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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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on this wednesday morning, dry conditions in place across the area. some cloud cover streaming in. no rain in sight. broward county, miami-dade and down through the keys. all is quiet on live first alert doppler. back to the cloud cover. the winds coming along with that. we'llee more sunshine progressively through the morning hours. i think th morning, partly sunny. the afternoon, mostly sunny. 72, right now. oakland park, ft. lauderdale and miami. the breeze, still with us. first alert weather on your wednesday, a mix of sun and clouds early this morning. we can see the cloud deck live with our first alert camera looking down towards aaa. we'll stay 79 for the lunch hour. a warm 81 today. breezy on the beaches with a high risk for rip current. another dry day in south florida. >> good morning to you, south florida. thank you so much for starting off your day with us. they switched our cameras around. this is southbound and this is northbound. northbound, that's where we have an accidt. that's where we also have construction.
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y still have two lanes of traffic blocked off. construction also clearing out of the way. you can see on the approach of that accident scene. you see the cones blocking that right lane. you still see that cars are getting by. no need for an alternate. no need to scare you as you make your way out the door. we have michael spears live on the scene as we just saw. 395 westbound, the ramp to i-95 northbound, partially blocked off. you want to stick tower left-hand ide. you will still be able to ramp on and have a couple of slow-going minutes in the area of monroe. do have an accident on u.s. 1 northbound at mile marker 2 blocking your lanes there. a surprise in the presidential campaign. >> donald trump dominated. bernie sanders getting a lot of attention after a upset win in michigan. tracie potts live in washington this morning on how he did. >> not just how he did it but even more important than that, what it means for his campaign moving forward.
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who i and the rest of the states we are focusing on next week. the question going into this had een, can bernie sanders win a state with a large minority population? he didn't do it in south carolina or nevada, michigan, different story. >> frankly, we believe thaha our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: bernie sanders with new confidence after an unexpected win in michigan. thank you, he tweeted early this morning. the polls were wrong. even sanders didn't see it coming. he won with nearly a third of the black vote. >> hello, cleveland. hello, ohio. >> reporter: hillary clinton didn't mention her mississippi win or michigan loss last night. she picked up more delegates than sanders in our new nbc wall street journal pollhows she beat donald trump by 13 points in november. >> there is only person that did well tonight, donald trump. >> trump won michigan, mississippi and hawaii. >> we started with a field of7
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i really want to close things out. >> he is hoping to do that in florida tuesday with ted cruz closing in on delegates. cruz won idaho tuesday. >> we know we are closing the gap in state after state after state. >> florida could be it for marco rubio. his best finish on tuesday, third. >> i need everybody's vote right now, okay? let's not g g into that. i can't lose any votes. >> john kasich still insistse will win ohio. >> now, it is looking more and more like a two-man race, ted cruz and donald trump. 6 in 10 said they think trump is hurting the party. yet, trump continines to win. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> tracie, thank you. >> julia, we have been talking a lot about the frontrunners. bernie sanders and hillary clinton. bernie sanders taking away a big win yesterday. a lot of people talking about
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a question for florida. marco rubioio is the hometown guy. where is he standing? what does all this mean for him and his campaign? can he win? everything centers on florida. he is not leading in the polls here eher. things looking tougher for republicans at the back of the pack including soh florida, marco rubio. he did not win any states last night. we spoke one on one with the florida senator. he is hinging his hopes on the sunshine state saying it all comes down too florida and march 15th. >> i think the winner of the florida prima is going to be the republican nominee. if it is donald trump, that means we are going to lose this election. >> as i mentioned, donald trump currently leading in the polls in florida. rubio declined to say whether he would support trump as the republican nominee. rub know will be rallying inhialea
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>> no one will ever say decision 2016 wasn't interesting to say the least. >> you can see the extended interviews with bernie sanders and marco rubio. if you missed our exclusive live inttview that sheli and i did with donald trump, you will find that on the app too. this is video on social view 6 and something you will see only on nbc 6. the extensive damage left behind on a miami-dade police cruiser involved in a hit and run crash overnight. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears, tweeting that video out a little bit ago. michael has been out front in front of the story every step of the way. what have you been able to learn since? >> the miami-dade officer who was the victim of a hit and run crash is okay. we will show you video of him in a second. first, i want to give you a look at the active scene, 395 westbound to 95 north. police have one lane shut down.
