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tv   NBC 6 Impact with Jackie Nespral  NBC  February 7, 2016 9:30am-10:00am EST

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the flag for the so-called establishment republicans. i'm siiing down with their leading sururgates in south florida. plus, taking a closer look at the zika virus. now that the governor declared a medical emergency, what are officials doing to prevent the spread of the sease? this is nbc 6 impact and i'm your host, jackie nespral. now on "impact", the two miami-dade presidential candidates are setting their sights and white house hopes on performingell in new hampshire. senator marco rubio placed a former governor jeb bush is banking on the granite state to turn around his campaign. joining me to discuss the race for the white house is the chair of jeb bush's campaign in miami and marco rubio fund-raiser and suppppter george lopez. thank you for joining me, gentlemen. before we start talking about new hampshire, let's talk about what happened in iowa. marar rubio, of urse, coming in a solid third, just 1% behind
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it seems as if his camamign has been energized and now he's the target of some of the other candidates. rick santorum and, of course, rand paul dropped out of the race, rick santorum giving his endorsement to marco rubio. my quqution to you is what can senator rubio do now to continue this momentum going into new hampshire, george? >> well, to know marco is to like him. the most important thlng is get in front of voters which he's doing in new hampshire as we speak. and most importantly just communicate that optimistic message that he has continued from the beginning. you have to have a campaign, but the key is to stay onmessage, get in front of folks and be active. and what we saw in iowa bodes well for new hampshire. we saw independenth voters in iowa turn to marco. college educated voters turned to marco. nonevangelical christians like catholics, like us, turned to marco. so we think we have very fertile ground in new hampshire.
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but the most important thing for the rubio campaign is it is a long campaign. we're not isolating in any one state, you to do well in all. we'reoping to celebrate march in florida when we have our primary. we have a nevada strategy and even a texas strategy. so we're continuing to do that and hopefully marco will continue to do well. >> it is really a marathon. >> amen. >> let's talk about jeb. hefinished with 3% in iowa. but showsing strong in the ingingshowsing strong in the polls in new hampshire. >> what happens in iowa stays in iowa. iowa and new hampshire could not be more different. demographically speaking iowa is the most religious state and new hampshire is the least religious. whether he should have been in fourth or fifth or sixth, at the
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what we expected. very different ball game, brand-new sort of state, and, again, could be part of a different country because they're so different. so most polls show that we're in a strong second place, four or five polls versus one that said that senator rubio was in second place. next day or two we'll see. a lot of activity, a lot of work, going into there for the last few months. just didn't happen after iowa, going on for months, we're timistic. we think we'll end up in second place at a minimum and on to south carolina where we also expect to be incredibly successful. >> it is interesting because i know that marco and jeb are friends. where does their relationship standnow? >> so, listen, they're better han either one of us to answer that question because it is an incredibly personal reality. i think both of them are big boys for lack of a better word, thth realize this is a contact sport and, you know, no differnt than, you know, his
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bring out the informatnal facts, the truth of, you know, whatever they believe governor bush's record to be. we have to do the same thing and i'm sure our pacs have been doing the same thing. i think it isis the major leagues and anything goes fromom the standpoint of the campaign. so, you know, i don'tnow that it will impact the relationship, but running againstach other is in itself a little bit unnatural. >> and, jackie, exactly what george says, certainly marco and jeb can speak for themselves on this. i have a young son who plays in his school basketball team, but his friends also play in the league and oftentimes they dress differentland compete against each other. this is well within the process. but most important thing is this is athe toughest job in the world. so youave to be prepared to be asked tough questions, people will raise certain concerns about your candidacy and
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who are from your own state and your own backyard. i think the rubio strategy has always been deal with it up front, be candid about everything, and certainly acknowledge the relationship he's had and will continue to have with jeb bush as a great friend, especially here in south florida. >> is senator rubio an establishment candidate or anti-establishment candidate. you know, he's on the verge there, many people saying he's not -- >> i think, jackie, the real answer is mco rubio is marco rubio. he's always been that. he was the florida legislature, even when he was in west miami. certainly you have seen him in the u.s. senate where he's bucked the established republican positions. he's taken on very aggressive positions that haven't always been accepted by the leadership, especially the one challenging obamacare where, u know, he was able to make a real dent in that program. so i really don't know that those labels areegoing to matter at the end of the day.
