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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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key west, so the front-runners on both sides, you're looking at them here, surge on super tuesday. donald trump taking seven states. as the night calmed down, trump sounding like the nominee promising to take down hillary clinton. >> clinton to the biggest states. florida senator marco rubio waking up a winner, many calling his performance disappointing, only taking the state of minnesota. >> i'm sheli mmiz. >> i'm eric harryman. super tuesday is turning into super wednesday because a lot of the results are coming in, at least final results coming in after you went to bed last night or overnight and during the very early morning hours. all morning long today, including we'll be talking about the front-runners and all the other candidates, marco rubio sort of rebounding from super tueay. a lot being said about him in
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overall performance yesterday. >> a lot to watch. first 'll start with nbc 6 meteorologist ryan phillips with your super forecast. >> getting better. we have warm weather moving in for today. it's wednesday afternoon. the last few $ays have been trending with temperatures climbing each and every afternoon. wait until you see where we go today. clouds moving in just within the last hour. leading to early morning readings into the60s which i'll show you in just a moment. want you to know the clouds will keep coming at us as the day goes on. we'llee pockets of sunshine. these aren't low clouds, kind of a high thin variety. light winds and clear skies overnight dips us into the lower to mid 60s. now the clouds are moving in. we're at 67 now in iami, 66 in ft. lauderdale with 63 up the road in oakland park. cool location, west kendall at 61.
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feeling goo in the 60s. 85 your afternoon high. partly cloudy skies. warm day, not a humid day. will we see rain showers coming arorod? we'll talk about that in the complete forecast. right nowfirst alert traffic with joe brennan. >> looks like they're trying to rerouou travel around this area, possible gas leak they're wororng on. we'll do further investigation. you can see the flhing lights. closing things down along 441 near hollywood boulevard. be prepared to ride it out there and use those alternate routes. elsewhere, not a bad ride around the rest of broward and dade county. still looks decent on the palmetto expressway, slowly building in those southbound lanes. all the headlights coming down fromokeechobee. that's the latest look at traffic. back to you. turning back now to decision 2016.
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6:00. we're following super tuesday and the results on this wednesday. the candidates all waiting for the final resultsvernight from different areas throughout the country. two of them were watching all those results from right here in south florida. >> a big night for froro runner hillary clinton while on the republican side, donald trump racked up the most wins. >> a big job overnight. nbc 6 working to get you the final tally of the night. julia, i know you've spent the last couple hours, to say the least, tracking these numbers. a lot to keep track of, a lot of candidates. >> a lot of changes. >> a lot of changes. a lot to keep track of. >> big tins for the front-runners. not talking about wipeouts either. let's show you where things stand this morning in the all-important delegate count. for the democrats, you need 2,973 to win,. here is what it looks like on the other side. for republicans, the magic
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donald trump has 292, cruz at 298. florida's marco rubio in third with 98. john kasich with 23 and ben carson trailing far behind with just seven. perhaps a pivotal moment fororront runners donald trump and hillary clinton, the race is not over, but they're certainly separating themselves from the past. nowhe focus is on florida for the march 15th primary. in case you missed it last night on the nbc 6 news at 11:00, here is how one local political expert picked that race for republicans. >> we're talking about 99 del gasses. that really makes a difference. you can see donald trump is not taking this for granted. you can trust the polls, he's ahead today. but you can expect a big batt. >> that's analyst helen ferrer sharing her take on what we can expect in the next two weeks as our state takes center stage.
