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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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if you're wondering what these circles are, we're looking at low level and mid level lowation in these storms. these are potent storms across collier r unty and henry county. maybe if you're along the saw grass in western broward county, you can see all the lightning produce friday the storms. south florida's only live doppler radar keeping us dry for now. the tornado watch for a sliver of central florida and into southwest florida if we can jump over to the other sourcrc we're reducing the severe weather threat on the west coast. we're beginning to merge these lines together. as we get throughd the morning commute, i think we'll start to see showers and thunderstorms. this cell in particular will move off to our north here just outside the metro area. again, be weather aware. bank on some showers and a few storms during the morning drive. the best part is we'll divide the day in two. our best storm chancelso be
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afternoon. this afternoon, much brighter, high of 82. good morning, south florida. there's a broken down car reported on the 826 southbound around northwest 103rd street approaching northwest 122nd street. no issues as you're making your way northbound towards i-75. if you're taking the gratigny, that is looking good as well. we have construction on the northbound lanes of the 826. 836 drivers eastbound just after 57th avenue, y y'll find a couple lanes blocked off in that area. these are the alternates you need to know because the southwest 7th street ramp s completely blocked off after that garbage truck lost control just after 5:00 p.m. southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard are your alternates.
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live at the scene. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: sheli, i want to set the scene for you. yesterday afternoon there were kids playing basketball on the courts. this is jose marti park where kids gather, the same spot where this garbage truck fell nearly 100 feet off i-95 onto the ground below smashing into two different pieces. in the video you'll get a good sense of where this is. imagine driving southboundndn i-95 heading to brickell. it's the exit you would take for southwest 7th street. closed. somehow this garbage truck smashed into some 50 feet of guard rail and went flying onto the ground below. that driver, kassim smith in serious condition at jackson memorial hospital this morning. no kids around here, inccdibly, no kids hurt on the ground. listen to what investigators are
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>> we have a scene here we have not seen in a very long time. one of the kids playing basketballescribed it, he thought i iwas an action movie where trucks were flying off the highway and rocksks were flying. >> reporter: indeed chunks of concrete flying off the highway as well. some of them hitting the structure at jose marti park. coming up in our next half hour, find out what investigators are looking for now that could be key into solving exactly what went wrong with this garbage truck. live in downtown miami,ulia bagg, nbc 6 news. back to the breaking news we told you about a the top of the newscast, a missing child in little havana. nbc 6 reporter michael spears just got to the location where the girl was last seen. >> reporter: this is 200 southwest 14th avenue in little havana in miami. pretty quiet on the street right now. i doant to pull up the new
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ashley jade martinez. again last seen here in the 200 block of southwestt 14th avenue. this missing child alert was issued early@ this morning. no word yesterday from officials on what she was wearing. they believe shemay be with 53-year-old lilly hatton. tir relationship is unclearment we don't know if this is a grandmother, a mother, exactly their relationship. we don't know exactly how they may have left this area. officials have not said whether they believe this 6-year-old is in any danger. we do know the 53-year-old woman was last seen wearing blue floral dress. we have posted this to facebook and our social media account. we encourage you to check them out, the nbc 6 south florida facebook page to spread the word on this missing 6-year-old. i talked to two neighbors and showed them the pictures. they say they have not seen the 6-year-old or the wwen.
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hoping people can spread the word a get this 6-year-old back where she belongs. we'll continue to make calls and find out more information about what exactly happened yesterday. for now, live in little havana, michael spears, nbc 6 news. your time is 5:06, breaking news to tell you about out of the panhandle on this tuesday morning. there are reports that a tornado touched down in escambia county destroying several homes and damaging a few others as well. it was part of a large winter storm system heading across south florida. ryan was talking about that just a couple minutes ago. the storm is going to be over ft. myers at some point as well. crews with the national weather service will be out doing an official survey of the damage. hopefully we'll have an update at 5:00 p.m. after they assess the damage from this possible tornado. we got new pictures of some damage caused by the suspected tornado. the hardest hit area just about 40 miles north of pensacola. that twister destroyed about ten homes completely.
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or not, there were no serious injuries reported out of that suspected tornado. this morning miami-dade police officers wa to find the men who targeted two teens in a deadly shooting. it happened over the weekend as the boys were walking with friends along the train tracks near 73rd street and northwest 19th court. someone s sot 15 dion fowell as he was running away. he had to undergo emergency surgery here. his friend, 16-year-old leonard wilker died. >> god never gave them that job to take another man's life. it's up to god when he wants us to come home. >> that mother says heron is improving and she hopes he'll be okay.
