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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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litz is live out here on miami-dade college campus here to talk a little bit more about what's happening here. steve? >> reporter: hey, jawan. you and jackie both talked about the buzz on campus. the students and the administration here, they love it when the political spotlight shines on campus. a big night last night in those caucuses and primaries for both candidates. it only adds to the drama and momentum momentum. at 9:00 tonight, hundreds will fill the gymnasium at miami-dade college'c kendall campus. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders will debate the issues leading up to tuesday's florida primaries. university of south florida political science professor susan mcmannis told me young voters could tilt this race. >> the millennials are firmly in the hands of bernie sanders. the downside for him in florida
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universities are on spring break. >> reporter: clinton has a hefty lead. 62% compared to sanders '32%. he's opening an upset win in michigan last night will energize his democratic base. >> i want to take thihi opportunity to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls. >> reporter: clinton won big in mississippi and chose to boast about the campaign her and sanders are age ingwaging. >> we have differences, but i'll tell you those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> reporter: tonight't' debate just one hour is expected to be substantive. just six days before floridian go to the polls. a lot of eye osess on this one,
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rick scoto's administration. she has an opinion and there are protesters out here as well. those angles coming up at 6:00. i'm steve litz, nbc 6 news. as you might imagine out there having a presidential debate on your campus is causing a lot of hype among students and faculty out there. with more on that, willard shepard joins us with more on that. >> reporter: we're just a short distance from where you are on the campus. we're an area where a lot of students get their lunch and coffee. here's where the volunteers are checking inin ms. they're tracking facebook here as well and also the gentlemen here have set up -- you can get your picture with a cutout of bernie sanders or if your candidate is hillary clinton,
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them. that's been going on throughout the course of the day. >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: noneez is one of the lucky students. he's going to get inside the debate. >> i want to see how they're going to respond to their questions. >> reporter: bernie sands has done very well with young voters, but this afternoon many of the students told us they haven't made up their minds. >> i'm leaning towards one side, but i haven't made up my mind entirely. >> what's the most important issue for you? >> education, college tuition. >> >> >> reporter: regardless of the specifics, one thing all here agree on is their school will be
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it. >> i'm actually really excited today. i'm really looking forward to the fact that miami-dade is hosting the event and going to the school that's hosting it is a great experience. >> reporter: and these are some of the pictures taken with the cutouts today. a lot of students having a lot of fun here joking around with those cutouu. here behind me here in this student area where they have a coffee shop set up, a lot of students coming in here relaxing afterwards. many of the students will be in here watching the debates throughout the course of this evening. many of the students telling us here they are undecided. they want to hear some substantive conversation from these two candidates tonight. willard shepard, nbc 6 news. thank you. i spoke with a student who said pretty much the same thing. okay, now let's take a look at
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right now. clinton has won 1,194 delegates. the vermont senator trails her with 569 delegates. now, clinton also holds the lead in florida according to a new poll o o there released today along with republican donald trump as welel but senator marco rubio isn't going down without a fight in his home state. our team coverage continues now with marissa bagg. she joins us live now from hie hialeah with more on a rally for the senator. >> reporter: it should start any minute now, but there was a bunch of applause just a few minutes ago. that's because fox news anchor megyn kelly just arrived here. we have a bunch of cameras and people trying to get autographs
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a new poll released a few hours ago shows trump doubling rubio's number with 45% saying they'll voteor trump and 22% for rubio. that's quit a crushing blow for the local senator who has promised he'll win his home state and therefore 99 delegates. some news outlets have claimed rubio will drop out of the presidential race before next week's primaries if his poll numbers don't improve. some supporters say they want to see him go all the way noatter what. >> what we need to do is have people come out a vote for him to see whether he can win the most important, which is florida. >> it doesn't worry us. it's not the first time. >> reporter: supporters telling me they hope mr. rubio addresses their concerns about the relationship currently between the u.s. and cuba.
