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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, breaking for you overnight, it is three wins in a row for donald trump as he sweeps nevada. marco rubio and ted cruz still duhing it out for second place. a storm system tearing through the south. zika scare here many united states. health officials are finding a artling pattern in new cases of that virus. >> good morning. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. >> king up to a very humid wednesday, ryan. what are we talking about? >> warm and dry to get you out the door on this wednesday. worst case scenario, one or two pop-up showers this morning. doesn't look very likely.y. it's this afternoon that we'll be watching carefully.
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waters this morning. but nothing nearby. the first half of our wednesday ismighty fine. from the radar, let's look at the entire region. the satellii and radar composite, a few passing clouds. a lot of sunshine in the forecast to get you started. this line of severe storms across the big bend area extending into the gulf waters. tornado watch is in effect for north central florida. this carries into georgia, in effect for the morning hours. we'll see how robust this line may be late they are afternoon. i won't bring in any shower or thunderstorm possibilities until after 2:00 or 3:00. could see a pop-up isolated shower, othererse mostly sunny for a good portion of the day. ahigh of 82 at the lunch hour but a chance of showers and storms leading into the second half of the day. for the morning commute, let's get a check on that. >> good morning, south florida.
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we havee crash on the turnpike extension southbound just after red road. it shouldn't affect your ride as you're making your way out the door. on the palmetto expressway, all green for now. dark and early. traffic moving at 55 miles per hour leaving you with a five-minute ride from the big curve to okeechobee. 826 eastbound from the big curve towards the golden glades. in broward county we're accident-free i-75 from pines boulevard to palmetto. the nevada republican caucuses are officially over. we have a winner. eric is at the breaking news desk. >> so far three wins in a row for donald trump and a close battle once again for second place between the two, marco rubio and ted cruz. it is the fourth gop nomination
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one before the high stakes super tuesday. next week, those match-ups in 11 different states. as of right now, gop candidates winning across the board in nevada with 43% of those votes. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educatete we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. 46% with the hispanics, number one with hispanics. >> his reaction to the win and that latest win raising trump's hopes that he can grab first wee next week in texas. >> the only campaign that has beaten drum and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> cruz and rubio are in a
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win a single primary race unlike cruz who did win in iowa. if this pattern continues, it could carry into next week on the super tuesday. trump could come out strong in 12 states including texas. during our 5:00 hour of news, we'll hava live report from tracie potts in washington, d.c. with more on decision 2016. as the republicans battled in nevada, hillary clinton and bernie sanders confronted issues at a town hall. just three days away from the south carolina primary and hoping to nab minority votes. the democratic hopefuls tackled questions about even beyonce's super bowl half-time performance. >> there's something very wrong when african-americans in south carolina get nervous walking down the street or getting stopped by a police officer. that should not be happening in america now.
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and i think it's important for people, andnd particularly for white people to be honest about those. >> clinton has criticized sanders for not strongly supporting president barack obama. meanwhile, sanders tookim at clinton for paid speeches he says she made ed to wall street banks. we have a full rundown of the nevada gop caucus as well on the nbc news and weather app. look for more there. breaking overnight out of kendall. we have new inrmation on a police involved shooting at a popular south florida mall. this is what we understand happened. investigators have confirmed that police were at dadeland malast night when they witnessed a fight between a marri couple that was happening. a man forced his wife to get in the car. the woman trying to escape him jumped out of that moving car. when police came and tried to help, the man drove straight
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forcing the officer to fire.% shoppers at the mall shocked to hear what happened. >> the waitress said there was a shooting outside, so we decided to move. >> at dadeland mall, i would never expect anything like this to happen. now that this is happening, i kind of want to work somewhere else now. >> fast forward a couple minutes and the suspect was found trying escape in a different car. he was taken to the hospital for chest pain. no one was injured. police in southwest miami-dade are looking for teenagers who opened fire on a group of friends playing outside. we're told a group was outside when they heard shots go off. one of them a 16-year-old was shot in the elbow and rushed to ththhospital. we are hearing he's going to be just fine. police say the shooters got away
