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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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pet is shot and kid. why police say they were forced to fire. >> a good morning to you everybody. your time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'mheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> ryan is off today. meteorologist erika delgado is in with us this morning. >> it is a nice start to the day. as you can see, we are rain-free in miami-dade and much of broward. more clouds than anything. don't think we needo worry about it. but just keep in mind with the breezez east wind, anything that does form near the coast could easily move through. dry s srt to the day, we are mild. temperatures right now around 71 degrees in miami and ft. lauderdale. that goes for pembroke pines s well. 70 into the kendall area. already 73 degrees into t poem know beach area. i want to take a look at the rest of the sunshine stata. if your morning commute takes
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the board. 40s, 50s and even 60s across the panhandle. first alert forecast has temperatures remaining in the 70s. let's look at the tuesday roads. here is first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco. >> we still have an accidentnt on i-95 southbound, your left lane blocked off. this is an earlier crash with injuries that still has not cleared up. this is i-95 southbound as you make your way towards ives dairy road. keep that in mind if you're making your way southboundn i-75. dolphin expressway, turnpike, all accident ee. we did have an eararer crash on i-75 northbound and commercial boulevard. also a car fire. i'm happy to report those two incidents have finally cleared up. no issues in broward county. as you're making your way out the door, 836, palmetto expressway to i-75, all
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that leaves you with a nine-minute ride. 826 southbound, five-minute cocomute with traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. a week from today voters here in florida head to the polls to cast votes in the primama. >> with early voting under way right now, that means a lot of you u e saving time not to mention convenience by going early and doing it right now. the landscape by next weekould change dramatically by then. today is a do or die for one candidate. >> four states hold caucuses or primaries with the big one being michigan. we know julia b!gg is tracking it for us. good morning to you. >> this could be do or die for bernie sanders. besides michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii all voting today as well. we're counting down to our own state's primary next tuesday. now, what happens in florida and ohio next week could lock things down for front-runner donald trump, but it could be a very different scenario, too if
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kasich tryiumph on their home turves, the race stays close, and it stays crowded. >> if we win florida, it's over. if we win florida and ohio, it's really over. >> turning the today, michan, meanwhile bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been facing off in that state. today's primary could be sanders' last chance to prore he can overtake hillary clinton. many pundits say if he doesn't have an outright win there, he could be finished, even if he does not drop out. stay close, we're breaking this all day in a live report from washington ahead at 6:00 a.m. >> be sure to keep it lock right here, later this morning, donald trump will join eric and me in a live interview, set to happen about an hour from now at 6:40. for everything you need to know about the road to the white house or find your early voting location, we have it all right here right on your screen and right on your smart phone, too.
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>> a south florida family left heartbroken this morning after policecehot and killed their dog. this is what happened. miami-dade police are saying they were conducting an investigation at their home when ne of their officers fired at the dog. it happened at the home on northwest 18th police and 122n street. the dog's owner is saying they repeatedly washed police they had a dog. they say the police didn't listen to them. the family is insisting their pet wasn't dangerous. they said the dog only barked but never attacked anyone. >> if aog from the canine unit would have been shot and killed by a civilian, that guy would have faced life in prison. >> so that dog was taken to the hospital immediately, but had to be put down because of the injuries of that gunshot. at this point police haven'tt specified whether or not that dog actually attacked the officer. take a good look at this man here. broward sheriff's detectives say he sexually assaulted a
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make sure all parents get a look at his face. they're looking for more victims. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the broward county jaii that is where he is this morning. the reason detectives want everyone to see this guy, they fear this gi was perhaps not alone. >> reporter: it's unfortunate, sheli. in this case the broward sheriff's office says at first this girl did what we teach our kids, refused to take his candy. but it wasn't enou to protect herself. bso identified lamont mayweather, behind bars accused of moleuting a 5-year-old girl on sunday at a pompano beach apartment complex. the girl was outside playing with friends when lamont tried to lure her using candy. as i mentioned, that did not work. bso says he was able to convince her to follow him into a laundry room alone. this morning detectives fear
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>> he is known to be in that complex and offer boys and girls candy. in the case of these two siblings, they were taught not to accept candy from strangers. >> reporter: again, unfortunately, not enough to protect that little girl. investigators say mayweather was out on bond. we'll dig more into his criminal history and have more ahead at 6:00. we showed you several times, bs asking anyone, if you've seen this man around your home, fear your kids maye a victim, to give give broward sheriff's office a call. michael spuars, nbc 6 news. a south florida couple breathing a sigh of reli this morning after a close call while dealing with an iphone on craigslist. michael brown and his girriend posted an ad for a phone on a website. when they were meeting with a potential buyer, instead of paying cash, the man pulled out
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chase started. chopper 6 is over the brief chase where the suspect dumped his gun out of the window, eventually caught in a hooter's parking lot. we understand fortunately no one was hurt. >> an interview you'll only see on 6, the mother of yet another teen shot in south florida talking exclusively with us saying her son is okay. but as to the gun violence, it's got t t stop. 16-year-old michael green found himself the target of two bullets as he was standing outside his miami gardens home. the shooting happened over the weekend near northwest 171st terrace terrace. police say at least three people in a red pickup truck oped fire. the victim's mom speaking out. >> something ought to be done. just saying it, doing nothing, it's not going to stop. >> that teen's mom saidd she
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someone would shoot her son. police have yet to figure out a motive or identify the gunman. if you have any information, you're asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers line, 305-471-tips. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest this weekend in simi fally, california. her body will lie for public visits tomorrow from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m., on thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband next to her husband. she died over the weekend. she was 94 yearss old. your time on your tuesday morning is 5:39. scary moments for a couple workers at alorida granite company. how one man's luncnchour rampage ended with one person dead and several more grateful to be alive. we're hearing from the woman who derwent the world's first successful uterus transplant.
