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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> very warm weather moving in forecast. no rain overnight. most overnight, mostly clear. broward county, miami-dade and through the keys, your roadways are dry. keep it that way for the morning drive and all day long. let's talk about what's up there. a live look over the 836, our first alert camera here into central miami-dade county. toward the beaches, just a few clouds above. these clouds a rather extent sich. not low, dreary clouds, high, thin clouds that will lead to filtered sunshine. we've had calm winds for the last few hours. that's leading to delightful readings. 61 in oakland park, 63 in pembroke pines, 63 in m.i.a. during the mid 60s during the morning drive with bright sunshine. today's high 85, well above average. it's 5:01.
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but joe brennan in with traffic. >> not a d ride so far. i-95 near cypress creek road, everything moving easily. looking the he north and don't see any problem points. that's the way it's been on 95 so far this morning throughout broward county. i-75 and the saw gres, pretty good ride as well. things in dade county have been doing a-okay. no major difficults getting through on the palmetto expressway. that's been in good shape. you can see the few looking north towards i-75. the ramp looks good and so does the mainline of 826. >> 5:02. we promised to keep you updated on everything super tuesday on this wednesday. front-runnrs hillary clinton and donald trump leading the pack as the super tuesday results continue to roll in from those 12 crucial states. >> both candidates along with
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for the march 15th primary. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is checking it for us. >> big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump, each one locking up seven super tuesday states from the south up clear to the northeast. their opinion poepts are alive but a much tougher road. donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating in south florida oz they turn their gaze to the sunshine state primary. >> what a a super tuesday! >> i think we're going to be more inclusive. i think we're going to be more unified and i think we're going to be a much bigger party and i think we're going to win. >> as for marco rubio, he spent his night with south florida s&p porters as well encouraging them not to give up. coming up, find out what his next move is to try to stay alive and what'saking a huge
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the florida primaries are two weeks from today, early voting is already under way in miami-dade and monroe counties. early voting in broward begins saturury.y. this is a closed brie mayor which means you must be a registered democrat or republican to cast a ballot. early voting runs through march 13. for everything you need to know about decision 2016, you can use the nbc 6 news and weather app. brand new overnight, we learn ted cruz won in his home alaska. cruz emerging as the top challenger tofront-runner anyway. on the democratic side, hillary clinton might have won the most super tuesday states buternie sanders did grab a few as well. sanders claimed four victories including a big one in his home state of vermin.
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quote, feeling the burn right here at south florida. they celebrated one of the wins in his new miami bernie fice in wynwood. the super tuesday results rolled in all night in south florida. while his opponent, hillary clinton won big, sanders probably took home a win i i colorado, oklahoma, minnesota and vermont. he was grateful as he addressed his backers at his victory party in his home state. >> it means so much to me that the people who know me best, the people who knew me before i was elected, kn me as mayor, knew me as congressman have voted so strongly to put us in the white house. thank you so much. >> things are very interesting with everyone's campaign. after casting his own vote on super tuesday, sanders said he felt confident that this is a campaign going all the way to the democratic national convention.
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there is a lot of votingyet to do. democrats and republicans will vote in the louisiana primaries and khan sauce caucuses. republicanan are caucus in kentucky and maine while democrats will caucus in nebraska. over the weekend on sunday, the democrats will hold their main caucus while republicans vote in puerto rico in the primaries there. so our super tuesday coverage contues on our nbc 6 news and weather app. constantly updating all these numbers and the wins and losses there and will continue to do that in the morning. our delegate tracker is keeping tabs those results as well. courtroom chaos. teenagers showed up to support three of their friends duringn a hearing and instead ended up leaving in handcuffs. that stems from the police chase live on air from oakland park to lauderhill in a stolen car. nbc 6's michael spears is live at the ft. lauderdale police department. michael, how many people were involved?
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>> reporter: it was, sheli. six teens at all involved. six led out in handcuffs. this morning two of them waking up behind bars in the juvenile detention center. here is video of the six teens being led out. one of the teens was all smiles as he was in handcuffs, this after screaming and cursing brought court to an absolute standstill. two have been charged with contempt of court and will spend a total of five days in that detention center. ey were in court to support three 15-year-olds charged with grand theft auto. making their first court appearance after being arrested in the police pursuit we brought you as breaking news. officers chased those four teens in two stolen cars and led police on a foot chase through a lauderhill neighborhood. we can't play all the outburst for you, but take a listen to
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[ shouting ] >> it's hard to tell what exactly she's saying. you can clearly hear and see she's pretty disruptive. two of the chase suspects receive juvenile detention and the third suspepe is on house arrest until trial. as far as the four suspects who our cameras caught running away from police, that suspect, that teen is out there this morning. that's why police sayf you know anything about where he is,s, call crime stoppers, 9-493-tips. >> michael, we'll talk to you again in a half hour. right now it's 5:08 on your wednesday morning. police are on the hunt for two suspects who burglarized a drone store in aventura. surveillance video shows the two breaking in the front door and taking a whole bunch of stuff. drone nerds is located right on biscayne boulevard.
