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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hope you have a good one. right now at 4:30, a growing memorial for a 6-year-r-d killed in a drive-by shooting as the community calls for an end to gun violence. and then a woman beaten by her craigslist roommate is a story you first saw on 6. driving around and shooting people dead in their tracks. what prompted an uber driver to go on a spree and shoot everybody in his path. good morning, everybody. your time is 4:30. i am eric harryman. >> i am sheli muniz. we were talking about this before the show, how absolutely perfect yesterday was and we want arepeat. >> if our monday is anything
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a way to go into a new week. >> we were ending the weekend on a positive note, and got a little bit of everything coming over the course of the next five days, and a few light showers trying to pop up between i-95 and the t%rnpike approaching the coconut creek area and out of lauderhill area, and these showers not adding up to all this much, and that's the exception and foughtnot the rule. the clouds staying in place across the area, in and out of sunshine this morning. warmer, locked in at 70 across much of the area, and the southeast ocean breeze, and the humidity certainly pumped up and cloud cover moving in. partly sunny skies, and we could see an issated shower, and otherwise much warmer and your fofocast high of 82.
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morning to you, south florida. we are starting off our morning with a traffic alert, a fatal crash, and we have the turnpike southbound shut down to griffin road, andnd then on 595 eastbound you can't ramp on to the southbound turnpike either, and you are trying to ramp on to 595 you won't be able to do so so take broward or sunrise boulevard but doesn't seem like an area that will be clearing up for sometime, the turnpike southbound to the exit of griffin roadblocked off. we are continuing to follow the breaking ns out of davie this morning, and julia bagg getting on the scene just now.
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going in that direction s suld know about. >> reporter: one man is dead we learned in this late-night crash. i want to show you t car the troopers tell me he was driving. that car is the hyundai we see right here smashed up, and it was overturned and the driver of that car is the man who died. let me show you video of when we first got to griffin road on the turnpike, and the trash happened in the southbound lanes with the wrong-way driver. we have been speaking of mark wysocky of the highway patrol. what happened here? >> somewhere around 11:40 we had a reporttof a vehicle traveling northbound in t southbound lanes, and the vehicle hit the trailer and the vehicle overturned and he was pronounced
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the vehicle. >> the driver and the passenger in the truck survived but the driver going the wrong way died in the crash. >> yes, the person in the tractor trailer and the papsenger was not injured. the southbound lanes of the turnpike will be closed for a minimum of at least another hour. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. you heard you could expect another hour of closures here so check in with nbc 6's kelly blanco to get around this. we will bring more video in the next half hour and julia bagg, nbc 6 news. this has got to stop for god's sake. here.
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to end gun violence after another young life cut short by bullets. the 6-year-old you see there was just playing outside when he got caught in the cross fire. laura rodriguez spoke to family members that are asking for help to find that little boy's killer. >> a memorial for king carter grows by the minu. during the day -- >> please, tell somebody if you saw something. >> carter's father didn't hold back the tears when he explained to the crowd the horror of finding his sonafter being shot. >> me, i had toind my son in the corner with his eyes open. >> showing from leaders
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they marched the route the first grader took to school. >> griped in fear and in grief, and we know that we can take this back. >> do not wait another second, another minute, another hour or there will be another mother and father who sees grf. >> speak up and put an end to the violence. >> our children must be able to play in the parking lot, in the backyard. this is got to stop, for god's sake. >> unsellors will be at the boy's school to talk to anybody who may need it. you can call crime stoppers anonymously, the reward now $25,000. reporting in doral, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 ews. >> this is another reason why that passion is coming out like
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heels of another young child in december, and he was not much older than carter, 7 years old and was playing with his christmas toys when shot by a stray bullet. now to a story you first saw on nbc 6, a woman brutally aqtacked by a roommate she found a craigslis she is making progress. she is opening her eyes for the first time since the attack. her daughter's face was nearly ripped off is what her mother said. >> even though she is still not conscious, i appreciate any little sign of hope that is happening.
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she found him on the craigslist. police have identified a gunman as 45-year-old jason dalton arrested seven hours after that shooting happened. police say the shootings started outside of an apartment complex and then a car dealership and outside of a restaurant. one man claims he road with him right before he was arrested. >> i jokingly said to the driver, you know, you're not the shooter, are you? he gave me some sort of a no response. >> wow, odd timing for that guy definitely. two other people were hurt in that shooting spree including a 14-year-old girl. dalton had ties to the community
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record. take a look at some of this video here. the massive cleanup has started and teams have en sent from all over the country. as of today, very early this morning, the curfew is over but the 30-day state of emergency is still intact. that tropical cyclone hit on saturday night leaving 80% of people living in fiji with no power. a cooler end to the week -- nono to rush the week. >> well, lots of folks will w wnt to get to what we have in the forecast for you on thursday and friday. we have shower chances peppered in your forecast.
