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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 3, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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of crooks break into a target store and steal so many electronics they have to use a shopping cart to haul off everything. also a flat tire scam. two men stand accused of stealing from women and elderly pretending to be helpful. nice guys, turned out not to be the case. mitt romney makes the case against donald trump. we have a preview of what's expected t be a scathing speech. plus, live in sweetwater. this woman is happy right now. we did comething to her home that could save her life. that's coming up. we'll get started with nbc 6 news following some breaking news out of plantation here this midday. that's where a mom has been arrested for allegedly leaving her toddler in a dumpster. thank for joining us this midday. i'm eric harryman. let's get you live with tony
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>> a 28-year-old mother is in jail this morning after police say she put her two-year-old daughter inside aumpster near plantation general hospital. this is video of the mother, catrice sheffield in ft. lauderdale this morning. she's being held on $16,000 bond and if she's released she will have an ankle bracelett and be barred from contact with her daughter. nbc 6 nene has learn two witnesses told police sheffield was seen putting her two-year-old in the dumpster yesterday morning and walking away from it. the women were able to stop sheffield and take the@hild out of the dumpster. sheffield told police she w depressed because of a miscarriage she had five months ago and had he also submitted she had been drinking and smoking marijuana recently. this is still a developing story and much is to be learned but we know sheffield was arrested
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were criminal history includes mostly criminal traffic charges. also a guilty plea in 2009 to leaving an animal in the vehicle unattended without water. now, this is the mugshot taken yesterday of catrice sheffield. she's charged with child abuse and resisting an officer without violence. the child abuse charge specifies there was not great bodily harm to the child who was being cared for at plantation general. just nearby, the medical officece is where police sheffield dumped the child into the dutchster and -- dumpster and near where she most recently lived. the child is doing okay and is being cared for by the department of children and families. dcf will move to place the child in a shelter or with a relative. that's one of several angles we're following as the story develops today. stay with us for more as we get it. for now, reporting from the newsroom, nbc 6 news.
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targeting target, a group of burglars hone into to the red bull's eye of the store and stealing apple products. they had to use shopping carts to haul everything away. michael spears has been there since 4:30 this morning. michael, you had the opportunity to talk to customers and police. what do we know about this so r? >> reporter: erik we just checked in with hialeah police again and they are still looking for three people who broke into this target earlier this morning. as my photographer zooms in, you can see the contractor is fixing the door where the criminals forced their way inside and caught on camera. they got busy according to hialeah police. ipads, i phones, playstations.
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>> someone had their own private black friday. >> reporter: police were calleded out to the target on west 37th street at 3:30 thursday mornin after they say a security company monitoring the store's cameras alerted officers to a break-in. >> we live in these times now. crazy things e happening. >> reporter: police tell us three people were caught on camera inside the store. the thieves were covered from head to toe so no clear look at their faces. a k-9 unit cleared the place shortly after the police arrived. it's not clear how much they got away with electronics. it's safe to say with the latest apple gadgets as targets, the price tags run into the thousands. >> it shouldn't be tolerated. >> reporter: police believe the pososble get away car is a white chrysler, 200 or 300 model. if you know of anything that
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police or crime stoppers. many. this midday, a search is on for an armed man who police say terrorized a convenience store employee. this happened in little havana. you can get a closer look at his face on our nbc 6 newsnd weather app. we posted more of this video in the surveillance video you are looking at right there, it shows this man pulling a knife demanding cash. he didn't get anything. it happened at the golden market. neither northwest 5th street and 12th avenue. if you recognize him, police call police right away. two people are behind bars accused of plotting to scheme and steal from elderly women for the most part and older people, excuse me, and now police are very much worried there might be more victims out there that haven't come forward. dan kraus is live forus today in doral where police are
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it sounds like the whole "nice % guy" act works for a while but times up. >> reporter: detectives tell me that this not-so-dynamic duo would argument women. they would slash the victim's tires, and follow the victim home, but really they wanted to steal their money. take a look at these two. they are facing a slew of charges this midday. detectives just happened at the bank when they noticed one of them slashed a woman's tire and home. in this case, detectives intervened, but they believe there could be many more victims out there. they found tire-cutting tools inside their car. they were looking a face license plate that was attached with velcro to their vehicle. the two guys gave fake names and i.d. cards. police will say this duo has in the past.
