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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the judge's decision. when i say i'm hurt on the inside, i have to be there for my husband and my kids. >> tonight family and friends march to bring awarenens to gun violence in the community. this is days after 6-year-old boy was shot and killed while playing outside in his neighborhood. good evening. >> the community coming together and pleang for information to find little king carter's killer. marissa bagg is joining us live with more. >> reporter: students came back to class where the 6-year-old went to school. he wasn't here today. he was known for having a big personality and a lot of friends. the community is rallying behind his family to find those responsible for his violent death. the baseball field at hadley
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people monday night whether they knew little king carter or not. they came together to push for the arrest of his killers and support his grieving family. >> they took our baby from us. he ain't here no more. >> reporter: the group chanted king's name as they marched to hadley park. their message, get involved andnd call police if you have important information. >> be more pro-active. we need more leaders, more men, more parents to get involved. it's a tragic incident that happened. just greater things that will come from this. >> you have to understand we all have to travel a road that merge. today it's their home. tomorrow it could be yours. how would you feel about don't snitch. >> reporter: two men stepped out a dark colored car and opened fire.
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while playing outside with his friends. >> i cried on the porch this morning. we dounts walk our baby to school. >> reporter: grief counselors were available to comfort student while police met with people living nearby hoping for a break in the case. >> there's no boundaries when you talk about a 6-year-old losing their life. as smart as we may seem on telelesion, we can't solve these crimes without the assistance of the community. >> reporter: there's a $26,000 reward out for anybody with information that leads to an arrest in thiscase. you can call anonymously in miami dadeto crime stoppers. the parents of this child say they feel grateful to have so
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at this time. police were forced to fire rounds at a man. nbc 6 jamie is joining us live tonight. >> reporter: police are gone but the crime tape is still up. the 71-year-old is the hospital after being shot. charges. >> a wonderful guy. i'm surprised. he's a sweet, warm guy. every time i approach him he was very nice. >> reporter: the nice guy is responsible for this. chopper 6 flying over a neighborhood after a distraught man called 911 and told them he had a gun. armed officers and heavy equipment brought in to try to control the situation safely. >> maybe there were three shots fired. >> reporter: they attempted to talk dodo the 71-year-old man. >> at some point he went to a
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at our officers and the offier responded and shot the individual. >> reporter: the man shot in the arm. he appeared to be okay when transported. >> sca hearing gunshots down the street. >> should be a safe neigborhood but things happen. >> it is tough for a negotiator to see somebodod hurt especially in situations where you think they will be able to talk to personnel. >> reporter: police still investigating what caused the suspect to lose his cool but he was dealing with stress. >> he was a bit concerned because his wife suffer a stroke and she was in the hospital. >> reporter: police say that the man will face a handful of charges for what happened here. now for a story you'll see only on 6. a south florida father is asking for your help to find a hit and run driver who put his son in the hospital. he was driving to work early sunday morninghen he ran out
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the 27-year-old was on foot when he was struck. the car jst kept going. he remains in the hpital tonight. the victim's father is hoping that someone saw somethi. >> if they can call. right now i'm under a lot of stress and my son is in very bad shape. the search is on for another hit and run driver that critically injured a teenager in northwest miami dade. javier and his brother were trying to catch a school bus this morning when valdez was struck by a mercedes. the car kept going. wwnesses say that the car did have the green light at the time but the driver isxpected to face charges for leaving the scene. here is the surveillance photo of the car involved in the hit
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it should have front end damage and possibly wind shield damage. if you recognize this vehicle call miami dade crime stoppers. police are hoping some new video of an armed robbery will help them find the man behind the crime and lock them up. take a look at the thief as he targets the woman withdrawing money. cops say the suspect was armed with a hand gun when he demanded the casp. his victim was a quick thinker. she with drew so much ney that the machine declined the transaction buying time for another car to pull up behind her and spooked the thief before he could get away and any of her cash. deputies are trying to catch a burglar who pretended to be car dealership employee. the crooks work was interrupt when a worker hears the ding of cash register and goes to investigate. the thief said he was there to work but quickly led out of building. it's unknown how much cash he
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if you recognize this man call broward crime stoppers. it's been trending on the nbc 6 news andwet e app throughout the weekend and tonight the donations for the victim of a brutal attack are flooding in. hundreds of people have used go fund me to do nate more than $23,000 for the 23-year-old woman here. here family is hoping to use the funds for the medical expenses. she's about to again her tenth day in fight for her life. she's heavily medicated and her fate remains uncertain tonight more than a week after a brutal attack allegedly at the hand offense a roommate she found on craigslist. as her family prays for science of life, 35-year-old byron mitchell is sitting this jail for attempted murder. she was living in a downtown miami apartment with him when she strangled her and beat him. >> they need to be careful.
