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tv   NBC 6 Impact with Jackie Nespral  NBC  February 14, 2016 9:30am-10:00am EST

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mate to congressional candidate, looking to make an impacton the political scene. now she's facing competition from inside democratic party in her effort to represent district 26. joining me now on "impact" to break down her race, thank you for joining us. >> good to be back. >> last time you were here, you were running as charlie crist's running mate and w congress, district 26, a swing seat, battlegund seat. why did you think now was the time for you to run for congress? >>first of all, there were so many experiences in ruing state wide, so many people i met that really needed us win. and it was such a narrow margin of a loss. that that night as i was realizing that we had lost, you realize e t that moment in time you're either done or you're not done fighting. as the daughter of a world war ii fighterer pilot, i definitely
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and we still need leaders that speak for us. so this is my area, the southern tip of miami-dade, and the florida keys is an area that i have always lived in, and it is an area that i believe needs a voice that truly represents the people, someone who has built a business from scratch, a mother who is working hard to put her kids through school, and someone who had to learn english and still persevered and turned a lot of negative experiences into something popitive. so i decided that we needed a representation for florida 26 that was truly representative. this district has been through a lot throughout the three years. >> it also changed, right? >> we got new maps. honestly, i was in this race whether it was the old map or the new map. i'm delighted we have a new map. not just b bause it is more democratic, but because it is not dra by politicians. i think we're all tired of the
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maps so that they can get re-elected. they should rlly work for the people and this is going to allow us to truly have representatives that worry about re-election and that care and vote in the best interests of the district that they represent. >> does it favor the democrats now? >> it is a district -- well, actually, with the old map, charlie and i had won the seat. so it is a seat that really we should have never lost from the democratic point of view. and it is a seat that now became a seat that charlie and i carried by seven points and obama won by 11.5, so it is a more faveorable seat. >> you to stay in contact with charlie crist? absolutely. he's running as well. neither of us are done e ghting for the people. he truly is someone who cares about the people and i'm -- it was a great experience to run along him and to get to know him. >> we need to say that congratulations are in order
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in the democratic congressional campaign committee's highly competitive red to blue program. can you tell us about that? >> yes, it is actually where the leadership of the democratic congress actually picks which are the races that they feel they can win who are the candidates that can win so that they can start gaining more seats and eventually obviously get to the majority. this is one of the seats, very few in theountry that are competitive, this is one of those. and we have been raising money, raised $800,000 or more, actually, now. we have had over 5200 donors. that is unbelievable for a congressional race. our average contrution is $93 or less. i mean, i feel so goodbout the grassroots campaign and the support we had for people in the distrt letting us know that they want this race, they're excited and they're participating and, yes, i'm delighted to have their support.
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meaa that we have been doing a good job since i got in last april, and that now we're ready to have the support and the financial support and all of the things that we need to do to get on the ground a`d get out the vote. >> they do say you're a fierce, not only competitor, but fund-raiser. so let's turn back to district 26, because before carlos cubello was congressman it was joe garcia. now he's in the race. how does that impact yound what is your strategy now that he's -- he will be -- >> you know, it is wonderful that we're in a democcy and obviously i'm ready. i'm ready wther we have a primary or the general election. however, i will tell you that the district already spoke. unfortunately this district has been through a lot. back and forth, between parties, between representation, a lot of issues coming up with every congss person.