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do on this story. i'll have much more you coming up \ater today on nbc 6. it's happening very quickly. the next republican presidential debate tonight in michigan, but candidate. for nbc 6 this midday, tracie potts with who will not be on stage. she's also ging to tell us of donald trump. take a listen. >> you can do t. >> reporter: speaking in utah today, mitt romney will call donald trump a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. trump has been tweeting about it all morning and says this on the "today" show. >> he begged me four years ago for my endorsement, literally begged me and he's a failed
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>> reporter: dr. ben carson could be the first post super esday casualty. he will not be at tonight's debate. his public schedule ends after a speech tomorrow. ted cruz tells carson supporters. >> welcome you on our team. >> i'm looking forward to the debate. are you? >> marco rubio is also on the michigan hoping to put the brakes on donald trump. >> we're going to win here in michigan! >> meantime, the democrats are raising money. >> america has always been great. we do not have to make it great. >> reporter: ready to take on whoever emerges from the other side. so far, 30 big-name republicans, including some lawmakers here have come out publicly saying
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tracie potts, nbc news washington. our nbc 6 news april is your go-to destination. you can watch mitt romney's speech on the state of the presidential rate right now as he sees it anyway. that's 11:30 is morning. we're keeping track of every candidate. early voting happening right now in florida, miami-dade right now, broward county over the weekend. you can check out the app for the full list of polling places in both miami-dade and broward county. downtown miami is breaking ground today on a huge problem, the miami world center. it's been a long time coming. take a look here. see the shovels. first phase in this megacacter. it's one of the largest urban mixed use spaces in the country new york. the project developers say this is going to be a source of about $2 billion worth of investments.
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couple years from now in 2018. patriots quarterback tom brady expected to be in court this afternoon. you thought deflate gate was over. originly, he was suspended for his allege role in the scandal but he won his appeal when the judge ruled it the nfl acted improperly. the nfl continues to stand by their stance that brady knew about those deflted footballs. south korea's defense ministry is saying north korea fired six short-range projectiles into the ocean overnight. there were fresh sanctions imposed on them. south korea is trying to determine if the projectiles were missiles or artillery firir the new sanctions are intended
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for its nuclear program to begin with. it's further escalated tensions between the north and south. north korea has a history of firing weapons when the internationananammunity does something they don't agree with. a new piece of the missing malaysia airplane might have been confirmed. it was found by an american adventurer on the east african coast near mozambique. it went missing about two years ago over the south china sea and the search continues for any parts of thth plane. still ahead for you this midday, what turned out to be a very close call. take a look at this video here. how a traffic stop on the si of the highway nearly got this officer trampled. we'll have more o that video. also, a hooded smash-and-grab band of thieves actually tear through this store. take a look. pretty brazen.
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that have deputies very worried at this point. cloud cover so far limiteding our sunshine but not limiting the wa we're warming. 81 in opa-locka. 78 in west kendall. the clouds keep coming into our skies this afternoon. all these clouds, will they be around for the week? we'll talk about the changes coming up ahead.
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. surveillance video catches a braise p robbery on tape. this is a gun shop you are looking at in texas. bandits a a expected to be charge with multiple federal charges. >> an t spoekedsman confirmed authorities have made multiple arrests and recovered some of the weapons stolen early tuesday morning. the crime looks like a scene from a hollywood movie, bold, brutally efficient and lightning fast.
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smash-and-grab attack, a truck pulls up to the doors. the driver guns the engine, the pick up lurches forward pling the gates from hinges. the robbers wearing sweat shirts with hoods to hide theiroids -- their identities and run in. they methodically scoop up 50 weapons, rifles anden handguns, before making their escape. >> that was natalie morales reporting for us. the entire operaon they tell us very fast it took less than 3 minutes. and they are looking still for most of those guys. well, one officer very lucky to o unhurt right now after a suspect takes off with him inside his car. the whole thing obviously caught on his dashcam video during a traffic stop just outside las cruces, new mexico. the driver here who had a felony record once the officer approached.
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he decided to hit the gas and took off. eventually, the officer did getet that driver to stop and that man is now behind bars once again. the numbers here are pretty startling, seven times a day, somebody in this country dies in a home fire. to change those numbers, the american red cross has launched a new campaign and nbc 6 is joining that life-saving effort. my coe cork -- co-anchor sheli muniz is there. very nice to see you. we miss you in the studio. >> reporter: we're always reporting on stories about house fires and how the red cross responds to them. they take very proactive measures like at this home here in sweetwater. they installed three smoke detecters and gave them an evacuation plan. there's the home owner inide, and she's looking -- she's happy. she's waiving right ththe. she stalled three smoke detecters. i want to bring in alfred sanchez.