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shower brew up and that's the only gameen town. one or two sprinkles possible this morning, and midday there could be a possible shower but top to bottom today looks to be fairly decent. here is a check w`ere the winds are light and skies are clear. feels nice in southwestern broward county, mid-60s there and lower 70s on the beach. that's thanks due in part to the onshore ocean breeze. a mix of sun and clouds to get you started on thh monday morning, and sunrise coming at about 10 until 7:00 this morning. we could see an isolated shower this morning, and warm, 82 your first alert forecast high, and shower chances begin totep up as we head towards midweek and lets talk about that in your extended forecast for six minutes. a couple traffic alerts this morning, as you are waking up in broward county this traffic alert is for you. all lanes completely blocked off
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a wrong-way wreck involving a tractor trailer. and then finally turnpike southbound drivers as you are trying to approach 595 u.s. 441 you are not going to be able toto do so as that ramp is completely blocked off.f. julia bagg has spoken to sergea wow psaki who has filled her in. you can see emergency crews are on the scene and only blocking one right lane. back to you guys. yourime is just about 4:42 on your monday morning. still ahead, it's a new week on the campaign trail and this is coming after donald trump and hillary clinton claim victories in south carolina and nevada. if you are wondering how to
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couple suggestions you may want to consider. the wife of el chapo is
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hy the wife of that . a new week on the campaign trail, and hillary clinton beating out bernie sanderer the primary on saturday becomes critical for the vermont senator. since jeb bush ended his campaign many republicans want to s s him support senator marco rubio. the supreme court justices will be back on the bench today hearing cases, the first time after the death of antonin scalia about a week ago. president obama plans to nominate a preplacement despite republicans opposing. just when you thought y
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hopefully coming to you and splurge on something you want, along comes the idea what you need to do with it opposed to what you want to do with it. >> if tempted to use your 2015 tax refund to indulge yourself, you are not alone. >> maybe a day at the spa. i know that sounds crazy, but maybe just a day of total relaxation. >> because the irs is on pace or match last year's 77 million refund checks that averaged about $2,800 a piece, many of the lucky ones this year after have spent it. >> in an imaginary world i would get season tickets to the panthers. >> number one, pay off consumer
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>> credit card debt is the most insidious because it grows ily, but also recommends putting refund money into an emergencyp fund that reduces the potential for more debt, and then depositing much if not all of what is left into a retirement account. >> but more importantly, maybe starting a roth ira. >> more he says maybe you should adjust your withholdings so you are not providing the government with an interest-free loan for last year. we are following some traffic alerts this morning. actually more than e. >> first alert traffic reporter, kelly blanco s. here to tell you how to get around them this morning. >> good morning to you, south florida. this traffic alert is in broward county, a fatal accident. if you are headed out the door soon this is what youneed to know.
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griffin road all lanes are completely blocked off and emergency crews are on the scene and this is not going to clear for sometime, and 595 eastbound as you are ramping on to the turnpike you are not going to be able to do so and then approaching 595 a u.s. 441, and then we had a rollover accident on the turnpike as you are approaching red road, and a team 6 viewer sent this the video and one right lane blocked off and the accident is almost in your clearing stages and you don't need an alternate because it's just the one lane approaching red road that is blocked off. we are busy out there on the roads but not weather-wise, just one or two sprinkles trying to pop up, and mainly to the north
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the turnpike, so you may find just a few wet spots anywhere between i-95 and the turnpike but that's the only game in town. a worst case scenario we start off monday with sprinkles, and then this afternono, warm and humid, but that won't last long. let's talk about that. first and foremost, a look into miami where the coud deck is moving in, and mid level clouds in place that will lead to filtered sunshine, and we'll say 4 degrees or so above w wre we were yesterday morning. out west a cool feel and i'll show you that inust a minute. there's the easterly breeze that will stay in place today and keeping the humidity in check. clouds lingering in the two-county area and down through the keys, and here are the winds which were there, and the temperatures have cooled down. pembroke pines and west kendall, mid-60s there, but out towards
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we will level out of the temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. a humid day sprinkles today and then more clouds and then we have showerhances ramping up into tuesday and wednesday, but it willbe worthwhile by the time we get on the other side of our next system, great weather leading into next weekend. first alert weather todaa, a mix of sun and clouds and a sprinkle possible on the drive in, and we're up to 79 before the lunch hour, and t tn this afternoon, enjoying the sunshine, some clouds on the breeze, and then 82 for your afternoon high. i keep talking about it getting better here, and here you go, lay it out for you in the next three days. lower to mid-80s here, and we will be approaching record heat on wednesday and then we brbrg in scattered showers and thunderstorms to le us into wednesday afternoon and evening. some showers may at least linger into thursday morning and then we clear out. look at what happens. we dip our temperatures in the
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mornings on end, afternoon highs in the lower and mid-70s, and below average all the way through and a great way to go out in the momoh of february. saturday and sunday the last weekend of february, and we get a start to the week with abovee average readings and we will cool down by the time we get to frid. guys? >> thank you, ryan. more good new at the gas pump as gas prices continue to drop. the national average of regular unleaded is $1.71, and many thought they nver were going to see that in their lifetime and that's down 11 cents from two weeks ago, and 67 cents below from a year ago. the cheapest you will find is in kendall at $1.81. that's at costco. crude oil costs steadied.
