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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> i didn't mean to call you out for doing the 50-yard dash. >> i'm here south florida. happy to be with you. 72 in miami, 71 in ft. lauderdale. waking up to breezy east-southeast swinds between ten and 20 miles per hour. breezy in the morning, that means breezy in the afternoon, stronger than we're seeing right now. something to keep in mind as you head out the door this morning. we are waking up to dry conditions. any spotty shsher that forms across the coast can easily swing on through. remember you can always download our nbc 6 news and weather app. you'll find our radar there. it's really easy to use. across the sunshine stat we are dealing with stratocumulus clouds. pour the next few hours we'll call it breezy. mix of sun and clouds once the sun does rise in about 35 minutes.
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we'll take a look at the roads with your first alert traffic. >> on antibiotics until thursday. i-95 these are southbound lanes at northwest 151st street out of the golden glades interchange interchange. we had an accident for two hours that wasn't clearing up on i-95 southbound and ives dairy road. that accident has finally cleared out of the way. if you're still at home, you dodged that one. no issues as you u ke your way northbound. express lanes still ununr $1.00 at thi time. let's take you over to our maps. if you're making your way out the door this morning on the turnpike, traffic moving between 55 and 60 miles per hour.p% coral reef drive to tamiami trail, ten-minute commute. 826 from bird road to dolphin expressway, four minutes. we had overnight construction blocking all lanes near tamiami trail trail. that has cleared.
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as well. >> thank you so much. two minutes past the top of the hour. take a look look at this man on your screen. broward county sheriff's detectives say he sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl. they want to make sure all parents get a good look at his face. michael spears is live at the broward county jail. the fear right now is there are a lot of other victims out there and they very much, more than anything else, they want to hear from victims. >> reporter: it may offer parents sense of relief this man is behind bars accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl this morning. that is the concern. the 5-year-old pompano beach girl is the victim. this man is identified as 29-year-old lamont mayweather. he is accused of targeting a 5-year-old girl just this last
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apartment complex near sample road and i-95. detectives say he didn't even livevet this complex and tried at first to lure the 5-year-old girl using candy. bso says when that did not work, he convinced at girl to follow him into a laundry room alone and molested her. the child went to her brother who confronted the man and he took off. >> to have someone who doesn't live where the children live, has no relationship with their parents or them themselves, it makes us pause for concern because it's so unusual. >> reporter: the broward sheriff's office says he's known in the area for trying to befriend little girls and little boys using that same method, candy. we learnrn mayweather was out of jail on bond for drug charges at the time of arrest. we looked through his criminal
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robbery with a deadly weapon, home invasion robbery and even first degree murder. investigators say if you heard this man around your home, around an area with children, to give the broward sheriff's office a call immediately. michael spears, nbc 6 news. a busy day on the campaign trail for all the candidates as voters in four states gear up to hit the polls in the 2016 presidential primary elections. hawaii hosts the republican caucus. both party also take to the voting booth. for bernie sanders, michigan, a big must-win. he's wonl several states but needs a big one to stay competitive. sanders is behind in all polls but closing in on hillary clinton. keep it here to nbc 6. tracie potts will have an update breaking it down from the nation's capital. the poll numbers just released, that will be in about ten minutes. coming up in our next half hour
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interview with presidential hopeful donald trump. he'll make himself available to us in just 35 minutes or so. >our time is five minutes past the top of the hour. florida highway patrol troopers are calling it a miracle nobody didid, the driver or anybody on the ground. you remember our extensive coverage of thegarbage truck that fell off i-95 crashing 75 feet below where kids were playing. julia, you have hands on new video that gives us a better idea of what might have gone wrong here eye o. >> stunning images here. the video inside the truck is revealing what went wrong last month on the i-95 exit ramp to southwest 7th street. have a look at it closely. investigators say the driver you see here, kaseem smith, he's clearly distracted as he's doing that and smashes into two guardrails before he's launched out of that garbage truck.
