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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:29am EST

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most part, across the entire united states. the hours are more adjacent to the palm beach county coastline. here is the big picture. we're relatively cloud-free. large area of high pressure settling in across the peninsula, allowing skies to be clear and winds to be light. we'll have full sunshine as we start your tuesday. as we get through thee midday hours, a rapid warmup in place. winds are light and tt has certainly helped to bring the temperatures down now into the lower 60s. even an up popping up in oakland park and lauderhill. perfect combation of clear skies and light winds. 64 in miami. lower 60s on@ the morning drive. bright skies, warm readings. first alert forecast high today 80 degrees. gets warmer in the days ahead. we'll talk about that a little later. right now coming up an 5:01. kelly blanco off.
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>> overnight road work trying to wrap up on some major thoroughfares. so far looking pretty decent as we take a look here, 595 in great shape in broward county east and westbound between 75 out west back to 95 and over to the airport, if you've got the early morning flight out, you'll be in good shape. on the palmetto expressway inn dade county, this is at red road that runs between the golden glades interchange and the big curve, sti getting by easily without any congestion problems al long the way. that's the latest look at traffic. back to you. just about two minutes past the top of the hour. as we speak, police are on the hunt for who they're calling the dirty burglar. >> let's get o live to julia bagg who is in the miami neighborhood where he was last spotted. to say bizarre behavior was goingn here, seems to be sort
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>> reporter: it's the questionbehavior that has people on edge. as they know,a strange man has been lurking on their roads. this happened on southwest 28th road and 7th avenue. we know a hooded man with a long beard walked up to a front door and starts creeping around and touching himself inappropriately, peeking in the windows and trying to stee a car. officers are hoping you might recognize them. >> this is something that's not very normal, not common. this individual is sick and we don't know wh his intentions were. >> reporter: here is another shot from that surveillance video. if you spot him, you can call miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. now turning to decision 2016.
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it's super tuesday. it could be the day donald trump and hillary clinton put themselves on a collision course for november. a team in washington is working on the full report all new at 5:30. here is what you need to know right now. voters will head to the polls in 12 states. the democrats will have 865 deleletes up for grabs, a third needed to clinch the party nod. the republicans will fight it out for 595 delegates, nearly half the number needed to secure the nomination. pollllshow right now that donald trump is ahead in all of the super tuesday republican races except for senator ted cruz's home state of texas. that's the day's biggest prize. it is basically a must-win for cruz who spent yesterday campaigning in his home state. marco rubio looking to stay alive until the florida primary wayis march 15th. polls have hillary clinton ahead
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for vermont, bernie sanders' home state. clinton is expected spend super tuesday here in florida, a sign she's already focusing on the general election. here in florida, as the election heats up in the super tuesday states, early voting is under way in some counties. the polls are open in miami-dade and monroe countys and remain so through march 13th. early voting in broward starts this saturday. of course, this is a close primary. that means you must be a registered democrat, you can find extensive coverage on the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather app, including a delegate tracker which gives a better idea of where each candidate stands. a wild chase played across a good portion of broward county. you're looking at two different portions of it, one guyy ton ground, one in the middle of the chase. what happened is four suspects took off in a stolen car.
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by the right side of the screen, managed to catch up with two of these guys, nbc's michael spears is live in u lauderhill. i mentioned we caught up with two of these guys, that means two down, two to go. >> that's right, eric. we have e-mails out to get the names of two people who are busted. give you another look at the video, a wild chase here. these suspects are running in circles, crawling through back yards, a car and foot chase through the streets of broward county yesterday. it all began in oakland park. we had chopper 6 overhead as four suspects bailed out of the stolen car. our cameras were rolling as two suspects made it to a second car outside a nearby complex on 19th street near northwest 38th avenue. from there they drove north, hit the road, eventually bailing out of the second car, running through the homes, back yards,
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both were caught. one actually surrendered to a canine. after that seltd, the search still on, we did catch up with the brother to one of the suspects who had to be treated by paramedics. >> i walked out the door and i saw these helicopters, my heart dropped because my little brothehe i don't know nothing about carjacking, nothing about no car i don't know nothing about that. >> reporter: this morning we know this car shear the one involved in the first part of the case from oakland park. this is why it all began. we're told that lighthouse police flagged down this car as stolen. from there all this escalated and unfolded. if you know anything about their whereabouts, you're asked to % call crime stoppers, 954-493-tips. bittersweet news for a ft.
