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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news out of hialeah where an overnight break-in at a target store has police looking for three people. good morning to you. i'm shi muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. it is 6:00 on the nose right now. rightow we know those suspects managed to get away with very high-priced items. we understand they're electronics. we're not exactly sure how much but we do know aigh llar. michael spears is on the scene gathering information talking with invetigators. we'll check in with him live in a couple minutes. first let's get a closer look at what you'll encounter as you step out the door today. ryan, looks like we're setting up for a beautiful weekend. >> temperature trends above average for the last few days. we've been into the lower 80s. we'll head there again this afternoon. it's a day where we start with a fair amount of cloud cover. through that. we have a nice afternoon coming our way. here is where the temperatures stack up. we haven't seen a big change in
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cloud cover streaming overhead. 66 in pompano. 67 currently in the west kendall area. winds not an issue. we'll transition from the north to the northeast today but stty light. a mix of sun and clouds this month. first alert forecast with a warm afternoon. 79 by the midday hours. 82 your first alert forecast high. kelly blanco off today, here is joe brennan with traffic. >> still looking decent on the roadways, 95 and dade county included in that in between the glades and downtown. no problems. this is i-95 coming out of the golden glades interchange. headlights heading southbound towards downtown. looks good trying to get through the area. a good run not only on 95 and dade county, but broward as well. no reported accidents along the way. it's been quiet. steadily building but moving good. that's the latest traffic. back to you. >> looking good, joe.
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police are on the hunt form three people who broke into a target store overnight and made off wiwi pretty high-priced items. michael spears was the first reporter on the scene. he is live with us now. 've been talking to you since 4:30 this rning. we've been checking in about every 30 minutes. it seems investigators little by little are starting to piece things together. what do you know? >> reporter: in the last 30 minutes we learned from polili these three thieves apparently grabbed a cararwhen they broke into this hialeah target, filled the cart up with ipads, iphones, play stations and escaped. here is new video of investigators processing the scene. west 37th street in hialeah. police looking for the three suspects. wewesked police what these suspects looked like. you. they say they were covered om head to toe. so no clear description. they came through the front door and there doesn't appear to be any damage to the front door. not sure what tools they used to
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when police responded, they swept the building with a canine. those crooks are gone. interesting enough, police say it wasn't an alarmrm ringing out, but that a surveillance company was watching videos and spotted what appeared to be an overnight shopping spree by these thieves. they phoned police who came here and responded. a target manager who was on scene earlier is re now. we spoke with them trying to get an update. but as you can imagine, not able to talk at this time as they continue to piece it together themselves. back out here live, the three suspects on the run. police telling us they're looking for a possible getaway 300. police say if you know anything, you're asked to call hialeah police or crimestoppers. nbc 6 news. >> we will talk with you again at the bottom of the hour for another update. right now it's 6:04. this rning the restaurant
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custstmers in twim's bathroom is out of jai 42-year-old hajj i'm maruyana accused of placing a camera under the bathroom sink at la perla restaurant. he's out on bond and we're waiting to learn if he's going to be allowed back into that restaurt or not. scary moment inside a little havana store after an armed thief terrorized a store clerk at knife point. you can see here that suspect is still on the run this momoing. police hoping this surveillance video can help. julia bagg is live outside the store giving us a better idea of who this person could be. >> reporter: sheli, this is usually a busy corner here on northwest 5th street and 12th avenue. it's getting to be that way with the traffic you may hear this morning. i want to show you something, this surveillance camera just outside.
