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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 22, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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. right now, at 11:00, a community determined to find justice in the killing of a six-year-old little boy and condemning the violence that's taken yet another innocent life. a driver with a death wish. we reveal a facebook post that reveal the crash on the turnpike may not have been an accident. a mom looking for a miracle after a roommate brutally beat her. fashion industrial design here and a lot more at dash. design and architeure senior high school. they can'tgo o otside and play. >> a local community up in arms
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violence that's become all too common in south florida. the latest victim was a six-year-old boy killed in gunfire while he was playing outside. >> law enforcement upping their efforts to find the shooters. michael spears has been live all morning at the elementary school that child attended and i know you've been tking to parents this morning. the superintendent was also there. what can youell us this midday? >> reporter: well, sheli, eric, i dididt come across one parent who had not heard what happened to six-year-old king carter here, and as police continue the search, grief counsellors are available at the schools to help the young children to cope with is but also help faculty and torchers -- teachers cope with the shoototg death of a first grader. >> reporter: he he was doing what most kids do on a saturday
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no pain a parent should no. >> sad. >> reporter: pain felt monday morning as students returned to elementary school without one of their classmates. >> we used to play hide-and-go seek. >> that's heart breaking. >> reporr: no easy conversation to have with children still learning simple addition and attraction -- and an subtraction. >>. reporter: two people opened fire at the complex. >> posters drawn and written. >> reporter: superintendent alberto karlo welcomed students back. >> we should not making could have fins this small. >> his tone more unforgiving. >> to the perpetrators if you
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yourselves in. >> reporter: frustration echoed at a sunday rally. >> this has got to stop! >> reporter: by pararts who say they are too afraid to let their kids play outside. at this point in the investigation, police have not said who the intended target was in this shooting that left that first grader, a six-year-old dead, and that is why at this point police say if you know anything about this, they want to hear from you. the reward for information leading to ann arrest now stands at $25,000. if you do not want to reveal your identity by speaking to police, there's always crime stoppers. you can leave a tip anonymously. for now we'rere live in northwest miami-dade. michael spears. nbc 6 news. this midday, a disturbing twist into a deadly crash we've been covering extensively this morning. the man who died after driving hisruck on the wrong way on the turnpike in davie may have
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julia bagg is live for us in miami beach. the center point of this investigation is on facebook.k. all of us here in the newsroom have looked at his facebook page and there are some very difficult signs to ignore of suicidal thoughts there. >> reporter: troopers confirmed the man may have made those crimes on his facebook page and a similar attempt toarm himself. two kas before -- days before he drove the wrong way and died in a turnpike crash. an eerii post post appeared on his facebook page. i started driving down 1995 from miami beach, then headed north on 95 ready it and kermed to get
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drive the wrong way against a traffic and crash my car head on into a truck and kill mylf. he pull over in tears according to his facebook page but last night he kept going. he smashed into a tractor-trailer with t people inside. >> my friend just called e, really, she just sounded really shocked. >> reporter: she is friends with the man and whom who suffered dr survived the crash. >> driving into the florida turnpike, they just saw a car cong. they were lucky. >> reporter: both walked away from the deadly wreck. and this midday, the family of ferrance is declining to spheek about his death. we've been g gng over this information on facebook with troopers and they are still examining exactly what happened. lilie on miami beach, julia bagg. nbc 6 news.
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police are looking for the driver of a teenager killed. police telling us that the driver had actually the green light. here's a picture showing you a piece from the silver mercedes-benz that police say hit the teenager. investigators say the car should have extensive front end and windshield damage. that teenager is in critical condition. the man accused of stabbing his best friend to death when he was a teenager is set to be resentenced. michael hernandez was already serving life in prison but is being resentenced after the u.s. supreme court said miners cannot be automatically sentenced to live without the chance of parole. he was convicted of killing his friend in the middle school bathroom. this next story is getting a lot of information. the sheriffs department is set to release more information on
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this is what we know. a picture of 10-year-old isabella isabella hefernan. she was found dead the next day in a huge field behind her home. after an -- investigation, police arrested her 16-year-old brother in connection with that death. in decision 2016, democrats and republicans seem to be flipping the script this week. democrats compete in south carolina now. the republicans caucus in nevada. the exact opposite happened last weekend and for nbc 6, tracie potts has more on where they are focusing this week and beyond. >> we're going one after another. are we going to win georgia? >> donald trump looking to super tuesday. >> iave a big advantage but long way from being won.