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winning this race, but actually eeping the representation for long-term because it really does allow you to do a better job when you don't have the back and forth and the issues and the front page news. >> so if you do come out as the winner in terms of the nominees of the democratic side, of this seat, you would be running against representative carlos cubello. the miami herald had an article about mr. cubello saying in his freshman year in congress, republican representative deserves praise for taking a leadership role on two pressing south florida challenges, both of them sticky wickets, climate change and cuban immigration. do you disagree withhat assessment? >> well, you know, i disagree in the sense that, you know, just saying the right things is not good enough. and i think in our community we have had a lot of politicians
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waves going in a different way, they say the right thing, stand next to obama, but still vote for the leadership who will not take up the issues that matter. for leadership who will not even recognize that we have issues with climate chang right here in our community. this district is tremendously represented by the everglades, and just this week, congressman cubello didn't sign a letter that everybody else signed,, even marco rubio took time to sign this letter, and there is a lot of criticism for his lack of is so important. it doesn't matter. it is not pararsan. we need to protect the everglades. >> you don't thi he's doing a good job? >> i think he's doing a good job of pretending. he's still boding in a way that is not in the best interests of the district. and the other issue that they brought up was certainly immigration and, again, i don't
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cuban community and those who are taking advantage of some of the benefits by bringing down everybody just because you haven't been able to bring up everyone by having comprehensive immigration reform. his party -- i would never vote for leadership that is not even willing to discuss immigration. it is so important, it should not be off the table. and it is completely off the table. they're suing president obama for doing the job that they should be doing in congress. that's not right either. so i think, you know, it is great that he's, you know, moved more to the left now that he sees that the lines havee changed. but it shouldn't be about saying the right things, but instead about doing the right things. >> you're a successful businesswoman. how do you think that has prepared you for what you wouldencountering? >> i know what it is like to meet a payroll every single week. most of the people inouth florida and in this district
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people that want somebody that understands what it is like to do that, that understands what it is like to start a business, to go to a bank and ask for a loan and be turned down. to learn englis like i had to do when i moved here, and not get into college because you're not good enough with your english. i mean, all these experiences that i've had to build the american dream i think will be greatly enhanced byy having someone like me in congress that can actually talk about those experiences, understa them, and i think that is something we have been lacking because unfortunately we have been represented by people that honestly this is all they have done is live off of government or politics. i've had had a very successful life being a businesswoman and a working mom and i'm very proud of that. think we need more of that. >> when you ran as the senate governor with charlie crist, and did not win, what do you think
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>> i think you learn a lot more from your stumbles than you do from the easy way to get somewhere and i can tell you that most of life and business have to go through some tough knocks along the way. and it is through those experiences that you actually become even better at what you do, learn a lot. so i learned, you know, that you need to be genuine, that people really are hungering for leaders, and that they need a voice. and that money, i also learned that money is very important in politics. those commercials on your network are not cheap. and unfortunately there is a tremendous amount of influence of money with citizens united, which is a horrible decision. these are the things that are affecting politics and that's why i think there is so much outcry from both parties to say,
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people that are in it are for themselves. we need people that truly care and want to give back and represent the people. >> we have very lite time. we have to talk about presidential politics. we know that florida is a battleground state. going to be important for the preedential election. who would you endorse and who do you supuprt? >> well, i am a superdelegate and i have supported hillary clinton and i have said that i will. but i will ll you, i think we also need to listen to the bernie folks. i think all of the voices are really important. but at the end of the day, you listen to both of them, the message is the same in the sense that we -- t tey both just see about going about it a little bit differently, about how get -- but they agree on the issues and that i! a huge contrast to what is happening on the republican side. it is like bild a bigger wall, the people that are different from others are bad, i feel proud of the fact thaha we as democrats are inclusive and
