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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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collective sigh of relief when learning she was just fine and the car she was in was found. investigators want to find the man who was behind the wheel and drove away with her inside. a couple is holding their baby a little closer tonight. the 10-month-old wads foes the focus of a three-hour search. we are happy to have her back, her mother says even though it was a terrifying long moment, it's over. lopez says she left the baby in her green chevy cruz with the engine running as she dropped clothes off at 4:00monday. police say this man, who was captured on video inside stole the car with the child inside. employees called 911. >> she was terrified. she was very scared.
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detectives six miles north. the c was abandoned with the baby safe inside. canine units tried to track the suspect. the car was towed for evidence. she tried to explain why she left her daughter in the car alone. it was one or two seconds, she said. i didn't want to wake her up. now investigators are focused on trying to find this man. detectives showed his photo to neighbors hoping someone would recognize him. they say he's in his 20s and may live nearby. it doesn't hurt to take another look at these photos. these were taken inside of the man a few minutes before he took off with the car. if you recognize him, you're urged the could crime stoppers. the most important thing is this 10-month-old is just fine
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we're following breaking news out of miami beach where lice are investigating a homicide and miami beach police tell us they will be at the flamingo apartment building overnight. we have more on the gruesome discovery made inside. >> reporter: police will be here all night looking for leads. this is the second time that homicide has responded. police got a call from security about a body in one of the units. security reported that two small children said their mother was assaulted inside their apartment. when investigators arrived, they found her body. >> we have several services in route. our number within priority is apprehendsed this criminal and the well being of the children. >> i'm really shocked. i can't believe this is
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beach. >> reporter: police wereot able to provide information about a suspect. this could be domestic but everything is on the table. thank you. here's is live look outside now where south florida is feeling the effects of a cold front. it looks like we will be in pattern of cooler temperatures for the next few days. how about it, john? >> we have cool temperaraures this morning in south florida. in spots in the 40s. as you can see mid-40s abounded across the area including north miami beach with a reading of 46. i'll show you these other temperatures around the area. 50s were observed in the florida keys. ft. lauderdale international
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miami stayed at 50 and what's notable about that is that leaves miami with only one sub-50 degree readinghis entire winter season. normally by this time of year te would have had seven nights with temperatures under 50 degrees. it's been warm and these spells of cooler weather have been far, few and far between. now one notable thing about this weekend, it really looks like we're getting typeof weather pattern that can be described as our dry season. it's not been so dry so far. this week it's going to be dry. we'll have the series of cold fronts but none will bring rain. instead, keep us below average all this week. back to you. john, thank you. more breaking news now. a very basic tiff scene at memorial hospital merrimar. a portion was shut down for several hours. lauraodriguez joins us live with the details. people were being turned away from the e.r. there.
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i saw one man turned away. he was in pretty bad shape and asked to go to another hospital. the e.r. was shut down for two hours. things are back to normal. fire officials are saying inging it was a false alarm. a patient came in complaining of symptoms. the call came in about a person that may have been exposed to an unknown substance. the e.r. was shut down in an abundance of caution. fire officials told us the patient was put in isolation. all emergency calls were rerouted to other areas and five units responded to the scene. >> we always want to treat these hazardous materials as something very serious. >> reporter: again, memorial hospital in miramar given the
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the e.r. is running. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. the clock is ticking to the new hampshire primary and the candidatete are taking advantage of every moment. many of them turning to social feed media to make sure their message is heard. we're lez than an hour away from voters. you're looking at live pictures of the voters already lining up getting ready for midnight. nbc 6 political reporter is a busy day out on the campaign trail. >> reporter: a busy day. also a busy night. this was marco rubio'o' last stop before the polls open tomorrow morning. there's been a whole lot of talk up until this point.
