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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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miles an hour. 58 is the coldest we'll be seeing in kendall. dade and broward county will sit sitting in the lower 50s by tomorrow morning. it's close to 60 degrees. we need to drop about 8 degrees, maybe 7 by tomorrow morning to experience these readings. morrow night we'll probably be dropping into the 40s all over south fl pl. those details come up in a few minutes. back to you.
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and donald trump tonight. on the republican side donald trump came in first with 35% of the vote. governor john kasich coming in second with 16%. in third, senator ted cruz with 12%. >> for the democrats, bernie sanders crushed hillarar clinton by about 20 percentage points. he pulle off the huge win in first in the nation primary. >> nbc 6 is everywhere and political reporter joins us live from manchester new hampshire with more. >> good evening live tonight inside manchester comomnity college. this is where jeb bush held his watch party. he did not expect to win here in new hampshire. donald trump did win big tonight, enjoyed a sizable lead. listen to what his told his supporters earlier tonight. >> rewe are going to make america great again. we're going to beat china, japan.
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we're going to beat all of these questions that are taking so much of our money away from us. it's not going to happen anymore. >> bernie sanders supporters came out the droves. moments after the polls closed, nbc news projected sanders the winner. he has a ton of steam going into south carolina and nevada. >> what began last week in iowa be voters nea in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> hillary clinton has been
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the past few weeks. sheill founow shift her focus to other states. she told supporters she will always love the people of new hampshire. >> here's what we're going to do. now we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in everystate. we're going to fight for real solutions that makak a real difference in people's lives. >> the two hometown candidates from miami dade county, senator marco rubio and jeb bush have work ahead of them. a second place finish would have done them some good moving forward in this contest but that did not happen. listen to their message to their supporters. >> we don't win this election, my children and yours will not inherit the greatest nation i i the history of the world, which is what our parents and grandparents love for us. tonight, we did not wind up where we wanted to be, that does
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wind up at the end of this. new hampshire. you've given me the chance to go to sth carolina where we're going to do really well. thanks to you all. today. i was at polling place in manchester where the elections officials there were very impressed with the 50% turn out and they weren't evenlose to counting all the ballots. the number was expected to go much higher. as the polls closed, lines stmped long. people were waiting at polling places and people were waiting in their cars to get into the voting sites. john kasich stunning with coming in second on republican side. that couldde a game changer moving into the south carolina
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on february 20th. >> look for results, speeches galleries. we're following breaking news out of the of miami beach. police are once again investigateing at the flamgo condos tonight. >> reporter: just yesterday police were here. tonight we learn frd a spokesperson with the miami beach police department that officials say they received some sort of threat via the internet. that required them to bring in a third party to investigate here. here's some video shot around 10:00. you can see a lot ofof police in the area surrounding the fla
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thousands of people live. one person i just stoke to said seeing this kind of thing bck to back, a lot of questions in terms of what might have happened tonight. the answer is in short, we don't have all the information. police are working to find out if the threat is credible. that caselabl labeled a do miley cyrusic -- domestic. you can see no police basic tifrt tivity at front of the apartments. we just shot video of a lot of officers out here. there's been activity for sure within the last hour.