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several stories and crash onto joze marti park below. despite the crumbled concrete and the truck as well opping onto basketball courts, nobody on the ground was hurt and smith himself is expected to be okay. >> basically focused on something else. he is driving carelessly. >> meanwhile troopers putting the blame squarely on smith for this. he's been cited for careless driving and also for not wearing his seatbelt. troopers are astonished that he survived that fall and the crash. sheli? >> this morning police say a mom who abducted her child and prompted an amber alert had help. miami police arrested rebecca rodriguez, lazar rah ortiz and ju mesa helped leydibet hernandez abduct her son. detectives say the three knew hernandez had taken the boy to e lone star state but gave
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the boy was recovered from her care, and a second child, investigators say her plan was to vanish in mexico with her son. if you own an exotic pet and you feel like you can no loer take care of it or you just plain don't want it anymore, kpotdic pet amnesty day is coming this week end which means you can give up the exotic pet for free, no penalties, nq question asked. zoo miami will be opening their doors for exotic pet amnesty day. that means owners, as i mentioned, who can't care for the animal, don't want it anymore, y y can surrender that exotic pet to them. no questions asked. all of it is free. the program is to reduce the number of non-native species being released potentiall into the wild. >> it's hard to believe people keep these thin as pets in their homes. >> it can affect the native species that live in the environment and at the end of the day is doing something to
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it's not the animal's fault. >> experts say they wi do whatever they can to help place all the them think animals with qualified adopters. a medical marijuana bill waiting f f governor scott's signature. we break down the bill and what
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what's being lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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welcome back. it's 6:12. it's decision day in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. we'll have to wait until later today to figure out exactly what's going on. for nbc 6, tracie e tts is live in wrd. tracy, at least for the
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turn mississippi into a battleground, whether not it will be successful, we'll have to wait unl the end of the day. >> exactly. we'll be watching the results later today. four contests today. michigan will be a big one for bernie sanders, more than 150 delegates and he needs to catch up. >> today ice michigan primary could be bernie sanders's last chance to beat hip. disputing the claim that he didn't vote to save the auto industry. >> what i didn't vote for was a middle class bailout for the crew crooks on wall street. >> i hope to win the nomination. if i am so fortunate, i hope to work with him. >> republicans are focused on today's mississippi primary. >> raise your right hand
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do you swear you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? i love you. >> ted cruz is going after trump supporters. >> we're seeing supporters who realize he wasn't who he said he was was. >> reporter: : florida, marco rubio is the underdog now facing attack ads from trump. >>all talk, no action. >> the latest poll shows rubio closing in but still eight points behind trump in rurio's home state. florida votes next tuesday. >> and so does ohio, the other big winner-take-allstate, the home state of governor john kasich. he's declared he's going to win there. he's doing better in his home state than rubio is. in ohio, kasich is four points behind donald trump. live in washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. there's a new law regarding
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governor rick scott signed the byll into law which requires ten out 12 viewerjurors recommend the death penalty. the law was ruled unconstitutional in january. the new law prohibits judges from imposing the death penalty if the jury doesn't recommend it. a mecal marijuana bill is on its way to the senate as well. a house version was approved allowing medical marijuana for patients with terminal uses only. it allows the five dispensing organizations approved last novembero continue with the process of obtaining medical arijuana marijuana. look at this from ft. collins, colorado. hail measured up to quarter-size. no one was hurt during the storm, but it did cause
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making everything very slick. south florida, hail across some portions of the country. for us relatively quiet. it's quiet again this morning. live first alert radar looking good for broward county down to miami-dade. we're picking up on a few spotty showers. if it were to hold together and continues to move in along the east wind, we could see a light sprinkle this morning. other than that, we're expecting it to be quiet. 71 degrees right now in ft. lauderdale as well as pembroke pines. we're seeing 72 in miami and pompano beach. 70 degrees in the kendall area. first alert forecast calling for partly to cloudy skies, lower 70s.
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upper 70s. some areas could hit the 80-degree mark. i think the cloud cover and the breezy east wind will keep us into the upper 70s across the board. a high risk of rip currents across the atlantic beaches. heading down to the keys, highs in the upper 70s. more clouds in the way than sunshine later this afternoon. bigger picture, high pressure means over the atlantic, just off the carolina coast hanging out there. it will for the next few days, protecting us for any system swinging through. it will continue to leave us a breezy conditions. high risk of rip currents with small craft advisories today. much the same. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures and the humidity levels will slowly creep up as the workweek goes along. windy conditions sick around saturday.
