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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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miami-dade county, winds running about 10 to 15 miles per hour, and go over and check out what the winds are doing. there we go. winds at 13 in miami. and they were sustained at 20 now, and updated until about 16. bottom line, a warm and breezy morning. mostly cloudy skies taking over. in the meantime, out initially this morning, looking at miles conditions and for those of you working, find conditions at about 68 as we get into the morning commuted this morning, and we get into the afternoon hours. the evening commute may have more showers around. let's see how the roads are moving on this president's day. we have an accicint on the extension southbound. this an officer-involved accident. it happened a little while ago a you can see all lanes are completely shut down and we have a crew there and we can see from the live picture that that ramp
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this is turnpike extension southbound, so we have the onramp shut down, and expecto be detoured off the turnpike at that exact area. let's take you over to i-95 southbound and northbound where we have no construction going on on i-95 in broward county or miami-dade, and broward county you are accident free, and it's also president's day so no school in miami-dade or broward county, so hopefully that will help those of you that have to work this morning. that accident on the turnpike extension southbound at 216th street, and that accident is under investigation and we'll talk about construction in a couple minutes. the last day to register to vote is tomorrow. and we are live at the campus event that can get you ready. >eporter: a lot of people have the day off for president's
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perfect be opportunity to get out here and register to vote if you haven't already done so. you mentioned if you would like to participate in the primary election, march 15th, and you have to register if you want to be involved, which is whyhe students here have organized the drive to get as many people out here to get registered to do that. this is from about 9:30 to 2:00 p.m. you have to have a photo id like your driver's license or passport and a current document with your address, like a utility bill or bank statement. they want everybody to get out here, not just for students, but the entire community.
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and it starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes until about 2:00 p.m. >> thank you much. and a political battle is brewing over who should appoint the new replacement for supreme court justice, sccia. both sides of the aisle want to tip the balance. moments after the passing of one of the most influential and conservative justices, a political battle took shape. who will replace justice scalia and wilthe new appointment tilt it the other way. >> it has been 5-4 onmportant decisions and now the identity of the fifth vote is up in the air. >> senate republicans announced they would refuse to act on any supreme court nomination of
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president, however, said he will minate a successor in due time. a tied vote would leave rulings intact that would let 5 million immigrants stay here. and laws on abortion would remain. >> you are talking 30, possibly 40 years of this individual shaping the law and the constitution. that's a major, major impact, and so it's hard to see. i think we are going to fail this test of democracy. >> laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> keep it right here on nbc 6. we're going to have a live report from washington coming up this morning at 530, and you can find extensiveoverage of the
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we have got live results there, in depth analysis right at your fingertips. and searching for a robbery suspect that hit a cyclist and keptpt going. it happened near palm island. police are looking for a car similar to this one right here, a 2013, 2014 chrysler with front-end bumper damage and a right mirror missing. a tragedy at the beach this morning, a 5-year-old killed after a high speed police. a 20-year-old eugene lost control of his suv whe he was trying to make a turn, and he hopped up on the sidewalk running down the 5-year-old. eugene got out and tried to take
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it's unclear why he was being chased by police to begin with. a south florida teenager recovered after being shot in little havana. a 16-year-old boy and friend were walking near a tkpwroerby store along southwest 10th avenue and 5th street and somebody opened fire there. and the 16-year-old taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. friends say he is a student at booker t. washington high school. a k-9 that helped fight crime and also beloved and well known among children, and he died during routine surgery this week. he was a member of the police department since 2008, and not only helped apprehend suspect and loved to go to community events and school assemblies. still coming up for you today, haiti has a president, at
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we will tell you who he is and what might be next for t t country. and then the python challenge over. how many creatutes got captured? we'll tell you, next. and then upper 60s and lower 70s and the ocean breeze helping us out with that. we have showers entering your forecast, but it's not all bad
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wait un breaking overnight from brooklyn, nukeew york. you can see in the video here, there are pictures of fire engulfing the building. four people, including two firefighters are hurt but they are expected to be okay. they are trying to figure out what caused the firir to start in the first place. >> senate chief was formerly
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fill a void that was left by march tele. a runoff presidential elections were delayed amid deep public suspicion about possile vote rigging in haiti, and a few round of elections will be taking place. if you have not checked out the coconut grove arts festival, today is your last chance. >> we are going to be there as well, and we will be there later 2:00. 300 artists from all over the world will there and you can check that out as well. day to do it.
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from all over the world, and lots of local foods, and some local music performed by a couple local bands. gates opepe at 10:00. general admission, 15 bucks. kids 12 and under, that is free. just a quick reminder here. we are everywhere at the event all weekend for these three days. let us snap a selfie with you, so we can post it on facebook. you can get a full list of appearances onon our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> we are excited about it. ryan phillips, you said sneaky shower and can we keep them away from the festival? >> i don't think the good showers come until the afternoon. i think what we are rooking at through the afternoon hours is a
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cloud cover from time to time. not a lot going on here across the region. i will show you another front that will slide through the area and set us back into really nice weather for the next couple of days. it's kind of warm in a relative sense, versus where we have been for several mornings on end. we're at 70 in ft. lauderdale as well as opa locka, and 70 currently in marathon. the winds have been fairly strong, especially out on t beaches overnight. if you are near the water, you will leel the impact of the breeze today. it slowly shifts from the east to the southeast. and this afternoon, it could gusts up to 25 miles per hour. high pressure sliding offo the east, making way for a developing storm system here. so rain here through the lower mississippii valley, and we'll come back to that in a moment.
