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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 9, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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group of ponies breaks loose and pretty much everywhere in south florida in an hour. this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. as i mentioned, a traffic nightmare going op on i-95 right now with a crash involving a motorcycle. our team sending out push alerts directly to your nbc 6 news and weather app alerting you before you head out the door so you didn't get caught in the traffic that was soon to follow. that motorcycle in the middle of the highway. we've been watching g is all this morning tweeting information and helping you get around this. >> kelly, this has been going on for a couple of hours andnd traffic in the area already not a good situation and things compounding as the minutes go by. we sent out the push alert at 7:30 a.m. and anccident involving a america, an infinite i and an mta bus.
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transported to ryder trauma in critical condition. this has been a nightmare for commuters. two hours and 30 minutes to get from the golden gate to the airport expressway and let's show you the first alert cameras and this you see they're partially blocked off southbound and let's change this camera to northwest 151st street. you see the express lanes completely shut down and also one of those local lanes and traffic moving very sllly and now let's take you a little closer to that scene. we missed that one and northwest 54th streetnd you can see it here. traffic is starting to open back uphere as you're approaching the airport expressway, but still those commuters that are stuck past the golden gate interchange will find themselves with a heavy delay and let's take you to the maps and show you how traffic is moving, and traffic moving at 3 miles per hour.
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all and into broward county leaving you with 130 minute, over two hours to downtown miami. back to you guys. > i am very pleased to introduce someone you know very well, miss carly fiorina. >> just moments ago at miami-dade college, carar fiorina announced she was throwing her support behind ted cruz. julia bagg is live at the downtown miami campus and this is huge. how did people react? >> reporter: shly, the crowd here loved it and the texas senator saking to his supporters now and in the last few minutes talking to hem about how he will restore the u.s. military with the ability that they deserve to have, to be able to fight battles abroad. also he's talking about how he claims he is the only candidate
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who has proven to beat donald trump now eight times. that's what he's touting. let's go ahead and look at what things were like when carly fiorina took the stage, electrifying. [ inaudible ] >> she said he is fearless and he's not afraid to take on the status kuo. have a listen to what else she said. >> we're going to have to beat donald trump at the ballot box, and the only guy who canbeat donald trump is ted cruz. >> the crowd certainly loving that, but then also happening just downstairs from where we are at the wilson campus here at miami-dade college, the marco rubio bus circling around this area of downtown miami, of
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here in downtown miami and they're having a rally for that florida senator later today. here it is all ted cruz right now and he's still got the crowd fired up as you can hear them and he's asking for their vote asking them to can others to give them their vote, as well to ignite the party behind him to beat donald trump. we are live at miami-dade college, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> a lot going on there. the presidential andidates out in full force. marco rubio holding a rally this afternoon and it's happening at milander park in hialeah and doors open at 4:00, and the rally starts at 5:00. the florida primaries are next week and it's happening all across the state and election officials are telling us that a million voters have voted early. 67% coming from registered republicans and 44% coming from the democratic side. florida, of course, is a closed primary state and what that means is you can only vote in a
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one specific political party. if not, you cannot vote this time around and if you missed our exclusive live interview with donald trump yesterday morning and sheli and myself did that or our interviews with senator marco rubio or bernie sanders and watch them any time using our nbc 6 news and weather app and our decision 2016 team coverage continues this midday as south florida takes center stage hosting tonight's presidential debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to battle it out at miami-dade community college kendall campus tonight and nbc 6's jawan strader will be there. and kicking off our coverage starting on nbc 6 news at 5:00 tonight and follow him on twitter, his handle on twitter, @jawan. >> wannbc 6. the first to bring you details as it broke during the newscast. michael spears working his sources.
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exclukive video to show us? >> reporter: yeah, we'll show you that video in a second, sheli. this is the intersection east first avenue and not too far from the aaa and this is where the hit and run crash actually happened and luckily the officer is fine and they tell us the driver who took off has s sll not been arrested and two men were detained shortly after the crash and we did learn that both men were released. >> what happened? >> this is exclusive video of two men who police say were detained in connection to a hit and run crash with the miami-dade police officer. minutes before, our cameras were the only rolling as the men were taken from cruisers, uncuffed in miami w`ere they cut a taxi. police say there wasn't enough evidence to arrest the men who
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off from the crash at the entrance to i-395 in downtown miami. an officer onscene told us the crash happened as the officer was driving on to the freeway and that both men who were detained would be placed under arrest and be booked i ito jail. however, once a traffic detective arrived, we learned one of the men were out of the mercedes when officers pulled up and neither were seen behind the wheel. there were no witnesses as to who was driving and police had to let them go. the mercedes is the car involved in th crash according to investigators and was towed away. one of the men had a cut to his face which may explain that statement. we asked about it and police say they suspect the injury possibly came from a side air bag that deployed inside the mercedes. >> as for the officer involved in the crash, he stayed put all morning and didn't need to go to the hospital and left with the wrecker and his banged-up cruiser in tow.
