killer. jamie joins us live from miami with more.
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angry people tonight. there are four children without a father. >> may god rest his soul. >> reporter: dozens gathered around the samepot where aaron was killed not even 24 hours ago. >> i'm hurting. this kid was a good kid. >> reporter: the 44-year-old father of four outside smoking a cigarette when he was shot several times. his wife inside hurt the gunfire. >> it was a seseeless killing. they shot him in the back eight times and in the head. it was not for him. it was meant f@r somebody else. >> reporter: this group of mourners reaching for c csier even without most of the answers they're looking for. >> he meant the world to me. >> reporter: his shots rang out
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northwest 22ndavenue. >> this ain't right. if the cops don't get you, the hood going to get you. the e ood going to find out who did it. >> reporter: the family has set up go fund me. you can get the link by downloading the nbc 6 news and weather app. if you think you know anything about the crime, you can be eligible for the reward. call crime stoppers with the right tip. the facebook killer was sentenced to life in prison today. he was sentenced to life after shooting his wife eight times during an argument and posting a photo of her body on facebook. he said he shot his wfe during an altercation which she threatened him with a knife.
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his dauahter was inside the home at the time of the murder. >> she'll sorely be missed. at least this is closure for the family. we're very happy with the result. >> medina was sentenced the life ininrison and will not be eligible for parole. a deadly earthquake rocks the island nation of taiwan. the magnitude 6.4 quake brought down a 17 story building. an estimated 240 people liveen that building. so far at least 123 have been rescued from the ruins. sadly at least four people have died including a 10-year-old baby girl. more than 121,000 homes were damaged. the collapse killed 38-year-old david wicks, harvard graduate working on wall street.
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the area as a result of the collapse. new york city mayr has ordered all crawler and tower cranes in city to be placed in more secure positions. police and fire rescue squads are teaming up for a multi-agency exercise to fight terrorists. it's all part of operation heat shield to test our capabilities to respond to emergencies. the exercise is expected to include all of these locations in miami-dade county first responders will begin near government center in downtown miami and in their training around the park in the evening. roads around government center are expected to close between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. streets will also close around marlin park between 6:00 p.m. will you know how to get out of your car if it ended up under water. >> this tool is called a sensor punch. i'll explain how it can save your life.
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celebrity who is are demanding gun reform star in violent films. do you haveve a banged up iphone? maybe a cracked screen. why apple is now offering you a little something for that dadaaged phone. the miami heat have player doing things we've never seen before.
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his reaction a rescue crews are reminding pepeple about an auto rescue tool called a center punch. amanda joins us to explain. >> reporter: it happens all too often. a car crashing into a body of water. this small lake along the turnpike could be a deadly scene. this simple and small tool, which is not new. a center punch could help save
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rescue crews made the devastating discovery yeyeerday. it was found submerged at the bottom after a lake in southwest 268th street. the medical examiner confirming it the bodies of the missing couple. south florida is surrounded by bodies of waters and these accidents can happen at any time. a center punch can help. >> what it does is breaks the window, shattering it in many pieces allowing you to exit your vehicle. >> reporter: the tool is pretty cheap and you'll want to put it in an area of the car where you can quickly grab it, shatter the glass and go through the wind to escape. >> a lot of time the reaction is to panic. they don't start thinking let me put my window down. a lot of times it's difficult when you have electrical windows. >> reporter: what should you do. go through a few steps. >> try to remain calm. get out o o your seat belt.
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window down then let it down. if not, grab the center punch and be able to break the window. >> reporter: if you're trapped in a sink car, this small yet mighty device can help you survive. >> it's one of those tools that will save the life you have or a loved one or friend in the vehicle at the time. >> reporter: while you never want to be in that type of situation, a center punch could mean the difference between life and death. you can easily pick it up at an auto or hardware store. new details in the case of an 8-year-old boy who tried to rob a south florida storebt gun point. prosecutors have decided not to press charges againsthe boy who once faced punishment for aggravated assault. instead, the 8-year-old must attends a diversion program and stay away from the convenient store. his alleged actions still have employees talking today. cops say that he was caught on
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demanding money from a clerk. another worker was able to wrestle away the gun and call police. hollywood isn't shy about using its voice especially after mass shooting as nbc 6 investigator has found many celebrities calling for change are making a whole lot of money from violent entertainment. >> reporter: scenes not ma much different from the ones at columbine or sandy hook. brought to the big creen. after two massacres in hollywd's own backyard -- >> how many more. >> i have to choose mies that aren't violent. >> does hollywood have any responsibility? >> what theygre producing is not real. >> the emotion is real. >> it's time for our leaders to act. >> is anything in the entertainment industry really changing? >> it's a blatant double
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>> more than 1000 celebrities signed this open letter to president obama. we have had enough of seeing unthinkable tragedies happen. tim winter sees a problem. >> 75% of the actors and film makers signing this list have taken roles in films depicting or glorifying gun violence. >> hollywood is addicted to gun violence because it's so lucrative. >> reporter: it can be awe poerful tool for socialchange. he says that provers the enertain m industry can change attitudes about gun violence too. he doesn't think that's happening. with several violent offerings nominated for oscars this year. a 2013 study found gun violence in the movies has more than tripled since 1950. gun control advocate isn't convinced there's been any impact on gun tests.