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outside on the outside of the building things have wrapped up. there is some sort of investigation. we know, however, according to police, whatever is happening right now is not related to what happened yesterday. we know those two events are unrelated. miami beach police say they are working to find out if it's credible. internet. that's all we know now. we will update you online. i'm reporting live on miami beach, nbc 6 news. new details surrounding an investigation at one of south florida's largest health systems. an employee may be responsible for a massive security breach. nbc 6 learned she's worked at
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is on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. she's accused of stealing personal information like names, birth dates and home addresses. staff will nonofy affected patients of the situation and offer free credit mopnitoring. now to a story you saw first at 6. the mall flasher is behind bars charged with several counts of indecent exposure. nbc 6 reporter is live from the jail tonight with more on the accused flasher. >> reporter: so far four women have come forward claiming to be
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there could be more victims. known for exposing himself repeatedly to women, this accused flasher covered up for the cameras tuesday ninit. he wore a hoodie until the last moment he stepped into jail. miami dade police detectives say he flashed men on at least three occasions since december 29th. in the parking lot of dade lane mall off kendall drive. he would lift himself in the driver seat and expose himself to victims. the women doesn't just turn away in disgust, they got crucial evidence for police. >> one of the witnesses was able to get the tag of the subject on one of the incidents which led detectives to the home of jose. >> reporter: all four victims say he exposed himself the same way three times but in two different cars. a gold cadillac, suv and a white dodge charger. get this, both vehicles are
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she helped police put him i i a lineup where, according to detectives, two out of three victims positively identified him. aftereeks this hiding, he is finally exposed. investigators say if you recognize him and you think you were victimized by him call miami dade police. so far he faces three counts of indecent exposure. he'll go before a judge in the morning. happening ririht now, police are on the look out for a missing woman last seen yesterday. take a good look at your screen here. they are looking for is woman, 21-year-old karen wright. she's 5'7", 125 pounds. she was wearing a black, long sleeve shirt, navy blue pants when she disappeared. if you've seen her or know where she night be, contact police.
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the man behind this violent rampage is behind bars. one of the victims spoke out. >> i'm 81 years of age. >> black and blue bruises and 18 stitches all over his face. douglas is grateful for his life after he was attacked out of nowhere. surveillance video shows the elderly man being hit overand over again by a plan holding a pole. >> his hand was behind his back. i didn't know he had anything in his hand p. he just struck me over the head. >> reporter: his brave wife even tried to step in. >> when you see your husband being attacked, it's the only thing you think about doing. >> reporter: cops say this man, 22-year-old javon walker was behind the attack.
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after a mental evaluation is expected to appear in bond court on wednesday.y. surveillance video shows walker grab a sword from a display boboh and he started swinging like crazy. he doesn't let up as the victim tries to fends him off. thatvictim, was injured but is expected to be okay. meanwhile, he says he forgives him and just wants him to get help. sdp walker is facing charges of attempted murder, carjacking and possession of marijuana. still ahead, family's teen. >> hear a mother's plea. drug dates, a south florida woman behind bars after police say she drug and stole from her date. no rain acrosos the metro
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next, meet bu welcome wac. a puppy with a severe skin disease is now in the hands. the images may be difficult to watch. laura rodriguez has buster's story. >> reporter: a local rescue group tells me buster was dropped off at miami dade county animal services. when they saw what condition he was in, they knew he needed help immediately. >> i call it the will to live. >> reporter: he's a puppy in recovery. little fur, extremely malnourished and connected to ivs. >> the siegts of him tore our hearts out. >> reporter: they rescue 100 abandoned dogs saw a photo of him on the miami dade animal services website and rushed over to pick him up.
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case of abuse. he's just the worst. >> reporter: buster is now at the vet specialists receiving emergency treatment. this is a photo of buster when he was r%scued sunday and now two days later, he's this better shape. >> he was a happy dog underneath what he looks like. i knew that once we got him skin condition fixed an we got him some good food and good nutrition he would be a good pet for sebody. >> reporter: the rescue group says it was listed as a stray at animal services but they plooef the owner surrendered him. although there's a long healing process in store for the dog, buster will soon need a loving homeme >> the dogs never give in. they just want a healthy, happy home. he's a really great dog. >> reporter: buster will be available for adoption once he's healthy. for more informatiom on adoption
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bound website, reporting in ft. lauderdale, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. a mother makes an emotitial plea from halfway around the world for the safe e turn of her teenage son who went missing in south florida. >> the tearful plea comes two months after the disappearance of her son. the teen ran away following an argument with his father and hasn't been seen since. the principal says he was well lled and hopes the seen hears his mother's message. >> it's gut wrenching. i'm glad to see it because maybe he will see that and know that he's loved and wanted, and he'll come out of hiding. >> his father was arrested last month at the airport when he was about to catch a flight to new zealand. he remains behind bars on
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a woman meets man, goes home with him, drugs him and makes off with the goods. williams m m the victim and convinced him to take her home where they continue drinkin the next day, the victim's rolex, cash and firearm re stolen. now detectives are trying to determine if the woman is connected to a similar case from the same night also in coral bles. no rain across the metro area. we'll probably now at the beginning of a long stretch of rain free days that will last until saturday.
