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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> going to have to listen to a little guy like rubio say, , he's a con man. he's a con man. it'so insulting. >> i really regret the language that is being used by republicans, scapegoating people, finger-pointing, bbming. >> it all comes down to the super tuesday and the twowo front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton sending different messages and using contrasting tones. good morning to you. happy sperr tuesday. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. >> it's a big day today for the entire nation. a lot could be decided by night as voters from 12 different states head to the polls at some point today. >> tracking all the candidates as they hope to get a leg up on winning their party's nomination. >> first nbc 6 meteorologist ryan phillips tracking all our most recent weather.
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what it's going to be like across the nation. >> across the nation, tngs fairly quiet. here in south florida, no exception. it's a cool, very nicee morning. it will be a rapid warmup that will go under, over the course of three or four hours, temperatures jumping from the lower 50s and 60s to near 80 degrees. clear skies overnight. if yououre an early riser and you're heading out right now, check out these early morning temperatures, 61 in oakland park, 62 in ft. laudedale, 64 in miami and a very light north wind. the air is very dry, feels comfortable out there. strong south florida sunshine and rapid warmup, up to 78 by the lunch hour. today's first alert forocast high of 80. low risk for rip currents. lots of sunshine and a light east wind. coming up on 6:02 on this tuesday morning. kelly blanco off.
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>> good morning. not a bad ride since they picked up the barricades from overnight work. this is the area between the broward county line and the golden glades interchange passing by dolin stadium there, you can see entering the golden glades iterchange on the southbound side, the right side of the roadway there, not bad at all. it will get busy later. it's moving out of the ggi in good shape. the turnpike, 95, also the palmetto expressway, 441, all those come together there at that point. right now everything holding up including 95 all the way in to downtown miami. we're not seeing any major stumbling blocks. the same for travel in broward county along i've still in pretty good shape since they picked up everything at that's traffic. back to you. >> joe, thank you so much. bizarre behavior from an alleged alert.
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live in that miami neighborhood with more. julia, safe to say this is a community very much on the lookout for some of the video we're about to see. >> reporter: eric, they really want this guy caught. have a look at the surveillance video. i'll show you video you haven't seen yet this morning. this part shows this creepy guy peering into a window off southwest 7th avenue and 28th road. now i want to show you what happens next. he walks over to the homeowners mercedes parked in the front driveway and casually opens the door and starts going through belongings inside. just moments later, though, is when that homeowner who was there at the time, steps outside and confronts that man and demands for the man to leave. keep watching. there's no violence between the two of them. that hooded man walks away, goes out the front gate and shuts it behind him.
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trying to find a white man, 30s to 40s, about 5'10", weighing around 180 pounds. what sticks out about this man is he has a large white beard. that will help you identify him. coming up in the next half hour, you'll hear from the homeowner about how he describes the conversation that the two men had on sunday morning. in the meantime, if you spot this guy, you can call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. live at the roads, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. the day has finally arrived. it's super tuesday. if you believe the critics, it could be the day donald trump and hillary clinton put themselves on a collision course for november. our team in washington is working on a full report all new at 6:30. voters will head to the polls in 12 states. democrats have 865 delegates up for grabs. a third of those needed to clinch the party nod.
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sought for 595 delegates. polls show donald trump right now say head in all of the super tuesday republican races except for senator ted cruz'shome state of texas. that is the day's biggest p ize right there. it's basically a must-win for cruz who spent yesterday campaigning heavily in his home state. senator marco rubio looking for a showing to k kp him alive until the florida primary march 15th. as for democrats, polls have hillary clinton ahead in all of vermont. state. clinton is apparently so confident,,she's expected to spend super tuesday night here in florida, a sign she's already focused on the general lection. as the election heats up in the super tuesday states, here in florida early voting is under way in some counties. the polls are open in miami-dade and monroe countys and will remain so through march 13th.