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and certainly continuing the recovery that we had with psident obama. >> it has been a lively campaign thus far and i'm sure from the district 26 seat it will be as well. annette ttaaddeo, thank you so much. ite i'm sitting down with a commissioner to talk about the changes coming to his district. that's next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so oururext president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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[ ] jackie: e face of overtown
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the face of overtown could be changing soon forever with david beckham's mls soccer stadium slated for the neighborhood and convnvtion hotel. joining me to discuss the future of overtown in his district, miami commissioner key on harding. thank you for joining up here. >> thank you for having me. i'm glad to be here. >> i want to talk about the whole process and what it is taking to get major league soccer to overtown. >> well, the greatest thing about the major league soccer coming to this community is that it wants to be here. so we knono that it is no secret this is not first place that it chose. but apparently david beckham wan to be in miami. now they selected a site that is within the overtown community. and they're purchasing that from a private and public owner. >> you said it wasn't their first option, and itt wasn't their second either, but here we are today with a great possibility that ittwill be here. what will something like this mean for your community? >> i tnk for the miami community, bringing soccer here does a great thihg. i don't want to sell anyone y
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soccer may not revitalize that area. the investment that we're putting in there from the cra perspective will revitalize the area but it could have a tremendous effect upon their community because it can offer jobs. people may not ju walk through overtown, but may stop if the soccer do what it is supposed to do and our reinvestment in overtown does what it is supposed to do. >> your expectations aren't high that it will revitalize the area? >> they're in the through the roof. i think about the jury is still out. i think major league soccer coming to miami is a very positive thing. i'm excited about the possibility of it coming to the overtown community, however, thre are a lot of details that need to be ironed out and there are concerns my community has about major league soccer being in the overtown community. >> beckham united said it is going to be a combination of county owned and privately owned land. can you tell us about that? how does that work? >> because the county owns a few
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sell to david beckham and there is some private owners that own a few parcels that they want to sell to david beckham. in order for him to build this project, he needs to accumulate all the different parcels. the cityyomes in the picture because they may need street closures, different zoning changes and that's where we come in and that's what we have to conser. >> the price tag right now is upwards of $300 million believe, we're figuring that stratosphere stratosphere. is that correct? and is the funding in already because i believe that in order for it to go to the next step, the funding has to be in. >> the funny part about this is i try not to get too consumed with the details of the deal. i say that because i sit in a quasi judicial fashion. if they come before the city commission asking for zoning impartial. i can make a decision f f the best of my community and make sense under the law. i don't want to find myself in a position where i made too many comments in the public and
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against their interests. the one thing i can say is that overall, soccer has a major benefit to the miami community. i think everyone can see that. but the question is is it fit for the zoning in that area? and i think that's what you'll months. >> i know there was a big meeting and with the beckham group and some of the commissioners. where does it stand now? >> the meeting that we had in overtown community and invited those of us who were stake holders in that area. spring garden community, which is a very -- a very smart community within the miami-dade area and within my district and they express their concerns about david beckham bringing the soccer stadium there. the overtown community expressed what they thought needed to be in the area. we collected the thoughts of our members in our community and what we want to do is address whatever concerns that come up inhe city of miami.
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southeast overtown pk west community redevelopment agency. don't you think this would be a major coup for this area? >> it could be. it could generate more tax dollars for that area, more that dollar means can invest more within the redevelopment areas, certainly. it could be a major boom for the area. but on the other hand, there are some neighbors who are just west of the stadium, spring garden neighbors, and they have concerns about this 20 something thousand feet stadium next to their quiet homeses along the river. there are a lot of interests we have to consider. but overall, remember, the decision is made from the city commission's perspective on the planning and zoning. if we talk just about the benefits of bringing soccer to the miami area, this is a major win for miami. however, when we talk about planning and zoning, we have to be more keenbout the issue. >> let's talk about the plans for the world center marriott. $75 million hotel and convention center. this will be at the former miami arena site, and you have said d i was reading you said you want a stake in this.
