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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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poll from a little bit earlier that was released. the former secretary of state is leading the vermont senator 62 to 32% among florida likely democratic primary voters. let's talk a little more about this feisty debate. steve? >> reporter: good'veing.. you know, the tone has been okay for the most part as far as these two candidates being cordial to each other over the past nine or ten months. but as we've moved forward in this election season, the tone has taken a bit more of an edge. these two candidates do agree on many of their progressive issues like immigration, for instance. but thr differences lie in how to reach those goals. transparency and trust was talked about, with secretary clinton's e-mail controversy being discussed with the moderator, blunt t th his
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>> there was no permissiono be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. >> if you get indietcted, will you drop out? >> i'm not even answering that question. it will not ppen. >> reporter: when talking about voting recording, the conversation did get a little heated. listen. >> no, i did not oppose the bailout or the support of the automobile industry! no, i do not support vigilante. that is an unfair statement. madame secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> reporter: this debate was broadcast on a spanish language network. both took issue with president obama's deportation of more than
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but they were emphatic about their positions on not deporting children and not breaking up families. >> i think it's important that we move to a comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time, stop the roundups, stop the raids, stop the deporting. >> the idea that a mother is living here and her children are on the other side of the border is wrong, and immoral. >> reporter: it did not take long for gop front-runner donald trump's name to come up here this evening. it happened early on in this debate. hillary clinton called some of his ideas flat out un-american. >> you don't make america great by gettinin rid of everything that made america great. i think it's un-american. i think what he ha promoted is not at all in keeping with american values.
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were asked if they think donald trump is a racist, and both clinton and sanders refused to directly answer the estion. but they were critical of trump's speech race and ethnicity and how he delivers his potical message. >> that the american people are never going to elect a presidene w insults mexicans, who insults muslims. several years ago, trump was in the middle of the so-called birther movement. nobody has ever asked me for my birth certificate. maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin. >> reporter: there were many cuban-americans across south florida who paid attention to this debate. again, it was broadcast in spanish, and they heard both candidates criticize the cuban communist government, but the candidates agreed with president obama's move to warm relations with cuba.
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leaders who are chosen by the cuban people, and i hope that democracy will be deeply rooted in cuban soil. >> but i think we have got to end the embargo. [ applause ] i believe that we should move towards normalized political relations with cuba. i think at the end of the day, it will be a good thing for the cuban people. >> reporter: thihi was an important night, because this was the last opportunity for these o candidates to get before a national television audience and press their positions on what are very important issues. of course, this debate happening just a few days before the florida primaries that happens a week for tuesday. so back over to you. an interesting night for these candidates and terrific night for here at kendall campus, they hosted a terrific debate. >> reporter: thank you so much for that live report.
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now with lur social view on 6. the democratic debate has not only been trending here in florida but across the florida, using the #demdebate. willard shepard is live with more onwho watched the debate. willard willard? >> reporter: we're just outsidi the arena where they've come out. we've been with these volunteers, like the student here in the blue shirt. they're giving out gift bags and other things from the university throughout the course of the evening. a lot of dignitaries pouring by us who got chance to get a front row seat for this debate between the two democratic candidates. we saw a lot of students who said they were undecided at the top of their list, immigration. just a few steps from where the candidates were going at it, these students were taking it all in.
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other nds or thehe parents were. therefore, a close ear on anything about immigration. >> i think the issue on immigration is something big with me right now. i see the two sides and they're very flip-flop about the whole everything. >> reporter: bernie sanders has voters. undecided. >> well, i think hillary clinton, she has some value, like some actual goodpoints. but i'm still undecided between hillary and bernie sanders. >> well, before i was very pro bernie, but this debate has kind of opened up by eyes about certain issues that i really wasn't aware about. >> reporter: the clinton crowd didn't like the direct question about her e-mails. >> i'm satisfied w wth what hillary clinton is saying, it's not about the e-mails, they just keep on antagonizing the
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it's already been disclosed that she didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: sanders' wall street message resonated again here. >> he's consistent with what he preaches and he's been preaching thehesame thing for years. and that makes me feel secure. >> reporter: a lot of these students that we spent the evening with volunteered to be out here so they could take this experiencein of being up close with these candidates. some of them actually inside the debate, the others out here meeting and grgrting some of the political elite here in south florida fromom across the state, by all accounts they all say that they leard something tonight, a little more about each of these candidates. however, a lot of them told us they're still undecided, still don't kno exactly what they'll do next week. juwaun, back over to you. >> reporter: it should be interesting, willard. this is the democratic delegate tracker.
