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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we want to hear the message she wantsto send other kids this morning. live, nbc 6 today starts now. good morning, everybody. your time right now 4:30. i'm erik marryc harryman. >> i'msheli muni sflchlt. the weather pattern not changing from what we have started offour workweek. there is the 836. likely construction going on. we'll kick off or wednesday morning with mild readings. we should be in the mid-60s. instead, lower 70s, fort lauder dale, miami, and key west. notice some clouds around, 72. a south breeze continuing at 15 overnight. that's not allowi the temperatures to back down. this is not a really thick cloud cover. we will get some sunshine worked in. the clouds are going to keep coming at us. we will be in and out o o
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the winds will increase as the morning and afternoon goes on. here is what we are looking at, a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures into the lower and this morning. then, we get to the mid-day hours this afternoon. breezy and warm.. about 81 today. of course, the breeze pulls in some hazards on the beah. we'll talk about that. kelly blanco. taking a lookt your drive here, you see those flashing lights, construction in the palmetto southbound as you are approaching northwest 122nd street. a couple lanes blocked off. keep that in mind. we also have police activity on 395 westbound if you are trying to ramp on to i-95 northbound. heavy police activity in one of your lanes as you are approaching that ramp from 395 stbound to i-95 northbound. a right lane blocked off. let's go ahead and switch
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ounty, i-95 south of smergscommercial boulevard. north and southbound lanes seem to be moving along. no major issues in broward county. breakikg news happening right now out of miami. >> michael spears is on th way to the scene of a hit and run involving a police officer. it looks like you just got there. good morning. we just got here. police confirmed this is a hit and run involving a miami-dade police officer. we are on the northbound ramp from 395. it is quite an active scene. hyped us here in this car, police haveve one person in the back seat, not clear if they are technically under arrest. we did confirm there are possible suspects. that being a question at this time. again not confirmed whether or not they will be officially placed under arrfst. as far as the officer, we
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time ago, not too far from here in doup townwntown miami. we are told the officer is okay. as far as why this happened, whether or not the two people being questioned were under the influence. we are working to get new information. we will have an update in the next 30 minutes. for now, live in downtown miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much. we will check in again with you at 5:00. in decisisi 2016, it is a big night in the race for the white house. >> just about two hours ago, nbc news declared donald trump the winner of states that senator marco rubio was hopi to take. p bernie sanders beat hillary cnton in the state of michigan shaking things up for the democrat. >> donald trump did take some victories. the race is looking tighter. steve handelsman tracking all that. >> only one person did well
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>> two wins or two wins. donald trump credited his kind of turnout. >> we have democrats coming over, very importantly. we have independent coming over. >> reporter: earning him victories in michigan and mississippi and hawaii.. john kasich was battling for second inmichigan. ted cruz is the projected winner in idaho. he was second in mississippi. >> we are closing the gap in state after state. >> another bad night for marco rubio. two fourth places and last in the new nbc "wall street journal" national poll. kasich, way up. the gas smaller. cruz closer. democrat, bernie sanders had a great night. nbc news projecting him the winner in michigan. hillary clinton took mississippi
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he stanledged the big upset. >> voters repudiated the polls that had us 20 points out. who repudiated the puvdits and said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere with a republican showdown next tuesday. . while all of that is happening, another presidential debate this time the democrats battling it out. they will be doing it in miami. this will be the second showdown in four days for vermont senator, bernie sanders,s,and former secretary of state, hillaryclinton. the debate kicking off tonight. senator marco rubio is state. nbc 6 caught up with the gop hopeful and his better half as she campaigned on his behalf. rubio's wife, jeanette, talked to nbc 6s she stumped in miami. she received a warm welcome at the senior center near miami
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rubio represented while serve ng the state house. the senator made his way around the sunshine state knowing how important the upcoming primary is to him. >> it is my home state, the most important state. i think it will be decisive. we win in florida, i will be the republican nninee. >> we are excited about this. sometimes it is titing. >> later today, marco rubio will stop by high alia hoping to gain support from hispanic voters. >> bernie sanders feeling the support from florida voters at a rally in downtown miami. jackie nespral sat down with the miami senator. healked about climate change and his support from the younger population. a question that really hits home in the miami area is how sanders defines socialism and his take on fidel castro.o. >> obviously, democratic
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throughout europe for decades. democratic socialism has nothing to do with authoritarian communist. i think fidel crass stro was an authoritarian communist who dend people the opportunity to society. >> you are looking at jackie's one-on-one with mr. sanders. up next for him, the democratic debate tonight in miami ahead of florida's primary officially on march the 15th. voting for that has already started. early voting, anyway. you can see the extended interviews with sanders and rubio any time on our nbc 6 news and weather app. if you missed our exclusive interview with donald trump shelly and i were able to do yesterday morning, you will find that on the app too. the former marine suspected of shooting a pastor in idaho has been arrested in washington, d.c. 30-year-old kyle odom was taken into custody by the secret service after appartly he threw paper and a flash drive