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hoverboards and a few other things worth approximately $30,000. the thieves left the scene in a stolen pickup truck loaded with that stuff. right now police are looking for a man they say stabbed his dad in the sweetwater home. investigators say the 29-year-old suspect got into a fight with his father and lunged at him with a knife. detectives say he took off in a toyota tundra and left behind a suicide note. the father remains at kendall regional hospital in stable condition. if you know anything, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 3030471-tips. also this morning, an update on the ft. lauderdale woman accused of kidnapping her cousin's baby. detttives say this woman,
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had a miscarriage. she and a -year-old cousin are charged with kidnapping 2-month-old taraji kemp. police say they pointed a gun at kemp's mother and they found the baby safe in orlando. cops ended up arresting augustine in ft. pierce. another court date for the roommate accused of brutally kidnapping a woman he met on craigslist. byron mitchell faces attempted first degree murder. the 35-year-old allegegey barbed the young woman's head against the floor several times, stabbed jones and tried to cut off her lips and eyelids. his attorneys secured a bond for march 10th. meanwhile, the 23-year-old is still in a coma. 5:10 on your wednesday morning. still a lot more ahead including the cruel punishment that landed a new york step dad behind bars.
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testimony from erin andrews about t tat secret nude video taken of her and posted on the internet. the details we're learning from the erin andrews t tial just ahead. okay, shelly, mooly clear to partly sunny skies up above. live first alert dopper, rain chances staying low, but the temperatures going pretty high.. i'll bring you the details in just a moment. as promised,we continue to break down those super tuesday ruls. who is waking up a winner this morning and who has a lot of work to do before the next primaries.
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. welcome back. new today out of new york, a man in jail after shooting his step daughters with a bb gun. he was taken by their biological father and that's when staffers called investigators. police say when they q`estioned the step dad he admitted the entire thing. that man expected to appear in court at some point tomorrow. loved ones o a virginia officer gather add her funeral. the woman was killed in the line of duty her first day on the b. 28-year-old ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday night during her first shift with rince william county police, one of three officers who were
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domestic violence call. the suspect is in police custody and facing a capital murder charge. >> sportscaster erin andrews spending a second day on the stand regarding secret videos taken her during a stay at a marriott hotel.l >> i think it really hits home for me and hurts me the most is when girls, high school, college, tweet me, they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. >> in part of the rial yesterday were questions about how that video could have impacted andrews' career. she said she expected the hotel to pro tegt her privacy and she's cautious and on guard wherever she is. the hotel's lawyers look to establish that andrews' career had not been damaged by that video. andrews is seeking $75 million in the lawsuit against the stalker, the hotel management
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in another breach of privacy case, jury selection for the civil trial before former professional wrestler hulk hogan and the site gawker. gawker published parts of a sex video back in 2012. he is seeking $100illion from the website. gawker says they have the right to publish the video. the trial will be held in st. petersburg, florida. >> now first a art weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> we're at 5:15 now.w. hope your morning is off to a good start. quiet conditions in place for the last several days, certainly is the casevernight and will be for the next few days to me. how much cloud cover will we see and how warm will the temperatures be. first and foremost, no rain out there this mmning.
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don't forget by downloading the free m mile app, you can get live first alert doppler at any time. towards the aaa, great visibility, only a few clouds up above. skies mostly clear all night long. sunrise coming at 6:43. temperatures settling back at the bus stop to the lower and mid 60s. there's a hint of coolness, if you will,in the air, baugh rapid warmup getting ready to take shape for your wednesday afternoon. clouds moving in, avail of cloud cover that will still allow the sunshine through, but it won't be a completely bright blue sky. calm conditions, that has led to a nice and cool morning. 60 in west kendall, 62 in homestead, 61 in northwestern
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lauderhill, coconut creek. for the island chain, at least the keys, a lower 80s kind of day. seeing a lot of sunshine. we'll say 80 in key largo, 81 in key west. this front, when you look at it on the map, heree go, it comes with cooler weather. all the energy with this front is near the atltic states. it will fade away as it gets into central florida. high pressure will bridget and keep us mostly dry as it hangs out across the region here for the next few days. next few days really no big changes to our pattern. lower to mid 60s this morning. afternoon high at 85 degrees. how about that? it's the offshore breeze, dhe warm and dry breeze that will come off the peninsula tat will lead to above average readings today and tomorrow. still warm at 83 on wednesday. dialing temperatures back just a touch into the weekend.
