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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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people, including the gunman dead tonight. >> what's being described as a very chaotic incident. adam kuperstein has details. >> the harvey county sheriff has confirmed 14 people hurt. another four dead, including the shooter. he began his rampage from his car but still more questions than answers. they look into four different crime scenes. l this took place in hesston. it began on the road and ended inside a lawn care company. deputies have refused to identify the man. there are lowcal reports that have confirmed him.
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miami. they said he was using a long gun assault rifle and possibly carried a pistol two. >> daughter works second shift along with her boyfriend. they all work here. we grabbed everything we had just to hurry up and get here. i called the rest of famil they are here just waiting, wondering if everybody is okay. >> more on the shooter. his target seemed random but deputies are aware of things that might have triggered his crime spree. right now they are trying to get access to his house but somebody is refusing to let them in. a lot still to do for law enforcement. they are working to identify victims and notify the families plus looking into the shooter'r' criminal history and if the guns he was carrying are and w we legal.
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adam kupupstein, nbc 6 news. south florida community taxies taking back the streets. >> the senseless deaths have sparked passionate rallies. >> we cannot continue to h he a killing day. >> the message, enough is enough. >> we have live team coverage of the gun violence. >> many say the no snitching mentality has to change. >> reporter: a 20-year-old is locked up behind me. his life potentially over now that he's accused of attempt murder on two p pople last night. >> killing our young people, destroying the lives of doctors and lawyers. >> reporter: another rallll after another shooting. two shootings wednesday night.
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there where you'r'r standing last night. we're here to go door to door to give out flyers. >> reporter: the community, at the scene where 17-year-old david was shot and killed in his apartment complex. >> i'm just asking for a witness to come forward. anybody that know something or saw somebody to step forward. my aunt is hurting. nobody don't feel her pain. >> reporter: the rally organized by parents of murdered kids. >> anyone with any information, to please contact the police. give them the information that's needed. >> reporter: also at the rally, parents of a 16-year-old who was shot around the same time wednesday near the same area. >> it was almost my son. he's in the hospital now. he still could have lost his life. that's what i was thinking about. >> reporter: shot in the knee when somebody came up too him and his friend and opened fire. his parents grateful they are
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not the cemetery. >> going to the hospital all day. don't know the facts of what can happen. we see the detective and now we come here. when it's going to stop? when it's going to stop? that could have been my son laying right there. >> reporter: the 20-year-old arrested his name is antwon ilbert, if you have any information about any shootings you're asked to call crime stoppers. we're going to continue our team coverage with my colleague laura rodriguez. >>eporter: i'm at the miami dade police department headquarters opinion police are still investigating king carter's case. his family is getting ready to lay him to rest. however, they continue to speak out against the violence plaguing their community. an out pouring of support once again for the family of
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>> they're growing up to be killers. this is just not right. >> reporter: police say saturday's shooting occurred after a dispute that began on social media. today both teens accused of killing the boy appeared before a judge and were held without bond carter's family is relieved but they say the iue doesn't stop here. >> enough is enough. we have@to do something about this. >> reporter: the 6-year-old's aunt has been a teacher@ with miami dade county plic schools for 13 years. she believes an end to gun violence ends at home. >> the parents need to be held accountable. stop blaming everybody se sympathy thinking they supposed toe raising your children. >> reporter: they offer another solution to the rise in uth violence. >> the solution is already there, sports >> reporter: randall hill
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children in different sports srograms to eliminate idle time. >> they complain about they don't have a family or a father figure the coaches are right there. the coaches are parents. they're counselors. >> reporter: meanwhile, the viewing for 6-year-old king carter will be tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. saturday. reporting live in doral, laura rodriguez. big changes coming to south florida. you may want to bundle up tonight. we're in store for some chilly nights ahead. john morales the joining us with a look at the first alert forast. it feels pretty good outside. >> it's onhe cool side. 61 is the current temperature in lauderdale. kendall you're already down to 58 degrees. it's very likely some spots lik kendall could see upper 40s
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you compare tonight to 24 hours ago. the 11:00 teeratures tonight are 5 to 12 degrees colder than they were. as far as my forecast for the overnight low temperature, how about mid-50s acss the middle and upper florida keys. 60 degrees for key west. that's chilly for the keys. there's your 49 degrees readings out of kendall and homestead. p 52 for 52 for the overnight low. there's more chilly weather ahead. even the coldest night is not tonight. it's tomorrow night. details in a few minutes. donald trump beating marco rubio in hisunshine state by double digits.