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closed up here this morning. hasn't opened yet. let's take you inside and show you what that surveillance video looked like from the evening of monday. this past mooay around 6:30, that is when police tell us that somebody burst inside the store, showing up and then just waited for the right moment to strike. >> while the victim was distract, he pulled a knife and demanded property -- demanded the mon 234i from the victim. >> take another look for yourself. that knife was hidden underneath a shirt tied around this man's arm. he's described as a white hispanic male between 5'6" and 5'8" weighing 180 to 200 pounds. when you see the video, he's wearing that white polo shirt and has dark colored jeans. back out here live, i've spoken to
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definitely an uneasinesthis morning. if you know anything, call miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-1-tips. only on 6 this morning, kids in one south florila community gathering to talk about guns and the violence related to the guns. they gathered at the new beginning church parking lot where a sermon was centered on gun violence. dozens of kids were there. sadly, a lot of them raised their hands when they were asked if they knew someone who had been shot. we're talking about little kids here. this discussion comes days after miami-dade police recovered e car reportedly used when 6-year-old king carteras gunned down and weeks after bullets flew. adults encouraging all these kids and those outside the group to speak out if f ey ever have crucial information about gun violence or guns in their home. new details surrounding the man accused of attacking and brutally beating his roommate
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byron mitchell is his name. his attorneys are saying h h client's cell phone has information that should show his client is innocent and is afraid that information could be cidentally erased. forensic investigator will be looking through that phone and providing attorneys with itit contents at some point next week. a special hearing also scheduled for next week to see if mitchell can get out on a bond or not. human remains were found in a wooded area of oakland park. the disturbing discovery was made near northwest 20th avenue and 21st street. detectives say the remains were badly de decomposed. officials believe it is a male. the remains were taken to the broward county medical examiner's office to be yierd fied. all eyes to the sunshine state as presidential hopefuls get ready to tackle the next phase in the race for the white house. we'll have a live report just ahead. college football is about to
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. we're back with the latest from the 2016 campaign trail. the next presidential debate is tonight in michigan. one person won't be there. >> tracie potts live in washington with a person who will not be on stage. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. dr. ben carson sayse's out of the debate for now and we're getting indication to keep eyes open tomorrow because att that point he could also be out of the race. >> reporter: dr. ben carson the first post super tuesday casualty. his campaign confirms he won't be at tonight's debate and his
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speech tomorrow. ted cruz tells carson supporters -- >> we welcome you on our team. debate. debate. >> reporter: marco rubio -- >> efforts to stop him m be futile. >> 56% of the party doesn't want him, then why is he wanting. >> reporter: john kasich predict ag brokered convention. >> it would be likely whoa would have one of the most interesting times in cleveland that we've seen in moderp political history. >> reporter: mitt romney expted to criticize trump. trump calls it another desperate move by the man who should have easily beaten barack obama. >> we're going to win here in michigan. >> reporter: meantime the democrats are raising monthany. >> i need you here in new york. >> reporter: ready to take on whoever emerges from t other side.
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attorneyly the front-runner, so far 30 big nam republicans including lawmakers on capitol hill have said they don't want him representing the party. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. thank you so much. there's one place to gl for everything decision 2016. that's our nbc 6 ns and weather app. we're keeping track of everything candidates are doing with the all-important delegate tracker as well. ealy voting is going on right now in florida, in miami-dade, soon to come in broward. you can check out the app for a ist of polling places in broward and miami-dade counties. mor u.s. airlines vowing for a chance to fly to cuba. at least three carriers have submitted applications to the u.s. department of transportation. the government will likely award an airline with the coveted havana destination this summer. we're talking about commercial airliners. right now all flilits between the two countries are charters.
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month allows for up to 110 additionalflights a day. american, delta, jetblue, southwest andnd united are among the top contenders. it's 6:14 on your thursday morning. a bill that pastors who refuse to marry same sex couples. democrats say the bill isn't needed b bcause the constitution already protects churches from havingngto marry couples they don't want to mrry based on religious beliefs. republicans say the bill gichs pastors added prooction. coming up on 6:15. it's been a quiet weather trend for the last several days. alert doppler. the early drive looking good.
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this is despite the presence of a cold front moving into south florida. unfortunately that front not really packing a punch for us. we'll keep the conditions quiet and dry. here is a quick peek on i-75 in pembroke pines. sunrise in about 35 minutes or so. we'll move on and see what's happening into miami where we're starting to at east see a hint of first light. there will be extra cloud cover in place this morning through the whole forecast period. i do believe the sunshine wins out. we're still contending with the cloudy period. winds are light, temperatures holding steady at about 69. 67 in pembroke ppes, 66 in pompano beach, 70 in marathon. normally you can see a front moving into the region and you can see something will stir up. we'll see shower activity. we'll see a cooldown, the weak front will fade away as we get
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high pressure across the mid click states. tomorrow leading to a warmer trend. by the weekend, slightly cooler temperatures do revisit us and the timing couldn't be any better. future tracker again in and out of the cloud cover. all the while, the sunshine making it through. after overly bright blue sky forecast, some of the forecast models are trying to squeeze out shower activity with the next front that comes in friday evening. i think we've got a dry forecast, a warm forecast to get us through the rest of the workweek. first alert weather here on your thursday morning. clouds hanging around for the morning drive as temperatures bounce around into the middle and upper 60s. rapid climb to 79 by the midday hours. our high today still above average at 82. lower 80s will do it. the emphasis here on the clouds in and out. despite that, the uv index staying very high.