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these are new pictures of the scene. officials say the package odom threw had a manifesto mentioning the name of some house and senate members as well as israeli government officials. a different letter was sent to his parents and several news outlets. another church member may have been the target. 55-year-old tim remmington was shot in the church have parking lot. the pastor has regained consciousness but doctors say he is not quite oututof the woods. one teen speaking out after an attempted abduction. the 13-year-old was walking home from school around northst fourth street when she says a man called her from his suv. when she ignored that call, the guy apparently got out of his car and tried to grab her. that's when she says she pulled away from him and ran for help. this is what she wants other kids to know who might find themselves in some kind of a
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>> if it does happen, and someone does grab you, just keep fighting them off and don't give up, even if you get tired or anything, don't give up on it. >> she did the right thing. she took off. she told an adult. if you have any information about what happened here, you are urged to call the broward crime stoppers line, 954-493-tips the search is on for a teenage girl that disappeared out of miramar, 14-year-old cactlyn king. she was dropped off at the new renaissance middle school. she is 5'5", black, curly hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing beige uniform pants and a white polo with gold sneakers. police say they are anxious to try and find her. one of the big reasons is she needs her medication. anyone with any information is asked to call 954-602-4,000.
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might need to find a new place to fill prescriptions, because federal agents raided a pharmacy in miami. gents collected files and documents at okaykailin pharmacy. no official wordn what led up to the raid. agents are part of a strike force th investigate health care fraud. they saw the pharmacy owner in handcuffs. we are not sure, if, indeed, he is facing charges. >> outside we go on this wednesday morning at 4:40. a live alert looking over downtown miami. let's get you right over to mr. phillips. welcome back after a couple days off. nice to have you. not a lot of weather activity complaininging. we are going to have a very consistent pattern all week long. the breeze still with us. in and out of cloud cover. temperatures in the morning hours staying above average. the clouds streaming in all night long. with this extensive cloud deck, all the while staying dry. no rain in the forecast. balanced temperatures across the area.
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72 degrees. notice the very consistent wind too. right around 15 miles per hour out of the southeast. temperatures wll slowly climb as well with the breeze. we are going to see highs generally into the lower 80s. not just today but for the rest of the workweek. we are in and out of the cloud cover this morning. your first alert forecast, we'll call it partly sunny. mild and dry. don't let the clouds throw you. i don't think we haveve any rain in the forecast. 81 this afternoon. breezy beaches meaning a high risk for rip currents. we'll check your beachh forecast in about six minutes. let's get back to traffic with kelly blanco. good morning to you. good morning to you, south florida. 4:42 a.m. we already have a crash scene on i-95 northbound atembrook road. the problem is not only is the crash with injuries but al cop struction around this area that
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cars are getting by. again, i-95, northbound and pembrook road, this is where we have this crash. let's take you over to our maps. we have michael spheres live on the scene here. more information during the 5:00 hour. that policectivity blocking the right lane. this is on 395 westbobod as you are ramping on to i-95 rthbound. we also have construction alerts that are major at this time. palmetto expressway, northbound drivers, tamiami trail northbound. all lanes blocked off because of construction. >> thanks, kelly. your time right now, 4:43. a sobriety test gets out of control to say the least. >> dash cam video, oh, boy, showing the moment things take a bad turn. the shocking part is, who this woman has the back seat with her while all this was happening sgchlt will it is official,
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soon add body cameras. it is not just about keeping officers honest but the
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>> some urgen . >> >> welcome back. more than a regular dui stop for a woman. you are about to see her giving a field sobriety test. what you can't see is her 2-year-oldhild inside that very car she was driving. >> what are you going to do? >> money back. >> , no, no. why? >> apparently, she thought she was in a photo shoot. they pulled her over in the emergency lane of i-95 and fort lauder dale. the trooper stopped to see if she needed help, saw the 2-year-old boy in the back seat. after suspecting that she was under the influence, she admitted to having two drinks at
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she is facing several charges including child abuse without great bodily harm. >> miami-dade police officers will soon have a new addition to their uniform. the miami-dade commission is giving the green light after endorsing the plan less than year ago. the miami-dade commission unanimously voted to fund the cameras. it would attach to the officer's shirt or the middle of their front pocket. the wide angle capturing everything in juview and the wide-angle showing everything. the force incidents go down once they know they are using the cameras. the mayor says they will be a win-win for everybody. >> it is notot catching an officer doing something wrong on the rare occasion they do. it is showing the people of miami-dade county the extraordinary things they do each and every dare. >> there is one catah. the officers have to put on themselves.