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lead here. she has 1194 delegates, while senator bernie sanders has 569. but look at this. this isault about this magic number here that is needed. 2,383. okay, turning now to the republican side of things, they will debate tomorrow night. it's going to be pretty much the same of what's going on here. we know this is going to be one interesting debate that's going to go down tomorrow on the campus of the university of miami at the bank united center. many of them are looking to draw up support before the big primary next week, march 15. senator ted cruz picked up a surprise endorsement today from cacay fiorina. the former presidential candidate appeared with cruz at a rally in downtown miami. the next big endorsement in the reublican race could come for former presidential candidate jeb bush. ke met today with marco rubio and will meet individually tomorrow with ted cruz and john
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the former florora governor has yet to endorse anyone since dropping out of the race for the white house last month. >> let me tell you something, i will be on that ballot tuesday. i will campaign as long as it takes. we are going to the white house. >> reporter: now, if florida's marco rubios determined to go down fighting. he held a rally today. [ no audio ] >> marco rubio has his eyes on florida and to que him, he's focused like a laser. seconds after taking the tage at a rally in hialeah, marco rubio squashed rumors about him dropping out of the race. >> let me tell yousomething, i will be on that ballot on tuesday.
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we are going to t white house. >> reporter: the florida senator encouraged everyone to vote. he expressed the importance of a win in his state and spo at length in both english and spanish about the american dream. >> i learned about the american dream by knocking on your doors. i learned about the american dream by going into your living rooms. >> reporter: rubio also spent part of his day at florida international university, participating in an msnbc town hall moderated by chuck todd.. >> marco rubio is experiencing his near death political experience. is it near death and wins florida and moves on? >> reporter: one student asked him bout christian principles and his attacks on donald trump. >> if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. i was embarrassed about it. >> i met with him and we have
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suffice it to say, i have great respect and admiration for jeb bush. >> reporter: and polls show trump ahead of rubio in florida, but you just heard from the senator, he pla to fight for a win in his home sta. reporting live, laura rodriguez, "nbc 6 news." >> laura, thank you. so let's take a look at the numbers that laura was talking about. donald trump leading rubio here, 45-22. that's according to aew quinnipiac poll. ted cr has 18% to john kasich's 8%. and the gop white house hopefuls are in a tight race, if you look at the delegate count. 1237 delegates are needed to win the nomination. that's the magic number on the republican side. front-runner donald trump has 459, followed by ted cruz with 364. senator marco rubio has 153.
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so, again, it's been a very, very busy day here at miami-dade college's kendall campus, but a very interesting one. many people, staff, the students are very excited and happy for this presidential debate on campus. now all eyes tomorrow are looking forward to the university of miami. jackie? >> it is an exciting time for south florida to have two debates here in our backyard. good work out there and we'll do it again tomorrow. so far over 400,000 people have voted early in the state of florida. another 985,000 have returned ttir absentee ballots. you can see the breakdown of voters on your screee if you want to vote early, you still have time. get all the information you need on the "nbc 6 news" and weather app. south florida, we've been dry so far and it's halfway through the workweek. but now we have some changes. moisture is slowly but surely creeping up.
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after the break. a homestead high school student is accused of violating -- we have the disturbing details ahead in a live report.
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time for this would-be take a look at this face. miami-dade police say he's accuseddf sexual battery and threats and extortion. we're joined live from homestead. marissa? >> reporter: jackie, this is the kind of story that raises red flags about minors using social media, especially when their parents aren't watching them closely. miami-dade scho police put out this flyer tonight showing the man they arrested who they say victimized multiple female students here at homestead high school and they're worried there are more victims. out of class and into jail.
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student is now an accused sexual predator. 18-year-old terry's alleged victims are 15 and 16-year-old girls. investigators say he threatened the teenagers and force them to perform sex acts on him. in court today, his attorney argued he should be allowed to bond out of jail. >> he's a predator on these kids from the school. threatening them. they're going toharm them and their family if he doesn't perform sexual acts and send nude photos.s >> reporter: he allegedly used the kick messenger app to contact his victims and demanded nude photos. in the instances where victims september photos, he would then threaten to share those pictures on facebobo unless he got his way. miami-dade police detectives say the crimes went on from november to december last year, and the girls finally told police and school administrator the school district called this case extremely disturbing,
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this incident serves as a good reminder that parents need to monitor their children's social media activity a a warn them of negative consequences when it is used improperly. he now faces multiple charges of sexual battery by coercion and for allegedly threatening the victims. and the judge ordered that he remain in jail. she did not give him a bond. the state attorney's office is urging anybody who recognizes him or thinks they may have been victimized by him to call miami-dade police. police say they've solved the case of the serial groper. their suspect is in jail for those crimes. cops charged the 22-year-old with battery and assault after half a dozen women claimed a man touched them inappropriately as theyere jogging. police say two victims reported that the suspect threw rocks at them. they nabbed him in the same area
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happened. now, first alert weather. meteorologist erera delgado with the forecast. >> south florida, halfway through the workweek and things have been okay so as far. we've been rain free for most of the week. radar looking quiet, nice way to end our wednesday and great way to start the second half of our workweek. no rain anywhere in sight. that goes for miami-dade, broward county and into the florida keys. i want to take a look outside, as you can see that is the american arables arena. from time to time, you'll see the camera shaking. that's because we're still dealing with gusty winds and that will be the trend tonight, tomorrow and the next few days. so gusty winds will continue up until the start of the weekend. high pressure remains in tact and remains strong. now through the second half of the workweek, we'll see
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creep up across much of the area and you'll feel the difference come this weekend. right now, temperatures comfortably in the mid 70s on the mild side. 74 in miami. 73 ft. lauderdale. that goes for the kendall area, as well. we're dealing with a few passing clouds moving in along the breezy east wind. it is a very quiet start to wednesday night. high pressure off the carolina coast will main anchored there. but as the weekend approaches, it will weaken and move towards the east and this isthe front right behind me will slowly but surely approach south florida, bringing changes for the weekend. for your thursday, waking up to temperatures in the 70s. cloud cover ghs, back into the low 80s. of course, that rip current will remain on the higher end of the scale for tomorrow. looking past tomorrow, friday, and into the weekend, temperatures remain in the low 80s.
