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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> no more! breaking newsut of our nation's capital. president obama announcing his plan to shut down the prison in guantanamo bay. what it means for the suspected terrorists held in that prison a teenager shot. what he may have been doing. and a fire rips people from their homes. live, this is nbc 6, south florida breaking news. >> keeping this facility open is contraryryo our values. it under mines our standing in the world. >> and those words coming just a on a campaign promise just a few minutes ago. as i mentioned, president obama presenting his plan to shut down the detention center at guantanamo bay. thank for joinin us everybody
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>> the president's plan drawing criticism. we're live at the breaking newsws desk. we have a closer look as to what this means for the unite states. you were just there earlier this month. >> that's right. the president's announcement today making a monumental shift toward actually closing the facility. we had a chanceeo see for ourselves just a few weeks ago. the president says the department of defense today will officially present its plan to congress that will shut the detainee facility down. there are 91 detainees held at gawnuantanamo bay. ey fall in three categories. those with the 9/11 attack. second group, 35 men set for release but they do not have a country yet that will accept them. the third group, the men the government says are too dangerous to release. the president indicated a few moments ago that closing the facility will save llions,
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show that these men get a fair day in court and will stop isis from using it as a propaganda and recruitment tool. >> for many years, it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it under mines it. this is not just my opinion. this is the opinion of experts. this is the opinion of many in our military. it's cououerproductive to our fight against terrorists because they use it as propping their efforts to recruit. it drains military resources. with nearly $450 million spent last year alone to keep it running. and more than $200 million in it open. >> now, the president said that some of these men could be brought to unwith of 13 facilities here in the u.s. and court. congress has already said no to
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here and one republican leader this morning already saying no way to that. the president is saying, though, this is the right thing to do. when we were at guantanamo bay earlier this month, the commanders told they have contingency plans in case they got the orders to shut the facility down. that's something today they are fine-tuning. >> thank you. you can find in depth coverage of the president's plan to close gitmo as well as the look ahead of the upupoming trip to cuba in our weather and news app. a 13-year-old is shot but police are not calling him a victim. what they are saying is that he's accused of trying to steal a car. >> although the shooter may have acted in self-defense, police still want to question them. nbc 6 anchor keith jones is at the north miami beach police department. what can you tell us at this ppnt? >> reporter: we're getting bits and pieces. this is an active investigation. the lead detective will be on
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we'll spea with another investigator later on today. let me walk you through what happened last night. roll the video. what you are seeing on the grgrnd, that is a handgun. the thing is we don't know if that handgun belongs to the 13-year-old or 0 unone of the two people in that car. here's what happened, about 12:15 in the morning, this 13-year-old rolls up on a car, tries to car jack them. what he didn't know was the passenger had a gun. he pulls it out. caps the kid. now you've got this -year-old suspected car burglar as well as now a shooting victim. he was taken to the hospital and incidentally there were three other people that were seen, three other males that were seen running from the scene after that shootiti. come back out here live. we understand this 13-year-old was rushed into emergency surgery. early this morning, he's out of surgery. we understand he will make a full recovery. he is also facing attempted car jacking charges. now, as for the people in the car, the person who shot this
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they are facing charges. as you mentioned heefer, police would love to speak with them and that's going to be happening later today. a lot of these unanswered questions. we'll get more as we speak with investigators a little bit later this a aernoon and bring you a full report tonight at 5:00. reporting live in north miami beach, keith jones. >> tnk you so much. nbc 6 is everywhere this midday. chopopr 6 overhead as a fire tears through a local apartment building leaving more than two dozen people without a home to go back to. nbc 6 reporter julia bagag is live in lauderhill. we know you were able to see new cell phone video that was taken by somebody who lives in that apartment complex, right? >> reporter: wait until you see these flames. they are pretty incredible. let me show you what's happening here now. just in the last few minutes, firefighters brought down that ladder track from lauder hills. that's the building where this all ltarted on the bottom floor. those flames quickly shot upward and spread.
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shot out from a first floor attention. >> we could see the smoke. >> all the sirens going off. >> i opened the door, it was all blackout there. >> reporter: the fire starntd 7:00 a.m., just when juliette white was getting her school. >> it was dangerous. >> reporter: firefighters say they blasted the flames for about 20 minutes, but then the fire started pecking through the ceiling and things got worse. >> a whole lot worse, yes. >> reporter: what did you have to do? >> hings kept spreading and we had to basically put up some equipment, the ladders that you see in some of the buildings and we had to ght this fire defensively. >> reporter: crews from sunrise, lauderhill and the broward fire rescue got things under control. red cross workers are helping stay. >> vastating, you know. >> reporter: now, i just checked they are still trying to figure out the cause.