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fiercece eric and sheli, we'll take you back to washington for a live report for reaction there. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton might have won most of the super tuesday states, but bernie sanders claimed four victories including a big one in his home state of vermont. last nieft his supporters were feeling the burn in south florida. they celebrated in his new miami bernie office in wynwood. his supporters watched super tuesday results roll in all night from his new headquarters while his opponent, hillary clinton won big. sanders took home a win in colorado, oklahoma, minnesota and vermont. he was grateful as he addressed his backers at a victory party in his home state. brand new overnight, we have learned ted cruz claimed another super tuesday win. that's three wins for the texas senator who won in his home state in oklahoma and now in alaska. cruz emerging as the top challenger to front-runner
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our supup tuesday coverage continues on the nbc 6 news and weather app. our delegate tracker is keeping tabs on the results. >> [ shouting ]. >> believe ititr not, that's inside a courtroom. rowdy behaviors to say the least in a broward courtroom. a couple teenagers causing a very chaotic scene, interrupting a hearing for the three teens who led police on a wild pursuit. nbc 6's michael spears is live at the ft. lauderdale police department. anybody who has even been called for jury duty knows a courtroom is a place fo restraint. and if not, face the consequences. that seems to be what's happened here. >> reporter: that's right. two teens have been charged f f contempt of court. within the last 30 minutes we learned those two teens will be makininanother court appearance later today. here is video of sixteens in all being led out of the courtroom. only two were charged. as you can see from video there,
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waking up behind bars at the juvenile detention center, being charged with content of court. ordered five days behind bars. our cameras were rolling as the screaming and cursing brought this hearing to a halt. they were in court to support two 15-year-old boys charged with grand theft auto after being arrested for monday's broward county police pursuit. officers say they chased the our teens down in two different stolen cars. chopper 6 overhead before the teens bailed and a foot chase, truly a wild case there. as far as the couuroom, we can't play all of it for you, what happened. here is another snippet from what happened in that courtroom. [ shouting ] >> reporter: two of the chase suspects received three weeks i i
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the third is on house arrest until trial. this morning we know the fourth suspect is still out there. police say if you know anything about his whereabouts, call crimestoppers, 954-394-tips. a co-man accusedf abducting her cousin's baby stands before a judge. what she says is her reason behind the kidnapping. we have extended coverage on the super tuesday results because now it's super wednesday.
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chatting with "meet the press" welcome back. 6:12 on your wednesday morning. nbc 6 following the developments following super tutuday on this wednesday morning. the front-runners have remained
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donald trump grabbing another victory on the republican side and hillary clintonoming out on top on the democratic side. all eyes on what's next for the presidential hopefuls. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us live from new york city tracking te new developments. a lot of people wondering what now? >> reporter: well, the republican party has two weeks to stop drchl, and that expiration date iss march 15th. florida primary, ohio primary, illinois, missouri, north carolina, sort of second super tuesday. if marco rubio can't win florida, john kasich can't beat trump in ohio. here is what last nighteant as far as the republican delicate totals areworth. donald trump is the only republican candidate left that can get enough delegates to secure the nomination before thehe convention. both marco rubio and ted cruz,
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splinter things and fight for the nomination at the convention. chuck todd reporting from new york city. i know you'll have a lot more coming up on the "today" show. fascinating null developments overnight. a lot has changed. we appreciate you being with us. thank you somuch. the florida primaryies are two weeks away. early voting already under way in)miami-dade and monroe counties. this is a close primary which means you must be a registered democrat or republican to cast a ballot. 13th. r everything you need to know about decision 2016, you can use the nbc 6 news and weather app. breaking overnight, the palm beach teenageraccused of pre jail. our nbc affiliate in palm beach reporting malachi love robinson
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records show he now faces five charges of fraud andlarceny. you may recall robinson was arrestedast month on grand theft charges. an 86-year-old woman claims he took her money after a series of visits to her home tl treat her for severe stomach pains. >> 6:14. a new bill on alimony has been passed by thee senate appropriations committee. the measure would establish a newormula for judges faced with deciding alimony payments when couples are divorcing. under this new legislation, both the amount of money and the length of time someone could get the money would likely change. supporters sayer the bill will provide more uniformity in the law while opponents more worried about the impact on divorced women who have devoted their entire lives to theirkids. >> it is 6:15. good morning to you. e've got a steamy forecast here for early march on the way in.