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to start in broward this saturday. it's a closed primary meaning you must be registered as a republican or democrat to cast your ballot. wheel have a live intervrew with "meet the press" moderator and political director chuck todd coming up in less than ten minutes. six minutes s st the hour. a dramatic scene plalang out on south florida roads. on the left side you see the chase, on e right side, the bailout. take a look at the dog right there. there he goes in handcuffs. what happens is a pair of suspects were taken into custody. they were behind bars. thth does not mean the investigation is over. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the lauderhill police department. michael, from what we nderstand, two suspects were taken into custody. but two other suspects are still out there somewhere. is that right? >> that's right, eric. the search continues for those two suspects. we just learned that one of thehe
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reported out of marchston county. the second out of lauderhill. in the vidid you'll see the suspects jumping fences, running incircles, crawling through back yards actually. not only a police c chase, but a foot chase through the streets and neighborhoods of broward county. multiple cities, multiple agencies that all began in earnest in the oakland park area.a. chopper 6 is overhead, before the suspect bailed out of the first stolen car in martin county. following two suspects to a second car that we'rereearing reports may have been staged there by the suspects. they made it up here to lauderhill, about a mile or sorks bailing out of t e second car, running through homes, neighborhoods, jumping fences. two of those suspects caught. one of them was crawling on the ground and surrendered when he came face-to-face with a canine. we talked with a man who claims to be a brother of one of the
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>> i walked out the door and saw these helicopters. my heart dropped because my little brother huhut. i don't know nothing about no carjacking, don't know nothing about no car stolen. >> reporter: we know the blue car was reported stolen in martin county but flagged by a lighthouse police officer. they issued a be on the lookout alert and followed the car south. two suspts in custody. two still out there. we're live in lauderhill, michael spears, nbc 6 news. at this hour a south florida woman continues to fight for her life after police say her roommate brutally beat her. meanwhile the accused roommate is trying to get out of jail. >> i basically think he's a socio path. that's why he's so calm. that's why he can e so easily,
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get away with it. >> 23-year-old danielle jones has been in a comafor the last 16 days. prosecutors argue byron mitchell is the man behind it. they say he answered jones' craigslist ad for a roommate and mov into her overtown apartment and treated to kill her two weeks later. mitchell maintains they were dating when an article turned physical. cops say he admitted to choking her and bashing her head repeatedly on the floor. upping the reward, miami-dade police hope an increase in money will lead them to a killer. coming back to earth, a look at how astronaut scott kelly
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and how he's preparing t end wow, march the 1st. have wind your watch now to the numeric valuef one now, skipping ahead a couple days. the first day of march will brof to spell out what we can expect. the rest of the week, beautiful weather coming our way. we're not without any returns on the radada here. a few showers in our offshore atlantic waters. i don't think these will pose any threat to our morning drive. looking towards downtown miami and the freedom tower, beautiful conditions. a lot momo sunshine as we begin our tuesday, sunrise in about 33 minutes or so. 64 degrees in miami. that's not bad at all. theloud cover overnight, mainly through the keys and of
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mostly to the palm beach county coastline e tending into the offshore atlantic waters. we've had a nice land breeze develop. our temperature readings first thing this morning. upper 50s tucked away from time to time, right now 61 in oakland park, 60 in pembroke pines. i say w wst of 75, probably into the upper 50s. 62 in ft. lauderdale. east winds of ten down through the lower chains. mostly sun nye any skies in place. first alert forecast, full of sun, no raa chances to contend with. a bright start. on the cool side initially at 63. does not last long, however, with light winds and full sunshine. a quick climb to 78. our first alert forecast high of 80 today, a touch above average. the above average trend will
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overnight lows of 65. 83 degrees tomorrow. your wednesday looks great. warmer,artly cloudy, the humidity actually creeping um just a touch as we go through the rest of the workweek. here is what i'm thinking. lower 80s will take us through friday. a weak front will settle into the weekend. i don't see much in the way of rainfall cming our way any time soon. i'll call for 79 saturday and sunday. dry and comfortable heading in. drive home looks good. temperatures at about 77. let's get you out the door witit a check on first alert forecast with joe brennan. >> the ride looks terric so far this morning, ryan. no real issuesp on the palmetto expressway. you can see the northbound side on the approach to the dolphin expressway. still moving and still plenty of room between those cars, not like we're bumper-to-bumper or anything. you take a look from higher above the scene at chopper 6, the interchange with 826, 836, it looks like a big mess, everything slowing nicely through that area.
