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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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these are live pictures. a countywide search under way for three men police say broke into this target in hialeah. we're live at that store with the lates from investigators. police are looking for an armed robber who hit up a convenient store. the teen accused of posing for a as a doctor rearrested. hear the latest charges he's facici. good morning to you everybody. right now 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for juning us. it's thursday, march 3rd. pushing through the week. >> so close to the weekend. meteorologist ryan phillips with that trsday and of kours friday forecast. >> we've got a very weak front to our north sliding through the area. you won't notice a difference in our weather pattern today. we still have the cloud cover. we're rain-free. that's likely a trend we carry through the next several days.
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watching the clouds stroll through the area. not an overly cloudy pattern. it looks very impressive from the satellite. a lot of shine should make it through the cloud deck that's out there today. we'll start out our temperatures into the 60s for most locations with light and variable winds trending the the north. lauderdale. 65 in oakland park. on our way to 82 to this afternoon, temperatures just ightly above average. the weekend still looking good. we'll fine-tune that forecast and bring it to you in just a little bit. right now kelly is still off. here is joe with the roads. >> no issues on i-95, a view here, a-okay from the golden glades interchange. ernight road work going on,
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reopened yet. that is close between i-75 and red road. you will have to detour around at least that point. things in broward county holding up nicely including al of 95. the view from sunrise, so far quiet. back to you. we'll get started with breaking news out of hialeah on this thursday morning. about an hour ago there was a break-in at the target store there. >> let'sheck in with nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the scen we see there's a cop car there. so they're still working this investigation. >> reporter: that's right. we just spoke to police and they're still searching for the suspect, three suspects police sayere caught on camera breaking into this hialeah target at about 3:30 a.m. this is on west 37th street. investigators say it appears the crooo came through the front door here w wre the carts are, in that section. police brought in a canine and
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at this point it's not clear what exactly the crooks took. the target manager showed up about 20 minutes ago to help show police the video and figure out what was stolen. right now police arere searching for three suspects reportedly looking for a white chrysler 200 or 300 as the possible getaway car. very few details as far as what was taken, where exactly as far headed. we'll get updates and check the nbc 6 news and weather app. for now, live in hialeah, pliekal spears, nbc 6 news. an investigation is under way in northwest miami-dade county to find an armed thief. the crime was caught at golden moorkt near northwest 5th street and 12th avenue. the man took off as the victim
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the man is described as hispanic hispanic, 5'8" and no heavier than 200 pounds. turning now to decision 2016 this morning, presidential hopefuls from both parties are soaking up the super tuesday results while looking ahead to the next time voters will be hitting the polls. nbc 6 reporter jamie guirola has what's next for all of those candidates. >> reporter: florida's junior senator wants to make the jump from the halls of congress to pennsylvania avenue cast his ballot at west miami city hall. he carried one state compared to ted cruz's three and donald trump's seven. >> reporter: rubio and trump straj strategically. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. we'reren the gong to let it work. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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sanders cashed in on four which makes the all-important florida delegates, republican and dem kratd, much more valule. most of the uncertainty goes to the republican roller coaster. >> i think the other path for marco rubio is how long these race. >> reporter: establishment republicans set their targets on trump and try to stop him before he gets any closer to the white house especially after recent controversy surrounding the kkk. >> if you don't know where you'reyou stand with the ku klux klan every time you're asked, i've got a real problem with him. >> reporter: from watson island, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. >> it appears ben carson's
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although that hasn't been officially announced. there are reports indicating that gop officials want him to focus on a different office, and that is being a senator right here in florida. the florida seat held by carson's presidential rival marco rubio. that said, carson will not be at today's gop presidential debate in his hometown of detroit. the nbc news and weather app is your go-to as we move forward with the campaigns. we're keeping track of every candidate and their campaigns and that all-important delegate tracker. the early voting is going on right now in florida in miami-dade. you can check out our app for a list of polling places. a south florida teenager accused of predending to be a doctor has less than 48 hours to
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he walked out of jail after a palm beach county judge granted supervised released. he's accused of using an elderly woman's account to pay for a secondouth florida man arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar gold heist. officials say alberto perez was involved in a car jackjacking of a tractor-trailer that had nearly $5 million in gold bars. yesterday a boat was towed from the home where perez was arrested. the suspect's family says they didn't notice any change in lifestyle. he's had a boat for quite a long time.. he had an older boat and then this one. >> police looking for two more men in weks with the heist. another man has already been
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to cash in on one of those stolen n ld bars in south florida. this morning police are looking for your help in a bird napping. >> the culprits broke into a south florida home and stole just birds, not just birds, but very pricey birds. stephanie bertini has more on that story. >> about that big? >> yes. >> green -- >> this is baby, a parrot that's been by alvia nassco's child for 33 years. >> like my child. >> reporter: she says the animal was stolen from her back yard overnight. >> the cage was wide open. >> reporter: she says her dog started barking around 4:00 a.m. her husband went outside to find out what was going on. they soon found out baby the parrot, two cockatiels and two parakeets were missing. the family called police.