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connection between the media and glorification of guns. >> reporter: it's enough of a concern that president obama signed an executive action in 2013 directing the cdc to investigate the relationship between media images and violence. what about the celebrity signing that recent letter to the president? actor liam neeson, we counted 20 founds where he brandishes a gun. jessica alb signed the letter. >> how many more movie theaters? >> he also appeared in this 2012 psa demanng gun laws alongside jamie foxx. he signed on to the star and django unchained. one of the entertain ms most powerful voices acknowledge the issue in 2014. >> i can't make one movie and go
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>> reporter: he's backed a sin city sequel and the hateful wait. >> i don't feel the responsibility is not within the entertainment industry. the problem is easy access to guns. >> reporter: they hope some who signed the list will pledge to stop taking violent roles. >> you can't celebrate the good you do without also being held accountable with harm you do. >> we reached o o to all the actors we named in the story as well as the director's guild and the screen actor's guild. not one would comment for this story. for the niebs six we head into the weekend here i i south florida.
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they really drop. no rain on the first alert doppler radar. we'll look at oururrent readings out there. 67 in marathon. 66 in key west. 65 in miami. a littl bit warmer now in pompano beach. look at naples down to 57. cloud cover to linger into tomorrow. i think we'll see limited sunshine on your saturday here in south florida with rain chances increasing especially late in the day and into tomorrow evening as another front moves through leaving us a chilly super bowl sunday. the front that brought us this cooler weather is already almost in the central bahamas. pretty far away from here. we've got this northeasterly breeze. the fact the wind is northeasterly means we won't see temperatures drop all that much tonight. we have the marine influence over our area. you can see it nowcovering the tire third of the peninsula.
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into saturday. not a lot of sunshine. much of our sun, this weekend will be seen on sunday when we expect mostly sunny conditions. let's take a look at tomorrow first. you can plan your saturday. rain mainly late in the day. mostly cloudy throughout your day on saturday. there's a couple of spots of rainfall out there. a lot of them offshore into the afternoon. here comes some showers in the afternoon. here we go into the evening with more showers around. again, keep in mind plenty of clouds. high temperature 75 degrees tomorrow. it will be warmer than today. we'll see temperatures tomorrow night starting to drop into the 50s. that will be after that second front moves through. that leaves us with a cool sunday. super bowl sunday. mostly sunny. no rain. high temperature 64 degrees. great football weather. not just for watching the game but playing the game too.
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throwing the old pig skin around. daytime temperatures might be in tup theupper 60s. 50s and 40s. the colst night being sunday into monday morning. when we send the kids off to school on monday, might have to bundle them up. back to you. sounds good. take a look at this. new york's most popular interior design benefit is in town. design on a dime will run through sunday. the event brings together top decorators and features their product at 50 to 80% off. proceeds will help a group in its effort to eradicate aids. why apple is now accepting damaged iphones for trade in. later, you heard of the hot dog eating contest but how about the wing eating one.chicken, snap beans and strawberry parfait.
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add snap beans, a dash of garlicand serve with roastst chicken. for dessert, surprise themwith juicy florida strawberries in a scrumptious, easy to make parfait. from dinner to dessert, it's just that easy to serve delicious fresh florida dishes anytime. and look for the fresh f fm florida label when you shop.
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twitter has suspend isis related accounts.
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to promote terror attacks. apple will accept your banged up phone for your trade in. the new offer applies for iphones beginning with model 5 s and up. apple wiwl give you a trade in value depending on the model. if interested, your best bet is to head to yourocalal apple store for an estimate. we're nearing the kick off for super bowl 50 on sunday. the national council on problem gambling is hard at work. the advocate group is bracing for its busiest time of year. they expresshe surge of adddtion hot linecalls especially in the days and hours following the championship game. the organization will get an extra 1500 calls to its national help line during the month of february. experts think they know why. >> we see a surge after the super bowl because for a lot of gamblers it represent the end of a losing season. they often be bigger around this time to try and make up
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those who continue to lose may realize at this point they've hh the bottom. >> the american gaming association says that p pple will wager an estimated 4.2 billion dollar on super bowl and almost all of that will be done illegal illegally. >> i can't believe it's already this sunday. >> now we have baskctball. the song proving again why he is
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this game was different too. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman tt works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thoughtd that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it
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the miamimi heat won a game without making a single three pointer. it hasn't been done all season. d. wade in the open court. nice dunk. he had 22 points. honoring heat all of famer, alonso mourning. as great as he was on defense, he never did this. whiteside catches the block shot shot. that was his tenth block. the game comes down to the final minute. ris bosh making a play. layup and foul giving m mami a two-point lead. the heat defense clamps down forcing a turnover. the horns with another shst. the defense does it again.
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nice push ahead. ball game. heat win 98-95 despite going 0 for 9 and white side in his hometown gets a little revenge. >> the media really killed me thth first time. we lost by 20. the media killed me. i'i' different. simple as that. >> yeah, whiteside really is unique. nobody in the nba has a triple double. that includes ten blocks or more this entire season. he's got three. this one off the bench. the guy only played 27 total minutes. big congrats to booker t. washington high school in miami. the football team celebrating today with a parade through overtown. it's their foirts straight state championship. congrats to the tornado. a true football power house.
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video. a student manager who has downs syndrome drills the half court shot. who i will fans go nuts, he takes the shirt and puts it over his head. has the soccer style celebration. how cool is that.
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: okay. sorry juwan, adam and john but never send a man to do a woman's job. you're looking at the finals of the wing bowl. a competitive eating contest held annually in philadelphia. the week of the super bowl. >> molly devoured 429 wings to beat the former champ who ate only 408 wings. come on. that's it. molly walked away with a harley davidson, $10,000, a calories. calories wise, 77,000 calories for molly. 77,000 whole ccories. >> that's a lot. >> that's a lot. that.t. it's a little much.
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