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>> tell me about that. >> i think any other investor and some type of endeavor like this, you give tens of millions of dollars, expect some type of return. for us to have that return, i think it is necessary and that it is practical for us to have a 5% ownership in that development. or some sort of turn. i think that it is the responsible thing to do. i think it will put us leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else when they want to come to the public for money. so we got to know this isn't just some piggy bank that everyone can come to and take what they want. this is a partnership we want to bring responsible development to our areas and redevelop this in a way that the people who live there feel like they have some ownership at stake and what is coming to their community. >> that was the reaction to that? is that a viable option, something that can happen? >> i think you get what you negotiate. i truly believe it is a viable option. believe we can have some ownership stake in what is happening. the same way they needo go it the banks and the financials to
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return, we expect the same thing. so it is not just about giving that community jobs, not just about having contracts where different business owners can participate inin the development because we receive that also, but it is about guaranteeing that that area receives some type of residual income. so now over the next 100 years, as the development is there, the city of miami is getting some type of dividend on its investment in that area. >> sounds like a win-win situation. >> i think it is. >> where does that project stand now? >> we're still negotiating all the details. but we're moving forward aggressively because this is something i believe will be a positive benefit for that community. i look forward to the time when overtown has so much investment within it that people are stopping to eat, sleep, drink and play in overtown. i think we're right around the corner from that. and pretty soon i'll see you there. >> absolutely. we have been talking about all of this potential that can come into this area. and this economic impact really can have a major impact on the
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about the relationship right now between the police and the community because we have seen a lot of violence in the area. where does that stand and how do you make a difference in that capacity? >> well, the area has been improving when it comes to our lice presence. the cra has invested more than $1 miion. upwards of $2 million over the pbst two years and the cra police. we supplemented the police force in that area. we put more police officers on the ground and they do quality of life issues. they cut down on the drug use, the violent crime. what you see are safer streets. so we believe in the cra that we have responsibility by providing responsible development, but also making sure that our community is safe for visitors and the people that live there. so we will continue to meet those investments. and we do this based off of our cra plan and also the statutes that give the cra that authority. we look forward to the future of overtown. people are safe in overtown. you can come to overtown tonight
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to jackson soul food, watch a play, in the overtown community, day. what you'll see is you're welcome and what we want to do is continue to havav that development in the area so we have more of that. >> that's going to help the area, absolutely, like i said. looks like it could be a win-win situation. commissioner hardmon, thank you for joining us here and good luck with all the endeavors right now that are in play now. hope to see you soon. still to come, our lighter look examines the media's problem with remembering a prominent whihi house hopeful's
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[ ] of impact, go to our website, and search impact with jackie nespral. you can click the links to the full episodes with all the major newsmakers sitting down with me here on nbc 6 impact. and finally this morning, jimmy fallon compares arnold schwarzenegger's most famous character, the terminator, to some of the leading kepts in the inging candidates in the rae for the white house.
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trouble remembering his name. watch this. >> the problem is, the debate between her and beeie sand zblerbz ers -- >> on the democratic side, bernie sandal -- sanders -- sandals.p >> in both trump, closing message and railing against pharmaceutical companies and the like and bernie sandwiches -- >> what? in related news, chris christie stepped d t of the news to endorse bernie sandwiches. >> is that for real? i can't believe it. beie sanders. thank you for watching nbc 6 impact. we're looking to bring you the stories that impact you and your community. if you have a story idea, sent me a tweet. "meet the press" is next and we'll see you back here next week.
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everyone. cc: telemundo netw this sunday morning, the sudden death of justice antonin scalia and the rarest of events, a vacancy on the supreme court in the middle of a presidential election. how the fight over his replacement could paralyze the senate and all of washington. we'll hear from four republican presidential candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rub and john kasich. plus, that wild republican debate last night. >> you are a principle -- >> you are the single biggest
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>> when you point to his own record, he screams liar, liar, liar. >> i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if weweon't stop this. >> also, bernie sanders gets a taste of what he may face as he tries to win african-american voters. >>_v i've said black 50 times, all right. that's the 51st time. >> can hillary clinton win by making this campaign a referendum on sanders, not herself? joining me this s sday m mning for inside and analysis are gwen ifil, chris, ron fournier and kathleen parker, columnist for "the washington post." welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." from nbc news in washington, this is "meet e press with chuck todd". good sunday morning. it hasn't happened since 1968. a vacan battle on the supreme court at this stage of an election year.


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