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what the third wifef el chapo says. the former beauty queen spoke out for the first time. sheeays he is sufferingng in prison and not even a physician has seen him and this interview comes days after it's said he can't sleep. bill cosby's wife will have to give her testimony today and this relates to the lawsuit a group of women filed. they allege her husband sexually assaulted them. nbc's stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: his wife of more than 50 years at his side, stoic. >> there's no response.
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questionon when she is deposed against her husband in massachusetts. her last statement was issued over a year ago. the man i met and fell in love with and whom i continue to love, she wrote, is the man you all knew through his work. she went on to criticize the media for not vetting the alleged victims. their lawyer w wts to hear from camille that worked as his business manager for years. private conversations by a married couple are protected by law, but business conversations are not. the judge ruled the deposititn could go forward. >> there's no way to predict what she has to answer and what she doesn't, because everything she is going to talk about is marital and business. >> the massachusetts case is
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action swirling around cosby. one criminal case withmultiple charges of sexual abuse, 12 alleged victims have filed lawsuits and cosby unter sued eight of them, including the most recently andrea causese mitt. his wife who stayed out of the limelight for decades is in the middle of the fight. your time is 4:43 on your monday morning and this is a great story. talk about something that comes out of nothing, right. artists on a mission to beautify what she describe as a shabby neighborhood, and we will see how it turned devastated spaces into works of art. and then coming up at 6:00 --
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>> what the final call revealed right before the ship sank. your drive time is a ten-minute drive from coral reef to tamiami trail with traffic moving between 55 and 60 miles per hour. and then palaltto expressway to i-95, a nine-minuteride. ryan? kelly, clouds moving in through theovernight hours. we have temperatures balanced about 70 degrees in ft. lauderdale and miami as well as key west.
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see a few isolated showers. welcome back, everybody. it's 4:56. like a lot of places around the country depending on how economics affected your area, and some areas in los angeles are suffering from what they
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>> the same area has undergone a big change with the stoke of a brush. >> a tiny transformation with each stroke, and creating merles in places once abandoned. how did this whole thing start? >> we started with one mural on the side of our building and from there we decided let's take it a little further. >> an idea that fueled the alley project, a mission to turn devastated spaces into works of art. it simply begins by asking neighbors to paint the alleys in their backyards. it can take anywhere from hours to months to complete an entire mural. since this project started nearly two years ago more than 80 artists from across the world come to los angeles painting and creating more than 100 murals
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galleries, each wall slowly transform into the art district. >> this is why we decided to buy our house here, we peeked over the alley and thought it was cool. >> it was just trash, graffiti, and it's become safer i our opinion. people just come out and park and walk-up and down here. >> they believe it's about more than what is on the wall. >> it touches the whole community and that's the whole point of doing the work on the street, and it's not about me but about what i am leaving here. it elicited so many smiles and happy feelings that it's a project that can't stop, and it has to keep going because the joy it brings all these people is immeasurable.
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nbc news, los angeles good morning, everybody. it's 5:00 right now and we are following breaking news. you are looking at it out of davie where a wrong-way fatal crash left one dead. it's 4:59 on your monday morning. >> we know the crash involved an 18-wheeler and a car, and we have team coverage and we start with julia bagg gathering information about the crash overnight. what you have learned? >> reporter: i want to show you what happened since we last spoke and that's the smashed up hyundai where the driver was killed in the crash. that's just in the last few minutes here, and you will not be able to get through here, and the crash happened at 11:30 last night. what we know from troopers and we will show you new video so you can see how smashed u u that
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ing the wrong way. he was going northbound in the southbound lanes of the turnpike, just south of griffin road, when he smash into the an 18-wheeler. there were two people inside that 18-wheeler, a man and woman. they survived. they were just fine. hey did not go to the hospital, at least not immediately. troopers arerying to figure out where this man got on the turnpike going the wrong way. it's a big cleanup job that is happening now, a a they are just starting to haul this hyundai away. it has been on the road here since last night as has the tractor trailer that had jackknifed. you are going to need help to get around this. for that let's check in with nbc 6's kelly blanco to help y with this. >> good morning to you, south florida. the turnpike southbound where you just saw julia, that ramp to griffin road is completely


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