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rubio has 28% and ted cruz has 12%. tonight's debate is the last before the super tuesday primary. steve litz is joining us morere on the republican rumble. >> it was a night of tit for tat. marco rubio went hard afte donald trump and ted cruz piled on too. >> you've had nothing but problems with your credit cards et cetera. >> let me tell you. >> donald trumpmpnd marco rubio talked over each other especially on the topic of immigration with trump sticking to his p pmise to deport 11 million undocuments imimgrant. >> they have to come back through a process. >> i'd make thempay a fine, back taxes. maybe some community service. at the end, i'd give them a path
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to citizenship. >> reporter:r:ubio hit trump for hiring foreign workers over americans. >> you've brought in a thousands people from a a over the worl.d. i think this is an important issue. >> reporter: t ty fired up with each promising to repeal obama care offering their alternatives. dr. ben carson proposing health care retirement accounts. >>ive it from everybody from birth to death. they can pass it on when they die. we pay it with the same dollars for traditional health care. >> there will be competition among the sstes. they will have many, many different plans. >> is there anything you would like to add? >> no, there's nothing to add. what's to add.d. >> on obama care, both donald and i say we want to end it. it kills millions of jobs and hurting people's health care. donald wants to end it because he says it doesn't go far enough. >> reporter: for the most part it was a three-man show with carson and kasicic staying out of
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out of the picture. tonight's showdown happening days before super tuesday. that's the 11-state round of megavong that could all but lock up the nomination. the clinton campaign is strategizing. hillary clinton spentime campaigning today. polls show she's ahead of sanders by 50 points. campaign sources tell nbc news they are working on challenges to trump's unconventional campaign if clinton should win the nomination. the most cent national poll gives clinton a decisive victory over trump, 50 to 40%. the democratic front-runner's husband bill clinton is making another campaign stop in south
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they will hold a grass roots event this sunday in miami gardens. attendees must rsvp. early voting in florida is just around the corner. it begins this coming monday, february 29th. in broward county it starts march 5th. remember to bring a picture id with a signature like a driver's license, u.s. passport or student id. the nbc 6 ne weather app has the early voting and primary informion you need know at your fingertips. youm find a link to the list of the early voting locations as well as posted wait times once voting starts. bso investigating the death of man in pompano beach. investigato questioned other peoplq. the medical examiner will
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new details on water main break that's flooded streets in miami. chopper 6 over the scene earlier this amp near 16th street and southwest 23rd avenue. crews have shut down water service in the area as they work to fix the problem. they plan to notify neighbo that need to boil their water. as of right now there's no boil water order in place. it's unclear what caused the break. workers expect to finish the clean up as late as 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. the man accused of burglarizing several homes is in trouble again. >> what he got rearrested for while in police custody. a young boy kicked off plane after a massive allergy attack. what other passengers did as the boy and his family were escorted off.
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dating warning everyone needs to about a dozen people are looking for a home after fire destroyed assisted living. fire scorched the inside of the home and destroyed much of their personal property. a lit cigarette in bed may have arked the fire. it's under investigation. the man police are calling the barefoot burglar is behind bars tonigigt. he entered a miami beach home where a family was sleeping, took off his shoes and woke up a couple as he crept through the bedroom. the thief n out shoeless. police found and arrested him a short time later. he was in an interview room with police. he tried to escape thrhrgh the ceiling prompted more charges against him. detectives are now investigating if he may bebeesponsible for other similar crimes. air travel can be aggravating but t t next story may have you looking at fellow passengers differently the xt
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a family of three boarded a fght from washington to phoenix when 7-year-old giovanni broke out in hives due to an allergic reaction to dogs on board. the fmily was asked to disembark. that's when some of the passengers applauded. the trip was a buct list item for his father with terminal cancer. >> this has be a memory with my dad. >> as a dad i was -- i was out there and i just looked at the people clapping. i i s shaking my head. i@was like let's get out of here. >> the family has since flown home to phoenix and the airline did apologize. millions of men and women out there looking for love online but some of these encounters a downright disturbing. tonight a warning from a woman who wantso make sure what she
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anybody else. marissa is joining us with more on this. >> when dating in the real life leads you to try it online, cyber crime may not bebe your first thought. federal investigators say keep your guard up because online dating websites are flush w wh scammers. >> reporter: between carrying for her job and her bird, she doesn't have much time to find love. >> i'm responsible for a lot. >> reporter: she thought she would find someone to share life with on jay date. a siti claiming to be the modern alternative to jewish match making. she felt a connection to george. her trust grew as he described himself as shy and a one woman who appeared to share her passions.
