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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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death, destruction and delays. fresh off his nevada victory, the donald has set his sights on super tuesday. and a rare nbtinterview with the woman who could become first lady. incredible images of exploding e-cigarettes inside people's pants. and aaron andrews breaks down during her dad's testimony and her $75 million lalauit. astronaut scott kelly return to earth. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. breaking overnight, four dead after 19 tornados reportedly touched down along the east coast yesterday. two people including a 2-year-old boy were found dead in waverly.
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as first respondebs continue searching door to door for missing residents. the county associated with rort e. lee's surrender back to a post apocalyptic battle ground and turning entire neighborhoods to runlbble. this has already claimed the lives of four others in the south. the massive ef 3 tornado that hit pensacola, florida with winds topping out at 155 miles per hour, the strongest of the year. and one person said his neighborhood resemblees a war zone. thousands of people up through new jersey are without power and thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed due to the storm. delta even brought pizza for frustrated hungry psengers
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as new york city saw rain and heavy wind strongd enough to blow over this tractor trailer on the george washington bridge. and a vehicle burst into flames. and meteteologist bill karins will join us in just a few minutes for the latest forecast. and donald trump continues to break into the evangelical base. on the indorsement front, trump got his first congressional backing from new york's c clins who previously backed jeb bush. california's duncan hunter who recently made news by vaping at aa hearing said he would also support trump. >> but former gop nominee mitt romney warned that a quote blockbuster was on the way when
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an issue that rankaled the governor in th 2010 bid. >> i think in donald trump's case it's likely to be a bomb shell. >> trump responded to romney's predikds prediction. >> why not just get them out there? >> i'll make a determination at the right time. i'm in no rush to do it. >> he also talked about picking up votes. >> i could win texas. i don't know that i will but i could win. that's the only state that i'm a little bit down. and i laugh at the pundits who say if you look at all the rest, it's 53. >> and later he tweeted when ted cruz quits i'll get his supporters, no problem. and milania trump spoke about disagreeing with thedonald.
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with him? no. i don't. and i tell him that. i tell him my opinions. i tell himhat i think. sometimes he listens, sometime don't. >> a fascinating look at a very private potottial first lady. and some of the latest polling out of ted cruz's home state has the senator an even neckk in neck with trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is adding the flint water crisis to her platform, releasing a new ad. be se to tune in to msnb later today at 5:00 p.m. eastern and at 8:00 eastern, chris matthews talked to bernie sanders as pard of the hardball college tour. don't miss it. and now dangerous side effects from tse e-cigarette devices.
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simply stopping for snacks at a kentucky gas station when the security camera captured this startling moment. josh hamilton suffered second degree burns. he said the spare battery for his e-cigarette device exploded. it's the latest injury tied to electronic vapor products from oklahoma to california. doctors at harbor view medical center in seattle have seen five different p pients in the past five months. >> it become as high powered rocket that canause significant force and injury to the patient. >> reporter: the problem center around lithium ion batterieses that can over heat, especially if the wrong charger is used. the vaping assoc yagds says when charged and used under p pper
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no more of a fire risk than cell phones and laptops. and employees tell ctomers don't carry the batteries in your pockets. >> sometimes it might touch the loose change or a key p.. i recommend carrying a battery case like this. >> reporter: advice to make se people can vape without the fireworks. nbc news los angeles. a video purportedly made by isis supporters makes direct threats against facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and twitter ceo dorsey, in response to their recent efforts to remove posts that promote terrorism. it's the first public threat made against zuckerbergn the video, which has not been verified, was allegedly posted oen a social media site popular
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it shows both ceos riddled with bullet holes p. sholes. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with the latest on that severe weather going on. incredible. >> and obviously a deadly storm, the tornados and then just the amount of wind that this storm was producing is really incredible. now it is exiting ohio, head nothing to -- heading into canada. we've had a lot of wind damage reports, massachusetts. and a wind gust of 82 miles per hour. that is incredible. that's one of the strongest wind gusts ever recordrd in the month of february and it's so rare that it has severe thunderstoror in february. it's been 19 years since there have been severe threats at night in massachusetts.
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and boston to cape, right down the coast towards port smith and we still have the snow side of the storm too. the snow is going to ntinue. especially in central and northern michigan. and additional snowfall will be in the higher elevations in the mountains of the appalachians. now a closer look at the day ahead. behind the storm system, temperatures are cold enough for the snow. temperatures only high today in the low 30s. nice day in areas of the rockies. that's where the warm air is going to be building in the days ahead. i think lot of people in the east coast will be talking about the winds at work today or school. >> and lots of accidents because of it too.
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for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. president obama is pushing back at republican senators who say they won't consider any of his supreme court nominees to replace the late ant nnonin scalia. one person on the list was the republican governor of nevada. >> this is a way for democrats in the white house to extract maximum pain on republicans on their stance not to hear any nominee. >> and president obama said the nominee he's looking for would be imminently qualified, and impeccable credentials. astronaut scott kelly due to return back to earth on tuesday.
