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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the time is 6:00 on monday, february 8th. there is a chill happening in south florida this morning. let's get you overo meteorologist ryan phillips with a closer look at what you'll encounter at the bus stop or when you head off to work. >> good morning to you. if@ you were up early on sunday morning, temperatures were on the cool side. but even now we're about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were just yesterday morning. into the 40s now across broward county. we have the updated readings in. still holding steady y 50 in miami. 47 in opa-locka. 47 in pembroke pines. 46 in pompano ach. our cool location at this shower, 45 in oakland park. we will a few clouds skirt on buy. about an hour outside of sunrise. we may drop another degree or two. one of the cooler mornings so far this winterer season, yes. is it the coldest? no.
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give me another 20 minutes or so we'll have some good colors on the horizon. nemd your sun glass and your jacket. it's a chilly start to the morning. temperatures this morning not record breaking, but noteworthy. you have to do somethng to beat the chill. 46 on the morning drive. 59 midmorning. first alert forecast high with partly cloudy sses, a mild 66. 6:01. let's kick off the work weekek with traffic. >> good monday morning to you, south florida. thk you very much for joining us, looking at your drive, palmetto expressway getting busy out there. soubound and northbound lanes. on the palmetto expressway northbound, an accident has been reported. no roadblock has been reported yet. i will make some phone calls for you and see how that accccent will be affecting your morning ride as you make your wayut the door. let's change sources, take you over to broward county this is 95, southbound lanes here at griffin road. you can see all those lanes getting by just fine. crash. police officers driving away. this was an earlier hit-and-run
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well, no longer have to worry about it. we'll take you over to the maps. we have this accident on miami gardens drive at northeast 9th court. an accident under investigation that roadway partially blocked off. >> all right. thank you ve much. it is just about two minutes past the top of the hour now. nbc 6 o break news out of miami beach. >> nbc 6 reporter julia bagg got to the scene a few minutes ago. an active scene what can you tell us? >> nbc 6 is first on at scene here. and we're getting word of a stabbing. police are not confirming that here on miami beach. let's so he you what we are looking at. officers keeping quiet as they roped off or marked off this space hre at 10th street and washington avenue. i talked to a hotel worker who told me he saw somebody running with a knife. a man he said was bloody, that he ran down the street and that's where police caught up with him. once again miami beacholice not saying anything about this at the moment.
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police are also at jackson memorial hospital this morning. so unclear whether if somebody, indeed, was injured here. they may have been taken to the hospital. we are working with sources, we'll be checking in with police in the next few minutes. stay close to your nbc 6 news and weather app for the latest details. live on south beach, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. nbc 6 following breaking news from overnight in a different place. passengers on board a cruise ship are safe that ship they were on caught a rough patcof weather. sheli has the latest developnts. not the way you want to end your vacation. >> that's right. royalalcaribbean's anthem of the seas started her journey over the weekend out of n n york. they hit some bad weekend over the carolina coast. watch and listen to this new video we just goin here. passengers, a little bit of a storm here. check this out. >> whoa. my goodness.
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were hitting and rocking the boat. the guy w shot this is chris carver, he's boernd with his family from salt lake city utah. he said they were watching a musical yesterday afternoon when they stopped the show and told everyone to head to their rooms. more video posted to twitter in the last few hours show what everyone on board went through. you can see hear. we're told winds were in excess of 100 miles per hour rocked the ship with lots of sea spray. we're getting a look inside. look at this video on twtwter from inside of a restaurant. items tossed everywhere. you can see how hard the ship is shaking. it's terrifying there. u.s. coast guard officer told us that the coast guard was not needed for assistance but the ship did change course and on the way back to port canaveral. the ship left earlier off the coast of the carolinas when it hit rough weather. we've been tracking thh story on social media using social
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you can see some video taken from passengers on the ship. anthem expected to arrive at port canaveral arond noon today. no major damage to the ship was reported other than some furniture moving around. we understand no one was hurt. stay with nbc 6 for the latest details. we will stay up to date on the nbc 6 news and weather app. this video is hard to watch behind me. that white vehicle coming up and smashing into another car as people were trying to load up into that blue car. the white car took off, and this morning the driver of that white vehicle has not been take noon custody. michael spears is live at jackson memorial hospital. michael, i said the video was hard to watch. but remarkably even out of that intense piece of video, no one was fatally hurt. >> it's incredible. people were getting into the car, so they were directly caught in the middle of that.
