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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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have an . right now at 11:00, deadly deja vu, two teens are gunned down outside their homes. family and concerned neighbors are rallying for change. on the heels of that violence,wo teens charged with killing a six-year-old boy get no lenieiecy in court. wet weather is out and sunshine and cooler teteeratures are in. find out what's in store for us closer to the weekend. the 15th annual south beach wine and food festival, i'm roxanne vargas.
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chefs coming up. miami-dade community saturated with violence against kids and teens, confronted with two other shootings, happening within blocks of each other. one a 17-year-old was killed and leg. >> we just talked to the father of the teen who survived that shooting. take a listen. >> he's doing okay right now. right now, he's scared and shaken up. we're working with the detective on who did the shooting. we have a good iea who did it and he's going to get caught. >> and an outcry coming from other members of the community this midday. julia bagg is live for us right now in northwest miami-dade. you were able to talk to the family of the victims here.
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these familii and for the entire community. >> reporter: it is. the community is aeady outraged. i spoke with the friend of the 16-year-old daquan gordon who was with him wh he got shot. that friend told me living in this neighborhood, it's like you have to get used to a shooting all@ the time because even that friend who escaped bullets yesterday, he didn't escape bullets just the other day. 21-year-old shows us where a bullet hit him on his arm on his way home from the store last sunday and how he dodged a bullet just yesterday. >> this dude came up with a black hoodie on and started shooting at us. i just ran. >> reporter: his friend fell wounded outside of sam's house. he pulled his friend inside. >> help him.
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do that for me. >> reporter: just blocks away, another teen was not so lucky. someone shot a 17-year-old to death outside of renaissance apartments in gar hill. brittany gills remembers her cousin as kind and helpful around the house. now, she hopes his kiler will come forward. >> i just want people to know they took a loving person from our family and i hate them for it. >> reporter: and we just received word that david's mother ll be joining many in a march here this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. it's a rally for parents, family members who are fed up with this violence. it will happen right here on 71 as it street and northwest miami-dade. nbc 6 will be here. stay close to our news and weather app for what else is surfacing from these two
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miami-dade serintendent alberto quiet. speaking out just a couple of minutes ago about this latest round of violence that julia was just telling us aaut. >> over the past 12 months alone, 24 cool-age children, kids, have lost their lives. >> so he spokee at the united way breakfast this morning. that's what you are looking at here. he talked about six-year-old king carter who was shot and killed ih a driveby shooting over this past weekend. two teens appeared in court this morning for that shooting death of king carter. they were in bond court today. nbc 6 reporter willard shepard is live outside the courthouse in miami with that bond court hearing. wiwiard. >> reporter: outrage across the community about this particular crimend what happened so sadly to this little six-year-old boy. let's g g straight to the
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a short time of these two teenagers. leonard adams was the firstone up. the 18-year-old. both of these teens are charged with second degree murder and murder. no bond on them this morning. basically some administrative legal prpredures clearly where an attorney being appointed by e public defender's office for both of them and they basically did not say anything except acceptingngthe fact that they would accept a public defender service. the judge gave them no bond. this all took place over the weekend when this unfolded. let's show you the deo we have of what had happened over the week. police say this little six-year-old boy was out in front of where he lived in the apartment complex. he was sim going to get some candy and police say they now know this initiated on social media that t t two defendants in this case, the other one 17-year-old irwin presley, they got weapons, they went into a
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they went looking for an individual they had aispute with over social media. when they found him, they started shooting. they say that individual also had his own weapon. he returned fire. unfortunately, this little six-year-old boy was caught in the crossfire. for now, no bond. they will be held by the miami-dade county corrections department until their next court hearing. we'll continue to follow thisis throughout the day. we're live in downtown miami, willard shepard, nbc 6 news. a view from above shows the damage down below. this is in pensacola after a tornado left a path of destructio through that coastal city. the same system brought bad weather through our area late this afternoon. we have sunshine and cooler temperatures looking forward to. >> the only problem right now the forecast being the northwest breeze, which i'll touch on momontarily. let's talk about the rain and
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live first alert doppler sweeping clear cue broward county, miami-dade, and down through the florida keys. in the wake of the cold front, check out these cool readings this morning. 60 in pompano, that's where we stopped at this morning just after sunrise. 61 ft. lauderdale and pembroke pines. 63 this morning in miami. with the northwest wind gusting to nearly 30 miles per hour and sustain closer to 20, it's's kind of a brisk late february day and the sunshi feels great but our temperatures beginning to slow down and th warming process only mid 60s across the area. 65 miami. 66 ft. lauderdale, 67, opa-locka, pembroke pines. holding down to 70 in the key west. plenty of sunshine to go around. we may see one or two clouds this afternoon. cooler than average afternoon with breezy conditions.
