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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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hialeah businesses targeted in a series s smash and grabs. this worker says in three to four minutes they took almost t entire inventory for the store, tablets, telephones, the egister, absolutely everything. the men hid their faces, but the crimes still caught on camera. at another store nearby, surveillance caught a group of four breaking in. looks like it could be the same guys. they damaged property, but walked away with nothing. damage done here too, but no surveillance video at this store. another worker said i think it waslanned. they came from various st@res. and this store behind me says they lost about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of merchandise. if you recognize those people in
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we're reporting live in hialeah, nbc 6 news. police are looking for a man who robbed a jewelry store of half a million dollars in merchandise. it took place at o.f. jewelers in hollywood. investigators say the suspect walked into the familywned business wearing a ski mask. he pistol-whipped one of the employees and locked another person in the bathroom. he did make offith $500,000 wortd worth of jewelry. if you know anythihig about the heist, call broward crime stoppers. a car crashed into a garage in lauderhill. marissa bagg live at the scene to show us more of what happened here. >> reporter: we're standing right in front of that garage. you can see for yourself what's left of it. some neighbors here trying to
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i'm tololhe just bought a bunch of hurricane proof windows in there and most of those got smashed up. the neighbor that lives across the street was getting in her car to move it up in her kriveway when the car started revving uncontrollabley and the car went in reverse.e. she slammed right in this garage here. the neighbor across the street. thankfully nobody was home, although at that moment a neighbor next door heard the crash, came over and saw that the garage was filling up with smoke, saw the driver inside and helped get the woman out by smashing the windshield and the side window. >> it was so brave that he jumped in. he ran and jumped in and he kicked the windshield out and got me out. >> i ran there like g.i. joe and
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>> reporter: so clearly that neighbor coming over just in the nick of time.. she says has some bruises and scrapes, but she's fine. it's going to take some time to house. nbc 6 news. the government is actively looking for answers as to why the el faro freighter sank near the bahamas last fall. questions. among them if miscouct, negligence, or spoddy work contributed to the ship's demise. all 33 crew members on board died. aaron hernandez has one less legal problem to worry about tonight. the convicted killer has settled a lawsuit brought by his friend bradley. he claimed the tight end shot
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club and left him for dead. hernandez is serving a life sentence after being convicted of the murder of odom lloyd. hillary clinton and bernie sanders increasing their focus on nevada. clinton was supposed to be in florida today, but she's added an extrtr day of campaigning in nevada. she's feelelng the pressure from bernie sanders and knows in order to win these larger, diverse states she need latinos. clinton met with a group of dreamers in las vegas. sanders is trying to rally minority voters himself to his message of income inequality. a little over three weeks until michigan's presidential primary. republican john kasich held a town hall at a university where he talked to students about college tuition, debt, and jobs.
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not to run a negative campaignn >> i'm going to do the best i can to help raise this country. and i'm doing this basically because i figured out this is what i'm supposed to do. and i'm going to do it in a positive way as best i can. i'm not going to let people pound me and i i look the other way, but i'm not going to be launching all these negative ads. >> kasich will go back to south carolina tomorrow. bernie sanders also ih michigan today. one of kasich's opponents donald trump cameut swinging during a luncheon in south carolina, taking aim at his opponents, especially ted cruz. >> he's the most dishonest guy i've met in politics. what he did to ben carson in iowa is disgusting. during the previous debate they talked about waterboarding and he couldn't answer the question. he was fumbling and mumbling and stumbling. >> trump is leading the gop
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now. a first for marco rubio. kansas governor has endorsed the oridaian for president. he's not clear what impact the voter nbc 6 is everywhere. steve litz traveling to south carolina to cover the primary. you can follow him on twitter for updates from the campaign trail. those charged in the 5/11 attacks are set to face a military judge tuesdayn guantanamo bay, cuba. it'seen an incredibly slow process for the families who lost loved ones during those attacks.
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the twin towers and pentagon alive. willard shepard returned with this story. >> reporter: the allegeg architect of the 9/11 attacks will return to this courtroom. he's one of the five charged in the attacks that killed 3,000 people. if convicted, they face the death penalty. nbc 6 gained access to one of the camps at guantanamo bay where the detainees are still being held. 15 years after escaping fm the twin towers, michelle cruz told us via skype that she uses her experiencs that day to motivate others to forge ahead despite obstacles. >> the trial itself could probably make othth people feel mad again and angry and resentful. i think it would just hurt a lot of other people who are still trying to move forward. >> reporter: the men held here at the detenon facilities in
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9/11 attacks, including the alleged mastermind, will be transported from this location several miles acacross the base over to the location where the courtt proceedings will actually be held. >> for some people, hopefully the military commissions will sut some closure on the trauma these people received. and the military commissions will be able to adequately give justice. >> reporter: a law professor says it all shouldldhave happened much sooner. >> if they're guilty of thehe crimes, they should be tried. we lost a lot of the evidenc that we needed. we needed to try them quickly when the evidence was still fresh. >> reporter: this week's hearings will be about allegations that the u.s. was listening in to the detainee's
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the men say it is against their religious beliefs to have women prison guards eort them to court. >> whether they're guilty or innocent, it does not change the past. >> reporter: something survivors have to deal with trial or not. at nbc 6 news. we're back to that breaking news we've been telling you about at i-95 and southwest seventh street. th garbage truck that went over the ramp is upside down. we're told there's at least one injury. police ak >> police activity on the screen. we'll see if we can show you that truck. >> you can see it there. upside down. >> it went off the ramp at seventh s sreet into jose marti park. it's a ridential area. it's near a school. that's souwest seventh street in little havana.
