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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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out the miami beach synagogue. >> marissa bagg joins us live from north miami beach where these women just broke their silence. >> reporter: that's right. given what happened in paris and san bernardino, a lot of people in the surrounding neighborhoods are on high alert about what they see in their neighborhoods. police say they led to the questioning of two women with an apparent curiosity about religion. a mother and daughterands held and smiling walked into the north miami beach police department thursday ready to explain what many thought was suspicious behavior. multiple calls into police about the daughter and her mother last week concerned over their visits to local synagogues and churches. >> people are concerned when they see somebody they're not used to seein in their neighborhoods and they call the police and that's exactly what happened.
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and the 14th, the daughter visited churches and synagogues with her mother. this is what she had to say. >> my intention was to say hi, hey, it's me. i'm here to say love, peace. we want to be brothers and sisters because we are one blood. >> reporter: she suffers from terminal cancer and was curious about other faiths. she considers herself to be muslim, wish, and christian, and didn't mind police questioning her actions. >> i wanted to make new friends. i wanted to getn touch with my brothers and sisters. >> reporter: after several interviews which included the department of homeland security, police say no crime was committed. >> we got a report of a spicious person. we investigated it. she's a human being. her mother is a human being just like the rest of us. we have determined they pose no threat to anybody.
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rabbi here during this press conference today. he said he was pleasantly surprised with what these women had to say. he agrees with police that tis was an example of seeing something, saying something leading to reports and an investigatn and nothing being found wrong. nbc 6 news. caught on camera. a woman wanted for stealing a purse and sticking a doctor with that bill. take a good look at the woman on your screen wearing the pink pullover. police say she used the stolen credit card to purchase a purse at the louis vuitton store. more than $73030 in purchches were made using the stolen credit c cd and debit cards. if you recognize this woman, call broward county crime stoppers. a group of women busted in hialeah as police crackdown on massage parlors.
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with charges forpracticing without a license. they were working out of a avenue. detectives also say they found crystal meth on one of these women. a mother charged with killing her daughter and stuffing her body in a freezer will not face the death penalty after all. she is facing first-degree murder charges. last october, parts of thomas' daughter's body wereound in her aunt's freezeze the 11-year-old weighed just 44 points and she had injuries that indicated she was tied up by her hands and feet. if she is found guilty, she will face life in prison. we're learning second mate charles who wasn't on the ship
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warning him about an offshore storm that is to become a hurricane. he testified before a u.s. coast guard panel investigating the ship's sinking. the captain replyied that he planned to go near, but south of rricane joaquin. all 33 crew on boarddied. a dramatic helicopter crash caught on camera. take a listen. my goodness. officials say all five people on boardhat chopper did survive thish dramatic accident. it happened in pearl harbor. they were rushed to the hospital for evaluations. the pearl harbor visitsorsvisitors' center has been closed.
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donald trump. he says great leaders work towards building a consensus, not tearing people down. bush asked the crowd in south rolina today to imagine what a donald trump presidency would ok like. >> could you imagine donald trump in the oval office the way he behaves? suting profanity, insulting women, hispanics, calling john mccain a loser because he was caught, he was a p.o.w. >> finishing sixth in iowa, analysts agree that bush needs to beat donald trump. > when asked about moving up in the polls and potential attacks from donald trump and ted cruz, kasich said he's only interested in fixing the country. >> i mean, the fact is that i'm going to stick to what i want to do to fix the country. if people want to attack me,
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to resesnd, but i'm not going to engage in some long negative diatribe. >> kasich says he's not staying in south carolina saturday night to await results of the primary. he'll head to vermont and massachusetts to campaign. the democrat super delegate set up an online poll where supporters can decide whether he shoeld support hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the democratic party convention hasn't announced when the voting will end. hillary clinton has an edge over bernie sanders with delegates. nbc 6 is everywhere. steve litz is traveling to south carolina ahead of that primary. you can look for his live report starting friday.
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a aegal battle between apple and the fbi over digital privacy and nationana security. they want to break into an iphone that was used by one of the san bernardino shooters. tech giant apple is finding support from google as it fights a judge's order to help the fbi crack an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. both companies said the move would set a dangerous precedent. >> we're saying it creates a slipppy slope that could create vulnerabilities for the millions of phones that are deployed arnd the world. >> reporter: the fbi wants apple create new software to bypass a security feature. the government says the help is only needed on one this device. technology would exist. how do you stop people from
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>> reporter: apple says they have been assisting the fbi, but the latest request goes too far. creating a back door to bypass encrypypon they say is something too dangerous for them to create. >> this is a decision where to draw the linee between public safety and privacy that needs to be made by independentplayers, the legislature, and the courts. >> reporter: the fbi says it is running out of options as it tries to recover potential evidence stored on the shooter's phone. if you have lost money to a contractor, your money may not be gone forever after all. >> we found about a little known state fund that pays people back. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people in the last six years have filed to get their money back after losing it to a contractor.