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the front is out. cool air settling in for the weekend. completeutlook coming your way in 10 minutes. florida one of several states dealing with severe weather in some areas the damage deadly and affecting flights. we'll have a closer look at that coming up in less than 10 minutes. nbc 6 is everywhere. chopper 6 over a house fire. this is in ft. lauderdale. it left 12 people looking for another place to stay as of this midday. that fire is out, but a view from the ground shows what it lookelike the moment that fire crews actually got there. take a look at the amount of smoke coming out of the windows there. it happened right in the area of northwe 15th street and power line road. the cause of the fire is under investigation. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to make an emergency landing right in the middle of a hollywood neighborhood. the pilot telling nbc 6 what was going on throrogh his mind when that aircraft was going dodon. take a listen. >> i saw the road here. there was nobody on it. there was no traffic, no children around.
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to make sure that i didn't hurt anybody's home ortake anybody's life. >> he is so calm, cool, collected. neighbors say it's a miracle the plane landed gently enough to not cause any damage. tow truck hauled the plane away with damage to the front and the wing area. randy has a bump on the headnd a few cuts but he's doing just fine. the concern for zika is heightened today especially after the florida health department disclosed three women have contracted the virus. the new cases bring the state's total number of cases to 32. all those are travel-related. we know thatat in miami-dade, there are 11 people with that virus. broward county, 4. governor rick scott has requested the cdc to send 250 additional anti body tests to the state of florida.
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reving up for tonight's gop field. super tuesday is right around tuesday. a big write-up in the "new york times" as well. it's cusing on donald trump and his club in palm beach. the donald is running on a platform of bringing jobs for americans, but this latest report in that newspaper revealing that trump employs for the most part foreign workers at that private club. the story is back in 2010, nearly 300 people from the united states have applied for bs at his private club, but only 17 had actually been hired. most of the employees, accding to the article, are from romainenia and other countries according to documents uncovered from the times. put that asid and move on to the next element of the campaign. former presidential candidate is now attacking donald trump.
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about trump's taxes, sayingg that he is not as wealthy as he ys he is or he hasn't been paying the amount taxes that he should have been over all these years. romney faced criticism for not releasing his tax papers before 2010. a noticeable shift for florida senator marco rubio going after trump as well. it has to do with a pro trump robo call, maybe you got one. it is urging voters not to vote for a cuban. >> the white race is dying out in america and europe because we are afraid to be called racist. it's afraid that to be called. >he call is not authorized by donald trump or his campaign but rubio's campaign is demanding the frontrunner to stop it from circulating to move forward here.
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american national pac. and all of this is coming as a new quinnipiac university poll showing trump beating rubio in his home state of florida. trump comes out on top with 44% of the vote. rubio 28%. ted cruz with 12%. intereststg side note, the poll was conducted after former florida governor jeb bush dropped out of that race. you can stay here on the air or using our weather and news app for complete coverage. we'll have a full report on nbc 6 news at 11:00 tonight following night's gop debate hosted by our sister station, telemundo. another warning this midday about the possible dangers of ecigarettes. take a look at this. a huge of the portion of the
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talking about the one that happened yesterday that we reported to you. an ecigarette battery exploded inside a man's pocket in ohio. take a look at the burnt hole that was left behind here. official say luckily here there were no injuries but these type of incidents are indeed on the rise. the fire department is warning ecigarettes users to keep those batteries away from copper and metal, including your car keys and loose change. here's re video othe one yesterday. a similar incident. only this was in kentucky. this mam ended up with second degre burns on his legs after an ecigarett exploded in his righgh hand pocket. witnesses were trying to pull off his pants. somebody came and showed one a fire extinguisher. he ended up with second degree burns. deadly weather wreaking havoc all across the country, storms including tornoes,
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>> nbc's erika glover is live in studio with a look at the destruction ahead. >> the powerful storm system packed a deadly punch leading to at least eight deaths. another night of severe weather. in pennsylvania, some 50 homes damaged.. dangerous winds in new york city. in long island, firefighterer rushed to extinguish cars on fire and cleared down treee in neighbors. and washington, d.c., hammering hail but @t was the smallest towns hit with the biggest damage. overnight rescues in virginia, some communities wiped off the map as homes were destroyed. tornadoes dropping from an ominous sky. >> it took my truck upin the air and the glass was coming in. i thought the truck was going to turn over. >> reporter: frank rhodes was there for it all.