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we're working to find out if the shooting was random or targeted. if you have any information that could help police, call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. out of the panhandle, the national weather service confifmed a tornado hit pensacola as part of a storm system that ripped through the souchlgt south. >> right now, eric, 35 million people still in the path of severe weather. it is not over, the system moving up the east coast. here is what it did in the gulf states, pounding states from louisiana florida's panhandle. at least five tornadoes have been confirmed in that path. two people died when twisters touched down in louisiana. somebody else died inn new orleans. >> when the weather getss so bad the roof of your gym and the
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>> that powerful system now pushing up the eastern seaboard. still ahead, we'll hear from a man who was inside his trailer when started to roll over. eric and sheli. >> incredible images there. back at home storm-free. how long will that last? here is a live look from our first alert camera in downtown miami. >> you're saying maybe this afternoon someshowers, ryan? >> we'll show you thline we'll be watching. this morning at 4:38, nothing to worry about. cloud cover skirting overhead. we haven't had any shower activity overnight. all our roadways are dry. telly will tell us about the commute in a moment. i wan to show you the line as it extends from the gulf waters into the southeastern states. from tampa bay all the way outside of jacksonville, continuing in southern georgia. this line will continue to move to the east. all the elements that we need to
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to the north and to the east and not further off to the south. we're kind of on the edge of the parameters we need to hold this line together and bring it in. i'll bring in our thunderstorm chances late this afternoon. a warm and humid start toward 75 degrees right now. ft. lauderdale and miami, your first alert forecast going this way. the morning could see a stray shower. otherwise bright sunshine and a rapidarmup to 84. after 2:00, 3:00, we'll see what that line is up to. we'll keep you up to date on air and online. take that umbrella for the afternoon drive. it uld be wet. let's see how things are shaping up this morning at 4:39 with kelly. >> if you're making your way out the door, we're accident-free from miami-dade and broward county. i told you about an accident on the turnpike extension and red road. that off to the shoulder. not affecting any lanes as you make your way out the door. we have construction on the palmetto expressway northbound
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street, all lanes completely blocked off because of constructi for about another hour. we also have construction on the palmetto expressway northbound. this time at southwest 88th street, kendall drive. a couple lanes blocked off plus that off-ramp completely shut down as well. we'll talk about broward county construction in a couple minutes. kelly, thank you so much. it is 4:40 on your wednesday morning. a deputy on patrol catches something that's become so common in south florida, a driver on the wrong side of the road. we have more ofis video coming up. new reports of the zika virus point to a troubling trend. it could make ighting it even more difficult. >> how would you react to an active shootersituation? what you should do if you ever
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and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. available at walmart in the foot care aisle or near the registers. welcome back. 4:43. today marks 20 years since the cuban air force shotot down the brothers to the rescue planes over the forida straits.
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remembrance at the opa-locka airport where there's a memorial to those men. there will also be a mass at the shrine of our lady of charity at 8:00 tonight. in 1996, two brothers to the rescue aircraft were flying in international airspace when cuban piloted jets sh down the planes. local media is reporting that fidel castro's older brother has died. ramon castro was the second of seven children of the family. he supported his brother's revolution. the reports say his body was cremated, his ashes taken to fidel's hometown. ramon was 91 years old. u.s. secretary of state john kerry may soon visit cuban to speak about human rights.
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about human rights still remain. >> not everything will change overght. there are still human rights issues. i may be down there in the next week or two to have a human rights dialogue. >> the secretary's's trip comes ahead of president barack obama's historic trip to the island next month. we'll be the first`sitting american president to visit cuba in nine decades. president obama plans to moot with cube an object tors you can fellow it all in the cuban crossroads section of our nbc 6 news and weather app. as the world continues its figg against the zika virus, united states health officials are gearing up to fight that virus here in our country. indeed it is growing. on capitol hill, a senate committee will hold a hearing to talk about the latest spread of zeek kachlt florida state surgeon general and secretary of
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flora's response and preparations for the zika virus. he's one of many, , ny people in the medical community right now who are expected to testify at some point today. meantime the cdc is investigating 14 new cases of zika here in the united states, and all 14 appear to have sex sexually transmitted. this is leading officialsto believe th spreading the virus through sex is more common than previously thought. several of these new cases involve pregnant women and the effects on their unborn babies are still not known. in florida officials confirmed 29 different cases, all of them are travel related and none involve pregnant women. 4:46. good morning to you. it's a good morning. i had to figure out which device iiad here to have the nbc 6 news and weather app.