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here is what we're looking at. tomorrow even warmer, 84. the weak front comes into play. setting us up for a great weekend. carnival on the mile and into next week a breezy forecast. enjoy the sunshine on saturday. i've removed the rain shower chances for sunday. looking good all the way through. it's 6:17. let's get another check of the morning drive with joe brennan. >> looks like chopper 6 is high above 95 at 836 and showing no problems there. we had a report of a crash westbound on the dolphin by 12th avenue on the shoulder. not a big deal. 95 still a nice easy ride throughout the interchange as well from the golden glades interchange. this crash in just a few minutes ago westbound on kendall drive by town and country, 117th avenue. it is blocking part of the roadway through that area by the way. 95 still a good ride throughout broward county, crash-free all the way. that's traffic. back to you.
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cigarettes, you will not be able to take them on a flight. the department of transportation now banning the use of e-cigarettes on all commercial dpliets to and from the united states. this ban will start next week. it applies to all e-cigarettes including electronic cigars, pipes, devices, vaping pens. the new rule doesn't include the use of medical devices such as a nebulizer. enforcers say the ban protects passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes that occur when the e-cigarettes are used on flights. the beer and wine is about to start flowing. university of florida joining other universities across the country selling alcohol at some of their sporting events. thea university athletic association announcing it will offer beer and wine in premium seating only at football and basketball games starting this fall. at least 34 other schools already selling beer at their football games.
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not-so-good news for the sports authority chain that could impact stores here in south florida. remind you, south florida is where it all started for sports authority. the store has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection amid competition from the big retail giants. sports authority mentioned the first store in lauderdale lakes in 1987. the fate of 23 current stores in south florida is still unknown. the company has plans to close 1400 locations coming in the next few months along with two description centers. wurn in denver, another in chicago. on n is thursday morning, miami-dade police are on the hunt for two guys who stole tires off of a car. let's show you some video here. this is surveillance video that catches them in the act near southwestst28th avenue and 53rd street in miami-dade. officials say these two guys, they approached the car, then the suspects started to remove the tire sockets to later steal the tires. investigators want to know who these guys are andd they want to
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anyone with information is asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. 6:20 now on your thursday morning. nbc 6 on top of breakinggnews at this hour. this time it is out of hialeah. michaeae spears is there. investigators searching for three suspects in hialeah after an overnight break-in at the target store. as i mentioned, michael spears was the first reporter on the scene. he is makingphone calls right now, talking with investigators, trying to get us new details we'll talk with him at the bottom of the hour at 6:30. f you love those random quizzes on facebook, we have a
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[ cheers and applause ]
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that's 11-year-olol taylor with fans and tiger woods himself f watching him on the very first hole of the day. the boy a as it from 81ards out, a hole-in-one. the crowd went nuts as did the 14-time major champion who designed this golf course. tiger is recovering fromback surgery and says he's not sure when he will return to competitive golf. that was cool. >> the n ntest thing, tiger woods standing right there. you know he was incredibly nervous to begin with. tiger woods is like, that wasn't supposed to be so easy, especially for an 11-year-old. that is fantastic. congratulations to him. i'm going to put out a quote here and i'm pretty sure i'll nail it. you're never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child. >> yes. >> i knew i could do it. that's a quote from dr. suess. dr. suess can be a little tricky.