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onseen who said both of those men detained werender the influence. of course, we asked of what and the officer said at this point it's not clear and we just spoke to the miami-dade policeand he told us the hit and run investigation is still very active. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so muc for the date and no doubt we see a lot of crazy stories in south lorida especially when it has to do with animals and uslly it'sal alal alligators or snakes. this time they were ponies and they were on the run. kelly is back and as entertaining as it was, it had an impact on the commute which infuriated a lot of people. this morning there was a chase, sort of. if you have the nbc 6 news and weather app and you were able to find these five, curious ponies on the loose with the deputies hot on their trail and as the
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south along the turnpike between red roadad and@i-57. you can imagine the onlooker delays and they galloped ever so gently along the side of the highway occasionally stopping to munch on grass and get a quick drink of water. rangers tried to block the ponies with police cars lined alongside of the highway and that didn't work out too well and finally at 9:00 a.m. they got tired and stopped and the ponies ran off again and after a quick breather about 15 minutes later they were corralled back behind a white fence. we don't know exactly how they broke loose, but i'm happy to report the chase ended at around 9:20 and alllf the ponies are safe and sound. it was fun while it lasted. live in the studio, kelly blanco, nbc 6 news. family and friends are still looking for a missing miramar teenager. caitlin king was last seen on thursday and she was dropp off
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and never came home. she was 5'", and she was last areaing beige pant, white polo and beige sneakers. she is in need of her medication. anyone who could know anything about where she could be call 954-602-4000. an 18-year-old man is behind bars accused ofn armed robbery, but police are still looking for two more, younger suspects out of this case. investigators are saying that jojothan valenzuela robbed a pair of 15-year-olds near west flagler street in little havana. the victims called 911 right away and did the right thing. police set up a perimeter and caught up with valenzuela and arrested him there. two more suspects are still out there somewhere. no one was injured. a writeup in cuba's communist party newspaper as president obama's visit to the island approaches. the editorial in the newspaper
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criticizes president obama and the united states. it reminds readers the trade embargo is still in place though president obama has tried d end it. it criticizes the united states' support for cuba's political opponents. the writer says president obama has tried to restore relations with cuba and they've been far too limited in the eyes of the country's government, though. still ahead this midday. big-time destruction is what it turned out to be. a massive explosion rips through a seattle neighborhood sending more than a half dozen firefighters straight to the hospital and this midday we're blast. and an ex-marine accused of shooting a prominent pastor after has bizarre behavior outside of the white house. are carbs as bad as cigarettes? there is a link between bread and one type of cancer. mostly cloudy and the breeze only picking up, but now the sunshine is coming back.
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baltimore police officer at the center of some viral video is facing assault and child abuse charges,, based upon what you're
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it shows anthony spence slapping and kicking a tenth grade student at school last week. this happened as another officer was standing nearby, as well and obviously captured on cell phone and that officer was alco charged in this incident. both are expected to be in court next month. nine firefighters are hurt after a natural gas explosion seattle. they were on the scene working a different fire when the explosion occurred. all nine are currently hospitalized with cuts, bruises and burns. here are some pictures of the scene after the blast. the explosion scattered debris across the area and windows were shattered in buildings as far as two blocks away from the scene. neighbors say it sounded like something from an earthquake to an incredibly loud thunder clap to a bomb blast. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips,
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it's kind of a tough forecast for those in town for spring break looking for beach time. we'll talk about the troubles that are out there. we continue our dry pattern and the humidity has been fairly low and it's still comfortable with the exception of the breeze. another afternoon where we are rain-free on live first alert doppler and also down through the keys. the only live radar on the air in south florida, likely to keep things quet and the dry through saturday. it's sunday that we may see some changes in our forecast. let's look outside. this is the camera we were lookg at before we went to commercial break and it's from the diplomat resort and spaa into hollywood beach looking down through hallandale beach. we had some breaks in the clouds already and we are back to mostly cloudy skies and we've been waiting for a break in the cloud deck as we take you through the last three hours into miami and it's just the cloud that keeps rolling in, but there will be finally a breakin the clouds just behind us there into the afternoon hours and i think things do get better, but
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rather breezy and preseing a dangerous rip current possibility out on the beaches, bu the area of high pressure driving all of this, at least keeping this very dry and temperatures fairly warm and the temperatures will be cloudy in the days ahead and the one thing you'll notice is the humidity coming up, as well. >> visible satellite, watching the clouds and watching the breeze across southeast florida through central florida and all of the way up into northern florida and a stream of moisture in place and check this out and you can see breaks in the cloudss offshore and that will cycle into the skies later this afternoon and progressively brighter and the winds are getting strongerer too. east-southeast early at 24 hours sustained in pompano beach and you can see wind gusts to 30. again, leading to dangerous rip currents. 78 in fort lauderdale and 78 in west kendall and 79, a warm location into the miami area. that's an area of high pressure parked across the western atlantic waters and not likely
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difference between high pressure off to the east and low pressure into eastern texas and western louisiana. nasty weather there, and i'll keep all of the rain at bay and the dry ridge of high pressure for us and we'll keep the flash flood threat very high here and we're seeing a tremendous amount rain and you can see eight to 12 inches of rain over the course of the next 48 hours, but here all is quiet and 81 the high today. breezy conditions continuing and temperatures again into the lower 80s away from the beach, and on the beach, can't emphasize it enough and gusts to 30. high temperatures there at 79. we're trying to get decent beach weather and i think a better chance for that as the winds come down just a notch. breezy, warm and dry until sunday and that's when wewe bring on the chance for some shower activity by sunday afternoon all the while lower 80s to take you through the upcoming weekend. eric? sheli? >> thank you so much.