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into the atlantic waters. that will allow an isolated chance of showers for saturday and into sunday with temperatures this weekend into the m m 80s. let's look at the tuesday roads. here is first alert traffic reporter, kelly blanco. >> we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. chopper 6 giving us a bird's-eye view above i-95 and northwest 95th street. southbound and northbound lanes looking really good at this time time. traffic moving around 59 miles per hour around northwest 75th street. from cypress creek to 595, only eight minutes. all green on our first alert traffic maps which means traffic
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eastbound, a ten-minute commute. making your way westbound towards the sawgrass expressway, a nine-minute ride. an unwelcome arrival for apple fans. apple users are being targeted for the first time by ransomware. it steals your files and asks you to pay money to get them back. hackers infected mac through a tainted program known as transmission. apple has taken steps including the anti virus software to protect against the malware. >> the moment a plane pair shoots down in long island. we told you about this miraculous landing. now we have surveillance video of the crash#landing obviously. the plane literally fell out of the sky with the parachute. it takes a hard hit but still bouncnc a little bit when it touches the ground. it didn't shatter into pieces.
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daughter coming home from a college visit in road island. the plane fell from the sky just about eight milesfrom the airport where the pilot intended to land. incredibly out of that, can you imagine what was going on inside the plane. incrediblyyno one was hurt. you see fire crews there, dad and daughter, they're all okay. 6:20 is your time. a south florida family left heartbroken this morning. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll beemembered for all the right reasons.
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tonight at 6:00, nbcbc 6 investigator tony pipitone looks at what's wrong -- >> reporter: consumer advocates say you should not be punished because an emergency room or
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health insurance network. tonight at 6:00 i'll show you how surprise bills from medical emergencies can@add insult to whatever injury or illness brought you to the er in the first place. >> then the bills started coming. it was like, oh, my god, i'm going to have a real heart attack. >> the bill is getting sidetracked as some legislators side with hospitals and doctors who want the bigger payments from patients whose insurance puts them out of their network. nbc 6 investigators take you inside what's happening tonight at 6:00. nbc 6 investigatortony pipitone, nbc 6 news. havana, cuba, should be busy at the end of the month when president barack obama comes to town and the rolling stones rock the city. preparations already under way pour the group's visit. crews have starte to move equipment to the havana sports complex and cooiseum where they'll play on the 25th. their trip follows another maj concert that happened when major
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i think you probably know this guy likes his job. seems to have a really good time, "late night with seth meyers" joins the ellen degeneres show to talk about how much fun he's having as the election season continues to roll through. every interview seems to get more funny regardless of who he is talking to. >> let's give you a snippet of this interview with ellen. >> with the election yea you must be having a blast. i'm terrified for the future of e company. but the present -- it's a fantastic present for seth meyer. >> some when you have on a talk show you'll think they'll be loose and have fun stories,, but they just say their talking points. >> that must be difficult, to get them to loosen up. myers also says his wife is expecting their first baby in two months and whether or not he will get her a push present. you'll have to tune in. >> late night talk show, what
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whole lot from anfternoon type of talk show. be prepared if you're talking to seth meyers. that's for sure. right now 6:25 on your tuesday rning. we're talking live. speaking of politicians with the gop front-runner donald trump this morning at 6:40, we'll hear what he has to say about e president's trip to cuba. we're talking about president obama there and a lot of what he has to say about the other candidates ahead of florida's primaries just a few days away. detectives continue to search for answers in the case
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teenager falling victim to gun a major public traffic study has confirmed our worst fears. every time miami beach holds a local trade or consumer show instead of a fly-in convention, an additional 3,200 vehicles come barreling into town. creating a mess on our roads. but independent experts say a new convention center hotel could fix this. so people could walk not drive to conventions. on march 15th, vote yes for a world class covention center
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a man was arrested after deputies say he abused a 5-year-old little girl in