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terms of temperatures. we have some 30s up the road, some freezing temperatures there@ in charlotte. travel plans up into the mid-atlantic could be a problem for today. south florida, the southeast winds bringing in passing showers from time to time. you notice the skies cloud up in the afternoon hours, so limited sunshine in this pattern, and fast-forward to tonight and stone morning, shower chances on the front end of our tuesday and by tuesday afternoon the weather looks nice and we settle back into a delightful weather pattern. many of you off, but for those of you driving in, a mix of susu and clouds and breezy conditions and then a quick climb into the upper 70s and we stay there throughout the afternoon hours. from time to time, showers come in on the brjeze, and then back down to 71 today. another mild night, but i know
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had last week. we will get back to that in the days ahead. this developing storm system will kick a front our way and reset the pattern. nice here once we get through the breeze in the next two days. upper 70s today, and around 80 tomorrow, but think by midday on tuesday, our shower chances are out of here and wednesday, 77, and then in the 60s in the latter portion of the workweek, and no humidity to contend with well into next weekend. we are back to thery and beautiful february weather. back to traffic re, and here is kelly. president's day, no school in broward county or miami-dade. if you look at your screen, we have an accident scene.
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this is an officer-involved accident. traffic is being detoured off the highway. you can stick to u.s. 1 southboundnd we will keep you posted on line and on air and we will let you know as soon as this accident cleared up. let's go to the first alert traffic maps where we have traffic alerts regarding constructionn dolphin expressway, and 826 northbound and around tamiami trail trail, and on the turnpike, you have a ten-minunu commute. the time is 5:17. fruit flies are no longer a problem in miami-dade, because florida agriculture representatives say they removed
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2015, and they say the flies are gone. the hunt for the pythons a a officially over. all the snakes captured were killed and turned over to researchers. they are trying to find clues to help control the python population. researchers believe tens of thousands of pythons may be slithering through the everglades and that is destroying some of the population. many of you can relax at homewith the kids, and all public schools will be closed so will federal officers and also miami-dade and broward county county officers. the post office, miami-dade courts and most banks will also
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broward county courts, the maltsltsl malls, of course, will be open. 5:18 on your president's day. how much would you bet on your marriage? it's one of many lasts for kobe bryant as he took to the all-star court for the last time, but for miami fans, he (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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welcome back. one company is letting newlyweds bet on their relationship. i don't know about this. this can't be good. the company called swan love will give couples up to $10,000 to put towards their dream wedding, and if they get divorced they have to pay the money back. that is bizarre to me. >> on the day after valentine's day.
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well-worn sneakers. played his 18th and last all-star game last night in toronto. after putting up 10 points with seven assists he earned a well earned retirement party, and chris bosh recovered from an injury, and the east scoring its first point with wade,e,nd d. wade made his presence known byby finishing with a slam. and the shaky start, the canes basketball team was put to the test last night. the hurricanes left with a "w" for the night. the canes are now in second place in the acc, and virginia is trailing behind them in third place. later on this week, they will
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the conference, the tar heels. and then they will play against virginini tech. the day is quickly approaching music's biggest night. the grammy awards will be honoring the bt of the year in a lot of categories in music. >> and we tell you what to expect for some of the major awards. >>he rapper could fly high in tonight's grammys. including album and song of the year. >> he's such a critical darling. he is literally on the top of every critic's list. >> she expects lamama to win. >> 1989 sold more than 5 million companies.
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lines of commercial success, and that album dominated. >> parker expect both of them to lose out to "see you again." >> it was dedicated to paul walker, and i think a lot of people resinated with that. >> record of the year also sees "blank space" as a contender. >> parker experts bruu mars to win for "uptown funk." >> itt was the song. >> it could be among the winners tonight at the grammys. >> the grammys are always on
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>> yeah, maybe president's day? i don't know. >> gwen stefani will be there. >> much more ahead in our next hallhour of news coming up. one of the e tons making an appearance in south florida. what they know so far about the suspects that you are looking at right there. >> been several days without much in the way of rainfall. we will have a lot today. only isolated showers in place. a few sprinkles running through
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i dd't think it right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. >> a battle is brewing in washington over who should choose the replacement for scalia. $500,000 worth of jewels are missing after thieves storm a business. >> what you need to watch out for coming up. good morning, everybody. your time is 5:30. i am eric harryman. >> i am sheli muniz. president's day, february 15th, and a mild start to the day. >> we will be out at the arts
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come and say hello. looks like it will be a decent day. >> yeah, a breeze on the increase. we do have a few showers this afternoon. i don't think they will dominate the forecast. and showe come out on the breeze overnight, and a spreading off to the west and lauderhill, and then maybe a quick shower ar the griffin and turnpike interchange into central broward county. miami-dade county looking good, dry att this point, but i want to ssw you something that will stand out, skies mostly cloudy and our temperatures much warmer week. upper 60s and lower 70s right now and a steady ocean breeze and a breeze that wilil likely increase as the days goes on. widen out across the two-county area, and the breeze has been up oveight. we are not finding any cooler locations to speak of out there either. and just a breezy pattern, and


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