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and roxanne var gas retd to kids at the miami children's museum to celebrate drrsuess's 112th birth day. theodore sues theodore seuss geisel. that's terrific. those kids were so excited. >> it was on facebook live. >> they loved it. a quick warning about the popular lays boorkfacebook quizzes that pop up. >> they seem harmless. in some cases hackers are using them to get your personal information. hold on on that. >> cyber security experts are calling it click bait. hackers willluse them to connect to your facebook account and extract data, even trick you into downloading malware that can shut down yur computer altogether. >> there are so many different quizzes that se intriguing,
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to click on them. another problem, the quiz % questions themselves may be a trap. >> the more they know about you, the re ways they can trick you into doing something like icking on a link that you should not click on. >> experts, of course, want you to be safe. when you see these quizzes and polls pop up. >> how do you tell whether or not one of tse ridiculous quizzes are safe? be cautious of the quizzes and polls. if they want you to sign in with identification, something usually is up. addresses. you should be treating that as cash on your computer. >> don't quick on links just because a friend posted it and shared it and only participate in reputable sources that protect your data. >> very likely you'll run into one of those today. it's 6:27 on your thursday
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nbc 6, the first on the scene on breaking news out of hialeah. >> reporte police looking for three suspects who went on a very expensive overnight shopping spree. we'll tell you what they took and how they did it coming upu in live report at 6:30. police searching for this guy here who terrorized a little havana convenience store. a quiet start to the day. middle and upper 60s. feels nice up there. miami 69, registering 69 at opa-locka. it's a dry day but transitions
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end the
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all morning long we've been telling you about breaking news out of hialeah. three guys are on the run after ransacking a target overnight taking off with high-end electronics and other pricey items. michael spears was the first reporter on the scene. these guys got away with ipads, iphones. what else are we finding out about them? >> reporter: what stands out about this case is whatat police say those crooks did once they broke inside. they grabbed a target shopping cart and loaded it up with those ipads, iphones and play stations before they escaped. here is video from this morning, new video. right now police searching for three suspects who broke into this target on west 37th street in hialeah around 3:30 a.m. police brought in canines and swept the area. but suspects were gone. we're told by investigators it wasn't al an alarm that rang out but a surveillance monitoring company and that they phoned police and they responded to the scene. as far as the suspects, i can't
6:32 am
we're told by police they were covered from head to toe so we don't have any inincation of what they look like. we do know target managers are inside. a police detective showed up a couple minutes ago to help withh the investigation. the managers tell us right now no comment. they're trying to piece together what happened as well. back out here live, we know the thieves came in this front dooror when you look at it from my vantage point, it desn't appear to be any damage. the three suspects we're told by police that reportrtly got away in a chrysler 300 or 200, white in color. if you have any information, call hialeah police or crimestoppers. michael spears, nbc 6 news. right now we want to help get you out the door and get your day started on a good note. this is a live picture over downtown miami, shaping up to be a beautiful thursday. that being said, ryan, i think maybe we'll call you mr. sunshine this morning.
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we'll use michael spears to help everyone get dressed this morning. that sweater is perfect. >> looking good in purple this morning. >> he looks good. a light sweater may be what you favor with temperatures dipping into the mid 60s. won't last long, we'll see a rapid warmup. the sunshine will come back into play. roadways are dry as you look into i-75 in pembroke pines. it's the cloud cover back again today, in and out of our skies through the afternoon hours. we've got a nice warmup coming up by the lunch hour. 66 is where we stand in oakland park. stuck there for about three or four hours. 67 in ft. lauderdale. good morning in miami. a little warmer there as well as key west. temperatures at 69. there is a look inland, our everglades holiday park camera. mid to upper 60s, extra clouds around thisorning but dry. sunrise coming up in ten nutes or so. above average at 82.
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we'll talk about it in 12 minutes. right now a check on first alert traffic with joe brennan. >> like what we see so far. unfortunately a lot of delays including h he on 826, the palmetto expressway you can see thingngwrapped around the big curve. this delay s srts after 67th avenue, ludlum right at the curve. it continues prey slow southbound through miami lakes down to 75 and continuing now almost to okeechobee rode with those heavy delays. be prepared for that. you've got things maybe a little eepzier in broward county on 595. had a csh earlier closing the ramp from eastbound 595 to the tush turnpike. that has all reopened. that's traffic. back to you. 6:35 now. police are looking bszfor the armed robber who held up a convenient
6:35 am
>> that's where we find nbc 6 reporter julia bagg covering this story all morning long, giving police a better idea of who they're looking for. >> r%porter: since we last spoke, we've had another clans to show some more of that video surveillance to peop here as they stop by for coffee. this is the storefront still closed up. we just arned from a customer that the store doesn't necessarily open up every day. this is on northwest 5th street and 12th avenue. let's show you that surveillance video again. what we've done is zeroed in on it. you can see that thief and the shirt that's wrapped around his arm. if you look closely, that's the spot where he pulls out a kne and holds it against a clerk and demands cash and takes off as the clerk screamed to call police. this is what people in little haf havana are saying about it.