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also ahead, how today's voting could make or break at least one candidate. keep it right here on nbc 6. in ten minutes we'll have a live interview with this guy, the gop front-runner, donald trump. we'll hear what he has to say about cuba, youth violence in florida and the other republican kachbd dats. all that ahead of florida's primary election next week where winner takes all. that's a few minutes away. right now a check of your first alert traffic and weather together, starting inowntown miami. a warm start to the morning. our staurt to the morning starts at 3:00 a.m. but we can look ahead. >> we'll forget about the 3:00 a.m. start. 71 right nown ft. lauderdale and pembroke pines. 70 down in kendall. right now first alert radar is dry. we're picking up on a few spotty showers over the atlantic waters. we could see a light sprinkle
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we can downloadadhe nbc 6 news and weather app. dropping the kids off at the bus stop, it looks like temperatures can be in the upper 60s to low 70s, under prtly to mostly cloudy skies. good morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. happy to report we're accident-free. over broward county and miami-dade, things are looking good. traffic is starting the build. if you're heading out the door from pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, a nine-minute ride. let's go ahead and take you outside to see what's going on out there. on i-95, the palmettttexpressway starting the get busy out there. no accident have been reported. we'll find your typical morning times from the big curve towards northwest 122nd street, maybe you're headed towards the 836. now at i-95, things looking better than the palmetto expressway. this is northwest 103rd street
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under $2.00. don't forget, should anything change and we get traffic alerts, make sure to have the nbc 6 news and weather app handy. we'll be sending out push alerts if anything happeps on the roads. time is 6:32. a man is behind bars this morning accused of sexually assaulting a young child. detectives are fearing this little girl might not be if only victim out there. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the broward jail with a face that deputies say every parent needs to see. the fear is this little 5-year-old girl is the face of many, manythers like her potentially out there. >> reporter: unfortunately, eric, that is the case. sick sendi and unusual. a 5-year-old preyed upon by a stranger who offered candy to a little girl and molested her. 29-year-old lamont mayweather is behind bars.
6:32 am
may be even more victims. they say he has a reputation, is known for offering candy, not only to little girls but also little boys in the area. right now accused of molesting a 5-year-old sunday evening at a` apartment complex near sample road and i-95. detectives say the girl was outside playing with other kids when the man tried to offer her candy, lure her away. she refused at first. he did not give up according to invtigators and was able to convince her to follow him into a laundry room. >> to have somebody who is a stranger who doesn't live where the children live, who has no relationship with eir parents or them, themselves nks it makes us pause for concern because it's so unusual. >> mayweather's criminal history includes arrests for attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, home invasion robbery and get this, eric, first degree murder. he was out on bond according to court documents when he was
6:33 am
molesting that little girl. you can read more on the nbc 6 news and weather app. in the meantime, if you've seen this man around your hom home, your apartment complex, call detectives immediately. michael spears, nbc 6 news. desion day in florida is just about a week away. the candidates. >> reporter: focusing on the sunshine state even as four other states go to the polls this morning. julia is back with a breakdown of what is theext week and what it could mean for both parties. >> sheli, there's so much talk right now, first of all, rumors about krublmarco rubio, being encouraged to drop out of the race. he has been denying it as we look at the primary next tuesday. that's when ohio will vote as well. right now today it's michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. they are the states voting today with, of course, michigan being that big prize. here is a look at the latest nbc
6:34 am
it shows hillary clinton leading branches by double digits. the five-way race, here you see it for the republican nomination, looking a little different with donald trump nearly doubling his closest contender ted cruz. still topping the rest of the pack there. back on the democratic side, michigan crucial, as i said, for bernie sanders. this may be his last chance to prove he can best hillary clinton. some pundits say if he loses, his fate is sealal, even if he doesn't drop out of the racc back to the republican side, front-runner donald trump could break away if he takes florida and ohio. but if marco rubio and john kasich take their home states, there's no telling. both of them are within striking distance of trump right now. here is how rubio broke things down for supporters in tampa. >> a vote for john kasich or a vote for ted cruz in florida is a vote for donald trump. >> florida is a winner-take-allstate. that means 99 delegates are up for grabs.
