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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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56 in west kendall, 62 in miami. winds out of the north, drawing in the cool and dry air. mostly clear. what a beautiful dpraft, upper 50s for everyone. a lot of sunshine all the way through, a few coastal clouds and a northeast beach breeze. your highs of 76. let's check traffic with kelly. >> happy thursday south florida. thank you for waking up was. you might remember that garbage truck incident. that southwest 7th street ramp is completely shut down. take southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard as your alternates. we haveonstruction 826 southbound at miller drive. 836 westbound, the ramp to the palmetto expressway is still completely blocked off. hopefully that opens up before you make your way out the door this morning. indian creek drive between 63rd and 67th only one lane getting by at this time. going to be happening all
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three lanes are still completely blocked off at ives darery road. expect two lanes to be blocked on i-75 southbound approaching sheridan street. president obama will visit cuba before he done this year. we brought you the announcement from washington on our 11:00 p.m. newscacat. leaders have been reacting with mixed emotions. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live in little havana. the cuban community speaking out. what are they saying and what they telling you? >> sheli, i just talked to two men about it working inside to set up at cafe versailles. one didn't want to talk about it, just shook his head. the other said he thought it could be something good. this seems to be the natural progression for the white house sie the announcement of improved relations back in december of 2014. since then businesses are back open at embassiesboth in
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there's an announcement of now commercial airline flights between the u.s. mainland and cuba. lots of changes in this warming up of relations. remember something else. this also comes on the heels of the cuban migrant crisis, the latest one with thousands of people from that island making the track from central america but many stranded when nicaragua closed the border there. here is what was said at a gop town hall last night. >> i want the relationship between the u.s. and cuba to change, but it has to be reciprocal. >> the visit follows president jimmy carter's two visits after he left office in 2002 and again in 2011. he went on the invitation of fidel castro. coming up in our next half hour, find out what else cuban exiles are saying about this here and what else this means just in the
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we're live in little havana, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. also for you this morning, a convenience store clerk still shake after an armed crook set his sights on quick cash and a cash register as well. the crime was caught on camera february 6th at the mobile gas staon on broward boulevard. the thief ducks below the counter catching the clerk completely off guard. he was armededith a knife. he urges her to come out with the cash and he was it done quickly. the thief eventually got away but not before cameras got a good look at his face. nbc 6 erika glover going through more video you're looking at. we'll have a full live report on what happened coming up in our next half hour. people line the street of oak grove city park claiming the city closing down their programs.
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at a soup kitchen for the last 25 years. the group claims oakland park issued a cease and difficult sift order and denied attempts to compromise. back in 2014 the city enacted an ordinance to revamp the area and make room for new developments. a story getting a lot of attention on our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> it revolves around a local teenager who police say has been scamming people pretending to be a doctor. >> michael, we talked about this yesterday. this wasn't something going on for a day or two. this was something going on for months. so convincing to say the very least for this kid. >> absolutely. we're hearing from him. 18-year-old malachi love robinson. he says he'ssaddened and feels disrespected about the charges against him. we're also learning why he's also charged with grand theft. we learned an 86-year-old woman has come forward claiming the
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home visits for what she says was severe stomach pain. this woman said he diagnosed her with arthritis and sold her natural vitamins. according to this woman who said during one visit she had to go to the hospital and claimed love-robinson told her to leave her purse and keys at home and he would lock up. she later found out her bank account was empty. during a press conference wednesday, love-robinson wouldn't address those accusations. >> i would ask for you to pray for us in this time, that we get the truth out of it, not only the truth but we can shed some good light on some of the things happening in the communy today.
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office says he opened a medical office previously cited by health officials. we speak to the woman who claims she was scammed. live in studio, michael spears, nbc 6 news. commotion in westin as cops nab two young men probably up to no good. police arrested wesley vel diva and salvador gutierrez. officers think thth 20-year-olds have had sticky fingers in the san sebastian neighborhood. they're accused of targeted unlocked karps nabbing anything they ha. >> they had a blanket full of wallets and phones and stuff like that. it's around $500 in money y d credit cards, wallets, phones. >> a 17-year-old was with the two men when cops showed up.
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actually targeted. for the first time the miami heat are addressing chris bosh's latest health scare. they announced chris bosh would not accompany the team to atlanta on friday. we told you of reports on calf injuries and he's back on blood thijners. heat star dwyane wade says he doesn't think the issue is as serious as last year's blood clot that sidelined bosh for the final 30 games of the season. >> a new shakeup in the republican race as a top contender gets a major endorsement. we're tracking the campaign developments from our nation's capital. an officer injured in the line of duty makes a surprising support to students who he says helped him in on his road to recovery. 62 in miami.