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find o who targeted this miami home. just six blocks away miami police working a similar case here at southwest 43rd avenue and southwest 2nd street, thieves targeted this home over night and maa away with three birds. the homeowner says the two birds, two parakeets and a messenger pion belong to her mother-in-law. she says the whole thing h her feeling unsecure. this chain is what the cage was hanging for. the family says the messenger pigeon found herer way home. she came close to a reunion with her pet. it turns out this wasn't baby. >> a neighbor thought it was yours. >> yes. >>hat are you going to do with this this bird? he wavts it back. he said if it's not mine, give it back. >> reporter: she believes the same thieves are responsible for
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blocks away. miami police haven't said if the incidents are connected but they are investigating both crimes. anybody with any information is asked to call crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. reporting in miami, stephan bertini, nbc 6 news. >> let's take you outsisi for a live look from one of our first alert cameras over downtown miami. waking up to a prett nice thursday morning if we do say so ouelves. >> will it stay that way is the question. meteorologist ryan phillips is in. good morning. >> we're locked intoh a nice weather pattern. the only change we'll see day today will be ups and downs in the overall temperature trend, but nothing too warm, nothing too cool. morning commute, no weath problems. the only problem of course is the cloud cover which weve been in and out of for the last few days. another batch of clouds rolling through this morning, but not
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temperatures going this way, cooler weather, clear skies and light winds like oakland park at 65, 67? pembroke bynes. warmer across miami-dade county, 69 opa-locka and miami. here what we're looking at, mid 60 this morning, clouds around. another very warm day with a nice north to northeast breeze. first alert forecast high 82. time for a check on first alert traffic. >> we have a crash at 595 eastbound that takes you to the florida turnpike. that off-ramp is closed. it is lightly traveled on 595. this is a view from pine island road looking towards the east, and the next exit being university. still no delays in that area. the kpat ramps are open and you'll have to use them on the turnpike extension in dade county north and southbound.
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between i-75 and d road because of overnight road work hopefully getting it open pretty quick. 826 is available if you'd rather use that instead. 4:42 on your thursda still ahead, bad news for bikers. florida setting a national record this morning. the numbers are not looking so good for us. an unexpected visitor makes a splash at a florida home. home sweet home for this guy.
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astronaut scott kelly just hours this morning south korea is saying north corey fired several projectiles into the sea, this is after the united security counsel voted for fresh sanctions.
