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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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5:00, a countywide search happening as we search for three men police say broke into the target hialeah. we're live at that store with the latest from investigators. disturbing discovery in a restaurant bathroom. what that eatery's manager is ak accused of doing. >> you might thinknk twice before you take one of those personality quizzes that your friends are sharing on facebook. good morning everybody. your time is 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this thursday, march 3rd morning. i don't know if my car was correct, but it sa 72. >> let's hope it was correct. >> it won't take much for many of us to be back to 72 by 7:00 or 8:00. we have dry conditionsns this morning. that's how we kicked off our thursday. a fair amount of cloud cover
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our diplomat resort and spa camera, a good day to be on the waters. we'll check your boating forecast and beach forecast in a few minutes. conditions mostly cloudy. temperatures not too bad. a l ltle cooler in broward county because we've had the skies clearing, 67 in ft. lauderdale, 66 in oakland park. into miami-dade, upper 60s. cloudud in and out of our skys today, mid 60s to start. upper 70s towards the lunch hour. today's first alert forecast high still above average and more sun than clouds. the cloud cover will be noticeable first thing this momoing. we're coming up on 5:02. kel blanco off. joe brennan in with traffic. >> still seeing the earlier accident, a bad one, exiting off 595 eastbound on the ramp that takes you the turnpike. that ramp is closed because of a bad crash. somebody ran into the guard rail there.
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you won't be able to get through. you'll need to go over maybe to 441 or another exit ramp to work yoyo way back over to the turnpike. other than that, broward county hah been fairly quiet. still looks good around dade county as well. trying to get things wrapped up and opened up around the turnpike extension with the closure both ways. we will continue here on this thursday morning with breaking news out of hialeah for you where police are searching for three men they say broke into a target store in hialeah let's get you right out to nbc 6 reporter michael spears. michael, we know you were the first on the scene, the first to talk to investigators. we know they're looking for three people. what else do we know here? >> we've actually moved a little bit since we last spoke to describe how these crooks got in, right through the front door. look at new video at 5:00 a.m. right now police looking for
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who broke into this hialeah target on west 37th street. it happened at 3:30 a.m. police swarmed this area, brought in the canines, swept the building. the building was clear. the crooks got out. what's happening behind the doors and inside the target, the manager is here and the cbime scene investigators are here to try to figure out what was stolen. we're working right now to get confirmation on what was stolen. we know it happened around 3:30 a.m. they are gone, and we've also learned that police are reportedly looking for a white chrysler 200 or 300 as the getaway car. they've issued a countywide bolo alert. no arrests have been made. still one cop on scene inside talking with the manager. active investigation moving forward. we're working to get more information. when we get that, we'll send it out on facebook and twitter. michael spears, nbc 6 news. the restaurant manager
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in the women' bathroomom is out of jail. 42-year-old hajime maruyana found a hidden camera facing the toilet under the bathroom sink. it happened at the restaurant near 137th avenue and southwest 152nd street. investigators have the camera in their custody and are reviewing any possib footage. now ha he's out on bond, we're waiting to learn ife'll be facing charges. people gathered at the new beginning church parking lot. dozens of kids were there and sadly, a lot of them raised their hands when they asked if they knew someone who had been shot. this discussion comes after miami-dade police recover the car reportedly used when 6-year-old king carter was gunned down and weeks after bullets flew outside four
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schools to shut down for a while. they're encouraging kids to speak out if they have any crucial information they think might help policee or preempt one of these shootitis from happening again. new details surrounding the man accused of attacking and brutally beating his roommate into a coma. byron mitchell's attorneys are saying his client's cell phone has information that could show his client is innocent and is afraid that info could be accidentally erased. a forensic investigator will be lookg through that phone and providing attorneys with all its contents next week. a special hearing also scheduled for next week to see if many itch el can get out on a bond. police looking for an armed robber in this video. he hit up a convenience store in little havana. that'sswhere we find julia bagg on who exactly police are looking for. good morning, julia. >> reporter: the surveillance
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what happpped. in the beginning it looks like everything is oky. someone is walking in behind another customer at the counter. suddenly things go very wrong. you see what happens, what that bber does. have a listen to how police describe what happened. >> he approached the victim who was at the register. he pulled a knife demanded money, and once the victim yelled "call the police" the subject ran out of the store. >> that man, as you're looking at him. he's between 5'6" and '58, weighing 180 to 200 pounds, last seen wearing that white polo and dark colored jeans with a gy shirt wrapped around his arm. if you know anything, call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. we're talking to other business owners here on this block and what else police are revealing about that robber.