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we're still holding on to 61 in opa-locka with temperatures
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in yo . welcome back. your time is 5:11. one republican presidential hopeful is going against fellow candidates. ben carson said if he were president, he'd nominate someone to replace right away, that is, even in his last year in office.
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getting a lot of backlash from a lot of republicans who aay the process of nominating a new justice should wait until a new president takes office. scalia's funeral services are happening this weekend. new developmentsshis morning in the republican race for president. donald trump is losing steam while ted cruz is gaining momentum and marco rubio gets a slam dunk in south carolina. tracie potts is following all these new developments from washington washington. >> the sound you're hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington, d.c. >> reporter: that's ted cruz announcing his two-point leaea over donald trump in our news nbc news "wall street journal" poll. statistically it's a tie, but trump is down seven and cruz supp eight points just two days before south carolina's primary. >> republican voters are taking one more moment to take a pause and denied whether donald trump is really the person they want to nominate for president or not.
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threatening a lawsuit over this cruz ad. >> i'm very pro choice. >> reporter: trumpays that's old. he's pro life. >> it's quite literally the most ridiculous theory i've ever heard. please, donald, file the lawsuit. >> reporter: in the same, donald trump denounced rubio's trip. rubio just picked up the endorsement of south carolina's governor over jeb bush. >> i'm disappointed she didn't endorse me. >> reporter: two more days to more disappointment or maybe a big push for some of the six remaining republicans. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. nbc 6 is everywhere. political reporter steve litz traveling to south carolina ahead of the primary. look for his live reports starting friday. that is troechlhl you can follow him on twitter for updates on the campaign trail as well. continuing to follow the tornadoes that swept through a few days ago. neighbors across south florida continued a huge cleanup job
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as i mentioned, spawned three different ef 1 tornadoes. in davie the most recent one concerned, a cluster fig tree, the largest single trunk tree in the state of florida now missing a giant limb after the storm ept through. gives you an idea of the winds here. the national weather service di confirm yesterday a third tornado originating in westin moving about seven miles east towards dave. you can see in this surveillance video the power and intensity. causing trees to fall, leaving property damage from miami-dade through broward county. luckily, through all of that, though, a lot of damage and a lot of pricey damage. nobody was hurt which is incredible given the scope. it wasn't centered in one place. it was from miami-dade all the way through broward. it was pretty widespread. real quick. the national weather service did not send out a survey team when they were actually able to use
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to get an idea and piececeit together to make the determination it was an ef 0 tornado. it was hopscotching along. >> it was that clear based on the pictures and video. photos. bottom line, severe weather passed us now. morning. a great start to the day. live first alert doppler which was such a great tool with the outbreak of severe weather we had just the other day picking up no rain in sight. just false returns offshore. we'll leave it rain-free right now. a beautiful forecast leading into your thursd afternoon. for the kids. clear skies, 57 to 62. i'll show you the spread in temperatures in just a moment. sunrise at 6:54. we'll bring the sunup and warm things up. a delightfully clear morning. beautiful look into ft. lauderdale now. wind speeds not all that impressive.
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clear skies, we've been able to dial the temperatures way back. we will see a subtle wind shift today to the northeast. it will have some implicions on the beaches. our current readings of 58 in pembroke pines and pompano. 59 in ft. lauderdale, 56 in west kendall. hanging on to 62 in miami. for everyone, it feels great, looks great, what a great day top to bottom. up to 76 as our high today. a little breeze and a little cloud cover moving in out east. out west, cloudy skies. the wind will enhance the rip current risk. while the sunshine is inviting, rip currents developing today. certainly possible for the next several days as the northeast breeze stays established. tonight maybe not quite as koochlt coulddven see a sprinkle on that northeast breeze. in the next few days looking very nice, very persistentor
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temperatures in the mid 70s. lots of sunshine all the way through. maybe a sprinkle or two. our lows in the 60s. our next significant chance for rain not coming until next tuesday. let's check on the drive with kelly. >> good morning, south florida. you'll like we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county at 5:17. this is your drive on the palmetto expressway. your northbound and southbound lane on u.s. 27 and observe choeb bee road. no issues on this side of town. over to the maps we have a traffic alert` because of the garbage truck accident, southwest 7th street is still completely blocked off. you want to take southwest 17th avenue, brickell avenue or biscayne boulevard until the ramp is back open. 836 to 826 you have all lanes shut down for another 10 to 15 minutes. plan for that construction. indian creek drive between 63rd
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that's going to be all morning long. i-95 at ives dairy road we have three lanes blocked off. that's cleared out of the way. this should be clearing, i-75 southbound at sheridan, two left lanes closed off. 5:18 on your thursday morning. if you have lost money to a contractor, the money may not be gone forever. there's a little kno state fund that actually pays you back if you have this kind off issue. people like maria gonzalez, a housekeeper who put $2,000 down on hurricane shutters, but the contractor that she paid ran off with her money before any of the work was done. now her daughter-in-law is trying to get it back. >> she doesn't have disposable income to just give away $2,000 like that. >> they t tl us they have been waiting for years for this money to come back, but still they haven't seen anything. it's a process that's been called complex and complicated.