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look at this video again. this morning we're learning from police that the suspected hit-and-run driver is 30-year-old jose calzadilla. as you mentioned, as of this morning he hasn't turned himself in to police. he took off afte this accident. now, in the video, when we looked at the car that he allegedly crashed into, investigators say it was parked illegally on the street. it essentially pulled over as several people ran inside to a liquor store. this is northwest 17th avenue and 43rd street. that's when they say investigators say the suv plowed into that car. five people were se to the hospital. we're told by family members that two have already been released. the other, talk about a long journey ahead. they're expected to live but they're in a lot of pain. where police found this car, they said they found it at a nearby home. when they went to knock on the door, people at thee home would not cooperate and the suspected hit-and-run driver was nowhere
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family are asking that driver to turn himself in. >> i'm begging you to do it. i'm praying for you, that you do do it because my daughter or friend or nobody else didn't deserve what you did to them. >> coming up at 6:30, more from the victim's family members, what they say this alleged hit-and-run driver did moments after plowing into that car. police say this driver is still out there. if you know anything about his whereabouts, you're asked to call police immediately or call 305-471-tips. michael, thank. residents in a little havana neighborhood are frustrated this morning after someone vandalized their cars. it happened late sunday night near southwest 9th avenue and fifth street. the windshields of five cars were smashed. one neighbor told nbc 6 he saw the culprit and tried to chase
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day rights activists are discrimination bill. today the state senate committee will vote on the bill. message sign that republicans have a changing attitude towards gay rights after fighting g r years against same-sex marriage and gay adoption. in case you didn't catch the end of the game like most of us here on the morning shift it was a great night for the denver broncos as they leave california super bowl 50 champions. the broncos dominated the edd panthers. hundreds of fans took to the lebrate the win. major. the ctory parade will be held in downtown denver tomorrow. andd it is the last full day of campaigning before new polls. nbc 6 is live in the granite state with a look at how the
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final hours. and breaking news out of miami beach. a section of washington avenue at 10th street is closed down happening. nbc 6 is working toet happened. a witness told julia bagg that they saw a man walking away bloodied, possibly taken to the hospital. nothing is confirmed with police
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julia bagg is inves we are a little more than 24 hours before the polls open up in new hampshire. the front-runners on both sides are keeping their large lead. tracie potts is live on the ound in new hampshire. we know you've been talking with voters there, and the numbers seem to be changing. are things adding up in terms of what you're hearing and the numbers? >> it's interesting. when you dig inhto those polls a bit, what you find is that, yes, donald trump and bernie sanders have big leads here, but there
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who are not necessarily married to the candidates that they're supporting right now. yes, what we're hearing on the ground as we talk to people seems to reflect that. >> reporter: trudging through snow, wet alleys and up stairs and pounding the pavements. we caught up with hillary clinton's team trying to make up their double digit deficit here. >> people here they have not really made up their minds. >> reporter: the indecision even worse for republicans. >> we have to win this election. we have to. we will. if you vote for me, if you nominate me, we will win this election. >> reporter: more than 4 in 10 republicans told the university of massachusetts they could still change their minds. >> people are looking for people to make decisions. they're trying to analyze who is the best person to make those decisions. >> reporter: the most solid republicans here? trump voters. >> i don't need your money.y. i need your vote. >> i feel like he's real.
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polling third here, slammed other republicans for saying yes to women registering for selective service. back to the democrats, bernie sanders is pointing out differences. clinton voted for the iraq war. he didn't. >> i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong. >> reporter: tomorrow the voters decide. >> now that massachusetts poll is a daily tracking poll. it shows democrats more so than republicans seem to be sticking with the candidates they're supporting. we'll see if that happens tomorrow as they actually go to the polls. live from manchester, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. nbc 6 has got you covered with this one. steve litz will be in new hampshire bringing you the latest updates on air and online. experts say here's another reason to avoid tanning beds. a small study of about 100 women
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bed at least ten times a year are much more likely to have a body image disorder. those women were also more likely to ha elevated levels of stress and show symptoms of depression. this is on top of the already increased risk of developing skin cancer thanks to the overexposure of uv radiation. well a prolonged period of cool weather is what we'vebeen looking for. we're finally settling into it. not record breaking, but certainly below average for the next several days. one thing we can rid ourselves of, the wet weather pattern. live first alert doppler looking good all of the roadways are ry. skies are mostly clear. beautiful start to it the morning, trending on the cl side. 6:16, let's get you started here. first and foremost, parents, bus stop forecast, mid to upper 40s. plenty of sunshine, but a chill in the air.