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bagg, nbc 6 news. this morning miami-dade police are on the hunt for two guys who stole tires off a car. you're looking at surveillance video near southwest 128th avenue and 53rd street in miami-dade whe officials say the two guys approach the car. the suspects started to remove the tire sockets to later steal the tires. investigators need your help in identiing them and finding these guys responsible for the crime. anyone with infortion is asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers. h han remains were found in a wooded area of oakland park. tha disturbing discovery made yesterday near northwest 23rd avenue and 26th street by two men. detectives say they think the remains were badly decomposed. officials s lieve the deceased perch was a male. those remain haves been taken to the broward county medical examiner examiner's office for official identification.
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beach last week, the broward sheriff's office identified the victim as her by he lejuste. deputies asking anybody with information is asked to call broward crimestoppers, 954-493-tips. 5:08 thursday morning. still a lot more ahead including this, growing positive relations with cuba, u.s. airlines are fighting at the chance to at routes to the island nation. we'll tell you which airlines have applied to be the first to go. another florida pool adding alcohol to their game day menu. where you won't find it coming up. coming up at 5:09. a mix 06 cloud cover up above this morning. 68 in westt kendall, 68 in homestead. the view looks mity fine into
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mid too upper 60s this morning. i think extra clouds will be around. good news is we're dry for both the drive in and drive home.
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both democratic candidates continue to fun raise and campaign. nbc's tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: dr. ben carson the first post super tuesday casualty. his campaign confirms he will not be at tonight's debate and his public schedule ends after a speech tomorrow. ted cruz tells carson supporters -- >> we welcome you on our teemt. >> looking forward to that debate. are you looking forward to the debate? >> reporter: marco rubio is already in michigan hoping to keep -- efforts to stop him may be fultal. >> if 56% of the party doesn't want him, why is he winning. >> reporter: john kasich predicting a brokered convention. donald trump tweeting about mitt romney's speech today. romney is expected to criticize speech. trump calls it another desperate move by the man who should have
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>> we're going to win here in michigan. >> reporter: meantime, the democrats are raising money. >> i need you here in new york. >> reporter: ready to take on whoever emerges from the other side. 30 big-name republicans including lawmakers here have come out publicly against trump. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> remember everything you need to know about decision 2016 including early voting going on right now in miami-dade and broward which wl start on saturday. you can find that on the nbc 6 news and weather app. major u.s. airlines vying for a chance to service cuba with their commercial flights. lots of money potentially here. at least eight carriers, big gs have submitted applications to the u.s. department of education to do it. the government will be spending months to review those requests and likelyaward an a aline with
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that official decision expected later this summer. right now all the flights are charter flights but the agreement signed last month allows for up to 110 additional flights a day. as i ntioned, the big guys are getting in on this. america jetblue, southwest and united are among some of those cpetitors that want to get out to havana. a bill to protect pastors who refuse t t wed gay couples is headed to the senate. after an hour ofdebate the house passed a bill that says churches cannot be f#rced to marry same-sex couples. democrats say the bill isn't needed because the constitution already protects churches from having to marry couples they don't want to marry based on religious beliefs. proponents say the bill gives pastors extra protection. thursday morning, 5:15 as we get through the rest of the
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i think the weather looks mighty fine. march. as we turn theage into a new month, we find ourselves in a very dry scenario which is okay coming out of a very wet wiwier. we have no wet weather to get in the way of your morning drive. live first alert doppler looking good. at the bus stop, we'll be in and out of cloud cover initially this morning. our temperature trend, pretty much a steady state from what we've seen all week long. mid to upper 60s as theun comes up at about 6:43. i do think there will be more cloud cover around this morning. i do think the sunshine wins out through the afternoon. not a bad view here looking back towards the freedom tower. just turned the lights off there, aaa. all is quiet in downtown miami. all is likely quiet in your neighborhood this morning. we've had cloud cover streaming through across the state. a weak cold front.
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and you tuned in to the weather yesterday, this is a very lazy front, slow moving. doesn't pack a lot of punch. i'm not going to look for a big change in the weatherecause of the presence of this front, it fades away today, high pressure takes over across the southeastern states and we warm back upup into the 80s today and tomorrow as well. future tracker again watching the cloud cover. i don't see much in the way of rain. the next front comes in on friday and some models indicate it may trigger a quick shower. that's the only part of the forecast. if we get a quick splash and a dashthat's not a big deal. when we look at the picture, it's been is a very dry forecast pattern. that's exactly what we're waking up to. 69 in opa-locka, 68 in west kendall. temperatures are a little warmer than they have been in the morning, especially in the last 24 hours.