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it's the eve of the new hampshire primaries and the words are as fiery as ever with donald trump repeating one of hh supporters words in describe rival candidate, ted cruz. >> i never expect to hear that fr you again. i never expect to hearthat from you again. terrible. continues to brush back criticism that he hardly strays from his talking points. >> let's dispelel from this fiction that obamabarack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> you repeated the same thing four times. >> i'll say it again. barack obama is doing damage to this country. >> reporter: friend and competitors are turning on him. bernie sanders maintains a
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>> i'm here today to ask your support to join with us in making that political revolution. >> reporter: former president bill clinton has opinion high profile in new hampshire stomping for wife hillary. >> you think he's been unfair to her? >> i think he's been inaccurate. >> reporter: with rachel maddow, clinton talked out reports she's shaking up her campaign staff. >> we're going to stock. it would be malpractice to say what works? what do we have to do new and different that we have to pull out? >> reporter: bernie sanders and donald trump are expected to win big here tomorrow on the gop side. theuestion is who comes in second and how close will that candidate get. th polls open at 7:00 and close at 7:00. >> nbc 6 political reporter contntues live from new hampshire for tomorrow's
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police identify a south florida man who may have just snapped. he's facing a long list charges for dangerous behavior that no one has opinion able to explain so far. he's in this video using a sword to take swings a t a clerk on sunday. the clerk suffered a cut on the hand. earlier, police say that walker went to a shell gasstation in a ford ranger he carjacked and attacked m an using a metal rod he pulled from his pocket. police say that the men who were attacked by walker were treated and releaseded walker is being held without bond on several charges, including attempted murder. an emotional reunion for a cuban father waiting for his 6-year-old son to arrive in the united #tates. little samuel gonzalez sprinted into his dad's arms at miami international airport for a long awaited hug. the 6-year-old has a heart
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in costa rica and his mother. he mailed medicine to the little boy in central america and greeted him as he took his first steps on u.s. toil. he and his younger brother slipped away from their hotel. the deture was confirmed by the newaper. they will try to lawn mp careers in major colleague baballs in the u.s. more than 200 players have left over the last two years in hopes of landing major league kreegcareers. five people injured in hit and run accident andthe driver is still not behind bars. a nightmare. thousands aboard one of the largest cruise ships are shaken as they sail right into a powerful storm making for high drama on the high seas. making history.
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new coach who happepe to be do you have a comment at all? >> tho comment. >> few words from the attorney as they met with miami police for the first time this morning. this white suv belonged to him. the car barrelled into five young people on the sidewalk and in the chevy early saturday morning before speeding off. >> we're still confident he's our man. >> reporter: the accident caught on surveillance video shows the suv slamming into the chevy and injuring five people. two young women broke theiregs
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>> i was about to get in the car. i was scared. it happened to fast. i didn't see it coming. >> reporter: he's not under arrest but one victim wants justice. >> he's got an attorney. he's lying. i guessss he don't want to be honest. he got out the car and said what is this, got back in his car and took off. >> reporter: his attorney said he's merely cooperating at this time. >> cooperating with the investigation. right now, there's no reason to believe he was the driver. >> reporter: the blue chevy was parked on the street illegally and that could play a factor into this investigation. take a look right behind me. it's hard to make out. you can see the rough waters. a royal caribbean cruise ship encountered these rough waters
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travel plans and go back to new jersey. during their time at sea, ssengers captured mother nature as she rocked the boat and toppled furniture inside. four people werehurt but thot seriously. all passengers will get a refound plus 50% off their next cruise. : deputies are looking for a creepy intruder who riddled car with bults. one bullet struck the car's trunk and four more struck the driver's side. if you know anything about this crime, call police. the football coaching staff at south florida high school is getting a celebrity makeover at making history in the process. the newhead football coach is the first woman to be the head
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program in state history. reality tv. the first head coach is luther campbell of too live crew. >> i'll show you we can do it just as much as anything else. >> in e neighborhood she's a legend. she's always been the girl in the neighborhood that played football. >> luke spent the last two years as defensive coordinator at miami north. so far this dry season we had the longest stretch of dry weather just five days.