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the hospital in serious condition. the truck in terrible condition. we'll keep you updated on this story and get you more information as soon as it comes into the studio here. a live look at the pontiff right nown you see he's there in mexico where pope francis is delivering remarks before a crowd. he celebrated mexico's indians with a symbmbic visit to the state of chiapas. he celebrated mass there. the pope will soon wrap up his day. he'll travel in a closed vehicle as he makes his way to mexico's holy embassy. laura rodriguez is traveling to cover the pontiff's trip. look for her live reports on air starting tomorrow and follow her journeyn social media. coming up, a beachgoer is
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place and his dramatic return to safety pved to be risky for emergency crews. why the apps you use to beat traffic could actually help criminals elude police. across south florida, the overcast monday for p pesidents
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strong winds, but changes a (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by igngning it. but th's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with sociai security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already.
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that breaking news where that garbage truck somehow flew over the bridge at i-95 and southeast seveeth street. we understand it hit two cars and a structure as it went down there. fell more than 100 feet. >> fire rescue telling us that truck fell more than 100 feet. it's a pretty big fall. that's why you can see the truck in bad shape upside down. one person was transported to the hospital in serious condition. this truck goes down near jose marti park. there's another look there live from chopper 6. police have traffic stopped at that ramp. southwesteventh street. there's the truck as we zoom in. another view. you can see it a little bit better now. that truck has gone over the off ramp high h in the air. >> it is upside down. moving on, life guards pulling off a risky rescue along the california coast.
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was trying to survey the water before going snorkeling when a wave knocked him into the water. itarried him into a cove where he became stuck against some rocks. life guards assembled a crane. on went down to check on him and prepare for the hoist. once the crane was ready t go, he was hoisted to safety up the cliff wall. >> oh, god. i thought i was going to drown, honestly. there was a point where i was hanging on the rock over there. i thought i was going to drown. definitely a very scary experience. >> he only suffered minor bruising. there are pne apps like waze that warn you when police officers are looking for speeders on the road. officials are putting out a warning that you could be doing more harm than good. when kristi weaver goes out for a drive, she keeps her eyes on the road and her ears zeroed in on waze.
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>> there's a red light camera coming up. >> reporter: waze is an app, and it's more than just a gps.. it connects her to other drivers on her route. >> why is that so helpful to know that? >> i'm not really a speeder, but it is nice to know. there's always that moment in your heart where it's, h, my goodness, is it a cop. you're just always on edge. it's nice to know. look sharp. there's a cooup there. >> reporter: speed enforcement zones are more importantnt than you might realize. >> you have to remember by blasting out all this information you may be helping someone who really needs to be behind bars. >> reporter: for example, oklahomamaity bomber timothy mcveigh and serial killer teded bundy were arrested after they were pulled over.
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can help those tyy of criminals get away. >> when we make traffic stops, we're pulling bad guys off of the street. >> reporter: watson suggests to obey the speed limit and let law enforcement officials do their jobs. there's concern about these crowd sourcing apps like waze that share your location. they could interfere with police work or put officers in danger. a gray day for presidents day in south florida not just cloudy, but very windy. we had some rain. it's 72 right now in miami. a 15 mile per hour breeze and gusting higher than that. 72 right now in kendall with the same 15 mile per hour breeze. some rain in the gulf of mexico. a coue of patches of rain in the florida straits, but showers
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one moving through parts of broward county, past miramar and pembroke pines and others as we slide into dade, crossing past into key largo and the hoomestead area heading towards the north. well, about 0.06 of an inch in miami. homestead 0.012 of an inch. winds right now sustained 15 to 20 miles per hour across the mainland with gusts much higher than that. we'veveeen the gusts up to 36 miles per hour across the area. we have the strong onshore flow in)response to strengthening low pressure in the south. this is producing severe weather for parts of alabama, mississippi today, and the florida panhandle. this front that's trailing the low loses strength on its southern end. it arrives here tomorrow.