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tonight. he is on his way over here from florida international university. we're expecting him to arrive here at theemoment. we'll be live at 5:30 and 6:00 at thelatest. nbc 6 news. thank you. rubio's rival texas senator ted cruz getting a big endorsement while campaigning today in miami. dan krauth is live with more on carly fiorina's change of heart. >> this is a change of heart, calling him in the only guy who can beat donald trump. she reemergednd threw her support behind cruz. she voted for cruz last tuesday in a virginia primary. she said he would take on the washington establishment and applauded his consistency on the issues. he's always been a, quote,
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doesn't care whose feathers he ruffles. >> it is time to unite behind the one man who can beat donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton, who can beat the d.c. cartel. it is time to unite behind ted cruz. >> no one individual, no one candidate, can make america great again. the only force strong enough to restore this nation is we,, the people. >> reporter: fiorina and cru share key campaign planks incleding their stance on abortion and abolishment of the irs. >> cruz hopes to pick up nough delegates to deny donald trump a victory at the convention. it takes one 1,237 delegates to win the repububcan nomination for president. news just in tonight that might impact those standings. nbc has confirmed that former
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is planning to meet with his once republican rivals who are still in the running. sit-downs with rubio, cruz, and kasich are in the coming days. you notice that list doesn't include frontrunner donald trump. >> florida voters hold a lot of power in their hands tuesday. coming up in the next half hour, keith jones will have a closer look at how younger hispanic voters could sway the standings and nora rodriguez we have an interview with marco rubio that she had at his town hall today. the nation paying its respect to the late nancy reagan who died over the weekend from heart failure at the age of 94. the former first lady lies at
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library in simi valley, california. she'll be buried next to her husband. the pair were married for 52 years. nbc 6 is everywhere following airst alert traffic situation on miramar parkway. it is closed between arcadia drive and island drive. five people had to be trsported to nearby hospitals. among them fourteens teens. the extent of the injuries are unknown and how the accident played out. next on 6, r rad runners. how a group of ponies managed to make south florida traffic even worse during this morning's commute. poli officers struck by a hit-and-run driver. detectives detained two men, but
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why the best stroller for your family won't cost you as much as you think. we've been rain free on this wednesday. beautiful end to our day. it has been breezy all day. i'll have details on your windy weather pattern coming up in my forecast. coming up in our next half hour of neww tv news anchors
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the lights go off jus an update on a story we've been following this morning. police have yet to make an arrest in the hit-and-run involving a police officer. the driver along with his passenger was stopped not far from the crash scene. however there was not enough evidence to aest the men who were under the influence and driving with deployed air bags. >> did you guys hit that officer? what happened? >> we're sorry. >> as for the officerinvolved, he didn't need to go to the hospital. two new cases have been diagnosed in polk county, including the state's first sexually transmitted the case. the person to person transmission involved someone
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the total number in florida is 52. of the florida casas, only three are still showing sytoms. >> nbc 6 is everywhere. ponies gone wild in a south florida neighborhood. those runaways hit the road causing quite a stir during the morning commute. >> quite a stir, and many of you watted the whole thing go down live. claudia doe come claudia docampo shows us how they were able to corral them. >> reporter: the ponies apparently went through an opening in this fence across from their pin. they tried stopping the ponies, but they couldn't catch up to them. the ponies galloped alongi-75 and red road for about a half hour. this woman brought each pony back inside the fence.
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their outing walked in as if nothing had happened. we're not sure why the ponies ran off. maybe they just needed some exercise. here they are. as you can see,hey're behind the fence all safe and sound. none of them were hurt during this whole ordeal. again, they're back home. nbc 6 news. all right. south florida, we had a beautiful wednesday. rain free so far for this workweek. our radar has been very quiet for most of the day. a really nice start to our evening. let's jump right in. quiet conditions across broward county into miami-dade and even off into the keys. let's take a look at the headlines for today. strong high pressure has been keepipi us pretty stable.