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posting stunning photos of the earth from space on social media. kelly shared what he'll miss the most. >> the ability to press our limits with regards to exploration and discovery. i think it's been a privilege of being a part of that and it's something that i'm going to miss. >> by the time kelly returns, he will have travelled more than 143 million miles in space. and check out this high-speed chase that took place in southern california yesterday afternoon after cops try toedied to pull over this ford truck. the chase finally ended after dep ite deputies hit the truck and arrested the suspect. and you have to look at this cute photo of a polar bear playing a game of peekaboo at the detroit zoo. well, it was a dramatic day
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sports reporter, aaron andrews. she looked on in tears as her dad talked about her trauma after someone secretly filmed her at a hotel. nbc's morgan radferred has the details. >> reporter: an emotional day for aaron andrews, wiping aay tears as her father describes her as a shell of the person she previously was. >> she's terrifie she's depressed. she's not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: steve andrews, testifying on behalf of his daughter and her $75 million suit against the man convicted of stocking and accused of secretly filming her naked in her hotel room. >> she kept screaming i'm naked, i'm naked. >> reporter: michael barrett
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hole and then used a cell phone to record her naked. andrews' attory called a hospitality experto the stand. >> that's the cardinal sin is to give somebody's room number away or let them know they're staying there. >> he deceived, cunieved, stocked. >> reporter: mr. andrews believes someone needs to pay for what happened to his daughter. >> first time in mai life, as her father where i dn't know if she was safe or not. i feare for her life. welll let's get down to business now. the faa is considering allowing small drones to fly over the genenal public. the agency is coming up with rules that could lead the way there
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and ups is setting up to work with retailers to offer same-day de delivery. they already do for health care and replacement parts. and according to a new study by shanghai firm, the big apple has been over taken by bejing, who has now 100 billionaires, while new york only has 95. and basketball's top tier toppledet again.
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this morning on "today," brooklyn 99 and old spice actor, terry crews speaks out later on "today." it was a night of upsets in college basketll. number one villanueva visitin xavier in cincinnati. and they managed to dominate the wild cats who got into foul trouble early and often, xavier taking this o o 90-83. and next to unranked wisconsin taking on iowa. and the badgers turned it on late and h hd on to hand eighth
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next we have legendary walton feeling rocky mountain high and a last second desperation threeointer for arizona at the buzzer. but no good and the buffalo fans stormed the court as colorado upset 75-72. in the nba, golden state behind, steph curry nails the go ahead three-pointer with 38 secondso play. warriors held on for their 14th win in 15 games. and finally, progressesing nicely. that's tiger woods who's still recovering from back surgery posted along with this 13 second video on twitter showing him shooting a nine iron in a simulator. singing super star adel is crownedueen of the british music scene but it's what she said that has everyone talking.
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in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your docr or pharmacist about prevnar 13 today. now for some entertainment news. an emotional adel conquered the brit awards nabbing four statues last night. before apologizing for her ugly cry face, the singer took a moment to publicly support kesha. it was also the first time kekea
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she thanked everyone for their support. and the red carpet is ready for this sunday's oscars. and who else is ready? maybe vice president joe biden who's been rumored to be at the show. talking trash you want to >> the white house was grooving last night in tribute to ray charles. no need to look in the yellow pages for christy teeingsy teteen's number. she took to twitter to joke about itnd said she changed her number. kate mayay be a better ellen degeneres than ellen herself. >> i'm ellen.
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i'm ellen. >> no, i'm ellen. i got this blondy. step aside. >> you're going to do the monologue? >> that's right because i'm ellen. hi, everyone, happy wednesday. >> she is spot on. >> the outfit, the mannerisms, the voice is not too bad. >> and you have to wonder if they worked through that monologue or if that was totally off the cuff. i'm dara brown and this is "early today." (baseball on tv in backgrod) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because yourheart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die og whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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leading the news, it's the most read article in the washington post. justice scalia spent his last hours with the order of saint hubris. itit shows some of their members were with justice scalia where he spent his last days. it's unclear what association scalia had with the group. and on ergency room visits double for marijuana-using colorado visitors. the number of visits from tourists more than doubles, the first yeart was legal compared to 2014. they're cautioning people to have a full understand ogof theing before they try it. and in alameda, california had too be quarantined yesterday
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nauseous and dizzy after opening a suspicious powdackage containing a powdery substatae. it was sent to a lab for further testing. and check out this surveillance video showing robbers in southeast texas smashing a ford pick up truck into a store on monday. three men then ran inside, slipping on broken glass but they made off with a whole atm. police are still searching for the suspects. and facebook has rolled out newemoej emojisemojis. you can do more than just like a post. you can pick happy, sad. well, it's not for the reasons you might think it's drawing comparisons. meet a robot that can learn artificial taste to judge
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it uses the data to develop its own unique taste. he's a looker. now it's time for a look ahead. the five remaining republican presidential hopefuls face off for the 10th time at the university of houston. and tonight's moderated debate will be simal cast on telemundo. and happy birthday to rasheeda jones, chelsea handler, 41 and taya leowny is the big 50. now, keep it right here for more
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i'm dara brown right now at 4:30, two more
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now the community is calling for justice. three people test positive for zika in florida and they're all pregnant women. also, we'll tell you about little-known perks that could change the way that you fly. good morning, everybody. your time is 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. hope everyone is having a fantastic week. it is thursday, almost friday and a cool start to the morning. >> not quite as humid as we've had the last couple days. meteorologist ryan phillips has more for us. >> your thursday morning starting off with a cold front, sliding off to our south and east, showers to bimini and beyond and to our offshore waters. 4:31, let's take a look at the big picture, clouds through the eastern gulf waters. a northwest wind bringing


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