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housekeeper that put $2,000 down on hurricane shutters. the contractor she paid disappeared and never did the work he promised. >> she doesn't have dispoesable income to give away $2,000 like that. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00, the good and the bad of the money that could be waitinin for you. the high school student accused of gunning down rabbi as he was walking to sabbath services back in court today. claudiaehas more on the story. >> reporter: prosecutors say deandre charles killed the rabbi josephraxton on the streets of northeast miami-dade. he's been in jail with no bond since his arrest, but now he wants a bond set so he can live
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danger to the community and should remain behind bars. >> at least one of them was described as wearing a bright yellow shirt. another described as wearing an orange shirt. we note from the description of the person who saw the males running ay that one was taller and thinner than the other. >> reporter: rabbi braxton was visiting from new york and walking to temple when she washe was killed. after almost a year and a half long investigation, detectives arrested charles, but his defense attorneys claim there's no physical evidence linking charles to the murder and that the only thing prosecutors have is a sketchh from an eyewitness. >> i didn't file anything because theyidn't bring any evidence. >> reporter: while the judge
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this case, charles rememns in jail with no bond until his trial starts for first-degree murder. at the metro juustice building, nbc 6 news. still to come, talk about being in the right place at the ririt time. >> a florida sheriff's deputy stops a would-be robber right in his tracks. it sounds fishy, but health officials are banking on a new idea. we'll tell you about this weapon in thefight against zika. shocking sugar accusatns may have you thinking twice about that starbucks latte tomorrow. the not so sweet details on the other side of this break. what was sweet was today's weather here in south floroda.
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talk aboutp being in the right place at the right time. cameras capture a would-be robber walking into a gas station. seconds later an off duty deputy walks into the store and notices the clerk appears nervous about the man standing in front of him. the deputy quickly takes him down without a fight. he found a gun on the man, which investigators say is fake. the suspect is now in custody. the deputy says he stopped by the gas station because he had a craving for se sunflower seeds. an unlicensed teen driver
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a pinellas park police officer spotted -year-old jade miller driving a tan odyssey last night. she tried to ge away by running a red light and turning off all her@ lights but ended up crashing through a brick wall right in someone's front yard. the honda was reported stolen. ller is charged with grand theft auto and leaving the scene of a crash. you can breathe easier the next time you're cruising over a florida bridge. we have one of the highest mber of structurally sound bridges in the country. the american and road transportation association published the report. it suggested the biggest problem in maintaining bridges is that so many are old. about 85% built before 1970. that little guy in your fish bowl may be able to help in the
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they're using guppies to try to control the proliferation of the mosquitos. the guppies have been used as a natural method to control outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases across the world. your morning latte might come with a higher price than you're forking overror it. 90% of coffee drinks have excessive levels of sugar. the vente latte has 90 teaspopons of sugar. for women, no more than six teaspoons of sugar a day.
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teaspoons of sugar a day. looking good again across south florida today. live first alert doppler radar, no rain on it at this hour. we have a few clouds out there today compared to yesterday when it was so clear. despite the clouds, it's pretty nice. we have an onshore breeze. sometimes you get some rip currents occurring out there. 73 is the current temperature in miami. it is very pleasant. we had a high of 79 degrees this afternoon. take a look at some -- some of the low temperatures today. there you go. across west kendall it was 52 degrees. that was the low this morning. 56 homestead and hollywood as well as pompano beach. ft. lauderdale the low this morning 59. miami international only dropped to 61. current readingg across the state i'd say very pleasant just about everywhere. a little bit chilly in jacksonville.
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jacksonville is so close to the coast there. w for the moisture, we do see that the air is dry across 2 2/3 of the state, but for us it's become a little tiny bit more humid today as compared to yesterday, but we're not complaining. it is still feeling very, very nice out there. for tonight, just a sprinkle. mid temperatures dropping into the middleldddldl60s. temperatures 62 to 64 degrees early in the day tomorrow. here's your future tracker. that onshore wind flow i was telling you about, there it is plainly visible. carrying with it some clouds, which are really struggling to produce any rain at this time because the air mass is stable. that is just not conducive to any precipitation. there's no front. we're under the influence of an onshore breeze that will continue to produce rip currents. that's why the threat tracker for tomorrow is yellow.