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out if they were missiles or artillery fire. the un sanctions are intended to starve north korea. north korea has a history of firing weapons when the international community says something they don't agree with. todod the uber driver accused of going on a random shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, will see a judge today. meanwhile, the 14-year-old critically hurt is improving. six people in tol were left dead after the shooting last month. they hope to learn more about what led up to the shooting. deflate gate is not over. tom brara is expected to be back in court. the nfl will be appealing a decision that got tom brady out of a four-game suspension. the nfl continues to stand by
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about that ball deflating ring. >> kelly blanco is still f. but we've got joe brennan who is going g sit in and give us the word in a few minutes. glad to have joe around. we'll see another dry day across south florida even though the cloud cover, notextensive at times. nothing adding up to bring us any significant rain chances. that's the case through your upcoming weekend. a live look outside on a thursday morning. it's just about 4:47 now. if you're up early, you've got a nice morning overall. temperatures only a few degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. know notice with these early temperatures, if you're an early
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up little by little all week long. we'll continue to see a warmer trend here for the afternoon hours. we're at 69 at m.i.a. our miami children's museum first alert camera looking back intoo downtown. a beautiful morning to get out and abt. it will be dry. rather extensive across the eastern gulf waters, everything moving west to east. the cold front moving through the area right now, packing zero punch. it's a very subtle wind shift. there's slightly drier air just behind it. the sensible weather not changing all that much. the high pressure will govern our weather later this afternoon. two-county area going this way. mid 60s in brrard county, upper 60s in miami-dade. from 65 to 69 first thing this moing. the winds transitions very light from the north into the northwest.
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i thhk progressively we'll see more sunshine. don't be thrown off or surprise fd you find cloud cover lingering first thing this morning. mid 60s will do it on the drive in. up to 79 by the midday hours. another day above average. your first alert forecast high of 82, no rain around. the southern stream keeping all the cloud cover rather thick across the gulf waters. one more system the road. that's going to set us up for a really nice weekend here once this area of low pressure transitions through the tennessee valley and moves to the east. one more front coming in late friday leads a beautiful weekend ahead. 82. in and out of the cloud cover today. warmer tomorrow. 84 to wrap up the workweek. then we get into the weekend. 79 on saturday, 79 on sunday. i have not changed your weekend forecast now with the kpechgs -- like a poll situation, i juu flip-flopped here, on the rain chances on sunday.
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ry all the way through. right now let's check traffic with joe brennan. >> so far not a bad ride. overnight road work to slow you down a little bit. everything is starting t wind up in that regard. pretty good look at things around commercial boulevard, still looks great. the one crash involving a truck eastbound 595 closing the ramp to the turnpike. that's the biggest thingng going on right now around broward county that could certainly slow you down or at least divert your course a little bit. open and clear at doral at northwest 21st street. >> joe, thank you so much. you may notice extraotorcycles on the road. that's because ththsands from around the country are making their way to florida for daytona bike week. florida leads the country with the most deaths from the national traffic highway safety administration. they're quoting numbers from
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research when they say 467 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents in florida. aaa says florida motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled since the helmet law was repealed. later this morning will be the official groundbreaking ceremonyny for the miami world center. the event will be on northeast 10th streetnd northeast 2nd avenue at 10:00. the building is slated to be one of the biggest retail and nation. you can capture erika glover's reporor on the festivities at 5:30. talk aut well deserved recognition. park land officials honoring one woman for save ag man's life. >> reporter: the near death incident took lace here at this park land equestrian@center. a trainer saved a student's life simply because she knew cpr.
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her lifesaving efforts. >> a lifesaving commendation for a good samaritan after she saved 66-year-old richard appin. >> after jumpingessons in january, appin stepd off his horse, sat down in a chair, slumped over and became unresponsive. meghan green checked his pulse, called 911 and under direction from the dispatcher, she immediately started cpr. >> green says she was certified four or five years ago and never thought she'd have to perform cpr on anyone. >> it came back to me very easi, surprisingly. i was saying i've practiced on a dummy before. it's very similar. >> reporter: now the coral springs fire department is looking to add their name to a
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signed up for an app kald pulse point. residents can be alerted when someone is in need of cpr within a certain distance. you can be located where the closest defibrillators can be found. >> without that person doing cpr, it's very likely that person would not live. that technology is very helpful. >> we should encourage our friends, family, employers, to have people learn cpr skills. >> reporter: richard is already back on thehe saddle riding horses again. it's called pulse point, download it to nbc6from or download our news and weather app and you can find the link for that tool. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. imagine coming home and finding thth. a lakeland family came home to find this unexpected guest taking a nice dip in their pool, a nine-foot alligator.