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on. that means that the officers will be required to remember to turn their cameras on before every interactiothat they have with the public. >> weather, on nbc 6, sponsored in part by mcdonald's embolden your morning with mcdonald's cafe coffee. made just for y y. mcdonald's, i'm loving it. 4:48.8. the time now. hope your wednesday morning is off to a good start. quiet conditions in place across the area and dry conditions as well. live first alert doppler. i think the trend stays much the same for the next few days. our next rain chance will come weekend. probably the second half of your weekend. we'll lay that out in a wekend. dolphin expressway looking good. seems like that is one half of kelly's traffic report every early morning. what's under construction and what's closed.
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clouds, though, continuing to stream in on the heels of that southeast wind. it iss warm wind for us. wind never letting go overnight. with that, temperatures stay up above average. we should be in the mid-60s. instead, miami at 72. 73 up the road in opa-locka and high alia and 73, pompa beach. 71 in west kendall. east and southeast winds continuing at -20 miles per hour. they will only increase from here into the afternoon. another breezy forecast. a matter of how much cloud cover will see. initially, a deck of clouds overhead. we should eld more sunshine as the day goes on. a very strong area of high pressure at the surface. just offshore. that provides the breeze. also, cycling into an intensifying low pressure across the southern plains. not nenessarily will we see any
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isn't too far away, across the gulf coast states move into south florida. a huge dip in the jetstream out across the southern plains and rockies. streaming weather up through texas, oklahoma, louisiana, and arkansas. a good dose of rain and momo to come. maybe 8-12 inches of rain out there. for us, high pressure sticks around and holds on. we keep the weather fair but breezy. a mix of sun and clouds this morning, lower to mid-70s. 79 for the lunch hour. it is going to be a breezy one this afternoon. that brings some hazards on the beaches. 81 today. across the area. about 79 on the beach. i can't emphasize this enough. dangerous rip currents possible here inhis type of pattern. springbreakers,, be aware. enjoy the sunshine and breezy conditions the rest of the week. saturday, looks good at 81. increase on sunday and monday with highs continuing into the low 80s. it)is almost 4:51. here is kelly with traffic.
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we have major traffic alerts. good morning to you, south florida. we do have police activity blocking that right lane on 395 westbound as you are trying to approach i-95 northbound. in broward county, i don't have the camera now. on i-95 northbhbnd, two lanes of traffic completely blocked off because of a crashhwith injuries. there is construction in the same area. it is kind of a mess around i-95 northbound on pembrook road. heavy crawling, nobody moving on the plmetto northbound around tamiami trail. all lanes are blocked off until 5:30 a.m. because of construction. we also have conctruction on the turnpike southbound. all lanes completely shut down at northwest 57th avenue. shelly. >> we are new details about an infamous murder for hire case. dalia dippolito going back to
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prosecutors are asking asking a judge to revoke her $25,000 bail while she waits to be retried on alllations she hired a hit man to kill her husband. prosecutors say shsh wasn't supposed to leave the house but she appeared in a tvnterview and came to miami for that. they have also asked the judge to increase her bo if it doesn't get revoked. a hearing is set for later this month. >> there is a push that's happening right now in tallahassee to remove what she describe as a dark stain on florida history. the house voted for a proposal that would allocate $1.5 million for the reburial of bodies from the dozier school for boys in the panhandle. it would also establish plans for a memorial at the panhandle reform school. the measure has to be signed by governor rick scott to move forward. the school was closed a few years ago in 2011. some former students have accused school staffff of physical and sexual abuse. >> an american student studyi abroad in israel was stabbed to
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taylor force, a student at vanderbilt was walking in the boardwalk in della sreve when he was attacke nine other random people as well were also stabbed by the same person. police killed the attacker. officials say there were two other attacks the same day. the student was there in israel to talk about start-up companies. >> 4:52 and we turn our attention to the urgent warnings over the zika virus. they are calling t t island ground zero for the fight against the zika virus. >> reporter: in this hospital maternity center in puerto rico, there is growing fear of zika expected to infect hundreds of thousands. >> we have to test everybody and repeat the steps as pregnancy advances. >> reporter:pit can affect an unborn baby at any stage of pregnancy, not just first
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cdc director, tom frieden, on a three-day visit ramping up the battle to stop zika spread to the u.s. mainland. there are going to be more case ns puerto rico than the rest of the u.s. by many, many multiples. this is going be ground zero for the zika outbreak in the u.s. >> reporter: can you stop it? >>e don't know how to stop zika. >> reporter: puerto rico hit specially hard, because it has the kind of mosquito that carries the virus, becoming resistant to certain insecticides. so far, 156 cases have been acquired on the island. far more worrisome than the 153 brought to the u.s. mainland by travelers. this woman, 18 weeks pregnant with her second child, cried when she learned she had zeze ka..