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they are talking to the two hit and run suspect ns custody. have a look at th brand new video you will only see on 6:00 of that officer. he was unloading his cruiser. next, two new pieces of video of the suspect in custody. the first guy, we are told by police, was a passenger in the ercedes that hit the officer and the second person, you only ge a glimpse of his ear really. that is the driver, according to police. next, ou will see the extentf the danlmage to not only the police cruiser but the mercedes. around 3:30 this morning, the officer was in downtown miami getting on the freeway when that officer was hit allegedly by these twowo guy nss in a mercedes. his quick thinking, radioed in, police got the description and stopped that mercedes a short time later and detained the two suspects. back out here live, an active scene. we have seen numerous tow trucks
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it doptesn't appear they have moved the vehicle. it appears both suspects are under the influence. of course, we asked for this for alcohol, drug and investigators say until the detectives get to worknd get to the bottom, that part is unclear. heads up, one lane blocked. i-95 northbound. you could expect and will be experiencing some delay ns this area. check twitter and facebooknd the nbc 6 news app for updates. we are live in downtown miami. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> we will talk to you again at 6:00 for another update there. as we speak this morning, the search is o for a teenage girl who disappeared last week out of miramar. take a look, 14-year-old kaitlyn king was dropped off at middle school and never came home. she is about 5'5". last seen w wring beige uniform pants, white polo and sneakers. they are anxious to find her for
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ones is she needs her medication. anyone with any information in terms of where she might be is asked to call 904-602-4,000 sdpchlt will. >> federal agenen raided a pharmacy in miami. customers were turned away as agents collected file and documents at kilin pharmacy on west flagler and 19th street avenue in little havana. no official word on bhawhat led up to this raid? they are part of a strike force fraud. they saw the pharmacy owner in facing charges. >> one teen is speaking out after an attempted abduction. the 13-year-old girl walking home from shool along northeast fourth street when she says a man called to her from his suv. she ignored his calls. that guy got out of his car and try today grab her. that't' when she said she pulled immediately. this is what she wants other
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facing a similar situation >> if it does happen, and someone does grab you, just keep fighting them off and don't give up, even if you get tired or anything. don't give up on it. >> you see her running a ay there. she did the right thing and told somebody immediately. if you have any information as to who this person might be that called out to her from that van, you are ask to call broward county cribe stoppers, 954-493-tips. >> a sobriety test gets out of control. there you see it. dash cam video shows the moment things took a turn with the shocking part is who the woman had in the back seat of her car. it has been a loo wait. it is no you official. miami-dade law enforcemt will soon add body cameras to their uniforms. there is one thing that could stifle video cameras. we have clouds up above,
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hour in fort lauderdale. in the lower 70s and climb to the 80s. we will talk about that in your first alert forecast just ahead. >> let's cck out your drive if you are headed out the door. a nine-minute ride from the big curve to the golden glades. we did have some construction. palmetto expressway northbound. a four-minute ride with traffic moving along at 55 miles per
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from the big curve to . >> >> welcome back. more than just a regular dui stop for a woman. what you are about toto see is her giving a field sobriety test. what you can't see is her
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very car she was driving. >> state troopers say they pulled off colleen hoffmann in the emergency lane off i-95 in fort ft. lauderdale. the trooper stopped to see if she neededhelp. after suspecting she was under the influence, she admitted t@ having two drinks at dinner and taking three xanax. she is facing several charges including child abuse without great bodily harm. miami-dade police officers will soon have app new addition to their polole uniform talking about body cameras, giving a green light to the police department t ter endorsing the plan less than a year ago. the commission unananously voted to fund the cameras. the camera would attach to the officer's shirt in the middle or their pocket. the wide angle lens capturing everything in view and the
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the director says study shows use of force goes down once everybody know that is police are using body cameras. miami mayor, carlos gimenez says that body cam raceeras will be a win/win. >> it is not about catching an officer do something wrong, on the rare occasion they do. it is showing the people of miami-dade county the great and extraordinary things they do each and every day. >> that was at the meeting. one catch to the cameras. they don't automatically turn on. officers would be required to turn them on before every interaction with the public sgchlt will. >> this is pretty far reaching.d% the senate will be talking about the department of justice oversight. the only witness will be attorney general, loretta lynch, the head of the department of justice. they are expect today go over problems that could include the battle happening with apple, whether to unlock that phone.
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company, apple, to hack into the iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino terrorists the body of former first lady, nancy reagan will lie in repose at the presidential library in california. she will be buried next to her husband. she died sunday of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old sgchlt will people of centraltexas, waking up to the aftermath of some pretty intense weather tha ripped through there. take a look at that. skit is just littered with debris just outside of dallas. a transformer eplosion was caught on video workers out at a construction site. they had video rollllng there. if it brought dangerous winds, flooding, possibly tornadoes. as the morning pushes on, we will have confirmation of that. trampolines airborne all over the place. heavy stuff.
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tornado was caught on camera. looks like a tornado. debris flying everywhere because of the wind related to that. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's cafe coffee made just or you. i'm loving it. >> first alert weather, meteorologist, lyan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. at 5:48. in contrast, all the active ather that eric was just showing us in texas. here in south florida, we stay rain-free. live first alert dopplerer looking good. showers in the forecast to get us through the rest of the workweek. the changes will be forthcoming as we get into the weekend. on our free mobile app, you can always check live first alert doppler. breezy conditions for the school kids. they are heading out a little bit earlier at 6:36. we will contend with the breeze. no wet weather in sight.