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blow through waverly, virginia. >> i saw the roof line everywhere anan what can you do. you are caught up in it. >> the wild weather claimed the lives of two men and toddler tossed from a trailer. another man killed in south carolina when a gust of win snapped a tree on him. >> the guy was laying down and the tree was on top of him. he was hurt. he was hurt. >> the powerful storm batteried the gulf coast. hardest hit a trailer park in louisiana where a tornado killed two and shredded 150 homes. some parts of florida also reduced to rubble. the wick weather dropping snow in the midwest. 1,300 flights canceled in chicago alone. even though the storms passed through in a matter of hours, it could take months to rebuild.
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glover, nbc 6 news. a great survey of all the active weather that we'vead with this storm system there from erika. now we're leftith the sunshine and breeze which will soon calm down and head into a really delightful pattern. i would dare say a lot of yoyo kind of feel the chill in the air with the wind running at 20 miles per hour, really shaking the camera here at miami children's museum but also providing an outstanding view here with rthwest winds of 15 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures of 65. it is truly a winters day here in south florida. here's what's moving on next. the next few days, w w're rain-free. sunny skies to guide you through the weekend.d. we've got cold mornings to speak of as well with saturday morning beng the coldest. we've got a g gadual warm up coming around the corner. as we finish up the last few days of february, we'll moderate the temperatures. thick cloud cover.
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with the front, dying out, moving off to our south and east. we've got a healthy breeze out of the northwest and finding some fair weather clouds. mostly sunny the rest of the day. sustained wins in pembroke pines with 23 out of the northwest, gusting to 30. that's something that will be around for through the midday hours. temperatures and winds will decrease once we get into the hours. 67 in pembroke pines,s, full sunshine, feels nice. lunch yesterday, it was much warmer. were. future temperatures, in the lower 70s, get ready for the temperatures to really bottom lighter winds. last friday morning, we're
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and coral springs, 53 in opa-locka, hialeah. bright and breezy this afternoon. few clouds floating on by. 73, that is the trend for the next several days of below average, 53 tonight and near 50 out west and that part of the forecast continues. i want to show you the snow and the mess that's left over with this huge lull across the midwest and northeast. 53 tonight. leading into our friday. sunny and 72 tomorrow, and then 50 degrees saturday morning. out west, some 40s. we're up to 71 saturday afternoon. 74 on sunday. upper 70s and lower 80s, by the middle of next week, maybe tracking another cold front that will keep winter in check here for south florida. follow that anytime on our free mobile app. back to you.
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boarding pass after flying? it could be what an i.d. thief needs to get to your most personal information. investigators look into boarding pass insecurity. >> you left it in a hotel or in the seat pocket. >> probably i lost one because i don't hang on to one of these. >> how easily these could access your information using your boarding pass. simple steps to save your secrets tonight at 6:00. one of the biggest in south florida is in swing. >> is it ever. the south beach wine and food festival started last night. roxie, what is it that that little guy in your belly, what looks good to him right now? i know there's all kinds of stuff out there. >> reporter: what is speaking to him? i have croquettas to my right. tacos.
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a little bummed about the wine part. i can't indulge in that. we're taking in all the food. so is the rest of south florida. 15 years, we're raising a glass of coffee, water, champagne. it kicked off last night in ft. lauderdale. the taste of ft. lauderdale with celebrity chef robert irvine. take a lynn to what he said. >> the perfect bite only happens once every lifetime. because it's perfect to the person eating it sitting with the person that they want to sit people they love. >> i love that. >> it's interesting. we can create perfect food every day but it's your dining experience, who you are with, what mood you are in and where you are. >> what was the inspiration behind this? >> the perfect bite. you don't necessarily have to be a culinary ninja in the kitchen. you have to be around the people you know and love.
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here at the fountain blue miami beach. we have an amazing preview coming up live today as "six in the mix" is on the road. we have celebrity chef anne burrell hanging out poolside. "six in the mix" we have a whole lot of fun coming your way. raise a glass and find yourself a delicious dish and we'll tell you about all the events you can take in and take a taste of all
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good morning, welcome to special edition of "six in the mix." we're on the road. why wouldn't we be? we're coming to you live from the fountain blue miami beach. i ran into this beaeaiful woman. the woman who has the best air in any kitchch you will ever find. celebrity chef anne burrell. >> i'm fantastic.


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