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degrees warmer in opa-locka. mid to upper 60s this morning. more clouds and susuhine. we're dry at the lunch hour at 79. still above average. a warm day, partly cloudy and 82. first alert forecast and temperatures sliding into the upper 70s this evening. seven-day forecast will takak the temperature troend into the mid 80s tomorrow. carnival on the malcolming up in coral gables. looking good. i haven't changed the forecast. pulled the rain shower chances out from sunday. the main story next week will b b the return of a spring breeze here. it's going to be down righ breezy if not breezy into tuesday a wednesday. coming up on 5:18. let's get a check on photographic with joe brennan. first a look at 826 here, it is in great shape. this is south of i-75, down
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the run from hialeah from the big curve towards okeechobee looks to be in great shape. in broward county, not bad either. 95 in great order. a view from griffin up towards 595, speaking of which had an earlier closure eastbound 595, the ramp to the turnpike has now reopened. if you use electronic cigarettes, you won't be able to take them on a flight. the department of transportation bans the use of all e-cigarettes on commercial flight to and from the united states. the ban applies to all cigarettes including electronic cigars, pipes,s, anything that looks like vaping pins. the new rule doesn't include the use of medical devices such as nebulizers. enforcers say the ban starts next want, there to protect passengers to unwanted exposure
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the university of florida joining a list of other universities across the country that will srt selling alcohol at their college sporting events. it will ufr beer and wine in premium seating only in football games and men's basketball games starting in the fall. at leasas 34 other schools are already selling beer at some of thei football games. some unfortunately not so great news for the spots authority chain. it could be impacting stores in south florida. mind you, this is where it all started. the store has filed for chapapr 11 bankruptcy protececon. sports authority opened its first store in lauderda lakes back in 1987. the fate of 23 current stores in south florida is still unknown. the company says they're planning to close 140 locations in the coming months along with distribution centers in denver and another in chicago. checkinggour time on your friday, 5:20. it was a celeration at the miami children's museum honoring
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hat and the grinch. two of our own anchors were there reading to kids in honor of the big day. you see these quizzes on take them. you want to compare your results
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a warning this morning about the popular facebook quizes that feed. maybe you're looking at one right now. a lot of them are. in some cases hackers are using them to get personal information from you and you don't even know what's happening. cyber security experts are bait. they use the quizzes to connect
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extract data and even shutting down your computer altogether. how do you tell if the quiz you're taking is safe. experts say be cautious and only participate in the polls that are from reputable sources. that way you know your data is protected. imagine hitting the golf shot of a lifetime as tiger woods is watching you. that's what happened to a little b in texas. take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> and there it goes. that is 11-year-old taylor with fans and tiger himself watching him on the very first hole of the day. the boy aces it from 81 yards out, a hole-ininne. the crowd, as you know, went nuts as did the 14-time major champion who designed the course. it's his golf course. tiger is recovering from back
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when he'll return to competitive golf. >> it's not supposed to be that easy. you're 11. >> he has perfect attendance in school and he missed yesterday for this. >> i would say it's worth it. iyou're never too old, to wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child. >> i've said it probably 17 dozen times if that rings a bell. it should. it's a quotefrom dr. suess. adam kuperstein read to the children yesterday to celebrate dr. suess's 112th birthday. dr. suess geisel. children's book continues from him t t inspire kids as well as adults. it wasnteresting because adam kuperstein and roxie were live
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you know they've heardhe books ten times. they were so excited to hear it being read from adam and roxie. kudos to them. >> so neat. time is 5:26. still much more ahead in our next half hour. 're continuing to follow breaking news out of hialeah where three men broke into a target store. we have the latest on what the thieves were able to take and how they managed to get away. >> police needing your help
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in this video.
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breaking news at t 5:30. three guys just broke into a target store in hialeah. we're live with the countywide search. police are looking fofo an
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that heist was caught on camera. the teen accused of posing as a doctor now rearrested. what me must do in the next 48 hours. 5:30 now. good morning to you. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it is thursday, march 3rd. we want to get you right over to meteorologist ryan phillips. >> hey, guys. i was almost ready. i'm wearing dress shoes today. normally i wear roller skates. my role was ooh little slow this morning. i have another batch of clouds moving on by. the satellite picture looksks somewhat intimidating. a fair amount of south florida sunshine will make its way in. a nice warm afternoon. we have a mild morning across bward county. oakland park, lauderhill, pompano beach, deerfield beach


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