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you, 36th street, 26th street and passing through the dolphin. that's traffic, back to you. >> joe, thank you so much. it's 6:16 on your super tuesday. we hoped to bring you insight into today!s super tuesday races with nbc news political director chuck todd, but he's gotten very busy, as you can imaginin with the "today" show. a weekly nbc ne survey monkey tracking poll, donald trump has a big lead over his republican candidate, 40% to marco rubio's 21%. bernie sanders ten points back of hillary clinton going into super tuesday. for the first time in ni months, the venetian causeway is
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this follows adds 12 million renovation, a fleet of cyclests led by mayor carlos jimenez. police upping their ante in the search for a killer. the reward for any information that could lead to an arrest in the murder case of precious denise jackson. family members say she was returning from her job at checkers northwest miami-dade when she was gunned down. it happened in front of her own home, itthappened in august of last year. if you think you know anything about this crime, remember $4,000 is the reward, call miami-dade crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. bittersweet news for a ft. lauderdale mother runited with her baby girl after police say her own cousin kidnapped her. stephanie augustine was held in
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she and her cousin broke into a family member's home to kidnap the baby. the baby was found safe in orlando. take a look here. deputies need your help finding 41-year-old david dean senior. dduties say he's wanted for felony sex crimes and strangulation. dean is 5'7", weighs 165 pounds. he was last seen on thursday of last week in spring hill on florida's west coast. deputies think this guy, dean, might be driving something like this, a blue 2007 suzuki firenza with flolida tag geed86. investigators believe the suspect is dangerous. they say don't approach him. but if you see him, immdiately call 911.
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ththe of you hoping to catch the glimpse of the spacex rocket may have to wait a little longer. another launch scrubbed and a fourth atmpt is in doubt. a naples' woman's car went up into flames.
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say (donkey sound)(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need re than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough tal
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you go to work and expect to be paid. more workers are complaining that their paychecks aren't showing up. >> a similar give and take. apparently it's not turning out that way. c 6 consumer investigate eror miriam masihy has more about the fight for their pay. >> reporter: hundreds of south florida workers say they're
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more are challenging their employers trying to force them to p p what they say they're owed for their hard work. >> in south florida i would say we're ground ro for employers' violations of law in terms of overtime payments, minimum wage violations. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00 we'll introduce you to some of the workers fighting to get paid and show you the process that could net you triple what you're owed in the first place. myriam masihy, nbc 6 news. time 16:23 on your tuesday morning. a big day ahead for nasa and astronaut scott kelly. he's orbiting high above the earth at the international space station. all of that will end after a long stint at 11:25 tonight. tom costello covers aviation for nbc news and he joins us from washington, d.c. tom, i've got to admit to you, we have been talking about this all morning long. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. how would you like to be away
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two-thirds of your time in a space the size of a phone booth. that's what life has been like for astronaut scott kelly orbiting above the earth at the sfwer national space station.. later today after 340 days in space, he'll come ome. he's set an american record for the longe duration in space and has the record for the most cumulative time in space. when you add all of it together, all the trips, 520 days in orbit. but the latest mission is heavy on the science, looking at the effects of long duration space missions on the human body for potential future mars mission. nasa is lucky because scott's near genetic duplicate, his twin brother mark is back on earth. we'll hear from scott a`d mark and count down to tonight's return mission. >> absolutely fascinating stuff. spacex's first laun from florida has been scrubbed three times. it seems they're not even sure
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fourth timeme space florida and air force officials say a launch couldn't be cocoidered until nighttime. spacex has yet to confirm they wou attempt another launch. spacex scrubbed two laanches because of weather and canceled another after a boat wen into a restricted area near the launch pad. when the rocket re-enters, officials will try to land it on an ocean barge for the first time. >> your time is 6:25 on your super tuesday. that means a whole lot to a lot of people or at least it should. it changes a lot for the nation. in theext couple days we'll know so much more. the primaries heating up. candidates hoping this month of hard work is going to pay off at the polls. our super tuesday coverage continues with a live report from washington, d.c. and a look at what the latest polls are officially predicting going into today. an accused peeping tom. is actions got much further he was looking for in the window. this morning naub ors talk about what they saw.