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become a mother. as youhead out the door, temperatures in the lower 70s, mostly to partly cloudy skies. breezy east wind. temperatures later this afternoon will be in the mid 70s. right now the roads are rain-free. how are they lking, kelly? >> they're not accident-free, but they are construction-free. if you're making your way t the door on the eastbound lanes of the palmetto expressway, maybe headed from the big curve to the goln glades, nine din muts. palmetto expressway to i-95 there's the voice of a daredevil in all of us that urges us.... ... to shake things up why should damaged hair silence that voice?
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california. a commuter train derailed toppling into a creek. we understand nine people have been killed. it happened about 40 miles northwest o o san francisco. take a look at some video we just got into the newsroom. the local fire department tweeted nine passengers were taken to the hospital. four of the injury are serious. passengers say it was raining out. our sister station in the bay area caught up with some of the passengers in that train. >> unreal honestly. everything was normal. thank god i didn't sleep or anything on the train so i was aware of everything. it shifted the graftd all of a sudden. we were all panicking. >> i'm grateful it wasn't worse, very grateful it wasn't worse. >> some of the passengers were treated at the scene of the crash for minor injuries. again, nine people were taken to
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taking a look at social view 6, people posting videos and pictures of the derailment and the rescue efforts by the fire deptment. we'll keep getting updates for you and put it on the nbc 6 news and weather app and of course on air. 5:44 on your tuesday morning. an amazing water rescue for the u.s. coast guard just off florida's southwest coast. >> we've got the life raft here, she's going under now. we've got the life raft out. she's going under. >> you can hear the intensity in his voice. two fishermen calling for help as their 37-foot commercial boat started taking on water. it happened 52 miles n nrthwest of boca grand yesterday. the captain and crew member abandoned the boat for a small life raft. they are okay.
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a south carolina man was caught stealing from a video game store. it's what he did afterwards that's getting attention. do you s s that? police confronted the prprpected shoplifters. soon after he took off. officer chased him across two counties before they finay stopped him. the hood of the car was up against the windshield the entire time even though several cars were damaged. no one was hurt. >> all probbly for a couple hundred bucks' worth of video equipment. a new york judge ruled the doj canno force the tech company to open a criminal's blocked iphone, a direct contradiction to the judge in califora that already ordered apple to create new software to access with the san bernardino's work phone. apple argued creating a weakness would jeopardize the security of all of its customers. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's.
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mcdonald's mccafe coffee, mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. >> now, first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right, south florida, 5:46 on this tuesday morning. dry start to the day. our live first alert radar looking good from broward county down into miami-dade. if anything would form near the coast, we could see a light sprinkle on this tuesday morning. other than that, things looking good so far. temperatures are pretty mild this morning. 71 degrees in miami as well and ft. lauderdale. that goes for pembroke pines as well. 70 in the kendall area, also in the lower 70s down into the keys. the cloud cocoer not allowing temperatures to cool down more than that during the overnight hours. winds out of the east-southeast between 10 and 20 miles an hour. already a breezy start to our day. we're expecting it to continue
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first alert forecast calling for temperatures to reach into the upper 70s. some areas could hit 80 degrees later today. with the cloud cover and breezy conditions, expecting temperatures to remain in the upper 70s. rip c crrent risk on the higher end of the scale into the afternrnn hours. high pressure off the carolina coast, not going to move much the next few days. protecting us from any system swinging through. we're expecting a benign weather pattern. we are expecting breezy conditions that will stick around. of course, so will those hazardous m mine conditions an rip currents along the atlantic beaches. in the mid level of the atmosphere, things looking pretty dry. this red is dry air across the sunshine state. moisture remains to the north across the tennessee valley. it will remain there because high pressure protects us from any system coming through at least until the weekend. we keep talking about the breezy coditions.