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after the 7:00 hour will not fix the problem. make sure the kids have bundled up here. for our standards, this is a significant cooldown. about 45 to 49 at bus stop. plenty of sunshine to go around. subtle. there are some extra clouds up above. i think that has been our saving grace through the overnight hours, just enough cloud cover to keep temperatures from really beginning to bottom out. it's cool, yeah. re are the temperatures into the 40s. easily we could have been a few points lower. we still have another hour to go before we settle in to the morning low temperatures. 46 in pompano beach significant. 47 in pembroke pines. holding steady now for the last two hours at 50 in miami. i don't think this will turn out to be the coldest morning of th winter season. bottom line, there's a chill in the air this morning. we thankfully don't have a windchill to contend with. winds at this pointless than 5
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it's much cooler this morning than it was sunday morning. sunday was a nice preview. it will take time to waa up, even by the lunch hour, still shy of 60 degrees. heading into mid 60s this afternoon. future temperatures through today staying into the mid 60s. that's the best we can do. sunshine is with us and it will be with us for the next few days. tonight, lows into the mid 50s. maybe not quite as cool. we get a resurgence of cooler air that keeps us locked in and this very refreshingeather trend. first alert weather for your monday. sunny skies and 46 on the morning drive. high today at 66. the next few days looking great. tomorrow, 68. remember forcing shot of cooler air, lows in t t upper 40s, wednesday and thursday. mid 60s for highs, 70s on friday and saturday. kelly, i added the minder in there on sunday for valentine's day.
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good morning to you, south florida. if you're headed out the door on i-95 southbound, this is your drive into the golden glades interchange at u.s. 441. no accidents being reported now on i-95. the turnpike or the palmetto expressway in this area. we do have one crash on the palmetto, let's take you over to the maps and show you where it's at. southbound on sunset drdre.e. emergency crews are block the ririht lane. not causing any delays now. if it doesn't clear up soon t might affect your morning commute. broward county, accident-free. good news for you broward county drivers. cypress creek road to 595, eight minutes. under a ten-minute commute from flamingo road to 441. julia bagg is live4with new information in broward beach.
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was stabbed here on south beach at some point overnight here. we have moved around the block for you, we spotted some polole activity here this morning as well, just in the last few minutes. we saw the police officers taking pictures in front of an apartment complex here. they have the crime scene unit parked outside of this building where we are now on pennsylvania avenue in between 10th street and 11th street. let me tell you more about what officers just told me. they said that this manan was stabbed and he was taken to the hospital. i asked how he was doing. he was able to speak. he was talking to officers before he left for the hospital. here's something else. we spoke with thea hotel worker who said he spotted a guy running with a knife down the street. officers confirmed they have one man detained. they're talking to him right now. stay with nbc 6, stay close to the nbc 6 news and weather app.
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police and get bck to you with what i find out. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. from gaga to queen b, the commercials at the super bowl have people talking. anan we are getting our first
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say social media is buzzing this morning over the performances at the super bowl. >> lady gaga is getting her praise of the national anthem. the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air >> well done, right?
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song to sing from the best singers in the world. hitting all the right notes, powering through the star spangled banner. mother monster brought her bold, patriotic style wearing t tt red glittery jumpsuit, red eye shadow. blue nail polish. >> and powerhouse beyonce stealing the halftime show headlines with her performance and das moves. coldplay started it off with a look at super bowl's past, present and future. yonce then had a sing off with bruno mars to "uptown funk" and at the end beyonce announced her world tour. guess where it kicks off? right here in south florida on april 27th at marlins park. tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. the super bowl ads also trending
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especially mountain dew's puppy monkey baby comhmercial. the creepy creature getting mixed reviews. some people tweeting it was the best thing they sawuring the super bowl. others saying the puppy monkeyey baby was something from nightmares. i agree with that. e of the all time great dolphins players eats some wings, gets his oove on. >> we're talking about dan marino appearing in amazon's first ever super bowl commercial. he poked a little fun at himself. >> breaded wings? you're blowing it, bro. >> how many championships has dan marino won? >> dan marino has won zero championships. >> alexa, how many oscars has alec baldwin won? >> alec baldwin has won -- >> siri doesn't lie, just fyi. >> alec baldwin calls marino out for his super bowl performance and marino makes sure to return it. all the sass we back and forth between a whole lot of people.