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remain remainder of the day. temperatures have been slowly warming up. we'll continue to see that happening along with humidity levels. some changeseare headed our way. temperatures right now, we're comfortly in lyably in the 70s. upper 70s further inland. still in the lower 80s outside of our viewing area along the west coast. it was a pretty quiet day. a few passing clouds coming along with that breezy east windy. zooming out across much of our sunshine state, you can see the effect the high pressure is having on us. not only for us, but our friends ross the bahamas. most of the cloud cover is concentrated over the gulf of mexico and well up the gulf
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upper mississippi valley. for us, i mentioned strong high pressure intact. it will remain intact and anchored over the atlantic. clockwork circulation is leaving that wind. temperatures in the 70s. rain free into our wednesday. a breezy east wind will leave us under partly cloudy skieie temperatures will remain 10 to 8 degrees above average. seven-day forecast looking pretty good as far as t workweek is concerned. temperatures continue to be in e 80s, a few degrees above average, but the brey conditions are going to stick around. wehave that strong high pressure system. two with that approaching cold
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that's what will allow those humidity levels to creep upup the cold front will leave us with a chance of a few showers, into sunday. we'll also see temperatures reaching into the 80s. remember, this weekend saturday night into sunday we spring sleep. temperatures will continue to remain warm unfortunately feeling more like spring and into the stdrt of summer. then finally that cold front does clear the area. things are expected to dry out come tuesday into wednesday. kncking temperatures down just a few degrees for the overnight hours. it's looking like the warmth is here to stay. when it comes to carting around kids, you've got to have a stroller. >> you have to. coming up, consumer reports
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your family. > a special education on 6 report. >> reporter: what is this hunk
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it's aesign that could end u a stroller for your young child is essential. >> it sure is and finding the right one to fit your family can be tricky, especially for first-time parents. consumer reports put over a dozen strollers to the test. >> you can find them in all dierent shapes, sizes, and prices. consumer reports has just tested 19 of the latest strollers and tells us whi ones are really worth your money this may look like a luxury vehicle and it is for a baby. the price tag, $1300. these new strollers are sure to stand out with high-end finishes like gleaming metal, leather, and designer fabrics. they also have a price tag to match.
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explains the style isnsn everything. >> you can find a good stroller and a good looking stroller at almost every price point. >> reporter: they are tested for safetymaneuverability, and ease of use. this chicio stroller is a good value. >> it has a one-hand fold, which is super easy and it self-stands, which makest easy to store. >reporter: with similar strollers selling for over $500, it is a best buy at $230. if your child is older, you may appreciate the convenience of an un umbrella stroller. >> it has a large canopy. it's going to keep the sun and wind out of your child's face.
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carry it with just one hand. it is a best buy at $140. if you don't need as many bells and whistles, check out the summer infant three delight. no matter which stroller you use, your child should be fully buckled into the harness at all times for safety. >> i'll be talking some notes there. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> live team coverage of the democratic debate here in south florida. >> reporter:r:'m jawan strader live on miami-dade college's kendall campus where the stage is set for the democratic presidential debate. we'll look at how groups on local college campuses are
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the showdown in south florida. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in tonight's democratic debate. the stage for the matchup the kendall campus of miami-dad college. >> the presidential hopefuls balling up their fists preparing
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mississippi and michigan primaries. >> the fight for florida continues to intensify as we close in our state's primary now just six days away. it is do or die for the hometown hopeful. >> the florida senator trails in the polls and in delegates. rubo walking away last night empty handed. they're going head to head in the last debate before the florida primary. >> jawan strader begins our live team coverage from miami-dade college's kendall camams. >> reporter: the atmosphere is pretty electric. i spoke to one student who talked about being somewhat undecided, but leaning a little bit towards one candidate. he was talking about why the cost of education is so important. many of the students have pretty much the same thing also. there's a lot of security. security is tight here on miami-dade college kendall campus here.
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the candidates tonight are likely to debate i iigration and campaign strategy as they try to sway voters in our swing state. for more on that, let's check in with jay gray. he is also on campus with more on that. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. look, this entire area, the coast bracing for what will be a political storm`no doubt. you've got the democrats tonight here. the republicans tomorrow. rallies and stump speeches through next tuesday's primary. the focus of the presidential campaign now shifts to florida with both parties and all six candidates looking to draw a political line in the sand. for the democrats, it begins at miami-dade community college where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate in just a few hours. sanders had a surprise primary win last night in michigan.


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