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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00am-11:29am EST

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. right now at 11:00. a man who wevt on a shooting spspee? kansas has ties toouth florida, specifically miami. nbc 6 digging out his arrest record from his time here. another break in the murder case of king carter and police are not done bringing justice to the family of the six-year-old. >> anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants. >> hammering trump in houston. ted cruz and marco rubio ganging up on the boil ordinary frontrunner. we meet giada delaurentiis. we have a preview of our south
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continues. we will get started here this midday report withth some breaking news out of ft. lauderdale and lauderhill as well. this is what w w know. westwood heights elementary school in ft. lauderdale and mark dale middle school are being evacuated. we're hearing threats of bomb threats at both of those schools. both campuses searching classrooms, making sure sure everyone is safe and we're making a lot of phone calls as we learn more. nbc 6 uncovering new detail about the man who went on a random shooting spree in kansas. cedric ford once lived in south lorida and had a lengthy criminal record. thanks for joining is you today. ur people were killed in last night's rampage, including the gum and -- gunman. >> we learn that the alleged
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protection order at his job less than two hours before deputies say he we on that shooting spree, targeting victims at random. new details about a possible motive and new details about ford, a felon who previously called south florida home. as families mourn and the country tries to make sense of the latest mass shooting, we now have a face to put to the 26-minute rampage in south central kansas. he shot three people to death and injured 14 others. a felon who previously called south florida home. this is a mugshot from the broward county sheriffs office. >> 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the shooter had been served with a protection from abuse. person. >> reporter: a possible motive in the shooting spree that spanned two kansas towns, newton
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>> he had no specific target. shooting anyonenethat got in his way. >> reporter: deputies say ford armed with two guns, shot a person, stole a truck and drdrve down streets firing at others, before storming the excel industries plant where he worked and shot 15 others. the first ofofcer on scene went inside the plant and shot ford dead. >> i can't say enough for the officer. there wasas lot of people in
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for now, we're live in the newsroom, michael spears. thdnk you, michael. also new developments this midday in the killing of six-year-old king carter. police say they have a third suscts as of thismidday in cutody. the case is not closed just yet. detectives are turning their attention to this car you are looking at here and its owner. julia bagg is live in northwest miami-dade. i know that you were able to talk to carter's family about this third arrest. it is big news. what do they have to say about all@that? >> reporter: they are still in deep, deep grieve, eric. we're not revealing the 16-year-old because of his age. this is what his arrest form reveals. detectives report that he confessed to his role in the crossfire that killed six-year-old king carter. meanwhile, king carter's family here they have been preparing to
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his viewing will be this afternoon. now, two other teens arrested in king's shooting death have already gone before a judge. detectives say 17-year-older went pressley and 18-year-old leonard adams, the three got into an argument with somebody on social media and that argument erupted into the deadly gun battle here last saturday afternoon. i asked king carter's unne if the new arrest would bring him any peace. >> no. ain't no never have peace. they killed my nephew. >> reporter: here's another look at what police are looking for now. a black lexus 300, they are hoping that will help them piece things together in this case. as for the 16-year-old, he has a hearing in juvenile court this afternoon at 1:30. find out what happens there on your nbc 6 news and weather app.
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there's also an update on another shooting involving teenagers. police arrrrted antoine gilbert. he is charged with attempted murder of a 16-year-old. police say he shot daquan gordon in front of a house. he is recovering this midday and in a separate shooting, a few blocks away, another teen was shot. night. the community asking any witnesses to come forward in order to help solve these crimes. >> outside wewego. a live look right now at what is shaping up to be a beautiful friday out there. the lunch hour, you are going to feel a little warmth on your skin that maybe you didn't feel earlier this morning. that weekend for those folks who have the south beach wine and food festival, they are happy. >> we'll be on the cool side. i don't think we'll shake the part of the forecast trendssor the next few days. lining up to be a wonderful last weekend in february.
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hardly any cloud coveve live look toward bayside and aaa here. we start off in the 50s across all of south flflida. some locations a little bit cooler than others. 53 west kendall as well as pompano beach and pembroke pines. 60 this morning in marathon. cool high pressure positioned across the deep south sending in the north wind which as you know has been very strong. it will be begin to relax. comes more cool temperatures here, not for today, but the next few days. thecool air mass settling down the peninsula. we're oy at 65 at oakland park as we approach midda currently at 67, in ft. lauderdale. as well as in miami. 68 in key west. the air is exceptionally dry. below avere temperatures, highs at 71. as we get into the upcoming weekend, here's what we got for you. cool weather pattern sticks around until sunday.