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for, someone they can trust, someone that can win, very importantly, and most importantly someone that shares their values. and if you're going to win a republican, you better have those three, can't just have one, you can't have, you know, two or three. got to have them all in order to be successful and marco is doing it. >> jorge, governor bush brought out the big guns with george w. bush and some of the promotions and commercials for new hampshire. do you think this will benefit governor bush? >> absolutely. there is a lot of talk about his family being anegative, whether it is his brother or his dad, perhaps more the perception has been his brother. and those who make those statements fail to look at the facts. the facts from market search perspective, from a polling perspective, tell you that t republican primary, especially in the south, especially in south carolina, and super tuesday as we get there by march 1, the numbers speak for themselves. i think it is going to be an
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that will support him, support the campaign, reinforce the message. if you look at president george w. bush's polling numbers today, you compare him against president obama, you would be surprised to see where that reality sits. and the reality is that the negatives on president obama are dramatically higher than president bush's. who would have thought that a year agag who would have thought that maybe six months ago. you know, i think it is -- it is -- to just assume the negative. perhaps it could be an issue in the general election, but as they say, let's figure that out when we get there. for now, we got to focus on winning and his presence in south carolina will be critical. >> let's talk about money. governor bush had a lot of money in his coffers when all of this began and continues to have as well. senatorubio has gotten the big push, as a result of iowa. donald trump hasn't used much of his money, he's gotten so much possibility as a result of his
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my question to you is are some of the don'ters in theors in the bush campaign concerned at all because of what happened in iowa. >> the earned media value that donana trump received is unprecedented in american politics in the history of our ountry. and it may never be repeated again, who knows. it is a phenomena based on the virtual reality tv personality that is running for president. but we wish at times he would not deal with his candidacy like he's on a show, but that's just the way h h does it. so there is no doubt that, you know, it is always better to win than to lose and we lost in iowa, we underperformed. but it has not@ impacted our supporters. despite our friend's good efforts in trying to steal our donors and fund-raisers, which the way life is. >> and to give you an opportunity. >> i don't mean him only. i mean -- which is fair game, it is part of the process.
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>> almost from the same zip code, actually. west miami, coral gables. alsounprecedented. that's really never happened before. we have not lost support. it is early. those who are experiencing this effort know this is an incredibly long marathon. ioio delegates represents 1% total number of delegeges. from that perspective, this year, obviously moat -- more so than in prior years but not by any means definitive. >> speaking of momentum, let's talk about senator rubio and some of the fund-raising he's been able to do, especially after iowa. >> well, the success of iowa and -- i would say the beginning of the success is in the debate. and as george points out, you know, the whole earned media die nam make dynamic that is happening now. the campaign has done extremely well. contributions, small contributions, large contributions.
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and the 24 hours out of iowa have been fairly well. on the superpac side, i think these are very sophisticated people that give large sums of money, you know. we maxed out, we contributed as much as we can. and you do it because you believe in a person. i don't think jeb is going to lose any support. i think people who support jeb bush supporteb bush because they know who he is, what he stands for and wants him to be president. i don't see that. i see conversations taking place with all the candidates and donors. they like to be courted. we go through that process. but at the end of the day, i think money will decide who can continue and who cannot. >> we have just a short amount of time. i want to get last question in. the polls were slightly off in iowa as we saw. and the polls for new hampshire still have donald trump in many of the polls double digit lead. do you think we'll see some surprises in new hampshire as well?
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think you'll see this very, very close. the difference is like the popular vote in presidential elections and the electoral collele. a lot of people get popoed, like to say they're going to support a candidate and don't show up. theecaucus in particular showed that. i see new hampshire voters be very, very intelligent, want to hear about what the candidates say, and i think they have a choice which is very good. they have governor kasich, governor bush, marco, and donald trump to pick from. i don't know how well ted is going to do there. but i think this is going to close and will be a very interesting result. >> new hampshire's history speaks for itself. not ly does it follow what iowa does but makes sure and creates its own opinion and usually willing to -- somebody that perhaps sends a message, even that that person will be the nominee. that is very large -- very illustration of what new hampshire usually does.