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it's 6:26. temperatures settling back into the wer 60s. a beautiful start to the day, mostly most mostly clear skies.
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into the 70s by welcome back. your time is 6:30 on this tuesday morning. we continue to follow what turned out to be a wild police chase in broward county. leaving police searching for two suspects. you probably saw this unfold live while it was happening during our evening newscast. this guy running through people's back yards and eventually this happened. that is a takedown. what you're looking at, they end taking down two suspects. even though they took those two suspects and took them into
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searchng for two others. michael spears will be checking in with us with a live report in just a couple minutes. some strange behavior creeping out people in this neighborhood. we'll show you why coming up. we are just about 30 minutes away from the first polls opening for super tuesday happening today. nbc 6 is live in washington, d.c. with tracie potts. she is following seven candidates as they fight for 12 different states. we'll check inith her for the very latest on those polling numbers. that's abt 90 seconds away. first we want to take a look outside your front door s arting in downtown miami where it is a dry start to the day. nbc 6 meteorologist ryan phillips is back. >> the good news, sheli, the humidity won't be accompanying those 80-dee readings. a beautiful start to our day. here is a live look into
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hollywood and hallandale beach. revealing first light. 15, 16 minutes away. a lot of the cloud cover from palm beach county to the bahamas. we're right in front with@ mainly clear skies overnight. only had a few passing clouds down through the florida keys and stratsz. a good looking pattern. hire pressure is hanging around. with clear skies and light winds, we dial temperatures back, way back, as a matter of fact, to near 60s in pembroke pines. 60 in west kendall, 64 in miami. you need your sunglasses. sunshine all day long, but a warmer afternoon. my first alert forecast high today is 80 degreee. let's check the drive this morning with joe brennnn. >> in@ honor of kelly, her favorite shot, $1.50 as you try to head southbound. the mainline is starting to slow down. you may start thinking about those express lanes. it may cost a little bit but
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be later. 95 into downtown, nothing in the way to slow u down which is great news. starting to intensify northbound from the shula, the trail, coral way, approaching the dolphin you can see more cars stacking in there. still moving at a good clip around griffin road getting by easily northbound towards 595. that's traffic. back to you. the candidates have been putting in their time over the last couple weeks, and boy have we ever heard about it. super tuesday has finally arrived. it's pay me time. it's going to be make it or break it. >> 12 states, hundreds of delegates and seven candidates all hoping to stay in the race. for nbc 6, tracie potts is live in washington. the front-runners wnt to keep the momentum going. >> exactly. if that's not enough numbers for you, i've got more, very interesting and brand new.
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poll, donald trump has hit a new high, 40% support among republicans. even more interesting t tan that is the one-on-one match-up with eithered cruz or marco rubio. according to this poll, neither one can beat him. donald trump hoping to build on his front-runner status today with his closest challengers aiming to clect enough delegates to remain competitive. >> a vote for donald trp tomorrow is literally a vote for hillary clinton in november. >> repter: for ted cruise that means winning his home state, texas. >> what we will see, i believe, isisonald trump indeed coming out with a significant chunk of delegates and everyone else well behind. >> reporter: there c cld be trouble for trump this super tuesday. buzzfeed reports there's a secret "new york times" tape where trump rejects his promises to close the borders. >> you should be troubled by a
6:34 am
times one thing and the voters the other. >> donald trump should ask "the new york times" to release the audio so we can see what it is he truly believes. >> reporter: bernie sanders is hoping to pick up wins today at home in vermont, the midwest and maybe even texas. hillary clinton is looking past super tuesday focusing on trump. at some point you can't just sayhatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: breaking down the new numbers a little bit, we find that when we dig in to them, we're finding that it's non-whte evangelicals that seem to prefer trump. white evangelicals much more likely to prefer either cruz or rubio. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> tracie, thank you so much. all eyes will be watching
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the world, democrats in new zealand were the first americans in 41 countries to vote. voters flocked to a wellington bar last night to cast their ballots. in all, 28 ballots were cast in the midnight vote with 21 of those goi to bernie sanders and six to hillary clinton. urn like the democrats, publicans living abroad won't be able to vote in the primaries because the party doesn't allow for its supporters to do that. >> keep it here on nbc 6. we'll have all the latest on super tuesday, a political expert joining us in the studio, watch it on fis book live at 8:00 and 11:00. you can find extensive coverage on the campaign trail in the decision 2016 section of the nbc 6 news and weather app. night the "nbc nightly news" are lester holt will continue. super tuesday coverage with a full hour starting after nbc 6