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coldest temperatures of this cool spell. we'll talk about how cool that will be and gradual warm up. more on that in a bit. four people sitting in jail after a traffic stop left an officer dodging bullets. we're live in miami after a brief chase that followed came to an end. >> reporter: sheli, it was a close call for one miami police officer here this morning who dodge bullets afr a routine traffic stop which started about ten minutes away before ending here on le jeune road. >> bullet holes on the side and rear of this hyundai, evidence of friday morning's chaotic situation. >> you can see the dangers that law enforcement faces on something as simple as a traffic stop. >> reporter: as one of four suspects is handcuffed, officers worked the other scene where this incident began here on 43rd avenue and southwest fifth street.
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fast. you heard the cops were chasing >> reporter: the officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop but that's when officers say the four people inside the hyundai exited the vehicle and homeowners. >> it's a crazy world to be woken by gun shots. >> reporter: luck wi -- luckily, the officer was not shot. all four suspects were taken into custody and are facing serious charges. >> these individuals struck an officer several times, fired at an officer several times. was not hurt but it has us very worried and this could have easily turned into something else. >> reporter: now, this is an open investigation, so the name of the four suspects in custody and the officer involved has not been released just yet. for now we're live in coral
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thank you. right now we're waiting to hear confirmation on that water main break in miami as to whether or not it's been repaired. that break flooding a couple of streets near 16th street and southwest 23rd avenue. crews working as fast as they can. there is no boil water order in place. no word as to what caused the break to begin with. the countdown is on for apple. today is the last day for the company to respond to the order to hack into the san bernardino's shooters iphone. they would be forced to customize a new customized ios pass code. tim cook, the ceo is willing to take it all the way to the supreme court. they are hoping it gives them more clues leading up to and
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lone star state smackdown. marco rubio taking on trump during last night's debate.e. we have the highlights. a deadly encounter, a hospital tries to restrain a hospital patient. questions on how he died. and everywheree look, we're finding plenty of sunshine. that's true. we're enjoying the sun but there's a chill in the air. 67 in pompano. 65 in oakland park. the sunshine looks inviting, certainly a cool chill in the air. high today, 71. will it warm up foror your lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greenerer on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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welcome back, everybody. if you saw the gop debate last night, you know exactly what i'm talking about. entertaining, if nothing else. even if you didn'ttenjoy it, but the republican candidates certainly did give super tuesday voters a lot to think about during what turn out to be a very combative debate last night. >> you probably know ted cruz and marco rubio laying into donald trump trying to slow down his momentum. we have a wrap-up of last night's very fiery exchange. >> you get along with nobody. >> the debate contendtiouscontentious.
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guy is a liar. >> donald trump was attacked by the left and right by senators ted cruz and marco rubio who joined in a tag team. >> anyone who really cared by illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants. >> rubio attacked not only his immigration ideas and his health care plan among other issues. >> is that the only part of the plan? >> you'll have many different plans. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, no, no. >> rubio attackupped his attacks. >> we're not turning the conservative movement who is a con artist. >> the fighting led to this moment by ben carson who felt he could not get air time. >> can somebody attack me,
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>> whoa, whoa! last night's debate set the stage for votots to decide on super tuesday. donald trump is winning or slightly winning all of the polls in super tuesday states except for one. that's texas. senator ted cruz is winning in texas, he represents thehe state here in washington. thank you. former president bill clinton making another campaign stop in south florida on behalf of his wife. clinton will h hld a grassroots event this sunday in miami gar denies. the ent starts at 2:15 with doors opening about an hour before and his stop comes ahead of early voting in florida, in miami-dade, it starts monday. in broward county, next saturdrd, and remember to bring a picture i.d. with a signature like arivers license, u.s. passport, or your student i.d.
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campaign trail. you can look for live reportrt on air starting at 5:00. new video today of a man being tasered by police but i didn't happen in the usual place, it happened inside the hospital room. chill out. >> all right so background behind what police say they were called to that hospital when 49-year-old randy nelson got combative during a mental health evaluation. that's when he started throwing his body around, tossed an object at officers. police ended up it's aering nelson and putting him in handcuffs. he was moved to a different area of the hospital after that and that different area is where he died. the cause of his death, though, is still under investigation. >> get him away from here. oh, boy, some etty intense stuff.
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driver from his smoking suv and the whole thing obviously cght on his dashcam. he crashed into a guardrail and ended up with minor injuries because of the impact there. that incapacitated him. he couldn't move. no word on what caused the crash to begin with. check out this robbery at a philadelphia. the suspected crook put a lot of effort into his disguise. he's wearing a black and white wig, a mask, and a fake nose. he climbs inside to ro the fast food joint. he realizes there's employees inside once he gets in and he runs out with nothing. now first alert weather. >> we are enjoying the start of our day here with a rain-free radar picture which is really nice to have considering we've been in and out of rain chances.