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gator onn tuesday when he went to let the cat out. theamily called the trap per. finally they removed the alligator. you see the screen, he chomped a hole in the screen. scott kelly back from space and one step closer to home. for the last 340 days, the astronaut lived aboard the international space station, orbiting the earth. he'll be compared to his identical twin in hopes that it will help astronauts make the two or three-yearr journey to mars. president barack obama anked kelly for inspiring a new generation of astronauts and advancing space research. >> for the next nine months every single week he andnd his
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medical testing. >> he says the first thing he wants to do is jump in the pool. >> i don't blame him. >> 4:54 is your time. still ahead. i'm ari odzer, f f years the emphasis in public school is raising academem achievement. now there's an effort to concentrate on the ole child. what does that mean? we'll show you coming up. the popular social media quizzes mimit seem pretty harmless to you. experts are saying that hackers are using them to steal personal information. you're taking a live look at breaking news out of hialeah, a countywide search for three suspects who police say ransacked a target. michael spears is talking to investigators and we'll see him in just a few minutes. a dry morning, sheli. more cloud cover moving in. clear in pompano beach. northern broward county seeing the most sunshine early this morning. 65 in oakland park, 67 in ft. lauderdale. the further south you go, the
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a warm forecast. we'll talk about how your
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look welcome back. three minutes to the top of the hour. in today's "education on 6" report, some school districts are teaching kids to tackle problems outside of the school grounds as well and hoping that will prevent failurein the classroom. >> as education reporter ari odzer shows us, miami-dade planning to get kids on the right track. >> what's the number one thing to start you on the path of being successful. >> reporter: the answer for kids at norland middle is being in school and getting there on time. linda watts has a new coach, success coach. >> every child needs a champion,
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>> if we miss school, we miss out, right? >> reporter: she's one of 66 success coaches in the miami-dade school system. the program is desigigd to go beyond deaf fort to raise academic performance. the district wants to prevent at-risk kids from sliding off the rail. >> by getting do students early, forming a bond with their parents, by making a connection with the community, we can help kids succeed. we can set them on the right path. >> how do they choose which kids get this intervention? >> they focus on early morning signs in the abcs, atndance, behavior and course work. >> you've seen students go from students. >> reporter: mrs. watts keeps track of students, monitoring grades and attendance evy day, alert for slippage in the classroom. >> i can beon it at a drop of the hat. i can stop, make that call, make
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i go out, do home visits because sometimes that's what it tas. there was a student that had a hughmongous amount of absences from school, when i called to speak to the parent, the parent was actually homeless. >> reporter: she even calls on outside agencies to solve the problems. is it working? >> i've seen a tremendous turnaround. >> reporter: next step, getting all the students to sing the attendance song. ari odzer, nbc 6 news. she makes a success coach to find out if there's anything outside affecting the inside. >> they've always had guidance counselor. but this is more intimate. >> she's focused only on that. right now nbc 6 is everywhere.
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5:00, a countywide search happening as we search for three men police say broke into the target hialeah. we're live at that store with the latest from investigators. disturbing discovery in a restaurant bathroom. what that eatery's manager is ak accused of doing. >> you might thinknk twice before you take one of those personality quizzes that your friends are sharing on facebook. good morning everybody. your time is 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this thursday, march 3rd morning. i don't know if my car was correct, but it sa 72. >> let's hope it was correct. >> it won't take much for many of us to be back to 72 by 7:00 or 8:00. we have dry conditionsns this morning. that's how we kicked off our thursday. a fair amount of cloud cover


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