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points with that chicken wing. don't mess with him. he's a pretty competitive guy, so we shouldn't expect anything less from that dolphins great. >> missy elliott was in the video. there were so many great people in that. that was awesome. 6:26 is the time police just confirming a stabbing took place in miami beach. julia bagg is on the scene. her update in a few minutes. and more than two days later rescue crews continue to pull survivors from the rubbll of an earthquake in taiwan. feeling the ill this morning across south florida. miami the warm location at this hour, 58 degrees. otherwise, clear skies and 47 in opa-locka.
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on our way up to the mid 60s welcome back. your time is 6:30. back to that breaking news out of miami beach. >> julia bagg is the first reporter at the scene. you just confirmed some information with police about 15 minutes ago. what can you tell u >> reporter: i just spoke with police again and they ara telling me they're not sure that they have the right guy. they're still trying to figure that out. let's show you whatat was happening here a short while ago in front of this apartment complex on pennsylvavaa avenue between 10th and 1111 street. this is where we saw officers tang pictures. you can see their presence around here and they're a block away over on washington as well. that's where they have an area that is cordoned off with crime scene tape. it is also where i spoke with a saw. he said he saw somebody dashing down the street. me.
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he was bloody, too. >> what did you see after that? >> cops coming here immediately afterwards. >> look overhead at scene here on miami beach. that hotel employee also told me that he saw cops catch up with that man just down the block. but again, police just telling me right now they cannot confirm whether they have the guy that they are after. the person they believe is responsible for this stabbing. ck out here live, as far as that person taken to the spital, police tell me he was speaking. it appears heould be okay, but they have not confirmed his exact con. we'reorking to get you more details. stay with nbc 6 and stay close to our nbc 6 news and weather app. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> we will talk to you again in a couple minutes. on to the next story, that's the tumbling tperatures we're waking up to this monday. south florida definitely
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depending on where you live, you cou be waking up to temperatures in the 40s. >> let's send it over to meteorologist ryan phillips in the forecast center with more on this cold snap. >> good morning to you. monday morning. temperatures into the 40s. clear skies up above will yield a whole lot of sunshine. that won't necessarily take the chill offffirst thing this morning. live look into ft. lauderdale. beautiful shot indeed. i'll show you what it looks like to the east here in a moment. here are the updated readreadings. oakland park the cool location at 45. a host ofof 46 degree readings. pompano beach, west kendall, florida city and homestead holding steady at 50 in mimi. by the way, ft. lauderdale you're at 49. it's one of the cocoer mornings we've had this winter season. we had a few passing clouds overnight. may have helped us keep the temperatures from bottoming out. no rain by the way in your first alert forecast. beautiful skies like this will greet you as you head out.