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a nice, warm, breezy morning. here is what we have got for the next few days. the breezy pattern we have been locked into, it continues. a high pressure outut across the western atlantic, also keeping us dry for the rest of the workweek. the temperatures, on their way up with afternoon highs back in the lower 80s. the humidity creeping up as well. the cloud decks rather extensive here from south florida all the way over through the atlantic waters in through the bahamas. along the way, we'l'lfind more breaks in the clouds today and some gusty winds coming in. again, the clouds not bringing any wet weather. sustained wind from thehe southeast in pembrook pines. 20 miles per hour. 21-mile-per-hour. 17-mile-per-hour breezes across miami. the breeze keeping us rather mild this morning. lower 70s for just about everybody. a quick stop through the florida keys. when you get a breeze like this that stays teady, you end up
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81 from key largo to key west. a little more sunshine through the keys and the two-county area. everybody is staying dry. filterrd sunshine at 74. your drive into work, 79 at the lch hour. notice our sustained winds running 20-25 miles per hour. we are up to 81 this afternoon, getting progressively more sunshine. high risk for rip currents on the beaches. that's true for the next few days. high temperatures in the lower 80s. dry through saturday. it is sunday afternoon. we beginin to bring in isolated shower chances in your first alert forecast. no cooldowns in sight. 5:50. back to traffic. here is kelly. >> michael pierce has been live on thescene for about an hour and a half now. this is 395 westbound on the ramp to i-95 northbound. i'll get out of the way so you can see. from an earlier hit and run involving a policic officer. this is still under investigation.
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completely blocked off on the 395 westbound ramp as you are approaching the i-95 northbound ramp. we can see that the left lanes are still getting by. no need for an alternate. give yourself a couple extra minutes. that right lane is blocked off. michael will bring us the latest on this hit and run crash involving a police officer. let's take your to our maps. 395 westbound approaching i-95. the other causeway has been accident-free since 1:30 a.m. we did have an accident scene on 195 westbound that. cleared up a long time ago. we hadconstruction on the palmetto northbound blocking all lanes. it is now clear. in broward county, good news, i-95 is accident and con construction-free. lanes blocked off because of construction on i-95 northbound and pembrook road. >> thank you so much.
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let's turn our attention to the ururt warnings about the zika virus. it impacts people in south florida. in pueo rico, that is the focal point. they are calling the island ground zero in the fight against zika in the united states. health officials are predicting 1 in 5 could be infected. the fda is in the process of shipping blood to puerto rico over fears the locall supplies could be contaminated. 156 cases have been acquire on that island. an american student abroad in israel was stabbed to death. taylor force is his name, a student at vanderbilt was walking the boardwalk near tel-aviv when he was attacked. nine others were stabbed by the same person that night. police eventually killed the attacker. officials say there were two other terror attacks on the same day. the student was in israel to start about a start-up company.
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this wednesday morning, 5:52. still ahead, a florida mayor is planning to visit cuba.
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complete allergy relief or ininmplete. let your eyes decide. flflase changes everything. >>. >> welcome back. a push in tallahassee to remove
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they voted to allocate $1.5 million to rebubu the bodies of the dozier school for boys. it would establish a plan for memorial. the measure has to be signed by governor rick scott. the school was closed in 2011 and former students have accused scsool staff of physical and sepual abuse. wrestling legend, hulk hogan was back on the witness stand in florida answering questions about his sex life. >> what you do in the privacy of your own home, i'm not hulk hogan. in the privacy of my own home, i'm terry bolea. >> hoganwhose real name is terry bolea. is suing the website gauker for $100 million. they published a portion of a sex tape of hogan with his
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"the gauker" argued the puication was protected by the first amendment. mayor clint johnson is planning to visit cuba and return to the sunshine state on a makeshift raft. he says he wants to do this to better understand what cuban migrants go through when crossing the florida state. johnson is mayor of the small central florida city of dubury. he says he will go to havana with his wife. the trip is scheduled for mid-april and he plan toss blog about it. >> your time right now, three minutes to the top of the hour. we're working on a whole lot more for the next hour of news on nbc 6. we were the first on the scene breaking this news out of miami. a hit and run involving a police cruiser. two people have been arrested. it appears alcohol was involved. nbc 66 reporter, michael spears,
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keep it right it turned out to be a surprise finish if you went to bed after the nbc 6 news at night. bernie sanders scores a victory out of michigan ted cruz comes up with the
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>> florida senator, marco rubio, a state hiss campaign thought they would take. rubio finishing third and donald trump capturing his third win of the night. i'm shellyi muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. we have what the candidates are saying. >> let's help you get out of the door. meteorologist, ryan philips catching some windy weather wednesday. is that right? >> you are on par, there, sheli. >> still contending wiwi the pesky breezes. if you are trying to get some quality time in, it is a rough go. let's talk about a dry forecast here. live first alert doppler, no rain in sight despite the fact that we have an extensive cloud deck right at the top of us here. let's move over and see, roadways are dry.


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