6:36 am
he says he gets his cough fooe fee everyyorning next door. police are searching for a white hispanic man from 5'6" to 5'8". if you know anything about this, you can help detectives by calling miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. live in little havana, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. a south florida teenager accused of pretendsing to be a doctor has less than 48 hours to schedule a mental exam. this comings after his arrest yesterday. 19-year-old malachi love robinson has since walked out of jail after a palm beach county judge granted hihi supervised release. he is accused of using an elderly woman's checking account to pay for more than $30,000 in auto and credit card debt. this stems from his arrest last month on charges of practicing without a license.
6:37 am
arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar gold heist. federal agents say alberto perez was involved in the hijacking of a tractor-trailer out of north carolina. that happened a year ago. was happening. the truck was heading from opa-locka to boston with nearly $5 million of gol bars inside when it was hit. yesterday a boat was toed from arrested. the suspect's familiarly say they never noticed any change in lifestyle for him. >> he's had boats for a pretty long time. he had an older boat. then he got a better one. this one, i don't know how long ago did he get it. >> that being the cass investigators are not done here. police looking for two more men in connection with the heist. another mananhas been sentenced to prison for trying to cash in one of those gold bars in south florida. 6:38.
6:38 am
to find a couple thieves accused of bird napping. investigators say the culprits broke into a south florida home and stole expensive birds from their cage. you're looking at the cage there. the owners went outside to find the bird cage door wide open but none of the six birds were inside. just s s blocks away police working on a similar case. the thiev there made off with three birds. if you know anything about the break-ins or maybe you've seen the birds for sale somewhere online, you're asked to call crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. now turning to decision 2016. the next republican presidential debate is tonight in michigan. if you watch, here is candidate you will not be seeing, dr. ben carson. his campaign confirmed he will not be at tonight's debate and his. ted cruz welcoming carson supporters while marco rubio is looking towards donald trump. rubio already in michigan and
6:39 am
>> i'm looking forward to the debate. everyone get together so we can keep this front-runner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> as for the republican front-runner, trump took to social media tweeting ability mitt romney's speech where he's expected to criticize trump. trump calls it another desperate move by the man who should have easily beaten barack obama, his wourds. back to dr. carson, reports indicate that gop officials want him to focus on a different office, snapt tore in florida. the florida seat currently held by his presidential rival, marco ruio up for grabs this year. rubio indicated he will not be seeking re-election. on the democratic side, they're focussing on raising money. the nbc 6 news and weather app is your go-to destination for decision 2016. we're tracking every candidate with our delate tracker there
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riht now. this morning south korea's defense ministry is saying north korea fired several short range projectiles into the sea. they're not exactly sure what those projectiles are. this is coming just hours after thehe united nations security council voted unanimously to impose fresh sanctions on the orth. now south korea is trying to figure out what those projectiles were. were they missiles or artillery fire. the new un sanctions are intended to starve north korea of money for its nuclear weapons program. the latest event has further escalated tensions between the north and the south there. north korea does have a history of firing weapons when the sbrer national community does something they don't agree with. w wcontinue to follow breaking news out of hialeah where three guys are the run afraiding a target. police say the thieves made off with high-end items.
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to know. restaurants, galleries and more. this morning developers are breaking ground at the
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miami. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berriesesand frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right asons. publix.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. today the uber driver accused of going on a random shooting spree will see a guj today. this is jason dalton. meanwhile, the 14-year-old critically hurt according to her family is improving. six people were left dead after the shooting last month. today's hearing will determine if attorney ks start going over evidence next week. that will help them learn more about what happened led up to the shoog. meanwhile tom brady expected back in court today. the nfl appealing the decision that got tom brady suspended for four games. originally suspended for his alleged role in the deflate-gate scandal. the nfl continues to stand by their decision that brady knew about the ball-deflaegt ring.