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very high rip curre risk. if you have any plans to get in the boughter -- some of us are in town for spring break, keep that in mind. small craft advisory in effect not only for the atlantic, but the gulf of mexico. also bay waters, small craft should exercise caution. take a look at the quiet conditions as far as the rain is concerned. temperatures near average. the winds ll remain very strong. we are expecting a few windy days until at least friday and saturday. the high pressure system will begin to break down. move further into the atlantic lauters. that will bring a chance of isolated showers, isolated at best for saturday and sunday. temperatures creeping back up into the mid 80s. let's look at the roads now. here is first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco. >> all the traffic reports we had, both construction and accidents are clearing up. construction, we have nothing to worry about.
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telling you about i-95 southbound at i've dairy road, that's what's left of it. we thehe leff shoulder blocked off. not affecting your morning ride. let's take you over to our maps. if you're making your way out the door on the turnpike, only ten minutes from coral reef drive to tamiami trail. 826 northbound, this alert was construction. all lanes were blockedff on southwest 8th street. that has cleared out of the way. no longer have to worry about it. making your way from bird road to thedolphin expressway, a fouuminute drive with traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. today a te could change the course of body camera. if approved, more than $23 million would go to cover the cameras and manage the videos. in tallahassee, a bill is headed to governor scott that would establish guidelines for law enforcement agencies that use body cameras.s.
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these cameras will help repair relations between officers and the public. a break through in reproductive medicine. the first uterine transplant in the country is complete. this texas woman who received the nation's first uterine transplant says it's been a dream all her life to have a child. the experimental surgery is groundbreang. it's a way for as many as 50,000 women in united states to finally have the baby they want. the uterus is from a deceased donor. it was implanted into the woman's pelvis during a nine-hour procedure. it wille removed after she has children so she can stop taking the anti rejection drugs. >> those women with good eggs who can go on to healthy pregnancies are good candidates for this procedure.
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in sweden where the procedure started, they did nine transplants that led to the birth of five babies. to celebrate international women's day, first lady michelle obama will visit union market in washington, d.c. she's going to be talking to dozens of teenage girls as part of the let girls learn initiative. this is a government-wide effort that aims to help teen girls complete their education. today is i hop's 11th annual nional pancake day. you probably know that, erika delgado started staring at the television set when the pictures came up. pancakes are her thing. >> the good thing is, i hop giving out free pancakes to raise funds for charities. you usually donate something. >> it's very nice. remember there are free pancakes. go on donations, though. it goes to a great cause. head to any participating ihop restaurant.
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all they want in exchange is to consider leave ag small donation. that will goirectly to a local charity. since they started doing this yearr event, we drool over the pancakes every year, ihop has raised almost $20 million in the process. the goal for this year is another $3.5 million. go and enjoy national pancake day, enjoy ihop. remember to leave a small donation.n. >> i don't want my breakfast ymore, can i get pancakes. >> 15 million kids late for school oday. right. 5:53. still ahead, hu hogan goes from the ring to the courtroom. what the former wrestr had to say as he took the stand to testify against the website gawker. coming up on nbc 6 news at 6:00, presidential candidate donald trump will join us for a live interview. if there's any questions you would like us to ask him, post them on our facook page or our twitter page. we'll get through as many of
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we speak welcome back everybody. four minutes until the top of the hour. former professional wrestler hulk hogan, the ex-wrefter sued
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gawker is saying they had the right to publish the video because hogan talked in detail about his sex life before the release of the video. they say that made it newsworthy. >> i was embarrassed what it did to me as a person. it was even embarrassing as a character. hulk hogan was embarrassed. >> so fast forward here. hogan is seeking $100 million from that website. >> several people lucky to be alive after a workplace shooting. one man left during his lunch hour in orange park just outside of jacksonville and came back with a pistol. employees who were there at the time say they were told to run and he opened fire. after his gun jammed twice, the man shot one person and turned the gun on himself. that injured person expected to make a full recovery. police haven't figured out the motive for that. >> your time is 5:57.
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your top good morning. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. your time 16:00. ryan is off today. meteorologist ericaka delgado is running across the green screen like jackie joiner. she made it. good morning, erica.
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>> i didn't mean to call you out for doing the 50-yard dash. >> i'm here south florida. happy to be with you. 72 in miami, 71 in ft. lauderdale. waking up to breezy east-southeast swinds between ten and 20 miles per hour. breezy in the morning, that means breezy in the afternoon, stronger than we're seeing right now. something to keep in mind as you head out the door this morning. we are waking up to dry conditions. any spotty shsher that forms across the coast can easily swing on through. remember you can always download our nbc 6 news and weather app. you'll find our radar there. it's really easy to use. across the sunshine stat we are dealing with stratocumulus clouds. pour the next few hours we'll call it breezy. mix of sun and clouds once the sun does rise in about 35 minutes.


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