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activity to contend with. another dry forecast for us as we get through our wednesday. live first alert doppler swswping through all day, we will have cloud problems. let's talk about what's out there this morning. the clouds are, in fact, moving in. susuise coming about 6:43. at the bus stst temperatures have settled back into the lower and mid 60s. that is very brief. we'll see a rapid warmup take shape as we head through the morning hours. there's the 836 looking good. extra cloud cover moving in in the last ur. temperatures have actually come up at m.i. at 67. we'll survey what else is coming up. with clear skies overnight, it sets the stage for temperatures to fall into the lower60s out west. now temperatures have come up a touch. oakland parkp to 63. 63 also in pembroke pines, 65 opa-locka, 66 in ft. lauderdale. we come back to the two-county
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in the keys, lower 80s will do it today. 81 key west and marathon, 80 in key largo. a lot of sunshine here. in and out of cloud cover from time to time. first alert weather here on our wednesday. feels good as you head out early this morning. an offshore breeze takes the temperatures easily into the lower 80s by the lunch hour. you'll feel the transition quickly this morning. up to 85, not record breaking. a very warm forecast here into the afternoon hours. sunset at 6:44. we get into the evening hours, temperatures should fall off pretty quick. at the pool, keep in mind the uv index in early march is very high. you still need spf out there. the cloud cover will be in and out. looking for temperatures this afternoon to peak into the mid 80s. that's just today only. still above average. n as warm as 85 for the next few days. first alert forecast into thursday and friday, good
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shers on sunday. and early next wk into the upper 70s. here is joe brennan with a look at traffic. >> just checking things on the golden glades interchange, a little busier on 95 trying to work your way southbound througg the ggi. looked at the toll there, r50 cents, still over priced in my opinion because the mainline looks good into downtown miami, a new fu snags along the way with brake tapping. the palmetto expressway not so great. it is certainly getting more intense heading sou^hbound. that's what all the head lies are from the big curve all the way through to okeechobee road. that's traffic. back to you. 6:188 on your wednesday morning. police are on the hunt for two suspects who burglarized a drone store in aventura. ta look at thisis surveillance video showing the duo smashing through the front door and taking a whole bunch of stuff inside.
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called drone nerds on biscayne boulevard. they too drones, hoverboards and a bunch of other items worth about $30,000 bucks. if you think you have any information about those guys, call miami-dade crimestoppers. new >detectives say this woman, 23-year-old stephanie augustine had a miscarriage. she and a 14-year-old cousin are charged with kidndpping 2-month-old taraji kemp. police say a teen allegedly pointed a gun at the mother. they found the baby safe in orlando. cops arrested augustin in ft. pierce. > another court date for the roommate accused of brutally kidnapping a woman he met on craigslist. byron mitchell faces attempted first degree murder for the
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this is pretty gruesome. originally charged with attempted felony murder. the 35-year-old allegedly barbed this young woman's head across the floor a couple times, stabbed her, tried to cut off er lips and eyelids. mitchell's attorneys secured a bond for him for march 10th. meantime, the 23-year-old is still in the hospital in a coma. hulk hogan heading to court. jury selection for the civil trial between the former wrestler and gawker starting on florida after published parts of a sex video in 2012. he is seeking $100 million from the website. gawker says they had the right to publish the video of huu hogan and heather cole, the ex-we of one of hogan's former friends. the trial will be held in st. petersburg. after a year-long adventure, astronaut scott is returning to earth. >> you love this story. >> i love this story. it is so neat. it turned out to be an
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the question is, would he it again, almost a year in space? we'll talk more about that right ter the break. legendary rock band plans a
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that welcome back everybody. it's 6:23. we've been tracking the candidates for you overnight and into the morning. take a look at social views 6 where some of the candidates are speaking out after the critical super tuesday election vote. we ask you to keep it here. we have continuede coverage of super tuesday results and what's next on the campaign trail for everybody. that's on the nbc 6 news and weather app including the all-important delegate tracker which gives you a better idea of where each candidate stands in the race. president obama confirming
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baseball game in havana between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. ititill be the first time a major league team will moveplay on the island since the move to normalize relations. president obama epected to throw out the first pitch. took five decadesor the british invasion is headed to cuba. a terrific story. the rolling stones announced they will play a free show in havana. it's going to happen march 25th, making it the biggest concert the island has seen since the castros came to power in 1959. while in cuba, the stones will donate musical instruments to cuban musicians. the concert will take place three days after the end president obama's historic trip to cuba. they call him astronaut scott. astronaut scott kelly isis back on
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>> his landing marks just over a year in space. he landed in the kazakhstan desert late last night along with two other russian cosmonauts. >> kelly holds the record for the longest time in space for an american yway. during his last interview from orbit, the astronaut said, quote, i could go for another 100 days oro even 100 years. >> i wonder what's the first thing he's going to do now. >> see his family. a year is an awfully long time to be away from your family. so-called dirtyburg lar off the streets. how police caught up with the fond her who tried to break into a south florida home. >> i look up and i see a kid standing there with a gun held out like this -- >> this morning we'll hear more
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>> bubu we get all this finished, i'm going to go after one person, and that's hillary clinton. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work. >> the front-runners will remain the front-runners at least for now. super tuesday wraps up with donald trump and hillary clinton racking up the most wins as the primary votes were counted. >> we have team coverage this morning. julia bagg is live in the studio. working to bring you the highlights of super tuesday. >> tracie and julia on tap. first let's get you updated on what you'll encounter as you step out the front door. >> another look in down downtown miami on this super wednesday morning. >> a cool start, but a rapid
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morning drive. the morning drive will remain dry. a few clouds moving in. no rain in site. sunrise in about 15 minutes or so. wait until you see where the temperatures go. the cloud cover moving in in the lasas hour to hour and a half. more cloud cover to come. mostly a mid and high level cloud deck. this won't limit our sunshine entirely, `ut it won't be a blue sky up above all day long. an offshore breeze going to aid and the rapid warmup we will see. the humidity coming up justa touch here for the next few days. 66 in ft. lauderdale. not a abad morning in mime pliem at 67. cool location, oakland park in theower 60s. we're talking mid 80s today. first alert forecast high with partly cloudy skies. keeping it locked in the 60s. lower 80s will go it at that point. 6:31. here is joe brennanan >> looks pretty decent as far as accidents go. haven't seen a lot of those.