6:45 am
malaysia airlines plane might have been found, not confirme yesterday. it was found off the east african coast in mozambique. the piece being sent to auralia for further analysis. that missing boeing 777 went missing two years ago over the south china sea. astronaut scott kelly back at home in the united states this morning. new video we just got in. he arrived in houston getting his earth legs back. it he was greeted by family and friends, also his brother, identical twin brother, fellow astronaut mark kelly. we just learned kelly grew two inches taller in space. kelly, he's there speaking. he thanks his loved ones r supporting him as he's been in space for the last 340 days. up next nasa will continue to study the changes to kelly's held a compare them to his brother.
6:46 am
isn't flying under the radar. president barack obama thanked kelly for inspiring a new generation of astronauts and advancing space research. your time is 6:46. in a couple hours the official groundbreaking for construction at miami world center will get under way. this mega project, as it's described, is slated to be one of the biggest retail and housing developments in the entire nation. erika glover is in downtown miami with a preview of all of that. >> reporter: this construction site in downtown miami might no look like much now, but the miami world center is the largest projectn miami's history. in a $2 billion investment. this morning developers will break ground for the first phase of construction. the 27-acre mega project and its signature residential tower, the paramount miami world center condominium. the retail promenade will run north and south from northeast
6:47 am
street in between northeast 1st and 2nd avenues, surrounded by residential towers, a hotel and exposition center. the proposal calls for a first dch or-its-kind upper deck which will debut as the largest deck in the u.s., spanning 90 feet above downtown miami. lit feature a pool, spas and private bungalows. it will include a sports and entertainment complex which will include the first outdoor soccer field featured in a high-rise residential development. developers say thth project will invigorate this area like never before because it's like living in a city within a city, hoping to complete the project in 2018. reporting in downtown miami, erika gver, nbc 6 news. now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> at 6:48, hope yourr day is off
6:48 am
the sun officially up. sunrise at 6:43. into aaa and bay side area and downtown miami, progressively goes on. er li clouds may hold that back. we'll look at temperatures,s, watching the clouds stream in across south florida through the overnight a early morning hours. it's been the trend for the last few days, watching the clouds stream in. sometimes rather thick initialy in the morning. by the time we get to the afternoon it's full sunshine. i think today's forecast does shape up mighty fine. right now in miami, partly sunny skies. winds from the nortast today, a great day top to bottom. some locations warmer than other. 69 in miami, 67 in west kendall. we've been locked into the mid 60s across broward county all night and all morning long with the temperature rereings barely moving. the reason for that, a cold
6:49 am
it's not a strong cold front. unfortunate li i don't see a big temperature swing coming our way. temperatures staying above averageor the next few days with high pressure moving across the mid atlantic states. at least we're dry. no rain in site. today's forecast down through the keys looking good. partly cloudy skies, winds transitions five to ten. highs of 80 in key largo. your temperature trend has been very consistent all week long. we will be aboveverage today in the two-county area. first alert wther watching for the cloud cover to linger as temperatures bounce from the upper 60s to upper 70s as soon as midday. a rapid warmup today. up to about 82 this afternoon, still above average but not record breaking. 77 this evening. on the evening commute, shoush a bright and nice end to the day. good beach weather by the way. high tmperatures at the beaches up to about 81. surf temp up to 73. down to 68 tonight.
6:50 am
warm today, warmer tomorrow at 84.4. dry all the way through. the subtle adjustment i made to tht weekend forecast, to remove the rain shower chances. let's get a check on traffic with joe. >> a little trouble now on the golden glades interchange on the ramp that takes you southbound from the turnpike on to 9595 there in the glades. you've got a left lane blocked with a cras you can see the activity and everybody getting around on the ight side. that will stack it up. it's already a little heavy southbound on the turnpike entering the golden glades interchange to begin with. then you have trouble on the exit ramp off the palmetto expressway headed eastbound to red road, 57th avenue. you can see the flashing lights with the car broken down. everyone on the left side trying to get by it. you may notice extra motorcycles out on the road. that's because thousands from around the country are making their way to florida for daytona bike week. a new report says florida leads
6:51 am
this is from the national highway traffic safety administration who says florida needs the nation in motorcycle fatality fatalities. ey're quoting numbers from 2013 when 467 motorcycle riders were killed in crashes in florida. aaa says florida motororcle fatalities have more than repealed. chocolate it seems isn't the only sweet that can be toxic to yourpuppy dog. experts are warning the danger of chewing gum. they say the sweetener in many brands of gun can cause liver failure if they eat enough of it. eventually it can lead them to death if you don't get them to the vet. >> it's extremely toxic to dogs. >> we're not talking about one piece of gum here. we're talking about obviously a larger amount than that. if your dog does eat something it shouldn't, get them to the vet right away before any damage
6:52 am
>> they why they chew your shoes instead. >> right. one man getting revenge on thieves that kept stealing packages off his front porch. that man rig add decoy package, the fake package was set to fling a messy surprise from his dog. sure enough it was eventually stolen. police say a better move would probably be to report the theft and leave the dirty work to them. now the big 6 stories you need to know. >> right now police in hialeah are searching for three suspects they say went on a very expensive oveight shopping spree at a target. here is new video of crime screen investigators processing the scene. they grabbed a shopping card and loaded it with ipads, iphones and play stations. police are looking for a chrysler 200 or 300, white in color.