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temperatures. 58 degrees both this homestead and kendall. it's 61 in miami and 60 in ft. lauderdale as well as pompano beach. we already have readings in the 30s in northern florida. 39 in jacksville. it's not quite as chilly in orlando. these are your weather headlines. we had a cold front come through today. it's a what produced the clouds and the gusty winds up to 33 miles an hour in brief gusts in kendall. our longest rain free stretch of this dry season which really hasn't been all that dry. now the front that came through is racing towards the east pretty far away from us at this time. we have this westerly wind flow. we will get this marine influence in our area.
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down. they don't yields rain. that's why i've got the partly to occasionally mostly cloudy skies this forecast for tomorrow. lele's take a look at tomorrow first. here's your future tracker at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. let's call it partly cloudy and mostly cloudy many the florida keys. remain cloudy in the lower keys, here we are into the middle afternoon, things tend to clear out for everybody for late in the day tomorrow. now, sunshine thursday. 68 degrees. the morning low on thursday morning will be the coldest this week. we're talking mid-40s. that's the real cold nigig in store for us.
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once we get past that, temperatures start moderate for friday, saturday and sunday. lows at 55 to about 57 degrees. there's a slight risk of a shower on valentine's day. today nbc universal telemundo enterprises on 21 acres of land which will beope to a new state of the art production facility in miami-dade. comcast will invest more than $250 million to bring all the difrent businesses of telemundo into one facility. the new dploegloball headquarters will include studios where news and sports will be produced. it's said to open doors in first quarter of 2018. a pair of passengers sto lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day.
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two airline passengers busted in new york. they were stopped with some dangerous items. agents say an 18-year-old woman had a razor blade hidden in her baseballllcap. they found more blades. both suspects are facing weapon charges..% they were stopped within 15 minutes of each other so it's not clear if they acted together. mplgt
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thousands of people celebrated fat tuesday today. many filled the streets with music andolorful costumes. a border patrol agent squared off with sticks in a battle. it's part of the honor guard. today is the final day of fat tuesday before ash wednesday. gusty winds proved too much for sailors taking part in olympic qualifiers in clear water beach. take a look at this. gail force winds caused three boats to capsize tossing their crews intotohe water. the coast guard searched the water to make sure everyone got okay. the wind forced race organizers to call off the competition. they are hoping for better weather. >> there'ssomething with them every game. last time he doesn't get to play in fourth quarter. that wasn't his choice. this time it wasn't his choice he got to leave early.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to soci security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant nonoe) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a four-point play. fouled oen a three.
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happened. throws an elbow at spurs big man. whiteside gets called for a flagrant two. he's ejected. the spurs get a seven-poinin possession. turns into a danny green three. heat made 57% of their shots. they stunk at everything else and they lose. miami hosting pitch. never see anything like this. sheldon beats the buzzer. is that a three? he jumped from behind the line. lands near the rim. that's a three-point basket. it's 63 all. now miami. seconds to go. sheldon misses the three. it's up for grabs. the little man, rodriguez,
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touched by an aael. tipped it in. smallest guy on the floor. on the ice, the panthers and buffalo great start for them. watch the ustle. it's 3-0 panthers first period. late in the second, he turns 44 monday. he's far from done. goes 739 of his career as e panthers take a 6-2 lead. they would cruise to a 7-4 win. still time for a fight. the panthers snap theirlosing streak. besides that fight and the other fight and the fight before that, he also had a goal and assist.
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tradition that still let's get it straight right here. i don't want my man getting upset here. he's going to break it down for you. tonight, go ahead, it's not going to be as cool tonight as it is tomorrow.
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