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also, as the night goes on and results come in, nbc 6 will be here with a super tuesday special at 10:00 followed by nbc 6 news at 11:00. promised a live report just ahead. hours after four suspects take police on a chase both in the car and on fofo, two of them are waking up behind bars this morning. we brought you this story as breaking news coverage live from chopr 6 as all of this was newscast. this happened in broward county and spanned from one end of broward all the way to the other. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the lauderhill police department. michael, we mentioned two people were taken into custody. that means two of these guys are still out there somewhere as of this morning. >> reporter: that's ririht. right now police looking for two of those suspects. this morning we're learning more details about this case. we learned both cars used in the chase apparently stolen. we'll pull some videoeo for you of
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the pursuit spanned s seral broward county cities. this is video from chopper 6 in oakland park where you see the four suspects bailing, ditching e car. two of the suspects ran to a second car outside of a complex on northwest 19th street near 38th avenue. is morning there are reports that that vehicleay have been place tld as a possible escape vehicle. once inside the car, the suspects made itp up here to lauderhill before bailing out of the second stolen car, running through homes and neighborhoods. choppers overhead, jumping fences,, crawling through people's back yards. both were caught. eventually one of them crawling here came face-to-face with a canine, surrendered, was taken away in hahacuffs. spoke to one woman in the neighborhoodere terrified that the officers swarming the area actually ran into her neighbor.
6:38 am
he unexpected, he ran up to her. she was stl shaken up and scared. i think she said the police told her to get inside. >> reporter: pretty intense for neighbors no doubt. this morning we now from investigators that the car, the first car you see in this video, the blue car was flagged. once things moved south to broward county, that's when things picked up. the search on for two suspects. weweon't have names. we have e-mails out to get the names of the guys in custody. if you know anything about their whereabouts, call crimestoprs, 305-471-tips. live in lauderhill, micha spears, nbc news. south florida families devastated by gun violence are coming together with a message, enough is enough. e parents of king carter gathered with pastors to call an
6:39 am
want neighbors to help keep gun violence away from children. the mother of a 14-year-old boy who accidentally shot and killed his friend says what happened was a tragedy and the teenager is devastated. >> he's not feeling good. he's hurt by it. it's killing him. it's hitting me two ways, my son, and for the other side. >> the 14-year-oldlds expected to make a court appearance today. families in these areas want witnesses to feel safe coming forward and helping police make neighbors safe. >> need to get your apple fix? we'll take a look at the ltest and greatest from apple. the newest stuff about to hit % the market. also the poll also be opening in just about 30 minutes on the east coast anyway. the candidates preparing for super tuesy. it's a big day for the nation today. where the candidates are standing today. > dirty details, what this
6:40 am
ransacking a car parked in a south florida driveway. 6:40 now on our tuesday morning. beautiful day shaping up with only a few clouou this morning. a cool and refreshing start. moststf us into the lower 60s.
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a warming trenen kicking lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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welcomeack everybody. your time 16:43 on your tuesday morning. miami police are on the hunt for an accused peeping tom. unfortunately, that is not where his actions stopped. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live in that miami neighborhood. the big fear for police is this guy will take things to the next level, and at that point things could really be serious for the peoplen this neighborhood. >> reporter: eric, they definitely want this man caught. we're talking about obscene
6:44 am
this surveillance video shows last sunday morning. this last guy is wearing a hoodie, walks up to front door off southwest 7th avenue and 28th road and starts making bscene gestures and then starts peering in the window. that's creeping out the people who live in that house. they were home at the time. next. that's when he steps away from the front porch, starts heading for the driveway. he starts opening the door to the mercedes parked out front and he takes a seat inside. he starts going through belongings. moments later that homeowner steps outside and confronts the man. i want you to have a listen to what he told us this guy had to say. >> this isn't my car? i basically told him to get the f out of my property. he said, this is not my house? and i said, no, it's not. >> reporter: if you keep
6:45 am
he leaves peacefully. back out live, get another good look at him. he is believed to be between 30 and 40 years old, a white man with a white beard that really sticks out, about 5'10", perhaps arounun 180 pounds. if you spot this guy, you can call miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. the people in this neighborhood will thank you for it. live in the roads, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. a woman in naples says an electronic cigarette caused her car to go up in flames. she claims she parked it outside a friend's house and was charging the carette. when she pressed the device' button, it exploded, knocking out her teeth and starting a fire. by the time the fire crews got there, the car was engulfed in flames.