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children won't do the background check, maybe they will. >> mitchell said jones came after him with a knife. a driver killed in a wrong way wreck may have caused the crash. he was heading north in the southbound lanes overnight when his hyundai crashed into a truck south of griffin road. he was killed. the two people in the truck cur survived. his facebook page includes a post about battling depression and past suicide attempts. m m. daems and republicans areemocrats and republicans are flipping the script. some candidates are still making a big impac in south florida. laura rodriguez joins us with
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to sum it up, hillary clinton is regaining ststm and donald trump is surging locking up delegates inn nevada. carolina, donald trump is the heavy favorite to win this nevada and history is on his side. no modern republican has won new hampshire and south carolina and lost the nomination. >> the establishment of the republican party is waking up to the fact that within a couple of unstoppable. >> reporter: as for ted cruz, startling shake up.p. he fired his top aid r tweeting this inaccurate video wrongly suggesting marco rubio dismissed the bible. >> i have made clear that we will conduct this campaign with the very hghest of integrity. >> reporter: his campaign is gaining momentum. the senator picked up a key gogo endorsement, bob doyle. he gained support from severer south florida lawmakers.
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rubio. >> he's ready. he's effective. he's brilliant. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is stepping up the pressure before saturday's primary. supporters and volunteers join for the opening of her first campaign office in miami beach. >> she's strong and she's the right leader for america today to be the next president. >> reporter: bernie sanders faces an uphill battle spending money much ster than clinton. >> he wouldn't have to win the primaries, he'd have to dominate herrn a lot of them. >> reporter: busy day for republicans since the caucuses will be taking place in nevada. as for the democrcrs, the next primary is in south carolina on saturday. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 new coming up next. >> jamie's family had to go
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their son's killer was resestenced the life in prison. no regar flag, no warnings. that's what uber is saying about the driver accused of shooting and killing six people on the job. the new detail surrounding the shooting spe. it was a nice weekend and a nice start to the workweek. there are dhangs, including rain chances andndhunderstorm chances. details coming up.
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and wagging welcome back. a michigan uber driver going on a killing spree appeared in court today. he was denied bond. the 45-year-old suspect appeared in court via video monitor and admitted his involvement. he shot eight people at an apartment complex and restaurant.
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working an uber driver between the killings. no motive has bn determined and officials have not found a connection between dalton and the victcts. the wife of mexican drug lord el chapo says she fears for her husband's life. she said in an exclusive interview that el chapo is in danger at mexico's maximum security prison because he made a fool of authorities in his escape. she says she doesn't see him as
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lord. this time of year lots of people run along the edison drij in fort meyers. for the last 24 hours they have been joined by swat officers if full gear. there's no emergency. it's part of a tag team run to raise awareness for veterans and the american cancer society. this year's event is honoring a veteran who lost his legs on the front lines. the run wrapped up today. > a true tale wagging reunion for a familil back with their lost dog after months of unsuccessful searching. this barrios family was tuned in to nbc 6 this weekend when they spotted their long lost dog right there on our dongsadoption segment. they phoned and arranged a happy reunion. he couldn't be happier. the family plans to help put on some extra pounds an supply him with his endless belly rubs.
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for the first time he went crazy. it was totally awesome. >> i'm really happy. i got teared up. it was like a great experience. >> in another twist of faith here, michael, met a long lost cousin during his quest to reunite with his dog. he's surrounded by two new friends. across south florida the weather@is quiet although warm for this time of year. it's been real beautiful the last three days. not much on the weather radar in termrmof rain. we should start to see showers beginning tomorrow. a lookk at current temperatures across the areas. we have readings in the 70s. it's been pretty moon too. moon riseover miami. also jupiter was out there too. quite visible in the sky. a very nice move.
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74 degrees miami as well as forty lawft. lauderdale and key west. tonight the breeze not so strong. this again keeping our temperatures warm for tonight, increasing the levels of humidity and leading to some rain. the rain shower chance returns on tuesday. then wednesday, we're going to have a front moving in. the front is expected to possibly produce severe weather in northern and central florida but not as much in southern florida. then it will become cooler and drier by the end of the week. here's your surface map now. wel off to our northwest there's a front over texas and louisiana. this is the front that across the gulf of mexico and by wednesday night, early thursday, will bring us a ance of thunderstorms and some could be strong although as i mentioned it's central and northern florida that have the risk of severe weather. we have been left out of that risk area by the storm prediction center.