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paramount. that's the way it is going to be. nothing what took place in iowa is going to have a huge impact in new hampshire. a brand-new election and that's among the reasons we remain incredibly optimistic that the campaign has been restarted, if you will, reset as you may have heard governor bush say in the granite state. >> definitely an interesting and exciting campaign and more to come. thank you so much for that. >> thank you for having us. >> jorge and george. still to come, medical emergency what you need to know about the zika virus and what
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[ ] jackie: now in "impact," gov. rick scott declared a medical emergenc now on impact, governorp rick scott declared a medical emergency in the state of florida this week due to the zika virus. what do you need to know and how
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joining me to discuss it, dr. eileen marty and selma vasquez. everybody is talking about the zika virus. new cases confirmed in the state of florida that led governor ott to declare an emergency situation concerning the zika. my questi is, because everybody is talking about it, but i'm in the sure if many people understand what the virus entails. can you tell us what it is. >> it is a virus first discovered when a monkey became sick that was in the zika forest between entebe and -- in uganda. >> okay. so what makes it so dangerous? especially for pregnant women? >> what we have found, and this is a very recent finding, we first noticed that there were neurologic problems in babies
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zika virus in french polynesia. more recently in brazil right after the world cup, and so it was probably imported when visitors came in the world cup to brazil, there was a huge rise in the number of -- number of cases of baes born with this brain defect. with maybe 100, 120 cases a year, they have seen almost 4,000. >> wow. >> and it correlates in space and time with the introduction of zika to brazil. >t is important to note that the cases that have been confirmed in the ste of florida and they have been confirmed in miami-dade and in broward counties as well this he came from people that had traveled outsige the country, correct? >> that is correct. you have to understand that the more people who bring their disease here and manifest illness here, the more likely that you're goingo have mosquitos exposed to thee blood
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mosquitos and that's why we have to aack the mosquitos immediately. >> let me bring you intohe discussion, because this week the miami-dade county department of solid waste said you are the first line of defense against mosquitos and mosquito born illnesses. >> that is right, jackie. we have been trying to get this across since 2009. two years ago and now zika. >> they're all related? >> they are. well, zika and -- i believe dengue and zika are closely related. >> the same kind of mosquitos can transmit any of those as well as yellow fever. >> it is here now, in miami died d broward county. what can we do as resididts. >> what we're telling our residents is that they need to do their part. this is -- if anything happens
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metropolitan around here, it is going to be a community problem. it is not a my problem, your problem, it is everybody's problem. >> the mosquito hasn't been -- >> the mosquitoas been detected here. the mosquito loves here. the mosquito loves florida. but these guys help keep them under control in numbers so they are not enough of them to lead to epidemics. >> okay. >> okay. >> so what we're trying to tell our residents is they need to get out of the house, walk around and try to eliminate every single accumulation of water around the house. no matter the size. small accumulation of water -- >> standing water. container. this is also domestic mosquito or container mosquito because, you know, lives in those conditions. we tend to keep buckets, kiddie pools, bird baths around the home and with the rain esdecially now, this is
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we're getting a lot of rain. so we are getting all the containers full of water and mosquito will colonize those habitats. we don't have a very harsh winter. we have a very mild winter. there is no limit for mosquitos in that situation. that's what we're trying to tell the people here. >> the residents of people who -- what about the county? what is the county doing? >> we're responding to every time that health department notifies us, anybody coming into the country a a they detect this is the possibib suspect zika case, they notify us immediately. before they are -- the case is confirmed. so we respond to that. and we go to the are the person leaves and we start eliminating mosquito breeding, trying to -- >> how do you do that? >> we go from door to door. looking for containers holding water and eliminate it.
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property owner and the homeowners, and we distribute some information on how to avoid mosquitos, and we -- everywhere we find mosquito breeding, we spray. >> you are spraying? >> we are spraying. the best approach in this casese is handheld backpack spray. trucks, it is not the best at this time. >> few things, yes, i understand. number one is bromeliads can have enough water. dog boles dog bowls. you see restaurants -- those are great breeding grounds for the mosquitos. other thing to realize is this is an extremely serious circumstance, so people have to also help get rid of these mosquitos. right now it is winter. that's helpful. even though it is -- it should be dry, it is wet. that's part of the problem.
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is, okay, so you're not going to be spraying for adult mosquitos, what t u're spraying for and what you use are things to kill the larva of the mosquitos. why? because those are going to gr up to make more mosquitos. and if you can get them before they become adult mosquitos, you reduce the entire population. >> let's talk about symptoms. how does someone know if they're affected with the virus? >> most people do not know. most people, 75 to 8 %0% of the people that become aected never know. background studies have been done to confirm this. now among those who do get symptoms, the first symptom because this virus loves brain tissue is to give you a bad heaeache. so this very bad headache. and it will get worse if you that. and this headache can also
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so it is -- even eye vements will hurt you. and commonly people will get red eyes. so that and then a fever is very common. it is not a very high fever like you get with dengue and a rash. the rash you get with zika is not ectly the same as the rashes that you see in other viruses. it is little tiny dots, usually starts on the face, and proesses to the arms and maybe the trunk. >> only have about 30 seconds left. many people are concerned if it is contagious orif there were some reported incidents that it was sexually transmitted from one person to the other. >> that is correct. that has been documented. sexual transmission has been documented but it is extremely rarerand only going to happen if you're having a relationship with someone who isctively ill. after you are, you know, no longer symptomatic, you clear that virus and you can no longer transmit it. >> okay.
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us here. still ahead, our lighter look at politics with a revealing look at what the
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finish in iowa. [ ] >>finally this morning, our lighter look at politics as finally this morning, our lighter look at politics as jimmy fallon revealed what the donald really wanted to say in
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>> a lot of people say that donald trump sounded pretty humble during his concession spech. but i don't know, to me, it sounded like classic trump. did you see this? >> good evening. it is me, donald j. trump. in case you're wondering, the j. stands for genius. i'm here today because the people of iowa have widely named me the winner and championonf second place. it is just like children say, first is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the harry chest. marco rubio, get that taken care of. you wouldn't want your hair to make you look ridiculous. but think about it. two is better than one. one plus one is two.
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>> he has got that down. i love it. a little heavy on the spray tan. thank you very much for watching nbc 6 "impact", looking to b bing you the stories that impact you and your community. "meet t e press" is next. we'll see you back here next week.
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