6:31 am
the bad news is we'll always get these jam-ups. on the palmetto southbound, this is the big curve passing 75, the ramp there takes you to northbound 75 in broward county. the sououbound travel coming at you. all those headlights heading to okeechobee road. it's pretty much kind of slow through the area. in the next 30 minutes that will be jammed up pretty solid. if history is any case, that's where we get it bad. the northbound side approaching the dolphin expressway from 874. be prepared for that, 95 to broward county, maybe a little better. it's moving a little steadier anyway at griffin road. no reported incidents along the way. that's traffic. back to you. >> joe, thank you so much. super tuesday wrapping up with a bang for everybody. continuing the get those numbers rolling into the newsroom very early this morning. >> republicans turned out in record numbers across the board. tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, what does th mean for
6:32 am
forward to ohio and florida in just two weeks? >> reporter: it's interesting, for the republicans nobody really wants to drop out. for the republican electorate, the voters set records in every state except for vermont. not such a hot night for marco rubio, he won one state and faces questions about whether he should move forward. the front runners, their focus is now squarely on florida. >> we're going to go to florida. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton. >> i'm so delighted to be with you here in florida. >> reporter: both looking ahead add sweeping super tuesday. she won seven states including texas where trump wants to build a wall. >> instead of buiing walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> it is good to be home! >> reporter: bernie sanders won colorado, minnesota, oklahoma and his home state of vermont.
6:33 am
the people who know me best have voted so strongly to put us in the white house. >> reporter: as expected trump lost the big prize, texas. he's vowing to steal florida from marco rubio. >> once we get all this finished, i'm going to go after one person, and that's hillary clinton. >> reporter: ted cruz declaring triple victory, texas, oklahoma and as of this morning, alaska, begging everyone else to drop out now. >> that is the only way to beat donald trump. >> reporter: marco rubio who only carried minnesota said he's going nowhere. >> i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> reporter: this race a chess game with few moves left, but no one quiteteeady to call check mate. >> reporter: especially not ohio governor john kasich. on the same day florida votes, ohio coming up. he says he's going to win at
6:34 am
before he sees that through. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. eric? >> as tracie mentioned, florida senator marco rubio was hoping for a bigger night, but is still standing firm saying he's not going anywhere. our team coverage continues with julia bagg. she's right here in the studio with us. good morning, julia. >> marco rubio claiming his first victory in and other wise rough night for his campaign. that win coming from minnesota of all places. but now all eyes are on his hoo state of florida, where 99 delegates are up for grabs and the winner takes all. he's running third right now in the delegate count. takes 1,237 to win the republican nomination. trump leads with 292. ted cruz is in second. remember, he won his home state of texas last night, aig win, he has 188, rubio 98 right now. here is what rubio told his faithful at tropical park right here in southwest miami-dade
6:35 am
>> two weeks tonight, you will send a message to the nation and the world that america's greatest days are yet to come. >> reporter: now you can expect an ugly battle between rubio and trump. expect only to get uglier especially over the next two weeks in the fierce fight for the sunshine state. early voting is already started in south florida and`our state's primary day is march 15th. eric. >> julia, thank you so much. there's still a lot more voting left to do this week. i'm going to throw out a lot of information here on saturday. democrats and republicans will vote in the louisiana primaries and the kansas caucuses. republicans will also caucus in kentucky and maine while democrats will caucus in nebraska. and then over the weekend on sunday the democrats will hold their main caucus while republicans will vote in their puerto rico primary. this morning right after nbc news at 6:00, so about 25 minutes from right now. the "today" show will have extensive coverage of super tuesday and what's next for all the candidates on the campaign trail.