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i'll@say chilly. not record breaking, but well below average. 46 this morning to 66 this afternoon. it will be a slow clii to get there. we should hit 66 about 2:00 or . partly cloudy skies the rule, but we're not done with the cool temperatures yet. the first alert for a week's worth of wetather coming up yet. >> good morning to you, julia bagg gave us the latest information on this. 10th street is blocked off between washihiton and pennsylvania. traffic is getting by on the other side streets. you want to avoid these couple of blocks. lel's switch over now to our maps, palmetto expressway southbound at sunset drive. southwest 72nd avenue, emergency crews blocking the right lane because of an accident with injuries. starting to see some delays because of that. we did have another accident on
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northwest 25th street, another one by flagler street. both pof those crashes are off to the right shoulder. 6:34. new for you this morning, our robbery suspects. look at this. these mugshots just into the newsroom a few hours ago. police say these four people led them on a wild choice across two cities that ended in a huge crash. it started when a woman was ambushed, she says, in a parking lot in miami beach. she was mugged along harding the suspects led a chase to miami shores where thehecrashed hit the gas. >> neighbor's called me. >> what did they say? >> they said what's going on out there? i said what are you talking about? they said there's seven police cars out there. i said good, i'll have a look. >> someme question marks around this one. some neighbor's are confused on how they got away, because that accident happened on a o weigh street in and out of that
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later in hialeah. south korea has fired warning shots at a north korea boat one day after the u.n. banned satellite launch. the south also broadcast messages over a loud speaker at a patrol boat after it crossed a boundary in the sea. t maritime boundary was drawn uf after the koreanar in the 1950s. look at some of this intense video. that's a hit and run. that's whh you're seeing there, a car slams into a parked vehicle and somehow everyone survives the accident. people were trying to load into that blue car. this morning a couple people trying to get into that car are still in the hospital. the driver is still out there somewhere. michael spears is live at jackson memorial hospital. michael that video is tough to watch, but incredibly, based upon the harsh impact there were no fatalities. but some people behind you at
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we learned in morning that two of the five victims have been released and, you know, this hit and run truly a near death experience for these victims recovering at the hospital. police tell us they have identified the suspected hit-and-run driver as 30-year-old jse calzadilla. as of this morning he's still not turned himself in. watch this video again. when you watch t you get a sense of what you said, they're truly lucky to be alive. policeelieve jose was behind the wheel of the white mercedes seen in this videde plowing into the back of another car. the group of five had stopped at a liquor store. they were parked, again, when that suv who they say jose was behind the wheel of sped and plowed into that car. now, as far as that vehicle, police found the suv a few blocks away at a home. but that driver was gone. we caught up with some of the victim family members, they say
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the car before he took off and they have a strong message for him this morning. left them there. when he got there, he said what is this? my niece told me, what is this? >> turn yourself in, please. i'm begging you to do it i'm praying for you that you do do it. my daughter and friend and neb else nobody else derves what you did. >> miami police have identified the five victims hurt in th crash. you can read more about them on the nbc 6 news and weather app. the suspected driver is still on the run. if you know where he may be that can lead police to an arrest, give detectives a call, call crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. >> michael, thank y/u very much. pope francis heading to cuba this week. he'll arrive in havana on friday for a meeting with the russian orthodox church. we told but thh last week this move comes after 1,000 years of separation beten the western and eastern branches of
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you may be wondering why cuba is the chosen meeting place. uba is actually seen as a neutral ground for both churches. breaking for you overnight, a rough ride for papaengers on a royal caribbean cruise. nbc 6 watching new video streaming in from social media overnight from passengers on board the anthem of the seas after getting rocked by stormy waters. we got a statement from royal caribbean about everything that happened on board. we'll have that for you in the big six, the six stories you need to know before you head out the door today. now that the game is over, the question turns over to the broncos peyton manning. hear what he says about retiring. >> beautiful skies across the area. how about this, a live look over port miami. first light on the horizon. 25 minutes or so go before we hit sunrise. upper 40s will do it this morning.
6:32 am
we're dry this afternoon with temperatures in the mid 60s. does&this cool stuff stick around? we'll tell you about it coming up. >> things are getting busy out there if you're headed out the door on the turnpike, you have a 14-minute ride from coral reef drive to tamiami trail, traffic moving along at7 miles per hour. 826 drivers, bird road to the dolphin express way, four mutes.