6:46 am
plans to sue the manunucturer. it's been a quiet overnight and early morning here in south florida. as we kick off our tuesday, we've got brighter skies for you and warmer readings. the only live radar in south flflrida. showers have been developing and a very light wind. don't think these showers will post any problem to our morning commute. the shower activity plaguing anyone is up in palm beach county.y. you can get live first alert doppler by downloading our free mobile app. let's move on to wonderful eather. we don't need to worry about wet weather, just need to worry about sunshine. yesterday we were socked in with cloud cover. mostly clear skies will do it. clear skies and light winds, the perfect setup for cool readings. 62 in ft. lauderdale, 64 in
6:47 am
tdese temperatures are a little cooler than what we had yesterday. again, due in part to light winds and clear skies. the winds willtrend off the atlantic waters. they're going to turn now from thenorth to the east. that will help to moderate the temperatures. in fact, it will be a relatively quick climb to get us t of the lower 60s. get out there right now to saveor it. one system across the plains, a little snow up to the north. that's all moving off to the north. we have no cold fronts on deck for south florida for the next few days. we'll be in and out of cloud cover. mostly sunny conditions and no convincing chance for rain coming our way. the temperatures will be moderating, but it still feels real nice, especially in the morning hours where we're into the 60s. the afternoons a touchh warmer in the days ahead.
6:48 am
78 midday, 80 your first alert forecast high. warmer on wednesday, 83 there, 82 on thursday. 79 with mostly sunny skies for your upcoming weekends. it's 6:48. let's get back to traffic with joe brennan. starting to definitely get busier on the roadways now. chopper 6 over 95 at griffin road, accident southbound side, a right lane iss blocked off that location. you can take another view of it and you can see how things start to jam up on the approach to the accident scene. approach with care and we've got the same situation pretty much on the palmetto expressway northbound just before you hit i-75, a crash there blocking a left lane. that is starting to jam up as wwll. that's traffic. back to you. >> joe, thank you. this morning a restaurant in doral unrecognizable after a car came crashing through the glass.
6:49 am
a white range rover smashes into sokai sue she bar. police believe the man behind the brakes. we understand no one was hurt. that driver charged with careless driving and not having a valid license. a brevard county man could be facing life in prison after using raw bacon and a machete to vanned light a mosque. 35-year-old michael wolfe is charged with a hate crime because of what he allegedly did. we told you about this story back in january. investigators say wolfe broke into a titusville mosque and use add machete to smash windows and destroyed a bunch of property while he was inside. police say he also left a slab of raw bacon around the momoue's front door. a west papa beach city employee is in jail after police say he cause add bomb scare a sewage plant. investigatorsrsay douglas
6:50 am
beach property and set his car on fire. after firefighters put out the flames, they got word there might be explosives inside. the plant had to be evacuated. investigators determined the threat was just a hoax. officials say this isn't the first ime they had to deal with ellington, but the previous times happened at city hall. he was terminate friday the city of riviera beach several weeks ag goef. the virginia beach police officer shot and killedn her first day on the job will be laid to rest today. her body was escorted by dozens of police cars last night to a chapel where her funeral service will be held. she was one of three officers shot saturday responding to a domestic violence call. the other two officers are expected to survive. the shooter is being held without bond on charges incding capital murder. >> state agents in north carolina have been brought in to investigate a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened in raleigh. investigators say they were trying to arrest a man wanted for a drug charge when he ran away.