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say her own cousin kidnapped the baby girl. 23-year-old cried. detectives say she and her 14-year-old cousin broke into a family member's home armed with guns to kidnap baby taraji kemp. they found the baby safe in orlando. one student is in the hospital this morning after a broward county school bus crashed in southwest ranches. take a look at what was left -- this is the end result. the crash happened in the 4700 block of southwest 195thh terrace. it did involve another car, you just can't see it in this piece of video. one student taken to memorial west hospital. four others treated at the scene and went home. all injuries were minor. police san jose the bus collided with a black camaro. that's the camaro right there. eventuauay they both came to
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the camaro driv stayed at the scene. there were 18 high schoolers on that bus when that crash happened. it was coming from west broward high school. this morning new surveillance video showing masked gunmen stealing a delivery truck after pulling often a home invasion. last month two brand smart drivers were ambushe while making a delivery. the masked men took off i a truck loaded with merchandise, mind you. they were right in the middle of their deliveries for the day. you can watch the videos again on our nbc news and weather app. if you recognize either of these men you see running away, you're asked to call miami-dade crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. at this hour a south florida would plan continues to fight for her life. the accused roommate is trng to get out of jail. >> i basically think he's a sociopath sociopath. that's why he's so calm, can lie so easily.
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get away with it. >> 23-year-old danielle jones has been in a coma for the last 16 days since the attacac prosecutors argue byron mitchell is the man behind it. they say he answered jones' craigslist ad for a roommate, then moved in and tried to kill her two weeks later. mitchell maintains they were dating when the fight turned physical. police want you to keep your eye out for a wanted man. why deputies believe this fugiti you're looking at right here could be headed for south flrida. an emotional sports anchor testifies about the secret nude video taken of her and posted on the internet. the details we're learning from the erin andrews trial just ahead. > temperaturewise, delightfully cool across the area. we focus on broward county with 62 degrees in ft. lauderdale. a few clouds there.
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will's a shooting. >> that was the 911 call one student made when police say another student in this madison
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two students, a 14-year-old and 15-year-old were shot, but they are in stable condition. two others were also hurt in the chaos. one mother recalled the terrifying moments before she reunited with her son. >> that we had to get here, we ladd to get to him. >> i got in a serious mindset and was trying to keep quiet and keep everybody else around me safe. >> the accused shooter is a 14-year-old boy. police say he tossed the gun as he ran from the building. he's being charged with two counts of attempted murder. about 5:14. the hunt is on for wanted man in central florida who may be headed to south florida. deputies want to get 41-year-old david dean, senior, off the streets. deputies say he's wanted for felony sex crimes and strangulation. he was last seen on thursday in spring hill on florida's west coast.
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driving a blue 2007 suzuki fir wren sa,lorida talk geed86. investigators believe the suspect is dangerous. if you see him, call 911. >> it was an emotional day in court for erin andrews. she explained how a blogger friend was the one to call her in 2009 that there was video circulating, claimed to show her nude. she says she suffers from depression and panic attacks on a daily basis because of e video taken of her while she was in a hotel room. she's seeking $75 million from the operator of the nashville marriott. political turmoil continuing in haiti with the outgoing party attacking the provisional president for choosing a prime minister from his own party. all ofthat as it prepares to hold the run-off election. dozens took to the streets
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2004 battle with a march through port-au-prince. the uprising ousted haiti's presidentt the time. good looking morning across south florida with temperatures settling back into the upper 50s and lower 60s. rain shower activity, yes, showing up on live first alert doppler, but not here. it's in our offshore atlantic waters. we'll be relatively sunny with just a few cloudud, and i think the forecast remaining dry, not just today but for the next several days. delightful pattern as we turn the page into the month of march. how about that? mix of sun and clouds, i think there's more sun than anything. a cool start, especially away from the beaches,8 to 63. your warmer readings will be found towards thee coast. bottom line, a sunny, bright and delightful morning across south florida.