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curve to the the latest on that breaking news coming to us out of miami beach. our team keeping you updated on the air on our app and social media. a stabbing not far from pennsylvania avenue and tenth streeton miami beach. one person is in custody, police re not sure if they have the right guy or not. they're still trying to figure things out. julia bag is along with them. we'll have an update from her in a couple minutes. as we deal with some colder
6:34 am
florida style, new england is preparing for a big bliliard. mike seidel is live in plymouth, massachusetts. good morning. we are talking more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> yes, following more than a foot of snow on friday in parts of southeast mass, we're under a blizzard warning in plymouth county, the cape, martha's vineyard, up in boston they're under a winter storm warning. not expecting to get quite the wind. already this morning winds have gusted to 49 miles per hour, winds coming off the north atlantic. it is snowing mildly out in the cape. here we are expecting 8 to 12 inches of snow. 5 to 8 in boston. airlines have canceled 250% of
6:35 am
also laguardia, new york, has been hit hard, they cananled 20% of flights. we have the wind a a snow. that will continued. the wrarnarning goes until 7:00. as far as the new hampshire primary there will be some snow in manchester but not nearly as much or as much wind we will deal with. this is where i was standing last year for two of the big blblzzards, the snow drifts were this high. we won'n' have the issue of the surge coming into the back of the restaurant like we had last ye in late january. boston until last week had ten inches of snow all season. they did not get first flakes until christmas. they doubled that snowfall or tripled it in rhode islandlast friday, we'll do it again. just when they thought they could get throroh the winter easier, they have. not nearly as bad asast year's 110 inches, we have another one coming in today. schools are closed. this a four-day weekend for
6:36 am
massachusetts. eric and sheli? >> i'm sure the students donon mind that. thanks, mike. a lot of people in south florida making sure to grab their winter gear a sweater or jacket. it's a chilly start to the morning here, too. if you are embracing it, starting off the morning early walking the streets. we caught up with one guy this morning. take a look. >> i come back in july, it's better. better. >>ably probably july, he said. snow birds are like, come on, it's not supposed to be like this. >> this is probably the second coolest morning we had so far this winter season. what i like about this cool pattern, not record breaking, but it sticks around for a few days. wait until the afternoon, you'll say it was c col this morning, but at the bus stop making sure
6:37 am
light breeze out there. mostly sunny skies are the rule. it will take time to warm us up. 45 to 49 first thing this morning make sure the kids are dressed appropriately. pick up time, about 63 3 66 will do it. quick run down here. temperature trend running below average all week long. i don't foresee any records being broken. you will feel that cool chill in the air. also a rain-free forecast. nice to settle into a pattern like that which we have not seen so far in 2016. sprrg about six weeks away. live look outside. first light on the horizon, about 15 minutes or so away from sunrise. it will b a brilliant one. another perspective here looking up towardshe triple a and biscayne bay, just beautiful colors here. we had a few high, thing clouds come in. it may have been our s sing grace overnight. temperatures at 47 in pembroke pines, opa-locka. 49 in ft. lauderdale, 50 in miami. in abouteight minutes, another update. before we close the show out
6:38 am
walking out the door with at 7:00. light winds out of the southwest. so no windchill this morning. breeze northwesterly 10 to 15 today. 67 to 68 here in the island chains. below average. really nice weathehe though, for us. we enjoy the sunshine not just today b each and every day. we just have to contend with several cool morning. by 8:00 a.m., 48. lunch hour, 60. 66 this afternoon. normal high would take us into the mid 70s. tonight, not quite as cool. lows at 55, but we make a quixck transition back into the 40s a reinforcing shot of cool air will keep us low. four days in a row with temperatures in the 40s. if you count yesterday that would bebe five. 68, 66.
6:39 am
and saturday a check of the drive now with kelly. you. thank you for joining us. making your way out the door, let's see what's going on. one accident and one accident that's cleared out of the way. no major delays. emergency crews are block the right lane on the palmetto southbound. you can see it's green. so no delays because of that accident. we h`d an earlier crash on the palmetto, that was blocking your right lane. now it's finally off the shoulder. this is northbound around northwest 25th street. rnpike drivers f you're, if you're headed out the door, we are seeing delays. typical morning tie-ups. traffic moving along at 34 miles per hour around southwest 88th street. coral reef drive to tamiami trail, 14 minutes. 836 drivers, traffic moving around 33 miles per hour leaving you with a seven-minute commute from the big cucuve to okeechobee road. this morning police are
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police say the duo robbed a car havana. the victim said he was confronted by two men with knives, about six feet tall and weighing about 170 pounds. if you have any information about this crime, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471- 305-471-8474. off last week because of a crane collapse is expected to open this morning. officials are trying to figure out what caused that construction crane to collapse and kill one person in new york city on friday. the construction crew was directing people away from that area as the crane was beinin lowered when it went down. that's when the boom collapsed killing a pedestrian and hurting three other people. so far, though, inspectors say they have found no problems with the crane itself, but they're still looking into the crane's computer. the death toll climbs after a powerful earthquake struck taiwan.