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shooting a prominent minister last weekend on sunday in idaho was taken into custody and arrested overnight 2,000 miles away, all of the way to washington, d.c. the suspect identified as kyle andrew odom was allegedly throwing items ovov the white house fence tuesday evening. >> it wasn't until they arrested him when they realized that he was the idaho suspected shooter. pete will items reports. >> reporter: the secret service says kyle andrew odom was seen outse the white house throwing what are described as documents and a computer flash drive over the fence. the scene around the white house was still active hours later. the 30-year-old was immediately taken into custody, putting an end to a three-day man hunt. >> i think everyone can breathe a big sigh of relief that at least this part of the case has come to a conclusion. >> reporter: the case started in idaho where police shot a prominent evangelical pastoror pastor tim remington had
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ted cruz at a campaign rally. >> you get all the glory, all of the honor and all of the praise for it, lord. >> remington was walking out of his church to his car when he was shot six timesd critically wounded and odom was quickly identified as the suspect. police now believe odom flew from boise, idaho, to washington on monday and they're still baffled about how he managed to elude them and board the plane in the first place. the pastor was not the only target and they say odom who had a history of mental problems revealed his plan in a letter sent to his parents and news media. >> there is a number of paople listed in the manifesto and people as well as government officials and it was disturbing to us. >> that was pete williams reporting. okay, if you eat a lot of carbs, having some for lunch right now,
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attention since surprising new research is linking it to lung cancer. >> a new study is suggesting thatathe carbs and the sugar they turn into once they're in your by may be worse for you than smoking cigarettes. for nbc 6 this midday, erica hill explains. >> reporter: we know too many carbohydrates may be dangerous for your waistline and now it may cause an increased risk of lung cancer even if you've never been a smoker. the study, m.d. anderson cancer centrecom paired roughly 2,000 patients with lung cancer to 2500 without. researchers found non-smokers bhus whose diet his a high glycemic index were two times more likely to develop cancer than those with a low one. >> the sugar of the foods you're eating rushing into your bloodstream which is want combined with fiber which would hold it in your gut.
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question, white bread, bagels, popcorn and white potatoes, carbes that can easily turn into sugar. >> y y don't just have to worry about cigarettes anymore. you have to worry about how much sugar flows into your bloodstream. >> with more than 150,000 people expected to die this year e it's the leading cause of cancer death and the second mst common cancer in both men and women. >> it's the simplest, easiest thing you can do right now. every morning instead of putting the two lumps of shulling ar, swap out one for cinnamon. >> in addition to exercise and healthy habit, the study recommends opting for foods with a lower glycemic index like whole wheat bread, bran and steelcut oatmeal. >> sugar was never meant to be a meal. sugar was meant to be a spice like pepper and that's the amount you should be getting in your diet. >> it's a shame.
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erica hill reporting for us this midday and great news for maria menounos. roxy has the details. >> she put a ring on it. >> the e! news host is engaged. he actually popped the question this morning during her on-air appearan on the howard stern show. look at her face, she's shocked and maria menounos, when kevin walked into the room, surprised her and got down on one knee. the two have been dating since april 1998. so they're kind of married already? >> after five years, you seal the deal already. coming up at 11:30, the carmichael show and they're back for season two and i go one-on-one with comedian gerard carmichael with the sneak preview and the shenanigans and then some, right? plus, it is a zoo in the studio today, literally. seaworld and busch gardens chat with us about the upcoming food
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store for you and the entire . all right, ryan. what have you got? >> just be careful on the beaches. a lot of folks on spring break and the high rip current risk and ototerwise, more sun coming back at us and the next rain chance not until sunday. >> all right. sounds good.
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well, prisoners in new york city may be in for quite a treat if pamela anderson has her way. i'm roxanne vargas and thank you so much for joining us on "6 in the mix." 13-time playboy cover girl, that's right.
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and "baywatch" star. > anderson has volunteered to serve inmates atat new york city prison if their food goes vegan. anderson who is a spokesperson for poeta wrote a letter to cuomo suggesting they could save over $2 million a year with the change. no word on whether they've taken her up on that offer or not, but i'm sure the inmates would oblige, right? rapper 50 cent expected to appear in court in connecticut today for his bankruptcy hearing. the judge in the case ordered the rapper to appear and explain the photos he posted of himself with stacks of cash. 50 cent says the stacks of money aren't real and he isn't hiding any assets. sad news, george martin, the beatles' producer and arranger who supervivid the band's


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