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shooting can call 305-471-tips. an accused killer will stay in death for the tragic death of a 5-year-old point. a judge ruled he cannot bond out on a whole bunch of charges including vehicular homicide. cops say he was driving without a license running from police when he plowed his car into 5-year-old jaden reiden. the impact killed the little boy who was at the time visiting his grandparents. the total number of zika cases is 21, seven in miami-dade. all are travel related. none involve pregnant women. lasasweek there was a hotline activated for resident and visitors. the department of heth says since friday nearly 300 people have called asking about the zika virus. doctors arerging floridians to wear repellant, screen windows and drain standing water.
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still a lot more ahead including this. take a look. this cute little guy suffering from a pretty severe injury. why the owners are saying an animal hospital very iikely is to blame for it. >> south florida beaches are crowded this holiday weekend, but not with people. find out what a helicopter spotted just offshore. watching live first alert dopplerer heavy storms moving to the east-northeast. it's going to head into palm beach county but won't be out of% the woods. we have rain chances to talk
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welcome e ck. this line of storms wee tracking coming across the gulf. not causing any problems for soutflorida. we may see rain later in the morning that could affect your morning commute. ryan has your first alert forecast in a few minutes. president obama has discussed with his staff the issue of nominating a replacement for antonin scalia. nbc's tracie potts is tracking all it. >> reporter: from capitol hill -- >> it is wrong. it is not responsible. >> reporter: to the campaign trail. >>alk about cowardess, talk about constructionis
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pushing back hard at republican's refusal to give nominee a vote. >> let's have a hearing. let's hear from our constituents what they think and then vote, not say no vote at all. >> the people of this country should send a very clear message, that is not the way our constitution works. >> reporter: they point out anthony kendy was confirmed by a democratic senate in president reagan's final year. >> the constitution doesn't include exemptions for election years or the president's last term in office. we're in an election year, so i'm not going to claim that's not part of the atmospherics here. >> reporter:. >> therepublicans should reject, i think the new president should have that option. >> the practical implications are nil. it's all about politics. >> reporter: they argue even if an obama nominee is confirmed, it would be too late to any
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>> reporter: it's been called nakedly partisan and saying republicans are insulting ericans by blocking this vote. tracie potts, nbc news, washington war. >> jeb bush brought i reenforcement hoping his family name brings him some luck. both his brother and father won the primariri in south carolina. now he hopes former president george w. bush's presence hlps him win, too. on the democratic side hillary clinton focusing on what lies ahead, the nevada caucus. she hopes to rebound after her loss in new hampshire. meanwhile, bernie sanders actually took his campaignnto michigan to meet with families affected by the water crisisin flint. analysts believe the flint water crisis resonates with many african-american voters across the ountry. florida's primary is less than a month away, march 15th.
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you have to make sure you're registered to vote. the deadline to register or change your party affiliation is today. remember, florida is not an open primary state. that means you have to pick a party in order to vote. nbc 6is everywhere. political reporter traveling to south carolina ahead of that state's primary which is coming up real quick. you can look live for his reports on friday. you can always catch him on twitter for updates from the campaign trail as he follows everything in south carolina. his handle@steve nbc 6. impressive sight above palm beach as thousands of sharks arrive on our coast. sharks typically migrate off the florida coast in mid january but just showed up this weekend. it may be hard to see, but they're there. scientists believe a strong el nino season and warming ocean
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their late arrival. while it may look a little terrifying. biologists say they're relatively harmless. it is 5:16. good morning to you. we kick off our tuesday with half of south florida going back. miami-dade out of school today. broward county public back in session. as we come off a long holiday weekend, we'll have active weather to watch this morning. there are no immediate advisories, watches or warnings ininthe metro area. the storms aren't too far off. a lot of this activityaking place inland. dep pler will give you a better feel for how the storms are moving and how they begin to impact folks to our north immediately in the core of the metro area first thing this
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a large system across collier county and henry county. moving the the north and east, here we are in the metro area, the watch and activity drift to the east and northeast at a clip that will take it away from us here. these circles indicate rotation within the thunderstorm. we've south koreanly got this system primed as a candidate for potential towedic activity. heavy rain, lightning and the threat for some hail. this activity marching along and to the north of alligator alley. this activity will be moving into palm beach county, clipping oward county. we go through the next few hours, mainly dry conditions here in the immediate metro area. we will get a chance for rain and illustrate that for you in a little bit. here is yourfirst alert forecast hour by hour. dry and county, humid, mid 70s. we'll stay in the mid 70s for the next few hours as the clouds roll in. showers develop and push through.