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south florida's beaches. do be careful if you're planning to head out there. as far as the forecast friday, saturday, into sunday. sun and clouds to mix. temperatures comfortable in the mid to upper 70s. lows at night will be in the mid 60s. another breezy day tomorrow in south florida. the breeze could be stronger than it is today. the weekend very pleasant across the area. nonorain in the forecast for south florida. i'll have your full seven-day forecast all the way to thursday of next week. now back to you. for as long as i can remember, it's been my ambition. you are not an athlete. >> it's a movie that's lkely to win over sports fans around the world. "eddie the eagle" is about a british ski jumper that never
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>> it premieresd in south florida last night. >> i just need the right sport. >> i'm going to be a ski jumper. >> he's going to break his neck. >> you know what i love about this movie? it seems like you're the one doing all the stunts, but this time aound you're doing the stunts. >> i did all the jumping. >> ait of skiing. >> he doesll the stunts. i had real fun playing around with you being wolverine. there's a great fight in the bar that's very brief. it is quite unusual what happens to hugh in that fight. i think the fans will be surprised. >> i need a practice jump. >> it's high than you jumped before. you're going to go faster tha you've gone before. it's just a jump. >> we were all into it.
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australia. just go for it. he'u a very inspiring guy, did some incredible things. a proper british legend as well. >> we have hugh jackman and taran. what was it likeorking with them? >> it was real blessing to me because they're both consummate actors and hugh is this generous, telligent, movie star. he's a brilliant actor. taran is just starting out on his journey. he's stepping up into that position as well. >> i think jumping is nearly as
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>> christopher walken also in the film. oprahans will soon be able to get some inspiration by getting their hands on her high-fashion items for under a dollar. she cleaned out her studios at harpo in chicico. the goodies include everything from dresses and coats to jewelry and shoes. bidding will start at 99 cents. all proceeds will go to the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls. >> something tells me you're not going to get it for a dollar. still to come on 6, a second chance at recovery right here in south florida. >> a firefighter on the mend in miami. see who is pitching in to make sure this 37-year-old gets back
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why a school is getting an "f" from parents for sending out an e-mail poking fun at whiners. he lost his son after police down.
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an elementary school in north delaware doing a lot of apologizing for a report that was accidentally sent toto students' parents. it mocks sensitive students asking students like is there permanent feeling damage and did you require tissues for your tears. a teacher got this from an outside source and attached it to an e-mail to parents. parents don't believe it's a reflection on the school. miami firefighters are stepping up to lend a hand to a jamaican firefighter. >> reporter: before arriving he at the rider trauma center, one firefighter could@ barely
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he can't wait to get back to what he loves doing most, firefighting. >> it's a five-pound weight. right now he's not able to pick it up, but that's our goal. >> reporter: for the 37-year-old, life is about giving back. >> i love serving, saving, and protecting. >> reporter: his passion became his career, serving as a firefighter in kingstown, jamaica for 13 years. just as he was preparing for the worst, miami-dade fire rescue answered his call. >> it doesnt matter whether you're a local firefighter or across the sea or the world. we try to help one another. >> reporter: a retired captain says thanks to jackson memorial hospital recovery is now a
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>> super bowl sunday, we said can you tie your shoe. he said, i'm going to try. helowly did it. it sounds like nothing, but it is a huge deal for him. >> reporter: therapy, surgery, and a second chance. >> the miami-dade local 1403 made me feel as if i'm a part of the family. >> if you want to help mcfarland, the family set up a go fund me. thaha'll do it for the news at 5:30. >> don't g g anywhere. more news straight ahead. only on 6, the family of a -year-old boy who was struck by what police say was a fleeing suspect speaks out about his heroic final moments. beyonce boycott.
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says they won't be working security when beyonce kicks off her tour in south florida. plus, victims of a scam could get up to $50,000 cash back. the little known funun you need to know. only on 6, the father of a 5-year-old boy shares the last picture of his son who police say was killed by a driver they were pursuing. 'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. the family telling us about the boy's final moments that saved other family members. we spoke with the family. >> reporter: jawan, this miramar preschool is where 5-year-old jayden played with friends. he was supposed to be at school
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tragically short by a driver who shouldn't have been on the road in the first place. >> i've got four kids. for them to tell me i've only got three, it just ain't right. >> reporter: a f!ther trying to come to terms with such a sudden -- this is the last picture that i took of him. >> reporter: -- and tremendous loss. >> i just really wish i could have seen what he was going to turn out to be because he touched a lot of people. >> reporter: jayden was visiting his great grandparents in palm beach county on saturday, was walking down the sidewalk to the park when a driver swerved off the road and killed him. lex eugene, the man running from police, a man driving without a license. >> this ain't right.


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