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dangerous weather. now, it could produce a clap of thunder or two and we'll see some rain, but not the tornadic activity that's going on right now in parts of the south as i mentioned. that's the good news regarding this frontal system that's headed our way over the next several hours. i've got a small chance of rain relatively speaing. 10% to 20% through the midnight or 1:00 a.m. hour. skies will be mostly cloudy. temperatures holding steady in the lower 70s through all these evening hours due to the onshore wind flow. tomorrow as you head out the door, increasing rain chances. even a thunderstorm is possible. the best chance of rain i think is really mid to late morning tomorrow. perhaps not as early as 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. in case you head out the door early in thehe day, but increasing rain chances through the morning. temperature 68 to 72 degrees
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tonight. mostly cloudy skies. here's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. you see the approach of stronger rain showers and perhaps a couple of thunderstorms. as we go through 7:30 and into the midday hours, there it is. we'll see some clearing as the day ends tomorrow. becse of the threat of rain and thunderstorms, we'll set the threat tracker for tomorrow at yellow. again looking ahead now way past that front all the way into the weekend, things are looking great. mostly sunny on saturday. sunday, partly sunny and 78. we'll be into another long stretch o@ rain-free weather that begins on wednesday. the florida panthers back on the ice tonight trying to snap a losing streak, but the cats are without a star player and they're celebrating a big birthday tonight.
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>> reporter: it's alexander. he did participate in the morning skate today, but he's not expected to play tonight against the pittsburgh penguins. injuries really contributing to their recent losing streak losing four out of their last five. but there is a reasonor panther fans to celebrate today. today is jaromir jagr's birthday today. he turns 44 years old. jagr had 17 goals and 23 assists. 26 years after breaking into the league with the franchise he's playing against tonight. >> do you feel like 44 or 34? >> 24. i'm 24 today. >> it's a birthday today.
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happy birthday to him. >> i score almost every game, but when you're older-- i don't remember the last time. >> jagr was out here just on the ice. he is the oldest player in the history of the nhl with 15 goals at that age. cats are 12-1-1 when jagr scores in the game this season. the faceoff is at 7:30. panthers faceing pittsburgh. >> 44 is the new 24. still to come on nbc 6, dash cams becoming popular for drivers.
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device to your car is an investment. a solid waste truck flew over an overpass falling down is 100 feet hitting two cars and a structure. >> one perso transported to the hospital. that person in serious condition.
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the latest. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was shappy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected
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that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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one company letting newlyweds bet on their relationship. the company swan love will give couples up to $10,000 to put toward their dream wedding. the catch is if they get divorced, they have to pay the company back with interest. >> that's dangerous. all righty. >> i'd do it. >> you got t t keep your mouth shut. i know your wife. dash cams are not just for law enforcement anymore. dah cams are becoming more affordable and more popular. these days there's no telling who's watching what you're doing behind the wheel. a quick stop for a cup of coffee at a panera's and a fender
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kim kelly got her dash cam for christmas. it doesn't take long before it captured this video. >> that's the thing. it can't be disputed. >> reporter: they're growing in popular popularity populity. law enforcement believes if used properly it can only he with an investigation. >> it's like who actually did run the red light. who was at the stop sign first? who had right-of-way? >> reporter: the man that backed into her was super cooperative and cut her a check for damages to her car. now, she's ready fo a rear-facing dash cam. >>i see things. i see road rage. i see potential accidents, people racing. >> reporter: now you can catch it all on camera. wow, i needd to get one of those.
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5:30. >> more news straight ahead. the sunshine state has a problem with hit-and-run accidents. so one law enforcement agency is launching a campaign to cut down on crashsh. staying in jail. a judge tells a grievin mother the man accused of killing her young son will not be seeing freedom anytime soon. the clock i winding down for people planning on voting in florida's presidential primary. an author and children's sex abuse advocate coming up withh a plan to take action once sex offenders are released. we are following some breaking news out of miami where a dump truck has fallen off of i-95. >> let's turn things over to adam kuperstein. >> at lelet one person is in serious condition. you have to get a look at what's happening here.
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this happened on the southbound lanes of i-95 near southwest seventh street. it broke the barriers of the exit ramp and plummeted down more than 100 feet into jose marti park. the driver h been transported to the trauma center in serious condition. the driver in serious condion after that fall into that park right there. you can see from chopper 6 the damage done to the truck and the area around it. we'll continue e follow this breaking news for you and update you on air and. a memorial now stands where a 46-year-old man was struck and killed while riding his bicycle back home just days ago. tonight, police still looking for clues as to who struck him and took off. the crash is just one of dozens of hit-and-run accidents that remain unsolved. >> the florida highway patrol is
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putting the brakes on these crashes. bwbby brooks is live from miramar to tell us how. >> reporter: there's only one for these cases to be solved and that is for someone out there to speak out. please if you're out on the roadays and you see something happen or if you're the person in the crash, please do the right thing. marion sanchez opened up about her mom, the victim of a hit-and-run in kendall. >> she's never going to meet my children. she's never going to be there when i need her or even at my graduation and that's really hard. >> reporter: marion and along with others who have lost family because of hit-and-runs in the fhp kick started an initiative today. marion's mom was killd while they were crossing a street last


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