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your time is 6:35. a south florida family left heartbroken this morning after police shot and killed their dog. this is what we understand happened. miami-dade police say they were conducting an vagsz at this housesehen one of their officers fired at the dochlgt it happened at the home on northwest 18th place and 122nd street. the dog's owner said they repeatedly warned police they had a dog. they say police didn't listen to them. the family insists their pet was never dangerous. they say the dog only barks but has never attacked anyone. >> if a dog from the canine unit would have been shot and killed by a civilian, that would catch the civilian, that guy would have faced life in prison. >> so the dog had to be taken to the hospital right away but had to be put down to because of the injuries related to is. at this point police have not specified whether or not the dog actually attacked that officer. a south florida couple breathing a sigh of relief this morning after a close call
6:36 am
michael brown and his girlfriend posted an ad on the website. the man, instead of paying cash, pulled out a gun. that is when a car chase started. chopper 6 is over the brief chase where the suspect dumped his gun out of the window and was eventually caught in a hooter's parking lot. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest this weekend. the funeral starts at 11:00 in the morng, closed to the public. but she will lie in repose for public vigs visitation tomorrow from 1:00 to 7:00 and on wednesday wednesday. today four states hit the polls, but many of the candidates already cusing on a week from today when florida voters head out to the polls. >> it's goings to be a big day. one of those candidates, gopop
6:37 am
first ofall, thank you for being with us. i know we have a limited amount of time. let's get right to the first question, talking about the one-on-one match-up you want with senator ted cruz. that being said, there was an add that came out against marco rubio. the big question is here is this battle that you have going on, is it sort ofan attempt to have him push him out the door at this point. is that what you're thnk? >> rubio is doing very badly. he's been a very bad representative of the people of florida, horrible representative. he never votes,#never shows up to vote. the worst voting record in many, many years. the people of florida are not happy with him. i think he's going to do very poorly. he's right now behind in the polls. he's'seen doing poorly elsewhere, as you know. i certainly think it really looks like it's a two-man race at this point. >> trump, let's talk about cuba. florida has a huge population of
6:38 am
marco rubio calls it opening up relations, burying the hatchet, a lifeline to the castro regime. you said you're open to the idea and president obama is going there later this month. you're open to the idea of restoring relations with the communist country? >> i am. after 50 years -- it's been 50 years now. i would like to see a better deal than obama is making. obama is not making a very good deal as i see it. i would certainly be open to it. i think it's time. we're living in the modern age, d now it's time to do something. certainly i would be open to it. as you know, i own doral and many buildings in miami, employ thousands of people in florida. i quiz my people on it. they're really open to it at this point. but we should make a great deal. >> mr. trump, this is something that encompasses the entirir nation. when you mention the term gun violence, there isn't a community in the entire nation that that doesn't ring a bell
6:39 am
some way by this. here in souththlorida, especially lately, in terms of the past couple months, we've had so many teenagers and little kids hit by gunfire. it a very focused concept here in south florida about what to do to curb that problem as it is nationwide. do you have any specific words in terms of how to address that, whether it be for a specific community like here in south florida or sort of a nationwide deal to try to rb gun violence moving forward? >> well, i do. it's so important and it's becoming more and more important, butt largely this is a mental health problem, also. you have people who are just sick and they're going around an carrying guns and doing lots of other things. everybody, you look at florida and if you look at new york state and if you look at a lot of different places, they'rere closing up all these facilities, the mental health facilities. we have people out on the streets that frankly shoulbe institutionized or should be working with doctors.
6:40 am
problem that was recently in kalamazoo, michigan. a lot of other events that took place. these are sick people. these are really sick people. wesed to have institutions. we don't have institutions anymore. they're closing them because they cost. it's all a question of cost. they close the things that maybe they shouldn't be closing. we have a huge mental health problem. we're putting people on the streets that shouldn't b there. >> what if somebody does not agree with your plan on gun violence? they're at home sighing donald trump is not the guy for me. i don't like where he's taking the course of this campaign. what is your last-ditch effort? i know the focus has been elsewhere across the country today. a week from now people are hitting the polls. some people may not be convinced. what would you say to thosos people who say donald trump is not my guy? i'm not with him. >> i've been doing really well in florida. i have many, many people that work for me, thousands of people that work for me in florida. we've had a tremendous
6:41 am
i'm in florida right now. i'm always in florida, like my second home. i understand florida. we need jobs, we need strong rders because the borders are like swiss cheese. you see what's going onality the@ stougt earn border. it's terrible. we have to work on the drug problem because so much drugs, so many drugs popoing into florida and into the united states. 'll work on health care, get rid of obamacare which is costing everybody a fortune. it's a total disaster, total failure. we'll repeal it and replace it. very importantly we're going to bring education locally. right now your education is run out of washington by bureaucrats. we're going to get rid of common great. i think the people of florida are reallyoing to -- i've been polling really well, leading by quite a bit in the polls. i'm going to do a great job for the people of florida. that i can tell you. >> all right, mr. trump talking beach. thank you for your time. we appreciate you being with us here this morning.