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between ted cruz and marco rubio. >> what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. >> cruz isn't winning his key group in south carolina. they voted for trump. the democrats are getting ready to square off in south carolina this weekend. hillary clinton is popular with the large african-american electorate. >> if she wins big in south carolina as some people think she will do, then she will have tremendous momentum going into next weekend and the super tuesday states. it's a real problem for bernie sanders. >> the next president of the united states, senator bernie sanders. >> we are listening to the african-ameran community. >> clinton is looking ahead. >> i'm in texas right now. we're reaching out to everybody. >> but before texas, south carolina, this weekend, the clinton campaign says she will
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this week. trace i.c.e. potts, nbc news, washington. a 23-year-old woman is still a coma a week after she was attacked. police say it's the handsf her roommate. danielle jones opened her eyes over the weekend. erika glover is at jackson memorial hospital. >> reporter: the mother of 23-year-old danielle jones says this morning marks day nine. each visit here to the hospital brings new updates, but the uncertainty remains as family and friends hold close to any sign of life. >> she's opening her mouth. >> reporter: instead of celebrating her 23rd birthday valentine's day, family and friends say danielle jones began this fight for her life after being brutally beaten by her roommate. >> what bothers me most is that
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over the apartment. there was a struggle. i'm constantly haunted what this must have been like for her. >> reporter: she was living in this downtown miami apartment with 35-year-old byron mitchell, a roommate she found on craigslist about two weeks ago. he strangled and beat her and she's been in a coma ever since. >> she's not waking up. she's not reacting. she's not following command. >> reporter: mitchell claimed self-defense telling police she came after him with a knife. he was arrested for attempted murder. >> i want people to earn from this tragedy they need to be more careful. mothers will make sure that their independent children won't do a background check maybe they will do the background check. >> reporter: she said the prayers and support of others are keeping her strong, especially as the donations for
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page reach more than $17,000. >> i have my faith in god. i know it will be his will. >> in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. still ahead, a shooting rampage involving an uber driver stuns a tight-knit community. investigators look into the report that someone was picked up in between shooting. the first detailed comments on the allegations against her husband, bill cosby. 78 now ft. lauderdale and miami. 74 in key west. we've got more warmth. more humidity and eventually more shower chances coming in your first alert forecast. i'll break it down for you in just a few moments. i'm ari od zer. be check out some of these guys.
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making model airplanes and an uber driver accused of killing six people over the weekend is expectededo be arraigned today. investigators have recovered a gun. they have gathered surveillance tape. they are sure that he did it but they don't know exactly why. blake mccy has more on that investigation.
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ititis later this afternoon that we are expected to see the suspect in this shooting to make first court appearance. the county prosecutor says he beeves he has the right man and he is ready to file charges. this is a person accus of going on a shooting rampage across this city saturday night. three separate shootings, apparently choosing his victims at random. killing six of them. injuring two others. those two remain in the hospital we're told with very serious injuries this morning. last night, there was a vigil for the victims here in kalamazoo and people are really hoping that those two who are seriously injured are able to pull through. you see this stuff on the news all the time. you don't really think aboutt because it doesn't affect you, but then it affects not only your community but your friends. >> reporter: as for a motive, we do not know at this point. that's what's so puzzling about this. we're hoping to maybe glean more information today in this court appearance but by all accounts
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say he never showed signs of being erratic before. he was a husband and father of two and uber driver who was reported to be giving rides between the first shooting and when he was arrestededix hours later. so a lot of unanswered questions here in kalamazoo, hoping to get some of them answered with this court appearance. i'm blake mccoy, nbc news. thanks so much for the update. also for you midday, bill cosby's wife is set to give her testimony any minute now. this is video in springfield, massachusetts, where it's expected to be happening. attorneys were seen going in ere earlier this morning. a federal judgeaid the wife must testify in a civil suit filed by seven women who say
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happy monday to everyone at home. it is monday, which, of course, that means we're bragging about a south florida school and today on we're on the c mpus of a nationally celebrated high school. >> education reporter ari odzer is there on the scene. they have spared no experience to make sure this turns into a career for these kids. >> reporter: they really do. you don't hear a band. we're not going to talk about sports team. we are not going to do anything we normally do at traditional high schools. this place is unique. tell me what makes d.a.s.h. so unique, besides being in the desiggdistrict. >> the students are able to study in the area of design field along with their regular courses.
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architecture students work there. >> the school is design and ak terk tour senioio high school. architecture, industrial design, fashion design, film and graphics. the students are able to pursue thr years of studies in unwith of these design fields. they do have an edge when they go to college. they have three years of expertise, probably equivalent of second-year level. >> there's no question, the best design schools in the nation, you'll find kids from d.a.s.h. at all of them. joining me over here is rosemary pringle. >> this is my 26th year at d.a.s.h. >> what are these kids doing here? >> they are working on a knit project that they had to do. she's inspired by eyes, cecelia, apparently. >> talk to me about what kids get out of a program like this.