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we'll begin to see humidity levels continuing to go up for saturday. daylight saving time begins on sunday, and we'll see an isolated shower at best. it will be warm. a group of ponies hit the road for a half hour of freedom. they began their adventure this morning as drivers began their commute along the turnpike. the animals escaped together through an opening in the fence only to leave the highway patrol on an only-in-florida chase. a wan herded them back into a fence where they stopped for water and rolled in the grass. still ahead, model prisoners released from prison today.
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tries to stix up a taxi talk about bad timing. a would-be robber got into the wrong taxi this week in pennsylvania. >> give me all your money, man. give me everything you got, now! >> all right, all right. >> video shows what happened when a thief pulled a gun on the taxi driver. the cab was at a a traffic light
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well, take a look at the vehicle behind the taxi, can you see that? it's a police car. as the driver did not go when the light turned reen, the cop got out to see what was wrong. and the officer was able to get the suspect to exit the cab without resistance. the 18-year-old robber was arrested. now to an update on the infamous felon dubbed the hot convict whose mugshot made him an online viral sensation. jeremy meeks is out of prison a may be ready to start his modeling career. records show he's in a reentry program in california and will be released july 7. he was arrested on weapons charges but his looks raised the possibility of a model career. he now has an agent from an international talent management agency. the 32-year-old is now considering several modeling and acting offers. today, the carnival of miami
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than 200 participants played in a friendly round of dominos. they tested their skills against the best domino players south florida has to offer. >> always fun. the miami heat going for their sixth straight win tonight.
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moment that cha the miami hat haven't been hotter all year. yet there's something about the
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always gives them problems. tonight, same deal. miami came into milwaukee on a five-game win streak. this dunk was beauauful. thipgs went south on this sequence here. winslow is called for a flagrant. ke a look. miami never recovers. dragic to whiteside. that cuts it to three. whiteside had 23 points, 13 rebounds off the bench. next play, chris milton blows by dwyane wade. rough game for him. heat se 114-108. next up, chicago on friday. you won't believe what the newest miami dolphin said about the team's owner. martin williams told reporters, get this, he was shocked how cool ross was. he said, it was like talking to someone who is 30 years old. it makes you wonder, are we
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>> my role of an owner is to give them all -- put them in a position to win and do everything we can. >> cool/ huh? that guy? williams said he loved ross' energy and enthusiasm. whatever, it worked. the dolphins added williams and two possible starters via trade in free agency. but they also lost five players today. vernon signs with the giants. $85 million over five years. miller also gone, four years, $26 million for him. brent grimes now released. he's yet to sign with another team. and rashard matthews goes to tennessee. shelby to atlanta. in boca, u.s. women's soccer team stays perfect, beating germany 2-1. in the first-ever she believes cup, alex morgan scoring for the u.s. the world cup champs went 3-0 in the tourment.
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a perfect (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the beatles "twist and shout." >> this happened on a coroner the united kingdom. street performers kept the crowd going and going. it's proof you're never too old to bust a move. >> that's pretty good. we should all learn from her, with that kind of energy at that age. >> stamina, she keeps on going and going. i'm surprised she didn't wear that outfit the guy in the tights was in. >> let's talk about the weather. >> yeah, it's warm and humid, but it's nice. we've been rain free and looks like we will be rain free, maybe an isolated shower on sunday. other an that, pretty nice the next few days. >> [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
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rockefeller center in the heart rockefeller of new york city, it's "the of new york city, it's "th tonight show starring tonight sh jimmy fallon." jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --t, join jimmy and his gueststs- penelope cruz, penelope cruz, super bowl champion super bowl peyton manning, peyton manning, magic johnson, magic johnson, musical guest halsey. musical gueseshalsey. and featuring the legendary roots crew.e legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 415, >> questlove san francisco! san francisco! woo! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is, >> steve: and now, here he i jimmy fallon! jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: excited. i love it. oh, hey. welcome, welcome, welcomom


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