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by the afternoon hours that will certainly change. i want to keep an eye on the line across the gulf and see if it holds together as it marchs towarar south florida. we'll divide the day into sunny skies and warm conontions. probably for the evening commute more showers and storms moving in. this is our first alert camera looking right down the dolphin expressway. 836 staying dry. all of our roads are dry. winds less than 10 right now at m.i.a. a warm and humid morning. you'll feel it as you step outside. awfully warm today, shy of record temperatures. the bottom line, is late february, talking mid 80s. ahead of a cold front doing a number on our temperatus. 76 in marathon. winds out of the sooh will pick
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about 10 to 20. it moves everything too the north. watching a line of storms in the gulf. this is future radar, not what's happening now. this is what we're forecasting to occur, i think into the tampa bay area is where the bulk of the storms will lie today. as the system moves to the north and east and drops the line further to the south, we'll watch to see if the parameters in south florida will support some severe weather late in the afternoon sweeping from southwest florida to southeast florida. it should be out of here by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. stray shower possible this morning. otherwise bright sunshine and a rapid warmup. 82 even by midday hours. we're watching f@r storms after 2:00, 3:00, carrying into the evening commute. your morning commute looks good. evening commute could be messy
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the big line from north florida, showers to the north of tampa bay. a hugesystem, a poe at the present time system as well. as julia bagg was showing us, all the tornado damage we had across the deep southand northern gulf states last night and that threat continues. this is our thunderstorm forecast from the storm predictionncenter. it's virginia and north carolina really under the gun. we're on the tail end of that, on the fringe where we could see isolated storms. take your umbrella, stay weather aware. after 2:00, 3:00, some storms. 84 tay and everything clearing out while you're asleep tonight. tomorrow 74 and sunny. friday 72 and sunny. better through the weekend. right now first alert traffic withelly blanco. >> we're still accident-free in miami-dade and broward county.
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northbound at ives dairy road. the ramp to i-95 is open but two left lanes getting by. the two northbound lanes on i've dairy lane that are blocked off. over to the maps where we also have construction right now on the palmetto expressway northbound at southwest 88th street. that off-ramp is completely blocked off. then construction in broward county on i-95 southbound and hollywood boulevard blocking two of your lanes. back to you guys. kelly, thank you. frightening video showing how drive. a deputy's dash cam video caught a 21-year-old driving the wrong way on the roadway. they say his blood alcohol test registered three times the legal limit. he was eventually arrested and luckily no one was injured. people without homes this morning after an apartment fire, a big apartment fire that happened in broward county. yesterday chopper 6 brought us this footage as these
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flames at the fair ways. it started on the first floor and spread to the second. it burnt all the way through. investigators think an unattended iron may have been what started it. >> everything lost. he has nothing at all except what he was wearing, his t-shirt, the boxers he was wearing. a total, total, total loss. >> about 23people, as you just heard, lost everything. the red cross is helping them out as of this morning. it is nine minutes to the top of the hour. this morning the man who was behind a hit-and-run is behind bars. boykin was behind the wheel of
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the 4" teen and his brother were trying to cross northwest 22nd street. valdez remains in serious condition at the hospital this morning. the 33-year-old suspect is a relative of city of miami commissioner keyian hardiman who went to the hospital to try to console the family. e boynton beach woman who made internation headlines to try to kill her husband says it was all fake. we're talking about dahlia dippolito. she told the judge she faked the 2009 plot. she claimed she was only imitating an episode of "burn notice" to try to get an acting gig. she says she was forced to speak to a hit man who was actually an undercover police officer. her retrial is set for may. the marion county toon convicted for a second time in
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will be spending quite a bit of time in jail. amber wright, the woman you see here, has been sentenced 25 years to life in prison after being found guilty last month in the 2011 killing of seth jackson. in court yesterday wright and her parents read letters they had written n the judge. jackson whose pture here was beat ton and shot back in 2011. his body burned in a back yard fire pit. jackson's mother was also in court yesterday and got her chance to talk to the judgdg wright was very convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life but shfs thrown out because she wasn't properly read her miranda rights. >> only on 6 this morning, would you know how to survive a terror tack? we take you inside a military training facility to teach you how to protect yourself. >> coming up on nbc 6 news at 5:00 this morning, breaking overnight, a storm system from louisiana has madets way to florida, bringing strong winds