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nvestigate ers investigators myriam masihy will have more. federal judges and anyone to see. that is actually ofcourse a federal violation. the site that posted thth information was created by a former deputy who says he sold the site in 2012 to friends who live in russia. he believes they're the ones who records. we understand policere investigating this data breach. a miami gardens officer shot in the line of duty getting a lot of support from elementary school students. >> had to give the kids a moment to gigi him a shout-out. >> now that he's on the road to recovery, this is his way of thanking students for their
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>> this right here is what makes my job, all that we do, this is what makes it important. >> so students with the embrace girl power after school program didn't hold back as they thanked miami gardens police officer david starling for his service. the girls wrote d dens of supportive cards while recoveriri in the hospital after a gunshot wound in an ambush that happened last month. >> girls lined up for autographs and hugs to thank him for what he does in the community. starlings using a cane to get around and says he looks forward to getting back to patrol. the man who shot him, david ma high hee yeahmejia is behind bars. your time is 5:20. we'll introduce you to the sunshine state's newest multimillionaires. see what theinners of that
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they're saying they're going to
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welcome back on your
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your time is 5:23. maybe you're still wondering who the luckiperson was from florida who won the powerball jackpot. >> this morning we can give you that answer. >> this is david kaltschmidt and maureen smith, a melbourne couple, tang home at least part of that record $1.8 billion. very calmly walking up. i would be freaking out. it's their first public it happened yesterday. that's when they made the big announcement. they bought their winning ticket at a publix supermarket. they plan to take the $327 million lump sum and help out their families as well as donate a good unk to charity as well which is very nice. the first thing they' handle is very important business. take a listen. >> my truck is about to fall apart. so i do need a vehicle. >> i want to get@ a massage. >> he's going to fix his truck
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massage. no yachts, yet, no bighouses. apparently they'll split that jackpot with two other families. >> how they kept i ia secret for a month is really impressive. the person in california still has not comom forward. the odds of choosing those winning numbers, one in 292 llion. she said she's always played those same numbers. congratulationso her. believe it or not, some big lottery tickets actually never get claimed. in florida alone nearly a dozen powerball and florida lotto jackpot ticketsave expired since 2000. that's about $200 million going unclaimed. 80% of the expired jackpot go into the education fund. the rest is usedor future drawings. >> somebody here in the studio with us, i won't name any names yet, there she is.
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>> i hit a double, guys. >> look at her, they're trying to block you. >> so team blanco won. that's right. >> of course they did. team blanco always wins. >> and adam. oh! >> he's still happy about it. media day game at marlins park happened%last night. you're just looking at kelly blanco and adam kuperstein as well. kelly got a double. as for adam -- well, basketball is his favorite sport. >> he was there. it as media day at marlins park. >> how cool. was it fun? it was amazing she said. awesome. much moror ahead in our next half hour of news. a freak accident sends a man to the hospital. how an attempt to clean a community pool almost cost him
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announcement in the move to restore relations with cuba. president obama getting ready for an historic visit through the island nation. big punishment for a teen involved in a fatal crash that killed his best friend. see what charges he's facing. a gas station clerk threatened at gunpoint during a robbery. police asking for your help finding the culprit. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. good morning to you, everybody. your time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this friday eve. we're working on many stories for you this morning including a big announcement from the white house. >> live reports on all that coming up for you. first let's get you over to meteorologist ryan phillips with a close look at what you'll encounter as you step out the door. >> feels great outside this morning. want you ready for a chill in
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clear skies and light winds. that's what we've got overhead here in the magic city, allowing for the perfect setup to bring temperatures down into the upper 50s and lower 60s, a light northwest wind. 59 in ft. lauderdale and oakland park. we're at 65 currently in key west. again, mostly clear skies. if you look very carefully here, there are clouds developing out across the atlantic waters. as our winds turn from the north to the northeast, some of the clouds will come our way as the day progresses. a beautiful start to our morning. all of our roadways are dry. first alert weather, clear and cool. bright skies this morning, about 59 is what we'll average out as we begin our morning. warping to the mid 70s this afternoon. breezy on the beach. partly cloudy skies. high of 76. good thursday morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. we were accident-free until a couple seconds ago.


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