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your weekend forecast, a few showers on sunday afternoon. most days highs of 9. let's see how your commute is stacking up. here is joe brennan with an update. >> looking pretty decent so far this morning. no complaints with 826. the view here at northwest 58th street shows it's in pretty good shape. a view right from i-75 and towards 58th street, a good one both north and southbound throughout the area it really has not been too bad at all, if you try to make it through 95 in dade county, that's been in great shape as well just south of the golden glades interchange, all the way into downtown. you can see it is crystal clear and it's accident-free. back to you. startling new numbers regarding zika. the cdc says one in five people in puerto rico could be infected with the mosquito-borne virus by the end of the year. that m mns we could see more cases here in the united states.
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in the country, many families are lacking basic prevevtive measures like window screens and health care. the centers for disease control says something has to be done because mosquitos reach their peak with the start of the rainy season.n. that's in april. the cdc is sending extra staff puerto rico to increase testing and give out prevention tips. when we last counted, there were at least47 confirmed cases of zika in the united states. florida alone has 42 cases, 17 just in miami-dade, six in broward. a new bill on alimony h been passed by the senate appreciations committee. this is what it holds in store. the measure would establish a new formula for dges based on deciding alimony payments. under this new legislation both the amount of money and the length of time someone gets that money could likely change. supporters say the bill will provide uniformity in the law while opponents are worried
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women who have devoted their entire lives to their kids. the brand new miami-dade countynimal services and city homestead community spay and neuter clinic is aiming to give procedures at affordable prices. advocates says the low c@st surgeries helped save 90% last year,aking sure the pets have a better chance at finding their forever home. >> so proud to be bringing services to homestead with the miami-dade animal services department. they are needed so much in this area. there are so many rescue groups working diligently to get these animals in to loving homes. >> fantastic news there. the center is located near 10 avenue and northeast 8th street. vets wili offer the spay and neuter services every thursday, friday and saturday at $30 for dogs, $15 for cats. you can make your appointment
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in case you didn't know it, sheli is a new mom. >> to a little dog. it's a lot of work. >> the cutest dog i've ever seen. >> very cute. >> but like a puppy, a lot of work. still a lot more ahead. music legend rolling stones headed to cuba.
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new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. welcome back. president obama confirmed on at which timer he will attend a baseball game in havana between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. it will be the first time they'll play on the island since the move to normalize relations between the u.s. and cuba. president obama expected to throro out the first pitch at the game. >> bouncing from what sheli was talking about, the british invasion is finally heading to cuba. so many things are happening in that island nation. the rolling stones announced they'll play a free show in havana march 25th, making it the biggest concert on the island since the castros came to power
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while in cuba, they'll distribute donated musical instruments to cuban musicians. the concert will happen three days after the end of president obama's historic trip to cuba. excitement to have a band of that stature to be able to come there and play. >> i tip my hat to this guy, astronaut scott kelly back to earth this morning. >> this is eric's favorite story. >> i love this story. anything that has to do with space and shuttles and stuff i just can't grasp, is just the greatest thing. >> scott kelly lived there for an entire year and he is back, kelly landed in the kazakhstan desert late last night along with two russia cosmonauts. kelly holds the record for longest time in space. the astronaut jokingly said he
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100 years. >> now they'll talk a lot to his twin and find out if there are any health differences to him spending a year in space. we'll keep you posted there because we think it's pretty cool. breaking for you overnight as well, the palm beach teenager accused of posing as a doctor, we're understanding he is back in jail this morning this is why. our nbc affiliate in palm beach is reporting that malachi love robinson was booked back in jail last night. records show he faces five charges of fraud and larceny. he was arrested in february on grand theft charges. an 86-year-old would moon claims he took her momoey after several visits to her home to treat her for severe stomach pains. >> checking your time, 5:26. still ahead in your next haa of news, super tuesday results rolling in. we'll have a report coming u u in our next half hour.
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bad behavior in a broward county courtroom. the judge quick to hand down a punishment. we'll take you inside that courtroom. our el nino winter has been exceptionally wet across south florida. for the last few days, dry conditions.
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live first alert doppler is rchltsz all right. welcome back everybody and welcome to our 5:30 half hour. tracking super tuesday, nbcbc 6 with full coverage of a very big day in the run for the white house. two candidates solidify their front-runner status. >> the rest of the candidates say they're not giving up.


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