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december 15th through the 19th. think this week we'll have a streak longer than five days without rain. we'll get used to this image. our deliver doppler alert radar without any precipitation. let's look at temperatures in south florida. i know there's a chillll in the air. it's 57 right now in kendall. last night's low was 47 degrees. it's not gng to be as cold tonight. 60 right now. compared to 24 hours ago we're running five to eight degrees above where we were. tonight it's not going to expect this is important. we have a wind flow coming in from the west. this week. whether he not have the marine and increase our in chances. that's part of the reason we won't be seeing any rain. this first front has some precipitation with it. you can see the showers are few and far between.
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not exxcted to yield rain and then a second frontal system will cross through south florida just reenforcing the cooler air that' already in place. as we zoom into our area, you'll see we have some high clouds now crossing from the gulf of mexico into south florida. that means that we'll see less sunshine. a lot of time these clolos tend to be thin. they will filter out the sun but allow for a good day to be out there. no rain is expected. high of 67 tomorrow. again, a few clouds around. you can see no rain ross the metro area or the florida keys. a lot of th clouds you can almost make them out that way on our future tracker for tomorrow. high temperaturere only 67 degrees.
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wednesday when we'll have the second front move through. once the second frontal system moves through, dryry out rain. our temperaturesill cool further. another shot at being in the 40s like we were this morning. an afternoon high of only 65 on thursday despite the full soon. temperatures tenddto moderate as we get into the valentine's day weekend. notice, not a drop of rain in my forecast for the next seven days. >> we like the sound of that. now to video that may be hard to watch. the teen allegedly behind the brutal attack you'rereabout the see is expected to turn himself p. >> knock him out. knock him out. >> police want to get the 17-year-old off the street for that disgusting sucker pun mp of an elderly man. new jersey. the video exploded online this week. cops say they recognized him
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they've had contact with him before. they think he attacked for no reason at all. >> what has society come to when we're going to stand there and take a swing at somebody. we're not going to tolerate that in our city. >> that was rude. that man wasn't doing nothing to him. he just hit him like that. >> police say thee boy's 16-year-old friend who shot the video has already turned himself in. no word yet on who the victim is or how he's doii. >> more than rude. that was disturbing. coming up, meet the man who stole the field at the super bowl. amazang video of a paratrooper being rcued. how he ended up stuck on the power power pole. another live look in new hampshire where voters are about 40 minutes away from casting ballots in the primary. you can seeome of the town's nonregistered voters are not quite there but they are lining up outside to get ready. another live look here.
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first nine registered voters in this town. that's why this thing is so important. everyone is expected to hit the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference tween making noise,
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and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip servrve. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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this is one ompnly in florida stories. a live gator through wendy's drive through window. he pulled up for his order and after the server handed over, he
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truck and tossed the gator. james faces charges of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. canal. a paratrooper hit a snag while training in florida. these show him hanging out, but not by choice. he was skydiving when he drifted from his squad and got stuck on a power poll. he missed the power linn. crews had to cut power before they could safely bring him down. mana female football fans sound found themselves asking what game. we were -- i mean they were distracted thanks to this guy. social media declaring 51-year-old nebraska lawyer the real winner of last night's s super bowl. the hashtag hot ref is still trending. you'll have to admire from the sidelines becauseseot ref has a
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i don't know why i kept stumbling on that. >>atching the game with your husband last night. >> oh, no. a great defensive game. >> well done. >> thank you very much. controversy.
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we'll show you that coming up. there's pattern developing for the florida panthers. it happened twice. tonight was the get crushed portion of that pattern. second period. . no penalty call. that's ridiculous. then the second of two goals. mckenzie had to get the pay back. detroit wins the game any way.
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he just stares into the camera. you wonder what he's not saying.
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clip, a tr of giant pandas are stealing the spotlight. >> they are the wrld's only panda triplets. they though how to soak up all the attention. >> always so cute to watch. >> they're pandas, of course. always so cute. >> really are. >> what is it about pandas? john, fially. >> what a strange dry season this has been. wve had rain almost every day. this week we're not going to have rain. this hasn't happened since last dry season. probably hasn't happened since last march. getting a stretch of more than five days without rain. again, it's been a long time since thisis happened. >> it has been. >> feels so good. >> it does. >> 40s on thursday too. >> another shot at the 40s. i like the nighttime
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