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florida at this point and all that coverage on the "today" show starts here at 7:00 a.m. meanwhile, a miami family feeling safer now that a peeping tom is locked away. cops arrested ricky fermenter say home security cameras caught him fondling himself outside the navarro family's front door and cameras also caught a confrontation between the homeowner and fermenter. police nabbed him north korean and took him away to jail. an emotional day in court for the parents of a 14-year-old accidentally shot and killed while he and a friend were playing with a gun in miami gardens. that friend who is also 14 years old is facing manslaughter and gun possession charges because of what happened. yesterday a judge did allow him to go home with a gps ankle monitor. the parents of the victim here,
6:37 am
disappointed they are with the judge's decision to do that. rhodes died as he and his friends were posing for pictures with a loaded gun ile police say it went off accidentally and killing the teenager. an updated on the broward deputy accused of dragging a mentally ill woman across the court house floor. you're looking at the video. prosecutors say johnson did not commit a crime when he pulled dave yeah rios down a hallway because she refused to cooperate. rios was diagnosed with bipolar disorder is currently serving a year sentence for violating probation in a drug case. another resource, the brand new miami-dade county animal services and city of homestead spay and neuter clinic aiming to give procedures at affordable prices. advocates say they've helped
6:38 am
thehope to continue the trend and make sure every pet is wanted or has a better chance of finding their forever home. >> we're so proud to be able to bring the services here. they are needed so much in this area. and there are so many rescue groups working diligently to get these animals into loving homes. >> that is great news. the center is located near tenth avenue in northeast 8th street. they'll offer the spay and neuter surgeries every thursday, friday and saturday at 30ds for dogs, $15 for cats. you can make your appointment now by calling 311. >> your time is 6:39. the race for the white house is becoming much more clear this morning. super tuesday proving to be just that for at least some candidates and leaving some of the others wondering what's going to come next for them. lots of work to do. a look at who is waking up this morning. theix stories you need to know before you head out the door. the two people charged with
6:39 am
county courthouse will be back in court later today. the video plus new details in a live report. on the nbc 6 news and weather app you can get push alerts about traffic conditions across south florida and five first alert doppler.
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welcome back. 6:42. nbc 6 has you covered on all things decision 2016. we have continuing coverage of super tuesday, all the results and what's next for everybody on the campaign trail. that's on the nbc 6 news and weather app. that includes a delegate tracker that is there which gives you a mh better idea of where each candidate stands in the race for that official nomination. several teens are in big trouble this morning after causing a chaotic scene inside the courtroom. they were there to support three friends facing a judge for carjacking charges. that changed very quickly.
6:43 am
live in downtown ft. lauderdale. michael, these kids are going to court then today, correct? >> reporter: that's what we've learned this morning, that two of the six people who were led out in handcuffs have been charged and will be back in court later today. when you talk about what happened, this is cerinly not something you see every day or hear. just take a listen. [ shouting ] >> that is just a snippet. we can't play all of it because it contains screaming and cursing. all this played out in a broward county courtroom. you see the mom trying to help but it was too late. two of the six charged with contempt of court, actually waking up behind bars this morning. they were ordered five days in a juvenile detention center. as far as how this started and why, they were there in court to support three 15-year-olds charged with grand theft auto. those teens were making their first court appearance accused
6:44 am
agencies on a chase through broward county on monday. you may remember the video of the chase spanning not only lauderhill but oakland park. ditched two stolen cars, ran through neighborhoods, hopping fences fenens. two of the teens have received three weeks in pretrial detention. the third is on house arrest. the other two charged with contempt of court will be due in court and we'll get updated details on that. you can check out more of that video on the nbc 6 news and weather app. live in downtown ft. lauderdale, michael spears, nbc 6 news. the battle between apple and the fbi is reaching all the way to capitol hill. we were afraid it's going to. indeed, that's what's happening. both asking congress to play referee and find an answer here. the fbi director requesting apple be required to write a special software to help the fbi unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorist attackers.