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it's a lot of observation and decision-making, problem-solving, lots of problem-solving, that's basically what design is, solving problems. what else do you get out of it? >> how do i look, by the way? how fashionable i am? >> the jeans are working. i like the jeans. those are nice-looking jeans. >> how about that. i got something going for me here. this place is amazing. d.a.s.h., if you are a kid, is talented in one of those areas, apply to d.a.s.h. it's worth it if you get in. it's such a unique environment, amazing place to get training that prepares you foror the best colleges in the nation. we're live in the design district in miami. ari odzer nbc 6 news. first alert weather with ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate forecast. heading into the afternoon hours, we have a very decrept forecast but we're getting ready for some changes, maybe a roller
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through the week. temperatures will be changing a lot. we'll have rain chances peppered in. we've got some showers starting to develop across the palm beach county area. can't rule out maybyb even a sprinkle or two in the two-county area at least through the early afternoon hours. i'm not looking for an overly wet day today. ve first alert doppler available at any time on our free mobile app. looking at the sky, fair weather clouds beginning to build in on the southeast breeze. it's increased already. we've been lucky. we've got lots of sunshine. we've not been able to shakethe clouds down through the florida keys. mostly cloudy if not overcast conditions at tmes continuing through the island changes. we have another day with a high rip current danger on our beaches. the warmth really telling.
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78 in miami, and ft. lauderdale. lower 80s today. we've been there three times this month. the next three days, we'll continue that trend and the area of low pressure across s e lower mississippi valley, showers here, systems going to move off to the east and to the northeast in the days ahead and our rain chances continue top increase as we b bp up the humidity and we'll turn our winds to the south tomorrow and we should have a decent chance at least into tuesday and wednesday to get a round o precipitation in before we get ready for some cooler weather later in the week. here's what we're looking at. there's that spotty shower i was telling you about. generally lower 80s. breezy out on the beach. 82. not bad. our normal high at this point in february is 79. dry for the evening commute. there's your breeze out on the beach. keeping the rip current risk high for one more day. the uv index fairly high with all the abundant sunshine we've seen. a few showers at least possible tonight. the winds from the southeast will gradually shift to the
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that pumps up the temperature. also brings in the moisture for tomorrow. we'll see isolated showers and 83. it kekeps getting warmer as it heads toward wednesday. we're heading toward 85. shy of record highs. by the afternoon, trigger of afternoon showers and storms. everything should clear up by thursday morning and we settle into a beautiful pattern with lows into the 50s as we head into friday, saturday, and sunday. beautiful winter weather sticks around for the duration of the month of february. >> ryan, thank so much. rapper 50 cent could use some advice wen it comes to bankruptcy. he's got to explain to the judge explaining why he's showing off buckets of cash. something is not adding up. back in july he claimed that expensive lawsuits had actually
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fortune but somehow he ended up wiwih buckets of cash in his refrigerator. put 50 cent in the backseat. we'll talk about uncle jesse. he's putting throwback video up on his account. >> roxanne, tell him how to see how mercy. >> have mercy. you are going to love this video. full house fans. fuller house on friday on netflix netflix. john stamos cuddling with the oulson twins. these are images. we're going to post that on nbc 6. "six in the mix" on our instagram page as well. it's throwback video from 1989. coming up at 11:30 on "six in the mix," lots of great stuff
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the countdown of the 15th annual wine and food festival. crossing the county line, folks. plus your chances to win tickets to the festival and we're highlighting two amazing organiations caring for our community. you could be a part of making a difference. get involved with joshua's heart
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we break take a look at this. video of a meeting at a white house has gone viral. but it really has very little to do with the president or first lady. >> it's actually because of 106-year-old virginia mclauren whwh says she has waited her
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as commander inchief. >> what you don't hear, is when she walked in, she squeals really loud when she sees them. she got to visit the capital over the week. she was there to celebrate black history month.
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makeke it a . saint west, that's what you look like. good morning, everyone. i'm roxanne vargas. welcome to magnificent monday on "six in the mix." thank you for joining us. take a look at our first look at kim and kanye's three-month-old son, saint. she shared it on robert kardashian's birthday. adorable. >> wait for it. superhero landing. it's really hard on your knees. >> no surprise here. continues to splay in the box office. second weekend into the box office taking top spot yet


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