6:53 am
if you know anything, call police or crimestoppers. > the search is on for the armed thief who police say broke into the golden market in little havana. investigators say the suspect d a knife and ran away without taking anything when a worker yelled for help. if you have any information as to who that person might re, call miami police. a second south florida man is arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar gold heist. investigatts say alberto perez was involved in hijacking a tractor-trailer in north carolina last year. the truck was headed to boston with nearly $5 million in gold bars. a south florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor has less than 48 hours to schedule a mental exam for himself. this comes after his arrest once again yesterday. 19-year-old malachi love robinson has since walked out of jail after a palm beach county judge granted him supervised rease. in a few hours former presidential candidate mitt romney set to give a speech on
6:54 am
presidential race. expected to praise senators marco rubio and ted cruz and bash donald trump. a fewours later the candidates are scheduled to debate in detroit. it's been a lon time coming. the official groundbreaking center for the miami world center on northeast 10th street and southeast 2nd avenue at 10:00. that buildinglated to be one of the biggest retail and housing developments in the entire e tion. >> check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for all the details as you wake up this thursday morning. still have trouble in the golden glades interchange with this earlier crash blocking a left lane southbound on the turnpike on the ramp thatets you to 95. you can see all that action at thestein and everybody to the right side trying to get ar pround it. it is definitely a bit of a snag. not nearly as bad eastbound on the palmetto exiting to red road. we have a disabled vehicle taking up one of the right lanes.
6:55 am
place and hopefully will be cleared shortly. a mix of surn and clouds will be the rule this morning at the bus stop. varied temperatures. in broward county mid 60s, miami-dade upper 60s at the bus stop. sun is up and it doesn't look ike a bright and promising morning from this perspective into miami. again, i think sunshine wins out as the day goes on. do take your sunglasses as you head out. some of you will favor at least a layer this morning. down to 65 in oakland park, 69 in miami, 65 in west kendall area. slow and steady climb, into the upper 70s. first alert forecast reflflting more sunshine and less cloud coverage. a very warm 82 this afternoon. average high at this point is about 79. we'll keep the above average trend going for the next few days. your evening looks great.
6:56 am
just a stream of moisture that stays with us. no rain, but cloud cover filtering our sunshine frfr time to tiechlt great forecast as we transition into the first weekend in march. we will see temperatures above average to finish off the workweek. 82 today, 84 tomorrow. a lot of sunshine and a beautiful end to our workweek. maybe a little too much too soon for many. don't worry, we head into the weekend with uper 70s. carnival on the mile in coral gables, mostly sunny skies. enjoy your beach time this weekend. quick shout-out to kelly blanco. she's been out under the weather >> rest, kelly, we want you back
6:57 am
>> thanksor lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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just out what amitt romney is claiming to say about donald trump today as republican leleers openly consider finding a third party candidate to take on trump. with another big debate tonight donald trump will join us live to respond. welcome home. scott kelly arrived from texas overnight and reunites with his family. >> it is a great feeling to be back here on planet earth. smash-and-grab. dramatic video from a gun shop inin houston. thieves storm inside and steal more than 50 weapons. several arrests overnight. and launching a desperate search for more suspects and those weapons. pressure? what pressure? an 11-year-old boy tests a new


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