6:45 am
of the u.s. government to crack the phone but concluded apple was the only company that could possibly do it. apple fighting back saying the fbi, if they get what they want, it could get into the wrong hands. next up, the san bernardino court hearing. that's going to happen in three weeks. >> we continue to follow breaking news overnight out of alabama. there are reports of damage after a possible tornado swept through last night the area around birmingham, that area hit the hardest. four people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. about eight homes were leveled while many others suffered minor damage. now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's st accurate forecast. >> good wednesday morning. kicking things off on a beautiful note. live look outside from our diplomat resort and spa camera, rounding the corner to 6:46. what a beautiful start to the morning. notice everything is laid down. we'll have light winds in place
6:46 am
it will lead to a great beach day. sunrise in suth florida. love having this camera back. looking down the 836, can't do anything about the traffic. a lot of sunshine around this morning. temperatures leveling off into the mid 60s. a rapid climb coming into place. we've had a rapid increase, by the way. if you were up at 5:00 tuned in, skies were clear. temperatures in the lower 60s. clouds coming into play,, temperatures coming up. 66 in ft. lauderdale. into the mid 60ss through the florida keys. beautiful start to the day down there. a cold front up the road, getting us excited for reenforcing shot of cooler and drier air, but not this time. we have the offshore breeze ahead of it which is t reason i'll push temperatures into the mid 80s leading into the afternoon hours. into the 9:00 hour jumping into
6:47 am
calm and all across south florida today above average, but not record breaking. we dial it back into the mid 60s leading into tomororw morning. get used to the 80s for the next two days. it won't be overly humid. we'll see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies at times. a rapid jumprom the mid 60s to the low 80s even by the lunch hour. today's high 85. out on the beach looks great because of the offshore breeze. a very low risk for rip currents and lots # sunshine. keep in mind the uv index is very high. we're dry through the overnight hours, light winds. we keep your forecast dry into the upcoming weekend. mid 80s today, lower 80s for highs on thursday and friday. by sunday we may see one or two showers around. highs of 79. let's gege a check on the roads with joe brennan.
6:48 am
441, an overturned vehicle on the northbound side of 441, call it just north of county line road before you get to miramar parkway, hallandale beach boulevard area. a couple of left lanes blocked. you have rescue on the scene and just the one right lane that's getting by. it is slow obviously on the approach and it will be here a while. they've got to right that vehicle and obviously tow it out of here. other than that, the rest of broward county not fairing too badly. a look at 95 around cypress creek road around commercial boulevard still moving north and south. no incidents reported.d. turnpike is clear through broward as well. that's traffic. back to you. 6:48 now. a florida international university wowoen's basketball player accusing the school's head coach of sexual misconduct. according to "the miami herald," 22-year-old destini feagin said the university women's basketball head coach, marlin chinn, has been pursuing a sexual relationship with her during the season. feagin was suspended for four
6:49 am
of team policy according to coach chinn. the student says she reported chinn to school officials and filed anan ncaa complaint against him. she provided evidence of a screen shot and text messages and also a recorded conversation with that 45-year-oo coach. yesterday fiu released a statement saying, quote, based on the allegations, the universi suspended coach chinn pending the outcome of the investigation, end quote. bad news for sponsors of state gambling legislation, two major proposals are likely dead in this year's legislative session. the senate appropriations committee decided not to hear the bills during its meeting, putting the proposals in jeopardy. up for discussion was the ratification of a $3 billion gaming contract with the seminole tribe of florida. some members of the senate thinking the legislation is a complex issue to t tkle and they
6:50 am
this up north in new jersey where royal caribbean cruise ship anthem of the seas is back in port once again. this comes after that luxury liner was forced back to port once again. this time, though, the ship turning around because of the threat of severe weather also coued with the norovirus outbreak on board. according to royal caribbean, there has been an average of nine or ten new cases of the norovirus today. the anthem of the seas was ed back to port last month after being battered by a severe storm. loved ones of a virginia officer gathered at her funeral. 28-year-old ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday night during her first shift with prince william county police. she was one of three officers to respond. two other officers were shot as well and expected to survive. the suspect is facing capital
6:51 am