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we'll keep a close eye on it because this el nino winter, these fronts mean business as they cross through south florida. the rain chances coming back to our foreca for the next three days. showers possible in spotty areas on tuesday. better chance of rain wednesday and wednesday night and maybe a lingering shower on thursday before it really clears out for friday on into sunday with highs in the lower 70s and lows in the low 50s. should be a pretty cool period friday and into the weekend. for tomorrow, this is what it looks like on the future tracker. plenty of clouds around and also that southeast breeze. you see a few shower they're spotty. not too widespread. they tend to move by quickly. if it does rain tomorrow, which it could, the showers are in the hospital expected the last too long. we'll start off with 70 degrees in the morning. 82 in the ampfternoon. a little bit warm and muggy. the cooldown comes after the front moves through dropping into the low 50s by this weekend.
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been a long, long journey. for the past two years been wats waiting for this day. >> it's been 12 years since the murder. he was stabbed to death by his middle school classmate michael hernandez. after being sentenced to life in prison once, a judge upheld the sentence a secondnd time. >> reporter: michael hernandez is spending another night here in jail afterhe was resentenced to life in prison today. the father of the boy he killed is relieved. the family had to relive this nightmare a second time. >> it was very tough for us to go through all this process again. >> reporter: in a sit down interview with his father he says justice has been served as hison's killer was resentenced the lifein prison. >> does he deserve a second chance? i don't think so. he put himsese there.
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if he gets out, he'll do it again and worse. >> reporter: hernandez showed no emotion. >> i'm compelled to reach a conclusion that i never wanted to reach and that conclusion is that the fendant michael hernandez is the same kind of person he was in 2004. >> reporter: hernandez was just 14 at the time, stabbed classmate over 40 times to death in their middle school bathroom back in 2004. he was alady sentenced the life behind bars but since then the supreme court ruled that a juvenile cannot get life without the possibility of parole. the judge called hernandez a self-centered young man who wanted to be a serial killer. >> this was sosothing terrifying. 12 years ago, he hasn't changed. he has not changed. he's there and the same way or worse. >> porter: his grateful this is over for now and even thankful for the suppo system he's had along the way..% >> miss him very much.
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he's not but i learn how to live without him. live with that. today, i can say i'm grateful for the 14 years that he was here with us. >> reporter: gouth's father said the past 12 years has been tough but he hopes he can be an inspiration to others going through these tragedies. let morgan freeman guide you to your destination.
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you listen to the researchers are analyzing a eventative drug that reduce infection of hiv by 61%. it comes in the form of a ring similar to models that deliver birth control or hormone replacement therapy. researchers think it was more effective in older women because they used it more consistently. big changes coming to the starbucks reward program. they will reward based on dollars spent and not on transactions. customers will earn two stars for every dollar they spend rather than one star per visit.
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big on a visit but a loss for those who only order a cup of coffee. the actor w touched hearts in driving miss daisy is helping people get to where they want to go. it's a promotion for his coming movie. while giving you directions, he will address you as if you are e president. the app will sell tickets to the movie which open nationwide march 4th. how about that. i love that. that voice doesn't get any better. >> i love waze. >> we'll talk about that too. hurricanes and miami heat. it was a controversl foul at the end of this heat game. controversy and the heat go to
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with sometding, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing wiwi social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. cleveld is just a lebron thing. the heat/pacers is a rivalry. every game looks something like this. we go to the final 30 seconds, heat down three but pushing it. that's justice winslow.
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a gigantic play. ugly shot. the ref called a foul on that. he goes to the line and misses the free throw. we go to overtime now. wouldn't have won this one. the block shot there. white ied off the bench. had 19 points. six blocks. heat beat the pacers in overtime. 101-93. three straight wins. >> we have our best start. >> not a bad deal.( 12th ranked hurricanes just got slaughtered in north carolina tonight. the chance to bounce back.
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p he jumped from bhind the line. if it looks familiar, this is why. he did almost the same thing two weeks ago against pittsburgh. gets the block shsh. then on the other end. a nice little basket into the lane. the offense start of the game for miami, he scored 21 points. canes up by eight. virginia a chance to tie at the buzzer.. miami holds on for 64-61 win. next up, final home game of the
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that's saturday our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use th"name your price" tool for free on, right?
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#pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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come on. what's t te secret? >> in tonight's can't miss clip video a meeting at the white house h h gone viral. it has little to do with the president and first lady. all eyes are on this 106-year-old woman who says she has waited her entire life to see a black man as commander in chief. >> amazing.
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go ahead, virginia. she got to visit to celebrate black history month. her road to the white house started two years ago when she start add social media campaign to meet president obama. you can see what happened when the 106 year yog woman got to meet the president and first lady. >> i'm going to have to get some social media tips from her. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taron egerton and hugh jackman. audra mcdonald. musical guest daryl hall and john oates. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 422, we're bacac


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