6:42 am
we move forward. the stalled always plays such an integral role in the election, not jfrt the election processss but up until the very last day. stay tuned throughout the day for decision 2016 coverage. nbc 6's jackie nespral will be sitting down with senator bernie sanders. >> nbc 6 anchor juwan strader as well. the debate will be here at the university of miami on thursday, march 10th. that is going to be here in miami. you can see that on cnn. for everything you need to know about your road to the white house and find outour early voting location, information on the florida primary, we have it all on the nbc 6 news an weather app. we're following breaking news out of california where a computer train derailed injuring several passengers and leaving a chaotic scene behind. also we get a closer look at
6:43 am
garbage truck plunging off an i-95 exit ramp. it's going to be a busy day out there. we'll explain how a vote on the florida senate today could have an impact on body cameras for local law enforcement. waking up to cloudy skies out there. the good news is we have been rain-free. there are a few spotty showers over the atlantic waters we want to keep an eye on. temperatures as we head out the door will remain in the lower 70s. how are the roads looking so far, kelly? >> we've been accident-free. traffic is starting to build as your morning rush hour continues. an 11 minute commute from the golden glades.
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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all right, south florida. 6:47 on this tuesday morning. things looking good so far. rain-free, however we're picking up on a few spotty, light showers near the coast and the atlantic waters moving in over the east. we could see a light sprinkle as you head out the door. remember to download the nbc 6 ws and weather app. you'll find the radar out there. it will get you out the day or through he day if you're already out the door. 7 seeing temperatures around 70 degrees in the ft. lauderdale area. first alert frafbt for tuesday, high risk of rich curren across the atlantic beaches. some areas could hit the 80-degree mark later today. upper 70s because of the cloud cover and the breezy east wind
6:48 am
high pressure off the carolina coast. you can see the east wind, leaving u has hazardous seas. could be gusting later this afternoon. breezy east wind expecting a high risk of rip currents across the atlantic beaches. also over the gulf of mexico. meanwhile, small crafts should exercise caution over the bay water. the next few days, temperatures reaching into lower 80s. quiet weather patterns far as rain skon sernd. high pressure protecting us from any system mong on through. however, come friday into saturday,igh pressure will begin to weaken, pushing further into the atlantic warts. we'll see an isolated threat for showers friday into saturday. in the meantime, it will be relatively quiet as far as the rain. wiy conditions stick around until at least the upcoming weekend. here i` your first alert traffic report with kelly.
6:49 am
taking a look at i-95, this is southbound. delays on the approach to northwest 54th street as you're makinin your way tort the airport expressway. no accidents on the southbound lanes. this area past northwest 54th street looks good on i-95 northbound. we have a traffic alert on i-95 northbound approaching the airport expressway. that ramp also t t the julia tuttle causeway. two lanes are blockedff because of emergency crews. thiss an accident that happened moments ago. keep that in mind northbound on i-95. i-95 approaching i-95, no accidents or construction to worry about. >> kelly, thank you. we continue tl follow breaking news overnight out of california. at least nine people are hurt
6:50 am
troppaling over into a creek. >> sheli, those nine passengers were taken to the hospital right away. we're ld four of those with serious injuries, but not life-threatening. take a look at social view 6. people posting a lot of pictures on the derailment. these pictutus and the video keep pouring in. very similar to what you're looking at right here. continue staptly getting a feed of this. you can see the first car partially submerged in the water. it was thankfully the only one that went into the creek. the second one stopped at the reg of the water. we're told the crews had to fight that fast-moving current to get the riders out of there. passengers say was rainly heavy and think they might have caused a mudslide which knocked over a tree and hit the tracks. that, in turn, is what they think triggered this crash. this is just outside of san francisco, a aout 52 miles south of san francisco. keep it right here on nbc 6 as we continue to gather more detas, more video, more
6:51 am
we'll update you on the air and also on our nbc 6 news and weather appn the mother of yet another teen shot in south florida spoke exclusively to us saying her son is okay. as for the gun violence, it needs to stop. 16-year-old michael green found himself the target of two bullets outside his miami gardens home. the shoot happened over the weekend. miami gardens police say at least three people in a red pickup truck opened fire. the vivitim's mother now speaking out about an end to gun violence. >> -- go to the store and buy a gun. something ought to be done. just saying it and doing nothing, it's not going to stop. >> the teen's mom says she can't think of a reason why someone would want to shoot her son. as of now police have yet to figure out a motive or identi the gunman. if you have any information
6:52 am
you're asked to call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. today a vote could change the vote for body cameras. more than $23 million would go to cover the cameras and manage the video. meanwhile in tallahassee a bill is headed to governor scott that would establish guidelines for law enforcement agencies that already use body cameras. yesterday it pass phd the senate and some state senators are hoping using body cameras could help repair relations between officers and the public. you don't hear a lot of this coming out of tennis. the russian tennis association coming out in support of maria sharapova. we reported she admits to using a banned enhancement drug. the groupame out that the fact she's owning up proves that she is still a champion here. a major endorser tag hoyer watches dropped her.