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severity of them. unfortunately the timing might not be that great. some of you seeing wealth weather, showers and thunderstorms during the morning drive. a tornado watch off to ourr north. it will continue to be in effect until 8:00 a.m. there's uncertainty if it will need to be extended into palm beach county. the good news is all this activity out of here by the time we get to the midday hours and we'll clear out after that. a quick step in future radar. we'll watch into broward county and miami-dade. notice the time 8:00 to 9:00, showers and thunderstorms moving in. everything moving out, brighter skies this afternoon. we'll eventually hit a high of 82, divided the day in two. showers and thunderstorms this morning and suier later on, highs of 82. we or dry the rest of the week. another update in just a bit, right now to kelly.
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driving off the i-95 overpass lost control, ripped through the guard rail and flew 100 feet in the air landing at the jose marti park. right now the southwest 7th street ramp is completely shut down. it's very important to those of you that work, go to school or play around the brickell area or also the jose marti area. we want to take you to our mapsps and show you the alternates. they are telling us the ramp is not goingh to open back up for some time. it made for a very messy commute last night. again, southwest 7th street ramp that takes you either into brickell or the other jose marty area, southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard are your alternates. we have construction on the palmetto expressway and also on the 836 eastbound just after
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826 northbound at 122nd street. university of miami mourning the death of former president tad foote who passed away last night at the age of 78. "the miami herald" is reporting he died from complications of parkinson's disease. he's credited with transforming um from a hard partying school it's vently an academically rigorous school. it was a big change that they attribute a lot to his leadership. he was the nation's longest serving at one private university with a 20-year tenure. he was replaced in 2001 by donna shah lull. a man claims emergency surgery at an animal hospital left his dog badly burned. he reports sasha was brned possibly by a heated blanket. he took sasha to the hospital
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spleen. while they were able to help the dog, he says sasha came home with third degree burns. got worse, was swollen. he's now set up a gofundme@ page. so far they say it has cost them almo $4,000. plan take animal hospital says the standards of care were met when caring for sasha and have never experienced any issues with the surgical method used in is case. a lot more ahead this morning, including this, what started off as a heat forward pulling out of the all-star game for a calf strain has the team worryin about chris bosh's
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it was a welcome back. time 5:24. with trade rumors circling the miami heat, the team has something serious to worry abt, chris bosh's health. a calf strain usually isn't that big of a deal, but this time it might be.
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the team is concerned it might be more than that. when bosh missed the second half of last season with a life-threatening blood clot, it startete in his calf. his agent told the herald it's too soon to report that if this calf injury is also a blood clot or n. so they didn't really say it was, they didn't say it wasn't. they're not saying anything at this point. the heat and bosh have not commented quite yet officially on that issue. one of the big things a lot of people are talking about this morning, of course, is the grammy award. although there were really great performances, the chatter is that it wasn't the best grammy show they've seen. >> intererting that it was a monday, too. there were big winnersast night. if you go to bed early like us, don't worry, here is a quick recap. record of the year went to bruno mars. taylor swift took home three
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year for "1989." ed sharing won song of the year and tearful megan trainer won best new artist. kendrick lamar won for best rap album and later gave a show-stopping performance. >> adele also graced the stage. something happened, a little mishap. she was tweeting about that this morning. she was explaining herself on twitter. lady gaga honored the late david bowie. lionel richie joined demi lovato and john legend in a medley of his greatest hits. >> a lot of people have their own opinions. regardless, the opinions are always great. >> we have to go now becse we
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much more ahead in our next half hour of news. police are searching for a missing girl in lititle havana. you can see her picture right here, 6-year-old ashley jade martinez. she may be with a woman you see on the right, lilly eugene hatton. we kick off our tuesday morning with strong storms across interior south florida moving to the east-northeast. a lot of this activity will move to our north into palm beach county. the longer the line extends to
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better chance we'll see the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. now at 5:30, breaking news
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this little girl youeen your screen is missing. we're live with the details. awoman is in the hospital after being shot in dania beach. who deputies are looking for. south florida's only live radar, a line of storms coming in from the gulf side of the state. all is clear in miami and florida. all that could change as we head into the morning. >> w wre tracking storms in the west to the east side. what you're saying is we might have a couple hours here, between 7:00 and 11:00 is our best chance of getting so wet weather. >> the nasty cell we're watching is moving to the east-northeast. we're looking down the line at this, it's moving.


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