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they don't think this was electrical. they do think thatat this was an accident. live in lauder hills, julia agg. >> we're working to find out more information about an early morning shooting in overtown. two people recoveringt the trauma center, it happened in an apartment complex. we brought you this as breaking news earlq this morning. no word yet on their conditions or if anyone has been arrested. right now the search isisn continues. families and friends of the against gun violence. forward. last night, hundrdrs of people gathered at hadley park in miami. they wanted to push for the arre of king carter's killers. police say two men stepped out of a dark-colored car and opened fire near 103rd street zp 12 as
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he was shot and killed while playing outside with friends. > in today's decision 2016, donald trump campaign rally becomes somewhat heated. take a look. >> he's very gentle with him. he's smiling, laughing. i would like to punch him in the face. i tell you. >> donald trump with fighting words last night directed not only at his rivalssut also at a protester that apparently had to be escorted after disrupting that event. and in the meantime, trump is hoping to rack-up a ather win today this time in nevada. it's the republicans first big test in a big state with a heavy latino population. >> the men and women in this room have a national bully pulpit. >> reporter: final late night push in late night nevada. the latest poll shows donald ted cruz. >> the eststlishment of the
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the fact within a couple of weeks donald trump could be unstoppable. >> reporter: not all voters are convinced. >> i think he's turned this whole thing into a circus. >> reporter: fresh off his second place finish in south carolina, marco rubio is hoping to score here. >> we can't win if we nominate someone that half of the republican party hates. >> i don't know what makes anyone believe that donald trump's supporters are going to peel off of him. >> reporter: john kasich is seeing protests after signing off to defund plood back home in ohio. >> i found his comments to be completely deplorable and very offensive. >> those a aacks tell me somebody is listening out here. >> he and ben carson round out the five republicans left in this race. >> the caucuses start after work for a lot of people. turn out only 33,000 in the last
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tracie potts. apple supporters are making their voices heard all across the world, including right here in south florida. this is stemming from the ongoing feud between apple and the fbi. they are protesting outside of apple stores in 30 cities across the united states, plus the united kingdom, hong kong and germany. a judge ordered apple to hack into one of the intern's -- san bernardino's locked ie pne to help in the investigation. apple says creating a key to unlock the phone puts the privacy of all iphone users at risk. it is paperwork time. it's tax time. once again, tax season, exactly. so as you gather your w2s and 1099s and whatever else you need to file your taxes, hopefully your receipts for your write-offsfsthere is a warning from the nbc 6 investigators this midday. >> if you can't do your own taxes, you might want to watch out for whoever does them.
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things to watch out for during tax season to protect your identity and your money. the irs even has what it calls the dirty dozen tax schemesto look out for. one warning is about tax preparers who take your money, your personal information, and then bad things start to happen. we'll introduce you to two men who shared two things. irs horror stories and the same tax preparer. when you brought them your materials, did you have any concerns? did you have any doubts? >> no, no, nothing at all. nothing. >> i trust him. that's what he does for a living. >> how are yoavoid that? tonight at 6:00, we'll reveal the one thing you should look out for if you use a tax preparer and make sure you can get the refun you deserve. again, that is tonight at 6:00. but still ahead for you this midday, a bizarre death investigation at a las vegas hotel. the very strange place that a woman's bodies was found after
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one employee made oneof her own reviews, it caused some problems. it's been a mostly cloudy morning here. as we approach midday, a little bit of sunshine trying to sneak in across the area. compounding this cloud problem, we've got a few showers on the approach for the lunch hour. take a look at how these stick around and better chance of rain tomorrow. forecast in a few minutes. this is pretty neat. a new sight just near the homes are not one-dimensional. why use traditional aerosols that are? new air wick room#mist with life scents is a multi-layered fragrance, just like scents in real life. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick.
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>> a mystery death raising eyebrows in las vegas. they found a woman's body in a laundry chute. they don't expect foul play. they don't know if this w an accident or suicide. we've been talking about this a lot in the last 24 hours or so. a company receives callsfrom customers the same nights as the shootings, saying this man, jason dalton was driving erratically that day. their policy is to call the driver if any customer alerts them of something like this. the company isn't saying anything like that happened in this case. a 14-year-old girl killed in the shootings, her parents are breaking their silence. >> she was a beautiful girl and
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>> he was charge with six counts of murder and denied bail. no motive has been determined and official have not determined anynyonnection between dalton and any of the victims here. if convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. they arrested a woman who went to steal clothes and abandonered her little girls. she tried to steal $1,000 worth of clothes. they escaped after she was arrested and left her little girl behind. they turn the little girl over to relatives. today, the city of miami beach unveiled four new lifeguard towers that are eye catching. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live on the beach.h. and these lifeguard towers, they seem very at home onn miami beach, don't they? >> reporter: let me tell you these are signature miami beach.
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it's a completely fresh take on these iconic miami lifeguard towers who welcome thousands of people had to our beautiful beaches, every single year, every month, really. earlier about 30 minutes ago, they held a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the six new towers. they all are different, the six new ones. these six will serve as a prototype really as the city moves on with a remodel plan for each and every of the 35 or so along the beach, and eaier we got a chance to look inside, have a look at the tower here. nice view up there. not t t bad. the city broad -- brought in famed architect william lane who did the wk following hurricane andrew which completely ravenlinged a lot of these towers on the beach so he got to work and it's a completelylyresh retake on this. we spoke to some tourists foror brazil. they say hey, this is why you come here, to take pictures of the tower. the city loves the work so far. take a listen. >> amazing.