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on last minute trips and delayed their plans to meet in person. >> i didn't feel the need to investigate it because it made sense. >> reporter: after five weeks of e-mails and texts, he called with an urgent request from overseas. >> he said he need $15,000. i was i know what's up. i was devastated. >> reporter: she realized she was the victim of a romance scam. it's triggered an avalanche of complaints to the fbi in the past two years. >> a $14.6 million loss per month in l ls angeles. we're seeing organized criminal groups doing this. >> reporter: the hurt deepened when her request forer $77 membership fee was refused. nbc investigators reached out to spark networks which operates jdate an other dating sites including christian mingles and black singles. sparks quickly agreed to a refund.
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>> this is satisfying because i get to take my message and tell other people about it. i got involved with it really fast. i let it go on way too long. now i know better. >> reporter: for those who fall victim to the scam, the average financial loss is between 5 a and $10,000. some have lost as much as $400,000. no rain on the first alert radar. another look at current readings across the area. we have 58 degrees at homestead and kendall. also pompano beach and down to 59 at oakland park.
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florida while the rest of the state is feeling even chillier temperatures. it's 52 right now in orlando. it's 46 degrees in jacksonville. certainly very cool night here in south florida. it's expected to stretch into the weekend with readings five to ten degrees below formal. lows will be in the 40s and 50s each night for three nights. the front, that brought us some rain yesterday evening is well away from our region across the southern bahamas and entering the atlantic. off to our west, high pressure which will take its sweet time to get to florida. as it traverses the gulf of mexico and continue toward our state, it will provide for generally fair weather. that means a lot of sunshihi you notice there's still clouds lingering in the central bahamas mainly lied to the front tonight. here is your forecast for the next seral days opinion i don't have any rain in the next four days.
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the forecast tuesday and wednesd of next week. you notice by then we'll be much warmer with highs in 80s and lows to the mid to upper 60s. short term we're in for three days of cool weahther. let's look at tomorrow first. you'll notice the clear skies in th morning across much of south florida with the possible exception of the lower florida keys. we go into the mid day hours. still the northerly wind flow prevail an late in the day clear skies continue for just about everybody here in south florida. i'll forecast a low of 52 in the morning where our normal low temperature will be 63 this time of yyr. the afternoon high 72 with plentiful sun and we'll end the day with 65 degrees. still low humidity on what will be a very pleasant friday. less wind than today too. if you found the wind a bit uncomfortable as temperatures were mainly in the 60s today, i think tomorrow won't feel as d. saturday and sunday, mostly sunny on satatday.
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lows 50 to 55. the coldest night is friday night to saturday morning. the warming trend ensues next week. you already know there's a chance of showers tuesday into wednesday. back to you. thank you. this just this moments ago. jamaica's opposition party narrowly won the parliamentary election. the jamaica labor party capturing 33 of the 60 seats, enough to form a government. it's seen as a rebuke of austerity measures that some say have crippled the jamaican economy. up next, cause for concern
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parents nationwide are outraged after finding mold inside tommie sippy cups. it can't be opened for cleaning and must be forced apart the government is looking into concerns and showed a diagram online. the it have a valve that will make it easier to clean. the company will provide parents with a free see through valve or different cup. now to an update on apple's
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battle to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. facebook, twitter and google say they will support apple in court. fbi wants to know if anythingon the terrorist phone includes other clues to the plot that left 14 people dead last december. apple ceo, tim cook said, if they comply the tool would allow them to get into any iphone. the job of law enforcement is to protect the public. >> lawful court orders, read the communications of terrorists, gang bangers, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people. >> apple is reportedly working on a new operating system that can never be unlocked by apple or law enforcement. you have some heat news for us. >> chris bosh out an about with his team. you'll like it.
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goalie to chris bosh back with his teammates. it was a charity event but earth, wind and fire was there. good tunes, good times. osh did not make an appearance
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the team offered no update on his health condition. dwyane wade and his turtle neck was there. she saved the day when he was asked what's his favorite song. >> i don't have it in my rolodex. >> he knows it. do you remember >> oh, yeah. there you go. it will come back. >> he's got it. he's got it. >> that was an off night compared what he did in orlando tonight. he dropped 51 points he hit ten threes including this one from half court. the warriors improved their record of 52-5. they are on pace for the best record of nba history. alexander returns to the lineup after missing eight games with a concussion
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breaks the1-1 tie. wait, there's more. the chemistry still there. arizona are cut the lead to one. the final minute a mad scramble. the unbelievable. on the ice on all fours.
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the panthers prevl, re you cold? >> it's always cold in the studio no matter what. >> good point. >> whether it's cold outside or warm outside. 52 degrees. some spot will see the 40s. tomorrow night the coldest night. >> bring out the parkas. >> or [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center ithe heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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