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developing normally so far. she is using mosquito spray. my baby is a blessing and i'm going to happen no matter what happens. >> reporter: the race to control the virus intensifies on a battleground closer to ho. rehema ellis, nbc news, san juan, puerto rico. a man with catlike reflexes takes the father of the year award. we hear from the man whoseuick reaction saved his son from a flying bat. coming on nbc 6 at 5:00, nothing will make you feel more ridiculous than this. we are going to show you a simple high-tech solution in case you ever lock your keys in your car. >> this happened to somebody here. no name. >> won't tell you who. so, as you can see, kind of waging up with us at the same time. what's going on?
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a couple of lanes blocked off at pembroke road. we'll talk about it during the 5:00 hour. low 70s out there this morning. mostly cloudy skies in place. a dry day. very windy out there on the beaches. that means dangerous rip currents possible for the beach--goers. let's talk about a beautiful temperature trend.d. low 70s this morning, low 80s, not just today but for the rest
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our next artisanal if there is a dad of the year, dad of the month, it is a near miss. >> it happened during a spring training beball game when a das quick thinking helped his son from being hit with aat. >> reporter: for landon cunningham, who is turning nine,
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gift, a trip to the ballpark to catch a spring training matchup where the play of the game would be mad by his own dad. >> he is the hero. you could hear the crowd's reaction as a bat slipped from the hitter's hands hurdling to the third row where he was looking down about to send pictures to his mom. >> i didn't see it. >> reporter: the images captured ame by frame by the pittsburgh tribune review. look at the expressions of those around landon and look at the comrie action of his father, sean, whose instincts set in like a catcher blocking a wild pitch. >> i didn't have a lot of time to think about it. the only thing i can describe it as is dad mode. >> granted, this dad played college ball and was even drafted by the pros before getting sidelined by a shoulder injury. now, a firefighter,r,his baseball skills came in handy one more time saving his son.
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like, landon, hold your head up with your cap. he held his cap up and the whole stand xheered and applauded. he was like, dad, that was awesome. >> as for landon. i asked my dad, is this what usually happens at a baseball game. >> reporter: he got to keep that bat as a souvenir, the birthday gift he never saw coming. thank goodness, his dad did. joe fryer, nbc news. >> everybody stand back. i got this. o. >> dad pulled it together, pulled his hand out and grabbed it. former player, the perfect dad there. does this happen in every game? that was cute. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. some breaking news right now out of miami. we are live at the scene where police have detained two people in connection to an overnight
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miami-dade police cruiser. one candidate anywhere away from the race. florida residents demanding answers from sdnl after a case of pollution in this bay o good morning. 5:01. i'm eric harriman. >> i'm sheli muniz. >> rain phillips tracking your forecast. >> dry on the morning drive. i would like to see more sunshine. i think that will happen progressively. live alert doppler, still sweeping clear along the area. we'll talk about when we will see a rain chance coming up in ababt 15 minutes. let's talk about the cloud cover streaming in all night long. we have had to contend with the bruise for the last few days. it is not going anywhere for the rest of the workweek. the clouds will continue to cycle in. with that, we will gradadlly see


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