6:41 am
killed, almost all of them were in one apartment building levele by the quake. nearly 500 people have been injured. another 121 are unaccounted for. the earthquake was recorded at magnitude 6.4. the president of italy will be in washington, d.c. today. he's going to be hosted at white house later this afternoon. the leaders say they will be sitting down to talk about a lot of things, but namely areas of mutual interests, things like defeating isis. they're also expected to talk about their views on economic development in rope. we have new video this morning of a suspected terrorist in somalia who set off an explosion and created a huge hole inside of a plane's cabin. we told you about this story last week. look at this video here. it shows two men on the right of the screenenhere handing over a laptop computer to theuspected suicide bomber just after he passed the securty checkpoint. the laptop exploded on the jetliner mid flight over africa last week. there you go.
6:42 am
male passenger wawasucked out of the plane and forced the landing. we know six people have been arrested in connection to this blast. hopefully you were not planning on getting chipolte for launch today. it's not going to happen, at least not today. all of the restaurants in the nation will be closed today until 3:00 this afternoon. they are all closing their doors so employees at every restaurant can attend a food safety meeting. the chain isisow tightening procedures after recent outbreaks of e. coli and fur neurovirus at some restaurants. some of their competitors are hoping to capitalize on chipolte's down time. they'll have some special promotions this afternoon. the victory parade for the broncos in denver is set to happen officially tomorrow. >> the game was all broncos from start to finish. the big story was denver's
6:43 am
turnovers two of which resulted in touchdowns. the big question on fans minds is whether this was peyton manning manning's last game. manning says he will take the time to reflect. >> i will kiss my wife, kiss my fans, drink a lot of beer tonight. >> getting together with friends and family to watch the super bowl is one of america's forite traditions. what was your favorite part of this year's big game? headdver to the nbc 6 facebook page and chime in. a guy running with a knife. he was bloody, too. >> he was covered. they caught him on that opposite corner. >> police in miami beach are
6:44 am
happened off of washington avenue. >> we'll talk with julia bagg coming up in a minute. first we're getting a good look at a quartet of armed robbery suspects. wild chase across two cities that ended in a nasty crash. it started when a woman was miami beach. the suspects were found in hialeah. police are getting closer to catching the driver who sent five people to the hospital. calzadilla, and investigators say he rear-ended a car that was parked at a liquor store in miami. two of the victims are still in the hospital. breaking for you overnight, passengers breathing easier after royal caribbean's anthem of the seas got caught in some stormy weather off the carolina coast. rcl putting out a statement saying the ship itself is not damaged. just some furniture tossed around it will pull into port canaveral around noon.
6:45 am
watching an anti discrimination bill. it will be heard for the first time in a decade. the state senate judiciary committee will vote on the bill today. and gas prices continuing to drop. prices down almost 10 crepts, now averaging $1.82 a gallon nationwide for regular unleaded in south florida we found $1.72 a gallon in kendall. analysts say prices could continue to fall if crude oil costs continue to fall. >> south florida brand-new accident and it is a traffic alert alert. it will be affecting your morning ride. look out your screen, you're seeing a lot of delays because of the crash there that's bloblgck two of the lanes. this is northbound where we have the accident, and southbound just the typical morning tie-ups. no accidents reports at this time. headlights and taillights both really busy, this is around the
6:46 am
express lanes looking better. if you have some change, take those express lanes. king your way out the door on the palmetto expressway southbound from the big curve to okeechobee, seven-minute ride. we had an accident on the palmetto expressway northbound. that accident is finally starting to clear up. you can see there no delays around the area of sunset drive. to your first alert forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> kelly, thank you. a very crisp start to our morning. mostly clear skies. a few clouds up above this morning not producing any rain. stuck at 50 at m.i.a. with light winds. we'll see if temperatures will update. sunshine will slowly warm us out of the mid 40s this morning. 45 in pompano beach, 48 in ft.
6:47 am
that's where we begin this morning. it will take some time to climb. we should have a 20 degree spread this afternoon. taking all morning to fight the chill off and get us to 59t 11:00 a.m. 66 is yo first alert forecast high for today. mid 60s to start the week. then we have some 68 degree, 69 degree readings for tuesday. wednesday, 65, another shot of cooler air coming in sending us back into the 40s for wednesday and thursday. sun sign, cool sunshine, cool temperatures all week long. nice weather, not record breaking, but a nice, cool change. >> wehave a quick update on that bricking news from julia bagg.
6:48 am
been stabbed at is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. sit for more scrumptious recipes.
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good morning. rocky mountain high. >> pressure and cuts.
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>> the denver broncos win the
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