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dry, we're going to leave the rain chances out of the forecast all week long. let's go inland, everglades holiday park camera. it's outstanding. it's cool out there. nice cool breeze but nice to see a blue sky up above. we'll keep that around all weekend long. sunny skies. right now, mia reporting temperatures at 67. full sunshine and that north wind not quite a a strong as we had yesterday, but still a breeze floating on down. reinforceing showers. notice thisand of clouds across southwest florida. weak little front, weak reinforce many of some ccler, drier air that settles in. that keeps the nice weathehe patern going in. 66 in west kendall. 67 miami, and 69 in opa-locka with 67 in poem pan know beach. mid 60s down through the keys winds from the north-northwest
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winds not a big problem. in fact, the winds relax tonight and will have a big impact on our teeratures. lower 70s will do it today. in the eenk, outdoor plans, definitely need some layer of warmth. we'll quickly drop through the 60s and tomorrow morning bottom out into the lower 50s and some locations into the upper 40s and by tomorrow we're almost the exact same temperature trend with temperatures approaching 70 by midday and we will end our weekend with a slightly warmer night but the next few days are almost identical here. your first alert forecast, upper 60s will do it at noon. 71 for the afternoon high and a cool breeze, but bright sunshine for the drive home. what a great way to end the workweek. temperatures at 69. 64 as temperatures fall through the evening hours. i'm thinking 50 tonight in the metro area and some upper 40s out west along the turnpike and miami-dade, along the saw grass in miami county.
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the region, certainly not here in florida, but sprawling high pressure leaving us free and clear of any weather concerns here for the next few days. cclly start for your saturday morning. few clouds in the afternoon. 71. sunday, 74. just a little bit of a warm-up for the tail end of the week then we get into the new workweek here as we round out the month of february, 77 on monday and upper 7070s, lower 70s and rain chances the tail end of your seven-day forecast, check in with chief meteorologist john morales tonight at 5:00 for an update on temperatures all weekend long. anyone born on february 29th has two reasons to celebrate this year. first, it's a leap year so you actually get to celebrate your birthday, and two, pizza hut is giving a free pizza, a gift for you. go to the restaurant and show your i.d. for the complementary personal pan. it's setting up to be a perfect-picture day as you heard
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and perfect week as well for south beach wine and food festival. >> last night, giada delaurentiis brought a taste of italy to the sands of south beach. >> i feel like it would be too forward but i want to invite her over. >> who want to have giada delaurentiis over for dinner. she's the queen of italian cooking. we had thousands of people on the beach last night for giada delaurentiis. an amazing night and still more amazing people. al roker, i know you guys have been talking about him all morning long, he is battling tonight at the burger bash. i took the liberty of asking giada if you have any tips. >tomorrow morning, he and i are doing the weather together, i think i'm going to give him a a couple of tips for tomorrow night. >> any tips forr us so you can fill us in? >> well, you know, 's all about how long he leaves
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we'll see how that goes and how much time he takes. don't touch them too much. >> whatever you did to these meat babals, whatever that is. >> delicate, delicate, delicate. >> and mozzarella. and parmigiano. >> whatever giada says, we will do. >> right. why wouldn't you do as giada says. bottom line, you got to put a lot of love into the food. al puts a lot of loving into everything he does. back outside, we're pool side. look at my people, jeffrey zarad geoffrey zakarian. we'll have a lot of fun. makekeure you join us at 11:30 on "six in the mix." we have a lot of fun.
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things gotd crazy i california. they did. things got crazy in california. police were led on a wild-goose chase by a unit corn i corn, did unit i corn. unicorn. it escaped a children's party, and the unicorn escaped. >> they doesn't look enthusiastic. they managed to get away. this time taking into traffic. eventually, a good samaritan was able to wrangle the pony. we have a pony in custody.
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you got kids in your car. mommy, a unicorn, a unicorn. explain that one. >> and the enthusiasm there. the reason the unicorn was running away. great weather weekend. low 70s. bright sunshine. can't beat it. it's just perfect. get out there and enjoy it. >> everybody have a great weekend.
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good morning, good morning. another glorious south florida morning here on this fantastic friday. i'm roxanne vargas. welcome to a special edition of "six in the mix" as we continue our celebration of the 15th annual south beach wine and food festival coming to you live from the gorgeous fountain blue miami beach hotel. i think it's crazy that they are in the pool. i have a scarf on. this morning, al roker had a coat on. >> if you are spending the money to go to the fountain blue, you are going swimming. >> welcome back home.


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