6:51 am
that's when the officers shot and killed that man. police found a gun near him but won't say if he fired at officers initially. this morning a small community in ohio coping with the aftermath of a school shooting. >> -- high school. there's a shooting. he e's got a gun and started shooting people. >> the frantic element of the call, you can hear it in his voice. that's the 911 call a student made when another s sw didn't at this madison junior-senior high school opened fire. two students ages 14 and 1r5 were shot but are in stable condition. two others were also hurt in the chaos. the accused shooter is a 14-year-old boy. he's been charged with two counts of attempted murder. motive is still not known. in a separate case a judge in new york has ruled that apple cannot be forced to help access phones. this ruling came during a
6:52 am
this judge's decision supports apple's stance on not helping the fbi crack the san brnardino shooter's work phone. today the u.n. security council could vote to impose much tougher sanctions on north korea. this comes after a nuclear test and illegal rocket launch in the country. if the vote g/es through, the draft resolution would require a u.n. member to inspect all cargo to and from north korea. another bill restricting ab borgs in floroda will be up for a vote soon. a senate committee approved the sweeping changes. the new bill would require clinics that perform first trimester abortions to have transfer agreements with nearby hospitals and for their doctors to have admitting privileges nearby. it requires cautions that aren't
6:53 am
force clinics to close. police searching for two more suspects involved in a wild police chase. it happened yesterday afternoon. we're learning the two vehicles used in the chasee were reportedly stolen. two suspects ditching the car and finding another car leading police on another chase. eventually those two were caught. police needing help to findnd the remaining two suspects. if you know anything, call crimestoppers. it's super tuesday. 12 states up for grabs. getting a fresh glimpse at national numbers with donald trump and hillary clinton in front oftheir rivals. you can check out in depth detai on this nbc 6 news-suruey monkey poll. the number of zika cases
6:54 am
one new case in broward and three in miami-dade county. another case involving a pregnant woman,bringing the total number of cases in the state to 42, all travel-related. if you love apple products, you're going to be happy about this. the company is reported releasing a new iphone, new ipad and new versions of the apple watch. the four-inch iphone se is said to have a faster chip. more to keep up with. today astronaut scott kelly returns from his year-long mission in space. kelly will be making the trip back with russians. after nine months, the venetian causeway is open again following a $12 million venn investigation.
6:55 am
mayor carlos jimenez yesterday afternoon afternoon. the venetian is open again and soois 95 at griffin road. still a little activity goingng on there. writing up reports from the earlier crash. all lanes have b ben reopened. still slow. you can see that certainly on the approach coming from 595 headed south towards that point. it looks like things in dade county still suffering a bit with the palmetto northbound. this is just before the exit that takes you to i-75. you can see it in the left lane there everybody skirting to the right side. southbound pretty much the same as well. all lanes are available ere. that's the latest on your traffic. ryan? >> okay, joe. last check on weather here. what a beautiful start to our day. as we can see in all of our views, on the roadys in south florida, dry conditions prevalent across the area and bright skies. generally talk lower 60s this morning. upper 70s on your way home.
6:56 am
conditions, bright sunshine. not as much cloud cer this morning and no rain in sight. updated readgs to take us into the 6:00 hour. lower 60s this month, upper 70s by the lunch hour. a little warmer forecast here leading through the next few afternoons. up to 80 today. not worried about the humidity this afternoon. the beach looking good. keep in mind the uv index very high. at least the rip current risks staying low with the lighter winds. full of sunshine and a warming trend for the next few days. no rain in sight. 83 tomorrow. 82 on thursday. not going to be crazy like summertime humidity. i think you'll notice a touch more humidity around. friday, about 80 and the weekend looks great. what a great start to march there, by the way. no rain in sight. >> fantastic.
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the "to good morning. march madness. voters in 12 states head to the polls on this super tuesday. the most crucial day of the election so far. crump and clinton way out in front. will they deliver knockout blows or can rubio, cruz and sanders hang on? our decision 2016 team has it covered from every angle. the director of the fbi and one of apple's top executives facing off in congress today in their battle over unlocking iphones, as a judge deals the government a big blow in court. tearful testimony. erin andrews breaks down over the video of her most private moments she says left her humiliated and ashamed. >> everybody said i was doing it for publicity and attention and that ripped me apart. >> her convicted stalker also taking the stand. >> i pulled the plug out and


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