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we've got brand new video out of pensacola this morng. eric, that line of storms moving into the big bend area, from tampa bay north there's a tornado watch. from tampa bay south, a quiet morning, a warm start to our wednesday. we'll time (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs s real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. welcome back. would you know how to protect yourself in a terror attack. >> it happens so quickly and if you're not prepar you get in a very sticky situation. nbc 6's bobby brooks takes you inside some training you'll only see on 6 this morning. >> reporter: the reality is it can happen anywhere. paris, france, san bernardino, california. the list goes on. an active shooter comes into
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for me, i was in a classroom this was just a drill. at first i hesitated but decided to run out of the building. according to the security expert, that's exactly what y y should do. goss is the president at gray international, a security company that turned an old prison into a 1200 acre military and training facility in the everglades, but it's open to the public as well for trtrning on everything from shooting skills to security preparation. >> there are risks out there. >> reporter: he took us through as oftens he could in one day. >> be aware of your surroundings. if you hear something, look. >> there's also your way to gauge your level of preparedness, a chart, four colors. white being oblivious to your surroundings. that's bad. yellow, orange and red. orange and red, that's bad, too.
4:57 am
>> you're going to get tunnel vision. your earsren't going to work. >> reporter: you want to be in yellow, calm, collected, as best as possible, especially if you have to use a gun. >> the training is always be aware, always be alert. the power could be out and you never know w is just around the corner. little did i know i was being tested the whole time, a second ambush. again, i ran out, that's what you should do. >> even if there are wounded people, do not stop. >> reporter: say you're stuck, the shooter is coming. barricade. if you can't, you have to fight the terro. >> more people attacking a person, the more likely you are to succeed. >> reporter: remember you can train. the reality attacks like these are the reality. >> you have to be able to take care of yourself. that's number one. >> reporter: if you're someone who thinks they might be interested in training like
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hour and a half from ft. lauderdale and miami. for more information head to our nbc 6 news and weather app. for now, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. >> one of those things you think will never happen to you. there's dozens of people in that conference room in san bernardino. >> it's a shame we actually have to be trained for it now. >> nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. new information in overnight just coming into our newsroom following a police-involved shooting at the dadeland mall. tornadoes rip through south destroying homes and injuring dozens of people. another victory for donald trump, this time in nevada. the results are still coming in following the republican caucuses in that sta. good morning to you everybody. your time is 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. happy wednesday to you, this
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we're expecting a pretty calm morning. things could start taking a turn later in the day. >> talking maybe 2:00 or 3:00. >> at any point from that starting point, i'll say, on through the evening drive. i think the front end of our day, the morning commute, looks great. our live first alert doppler, no worry of scattered sh_werr from broward county down to the keys we're finding dry conditions. a line of storms we'll be watching this afternoon. currently in the golf waters, on the approach to the big nd area and eventually to the tampa bay area. it extends well to the south, into the gulf. again, i think most o the energy that will keep this line fueled up will be moving off to the north and to the east. watch this line initially this morning across north florida. then into the afternoon hours into south florida. i think our best chance coming, as eric mentned, after 2:00 or 3:00.
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of the y just warm and breezy. 75 in ft. lauderdale and miami. up to 82 midday. could be a stray shower this morning. i think the bulk of our wednesday is mlstly sunny and dry. up toe 84. for the evening ive, storms moving in. we'll track that out in my complete forecast. good wednesday morning, south florida. right now taking a look at your drive here. this is where we have construction on your les of i-95 northbound at ives dairy road. you can see the con blocking a couple lanes. they should be clearing up within the next half hour. i'll let you know as soon as it does. traffic. northbound and southbound lanes look like they're moving up to speed. broward county. little more construction going on for another 30 minutes, 826 northbound the off-ramp 59at kendall completely shut down. two left lanes blockedff


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