the teen denies all the charges against him. the boy charged with two counts of attempted murder. all the students are expected to live. one student describes what it was like to be in the cafeteria at the time of the shooting. >> i look up and see a kid standing there with a gun held out like this. and i saw smoke and a flash followed by three more shots. >> so far officers have not given a motive for monday's shooting nor have they said if the victims were targeted or if it was random. today the united states supreme court will take up abortion, it could affect florida's 24-hour waiting period. conservative lawmakers claim the restrictions are for public health. opponents of the law and a lot of medical professional doctors here believe the laws don't serve any constructive purpose. >> students in florida should be closer to seeing alternate
6:52 am
a bill to see other than the floridatandards assessment is moving through the senate. a panel voted this week on the bull that could give districts the oion of switching to tests like the s.a.t. and a.c.t. the bill moves to the full senate. not clear if it will pass there. deputies in central florida finally uncovered batman's secret identity, not talking about bruce wayne here, at least not this time. don't lose hope, though. orange county authorities arrested juan morales for a series of robberies by a man dressed as batman. deputies finally tracked him down after he dropped his cell phone at one of the scenes. investigators say morales committed the crimes in order to feeded his $1,000 a day heroin habit. now the big six stories you
6:53 am
>> big super tuesday try umps for donald trump and hillary clinton. both waking up winners after celebrating last night. even the opponents are clinging to victory. for the democrats, witness is down but not out after winning his home turf of vermont. plus oklahoma, minnesota and colorado. now florida takes center stage with our primary on march 15th0. on the republican side there are 99 delegates up for grabs and it's winner takes all. that could make or break campaigns in the next two weeks. the palm beach teen accused of posing as a doctor back in jail this morning. malachi love robinson was booked overnight. records show he faces five charges of frrd and larceny. love robinson was arrested in february on grand theft charges. a prowling peeping tom in
6:54 am
ricky fermenter arrereed him for voirism. aur veil ans cameras caught him in the act. the 14-year-old who accidently shot and killed his friend while playing with a gun in miami gardens appeared in court. he's facing manslaughter and gun possession charges. a judge allowed him to go home with a gps monitor. chaos in the courtroom as several teenagers shouted and cursed in a courroom. they were there supporting their friends who led police on a chase in a stolen car. they will go before a judge later today. astronaut scott kelly is back on earth this mornin marking just over a year in space. kelly landed in the kazakhstan desert late last night. kelly holding the record for the longest time in space. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for details on all the stories we're
6:55 am
we've still got this little problem on 441 northbound. his is just beyond the county line road before you get to miramar parkway, hallandale beach boulevard. overturned vehicle blocking a ccple lanes. slow to get by. fortunately not that busy. no need for the alternate route yet. stick to the right side. it will be there a while. it will take some time to clear this out. we don't even have a tow truck on scene yet to right the vehicle. ryan? >> 6:55 now, joe. a beautiful start to the morning. lower to mid 60s at the bus stop this morning. more cloud cover coming in, but we'll be rain-free. clouds coming in from the west. overnight we were clear. now we're partly cloudy. we'll have some cloudy periods, but no rain. a rapid warmup with an offshore breeze.
6:56 am
that's our cool location. temperatures will climb quickly. 67, good morning, miami, 66 in ft. lauderdale. in and out of cloud cover, warm readings and dry conditions all the way through. 85 today. this will be our warmest day of the next several. i think we get out of the workweek and into the weekend with low 80s on thursday and friday. if you're sensnsive to the humidity, you'll notice it's up a touch tomorrow. dry all the way through. saturday looks great, 79. one or two shhers popping up, i've added that into the extend forecast on sunday afternoon. no big deal. very consistent weather pattern, what we would expect for march. not a bad way to star it coming off what was a very wet winter season. >> sure was. >> a few dry days not a problem. the "today" show is next.
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good mornrng. something for everyone. donald trump and hillary clinton each win seven super tuesday states, tightening their griri on their party's nomination. >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one pepeon, that's hillary clinton. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> cruz, rubio and sanders, will they be well enough to stayn the race? a new piece of debris has been found that could be from malaysia air flight 370. missing fer inging for nearly two years. could it help solve one of the world's biggest mysteries? scott kelly returns to earth after spending more time in space than any other american. what he's s sing abo being back home. the shocking sight. the moment a toddler falls out of a moving van, caught on camera. the child getting up and chasing


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