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we had clouds moving through the area on monday, making up for that this time around. definitely need your sunglasses this morning. we'll survey the temperatures in just a moment. here is the big picture. a few clouds skirting through the keys. all the cloud and shower activity is staying off to our east. we're right in between whwre the weather is perfect. light winds, clear skies, and the atmosphere remaining dry. it's easy to cool readings ito the upper 50s and low 60s. 60 in pembroke pines. 58 in oakland park. i imagine upper 50s into the margate area,aybe tucked away in pembroke pines west of i-75 and maybe towards miami lakes and hialeah gardens. beautiful morning top to bottom. let's go to the keys and see what's happening. a lot of sunshine, east winds not too bad. a decent warmup to the lower 80s into theisland chain. that's what we'll see here in
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first alert weather, bright start, lower 60s initially. with the dry atmosphere and bright sunsnsne, that's the perfect setup to warm temperatures quickly. a huge jump in temperatures, 78 by the midday hours and temperatures reaching 80. it's a warmer fofocast, not only for today, but the next few days. 65, mostly clear skies with a very light ocean breeze. that's what we're lacking this morning. tomorrow, southeast winds at about 10 and a warmer day with highs at 83. there's not a lot of active weather going on across the u.s. storms overnight across oklahoma moving into arkansas. it's this system that extends into chicago, madison, wisconsin, back to minneapolis. it's that area that we're seeing active winter weather. this system moving the the east but will not impact us. a bright for the next fewdays. 80 today. 83 tomorrow. you'll notice a little more
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i think the weekend loopks great if you're just getting your tuesday started. looking good, party cloudy and 79 both days. kelly is off, but joe is in with first alert forerest. >> 95 around oakland park boulevard. terrific shape on the interstate. the turnpike through broward as well as 595 all m ming very easily. it looks like for the most part aa of that construction wrap wrapping up through dade and broward county. 95 south of the golden glades interchange a a okay. that's traffic. back to you. good news for some south florida drivers. the venian causeway open once again following a $12 million renovation. after nine months, the causeway got the green light to reopen.
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oldest causeway in the state. if there ever was a place you're guaranteed to be caught on surveillance, this is it. this morning broward county deputies are hoping y y can help them put a one-handed burglar behind bars. this is around the north regional courthouse in deerfield beach. deputies say this guy used a bat to smash through a glass door and eventually make his way inside. cameras obviously rolling as he walked into a couple rooms. cops don't think he took anything or left anything behind. he may have fled in a silver nissan pathfinder. if you think you know who this might be, you're asked to call broward county crime stoppers, 954-493-tips. the reward is now $4,000 for any information that could lead to an arrest in theurder case of precious denise jackson. family members s s she was coming home from her job at checkers when she was killed. it happened in august of last
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if you know anything about this crime, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. oscar award winning actor orge kennedy has died at an assisted living facility in idaho. he won best supporting actor for the 1967 movie "cool hand luke," had rolls in "airport" and "the naked gun" series. family members say his health had been failing since his wife passed away. he died of natural causes. a massive explosion in a florida front yard. you may not believe what sparked this dangerous blaze. f fnally back to earth. astronaut scott kelly gets ready
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completing apparently morerand more workers in united states are complaining that their paychecks aren't showing up. >> we have a preview of a story that we're working on for
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>> reporter: hundreds of south florida workers are saying they're doing their work but not getting paid. more are challenging their employers trying to force them to pay what they say they're owed for their hard work. >> in south florida i would sayay we're ground zero for employers violations of law in terms of overtime pay violations and minimum wage violations. >> tonight we'll introduce you to some of the workers fighting to getaid and show you the free process that could net you triple what you're owed in the process. mere yaum masihy, nbc 6 news. the four-inch iphone se is said to have a faster chip, the 9.7 inch ipad pro screen will have a handful of new features. it would come a day befofo the
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with the fbi. todayay affidavit nast scott kelly is returning from a year-long mission in ace. can you imagine that? that is a very long time. last night he handed over command of the international space station to another astronaut. kelly will be making the trip backith the russians on their spacecraft. the year-long ssion was designed to study the effect of being in space for such a long time. they want to know the effect it has on a person both physically and mentally. last night kelly tweeted out this amazing picture of the earth. the tweet says, we're down to wake up, earth, i'm coming for you tomorrow. >> t tt is so neat. spacex's first launch from florida has been scrubbed three times. it seems they're not sure when they'll try for a fourth timm space florida and air force officials say -- spacex scrubbed two launches because of weather, canceled the third because a
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arenear the launch pad. when the rocket re-entered, officials will try to land in the ocean on a barge for the first time. >> incredible. my wife sayi talk to myself too much. can you imagine if you were in space for an entire year, how much you would talk to yourself. >> he has people up there. he's not alone. you'd still talk to yourself. >> the biggest problem is i have answers. >> when you answer yourself? >> clearly we have other issues. >> your time is 5:26. we're talking to you this time. the mother of a teen accused of accidentally shooting and killing his friend is speaking to nbc 6. this morning we'll hear what she is saying about the pain her son is going through. a judge rules in a case of locked apple iphone as the fbi tries to gain access to the data. all the shower activity this morning staying adjacent to palm beach county. free and clear of any wet weather. not just for the morning drive
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i'll give you the deta a wild chase in the streets of broward county ends in the arrest of two kids. two others still on the run. an accused burglar is caught engaging in very strange behavior right before ransacking a car parked right in front of somebody's home. another expectant mother tests positive for zika. a good morning to you, everybody. your time on this tuesday, 5:31. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it's super tuesday morning. >> if you're like us, you know


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