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american red cross. it took you guys minutes to stall knees. >> minutes. thank you very much for being here. we're out here. 25 alive is our event where we're trying to reduce death and injury in home fires by 25% in the next five years, so 25% reduction keeps people alive and we're t here in sweetwater. we have about 140 corporate teams. that's almost 500 people out in the community going home-to-home, door-to-door, installing smoke alarms for free. these are smoke alarm for ten-year batteries and really important we're also teaching every home how to put together a fire escape plan so that in the case of a fire, they can get out quick. >> you never actually think you are going to need one, out of sight, out of mind. these are crucial. this family certainly overjoyed they are able to have something like this. tell me about if you are at home and you are thinking by alarm is chirping at me or i don't have
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>> first of all, if you have a smoke alarm, check t. a great idea is to check it twice a year. when the clocks turn, think, let me good up there and test the smoke alarm and if it's not working, 9 volt batteries, a few dollars, it's a small price to pay to keep yourself and your family safe. no`one thinks about putting together a fire escape plan. we put together all these disaster plans for hurricanes, but fires are small personal disasters, and if when the alarm goes off is the first time thinking what do i do, it's too late. figure it out and practice it often. >> reporter: thank you for everything you are doing. julia bagg is going toave more. #25 alive, later on, julia bagg will have more in our news cast. thanks so much. nbc 6 proud to be partnering with such a great cause. sheli, thank you. >> everything is going to work out perfect.
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>> we're on the warm side. just in time for the weekend. everything looks great. let's put it together. free and clear of any rain. eric, it's en dry now for several days and we will easily keep that trend going. here's live first alert radar. we've had a lot of cloud cover moving through but no precipitation with those clouds. that will be the trend again for the nene few days. let's talk about what looks like outside. we've had several layers moving through, limiting our sunshine, but that said wee already seen these temperatures take off in a hurry through the mid 60s this morning to now, i'll show you into the upper 70s and lowerer 80s. more clouds building in. there's the freedom tower down toward aaa. this is the visible satellite imagery. we use this when the sun is out. the sun is actually reflecting and ill lum nating off the clouds here. extending back to the gulf waters, some more thihi cloud
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but we've had pockets alleviate along alligator alley where it's been mostly sunny so far. 81 oakland park. 81 in opa-locka, 79 in miami. turning that southeast breeze out now, winds were out of the north initially this morning, that southeast breeze this morning developing fair weather clouds in place at least across the clouds of miami-dade county. you would never know that the cold front is sneaking down the southeast coast. it's fading awaand making for high pressure temporarily. we've got a really rapidly developing storm now across the middle tennessee valley, ohio valley, snow in ohio and interesting precipitation moving into atlanta and moving away from huntsville. this is significant and the reasonhis matters is because as this storm develops and front our way. not the front that's here now evening. in the meantime, just in and out
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i think we're rain-free as the front comes in, though, as we head toward friday afternoon and friday evening, we see a few extra clcuds. i think any shower activity will be off shore into the atlantic waters and then we set ourselves up for a beautiful week weather forecast. let's talk about the midday hours today. in and out of that cloud cover. hazy nshine. 81. 82 is our first alart forecast for today. our average high at this point is 79. we'll be there into the evening commute. temperatures into the upper 70s. don't forget, despite the cloud coveve the uv index very high. be careful out there on the beaches. lots of sunscreen. rip current risk staying low. temperatures warming up. 82 today. 84 tomorrow. cavnvale on the mile. our weather concern next week will be windy conditions developing on our beaches. > ry nice set up for the week. here's a question for you out of
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can we confirm that katie perry and orlando bloom are officially a couple? that's the question. >> it's yes. there's a picture that they are together. they are holding hands. take a look at the picture yourself. they are caught on camera hiking in hawaii while on vacation together. isn't that cute? according to "people" magazine. they have a give-and-take relationship that seems to be getting pretty serious. i love it. coming up on "six in e mix," you heard ryan talking about it. carnaval on the mile. it is this weekend. we have a preview of the arts, food, the family fun. did i mention there's food? so good. there's another big event taking our town. the world golf cadillac championship.
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then we add cheese; but whatreally makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers cabecome a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from floridalabel when you shop.
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revenge is sweet, isn't it? one man getting revenge on thieves that kept stealing packages off this guy's front porch. it kept happening over and over again. that guy rigged a decoy package. left it right outside his home in washington. the fake package was set to fling a very messy surprise and the surprise was from his dog. i'll leave it to your imagination on what you think this -- >> i see where you are going with this. >> yeah. apparently it worked. sure enough, it was eventually stolen. there he is, grabbed that package and he took off. a better move would p pobably
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>> he's the
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finally opens up about the stefani romance. shefani romance. gwen and blake. >> it's popping off. >> is it? >> it's popping off and it's so beautiful because, you kn, being there, i watched both of them go through a lot, you know, and you hate to see your friends go through something so heavy, and it's kind of like a miracle, man. like, it just -- watching that, and i had no idea, and then blake sends me a text message, i'm like whoa! >> whoa. we all said the same thing coach pharrell williams. stay tuned for more sheni flirting on national television. gwen is black -- gwen is back


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