6:53 am
drug for a couple years. she says it was for her heart and she didn't know it recently popped up on the banned substance list. >> now, the big six stories you need to know. >> four states headed@ to the polls today. some experts say this is bernie sands' last chance to prove he can top hillary clinton. meanwhile, republicans have an eye toward next tuesday's primaries in io and right here in florida. trump could break from the pack with wins in both states. if marco rubio and john kasich carry their states, a crowded race is likely to drag on. an alleged child predator locked up in jail after police say he assaulted a young girl. they say lamont mayweather targeted a 5-year-old girl sunday night in pompano beach, an apartment complex near sample road and i-95. we told you about the crash involving that garbage truck
6:54 am
100 feet below the highway in a bark. we've got the shocking video showininthe moment of the crash from inside the cab. investigators say kaseem smith, the driver, was distracted when he hit the inside wall twice. he surprisingly survived but is now facing a careleks driving charge. police in northwest miami-dade shoot and ill a dog. miami-dade police say they were conducting an investigation when one of their officers fired at the dog. the dog was taken to the hospital but had to be put down. it's not clear whether he was actually attacking the officer. >> police are saying leydibet hernandez who abducted her 1-year-old son and fled to texas had help. miami police have arrested three more people connected to this. detectives say they knew hernandez had take ten boy to texas but gave officers a very different story. investigators say her plan was to vanish eventually into mexico with her son. the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will be held on friday at the ronald reagan
6:55 am
tomorrow she'll lie in repose for public vis tigs from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. and on thursday from 10:00202:00. as you get yo morning started, getting ready to head out the door,, one accident might affect your morning ride for miami-dade drivers from i-95 northbound. as you try to approach i-95 and the airport expressway, you'll find an accident blocking two left lanes. you want to take your side streets again, i-95 northbound before you hit state road 112 and 195. making your way on the turnpike, traffic moving between 15 and 28 miles per hour. so far we've been ain-free. but we are picking up on a few spotty showers over the atlantic waters with that strong east wind. anything that does form does
6:56 am
sprinkle. waking up to@ mild temperatures, low 70s across the board. first alert forecast, some areas could hit 80. wiwi the cloud cover and the wind, i think we'll remain in the upper 70s. the perfect day for pancakes. in case you didn't know, it is national pancake day. >> ihop short stack of pancakes for free. if you go, donate to your local
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>> thanks for (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered fofo all the right reasons. publix.
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good morning. breaking overnight, a commuter train derailed near san francisco, plunging one car into a creek. passengers attempt to rescue fellow riders. >> we were trying to dig her out while the train was hanging. >> at least nine people injured. image problem. donald trump facing mounting inging criticism for doing this at rallies.
7:00 am
everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. >> some say he'sagery of a dark time in history. we'll talk to donald trump live as voters go to the polls in four more states today. jury awards erin andrews $55 million in the trial involving a secretly recorded video of her and her hotel room. will a higher court find that excessive and will she see a much smaller amount? just dropping in. a plane makes an unusual landing at an office park on long island, and a lucky father and daughter have a parachute to thank for saving their lives today, tuesday, march 8th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.


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