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i think it's a mark of miami. everybody comes to miami and take a picture over here and really beauty. >> the idea is to make them fun. to make them iconic. to make them what miami beach is all about. >> reporter: other people we've spoken with, tourists, definitely agree that this has miami beach written all over it. each of t ese cost about $80,000 and the work will continue for the time being. they still have a couple more to go. quite a few to go. when you talk about this city, it's important to know all of these are very cool. tell us about functionality for the life guards who are here d keep the beach safe. michael spears, nbc 6 news. now, first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate forecas >> good stuff there. seeing a little bit more sunshine out on miami beach
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while that's happening, we have showers popping up here interior broward county and miami-dade. we can pick up isolated showers, one went over opa-locka. moving out of miami-dade and into broward county, this will catch up with you into east miramar maybe some of these spotty showers heading up to west park. a few spotty showers in place at least through midday. our evening commute looks okay. notice how thiss shower arcs all the way down into the upper keys. herrs satellite and radar. battling through these clouds all morning long. starting to find some sunshine, working through the cloud cover. i think we have to get this dose of moisture off to our north. i'll leave at at least for the midday hohors, shower chances around. future radar picking up most of this shower are activity staying outside of the metro area. it's wise to expect an isolated
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by tomorrow, shower chances back in your first alert forecast. we'll talk about that looking for a quiet evening ahead. there's more sunshine in our skies from our first alert camera looking out toward dodge island anan miami beach. we're at 80 in mia now and we're at 78, ft. lauderdale and pompano, did yououotice the humidity when you went outside this morning? it was incredible for late february. that trend continues this afternoon and tomorrow. and the breezy conditions not helping your hair much, either. south and southeast winds about 15 to 20. we've had gusts to 25. breezy conditions again today. inin and out of the cloud cover and there your isolated showers at least until 3:00, the evening dry looks fine. mild conditions through the overnight showers. the rip current risk continuing againin this afternoon.n. high temperatures on the beach about 81. this moisture streamingff to our north. this is our nextweathermaker. southeastern state seeing wet weather.
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this is going to trigger our next cold front that moves intoto the area by wednesday night. ahead of it, expecting a severe weather outbreak across the northern gulf coast states today. high probability you'll see more tornadoes out there. that threat shifts off to the east into the mid atlantic. i think we'll watch off to our north to see what type of weather develops through the day. we'll keep you up toto date on line and on air. i think by the end of the day on wednesday, a lot of showers comes in, probably not severe, but we'll keeu an eye on it and once that clears out, boy, do we ever have some nice weather for you. first alert forecast this afternoon. 80s will do it. today and tomorrow, and after the cold front comes through on dnesday afternoon, thursday we start off sunshine and we keep it on the cool side through the upcoming weekend. >> okay, ryan. thank you. a 25-year-old recent college grad working for yelp she's she was fieferred over a letter. in a complaint she call an open letter to my ceo, she said she
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ends meet working for yelp in san francisco. after the story gained attention, she claims she was let go and was told her letter violatat policies. the company's ceo tweeted a response. quote, i've not been personally involved in talia being let go and it was not because she posted a letter posted at me. two sides to every hr story, so twitter army pleasas put down the pitch pork. >> -- pitch fork. >> i wonder if you can review yelp. >> obviously not, or you are going to get fired. >> after the tragic passing of her husband and her manager, celine dion coming back to the stage. >> you'll get to waah her come back here with details with "six in the mix" host roxanne vargas. >> she will dedicate the opening of her first show back on stage to her husband angeli. it will streamed on her website
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she returns to the coliseum at cesar cesar's palace. the phantom of the opera is here. he will take the music of the night to the stage of the adrienne arhsch center. we're hours away from kicking off the south beach wine
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tack could he see after --
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helped a leatherbacks sea turtle. it gotten tangled around its turtle's neck. the turtle would dive deeper and it would tighten around his neck. the officers saw it just in time. they got out there with their knives and cut it. they cut him loose and he is just fine. >> eric, i raise you a mola. >> that is a beast. >> check out this video of a rare sight taken off the coast of portugal. you can see how large he is when you see the diver next to him. he's caught the eyes over 4 million people on facebook. these fish aren't usually seen as they live far off into the open ocean. if you can't seem to look away, you can go to our app to keep watching it. >> it's the size of a manatee. >> look at the person right next to it. >> that's huge.
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>> holy mola! >> sushi is not an option. >> i'll talk the mola roll. [ laughter ] >> (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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really, what's better than a good-looking man in a red bathing suit? suits? welcome to tuesday, everyone. bay watch the movie tops the hollywood headlines since we now know what dwayne the rock johnson and zach efron will look like. we thank you, dwayne johnson of two insanely nicely looking people. they started shooting yesterday and promised only speedos and beautiful bikini bodies. the super man tells du jour magazine says that he will


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