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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening, i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. >> tuesday's election considered a must-win for senator marco rubio, but trump maintains he's going to come out on to >> tonight, team coverage from the campaign trail. we start with jackie nespral live from the university of miami's campus in coral gables, the sightte of tonight's big debate. jackie? >> reporter: when i graduated from the university of miami in 1989 it was a much different campus. as i look behind me, i see the student union and new buildings. there's a lot of new development here on campus. as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. senator marco rubio graduated from here in 1996. he must make a statement here tonight in order to stop donald trump. for more on that, we send it over to jay gray live on campus. jay? >> repopoter: hey, jackie.
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the spin room. tonight is a crucially timing event for the republican party and all of the ndidates. it's their final face-to-face showdown before the pivotal primary on tuesday where each of these candidates are trying to make their mark. the votes could deliver some clarity to what's been a chaotic political season so far. the democrats firing up their ground game in florida. bernie sanders fresh off a surprise win in michigan and looking for more. >> on tuesday, we got five states coming up, including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we're going to pull auchoff an upset here as well. >> reporter: hillary clinton leading in the polls and the delegate unt. >> people ask me all the time who do i want to run against. that's not for me to decide, but given what they've all said, i will take any one of them. >> porter: three of the four
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to the sunshinetate now looking for a ray of hope in a race that's been controlled to trump. president. >> reporter: marco rubio is desperate for a win in his home state. john kasich confident he'll win his home state of ohio. ted cruz has cut into trump's lead and picked up some added support from a senate colleague today, the first to endorse his campaign. >> he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump and who can defeat health care and i believe held. >> reporter: the most important endorsement comes from voters who got their next chance to weigh in on tuesday. the states in play, florida, ohio, illinois, missouri, and north carolina. donald trump leads in all five. that's the latest here in the spin room.
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>> reporter: thank you very much. we all know florida is a swing state. you never know which way it is going to go. it truly a battleground state. they're looking at the hispanic vote, especially the young latino vote because it has a larger share of the voters. for more on that, we go to amanda plasencia. >> reporter: the voices of young latino voters are heating up miami politics. >> it's important for the candidates to understand that latino issues are american issues. >> reporter: in conjunction with the democratic presidential debates in miami, they focused on clilite change and economic opportunity. >> we're here because we understand the hispanic votees crucial in getting good leaders elected.
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victory project aims to make sure latinos have true representation in congress. >> we are the fastest growing demographic in the united states. a big myth is we're the largest minority. if we don't vote, if we don't show up, that means nothing. >> latinos score the highest as caring about environment, energy, and climate. >> reporter: no one feels the effects of climate change than here in south florida. they stress ththneed for effective policies when it comes tolean air and water. >> we live in the most endangered city towards sea level rise. >> reporter: these youth say they want presidentia candidates to remember latinos during decision016. >> to not listen to our vote is a huge mistake for any politician who wants to win in
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>> reporter: these panelis hope it will show not only the power of the young latino voices, but that they will be heard at the polls. >> when you talk about the latino vote, you have to mention that senator marco rubio is cuban american. he is banking on winning the state of florida. he is bridging the gap, but he still has more work to do. let's take a look at some of the polls. the combinations of polls, trump holding onto to 40% support, rubio 25%, followed by ted cruz in third place and kasich with 8%. now we also have to talk about hillary clinton because she's taking her message to the voters of north carolina today after she was here in south florida yesterday. here's a live look at her campaigning in durham, north
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clinton says she is distraught and appalled by the developments at trump's campaign events. we talked about that with debbie wasserman earlier today. i'm back here live on the university of miami campus. we're just over two hours away republicans. we're going to get more on the 6:00. jackie nespral. back to you. a developing situation now at ted cruz's campaign headquarters in texas. take a live look. we'll show you what's going on. a hazmat team at the scene. information still a little i ify at this point. just preliminary stuff coming in. no word on why the hazmat team is there or if they have found anything. we'll continue to keep an eye on this and bring you ahy updates. take a closer look at the trucks there, fire rescue out there, as hazmat teams are also on the scene.
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in texas. it also appears marco rubio is taking a page out of jeb bush's playbook. rubio letting his allied super pac fight the advertising battle here in florida for him. ruruio's campaign isn't spending money on radio or tv adds. the pac is directing attack ads at donald trump. they're pumping money into nearly every market in thehe stage,ven airing a spanish language adad outside groups have spent $11 llion attacking trump in florida and illinois. coming up at 6:00, willard shepard digs deeper into the ads that we're seeing and the floridians who are helping support those pacs. ted cruz may have picked up that endorsement you talked about earlier. mike lee endorseing cruz, but still no word from jeb bush's camp about who t florida
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backing from bush would likely boost support for any of the primary. for minute by minute updates from the campaign trail, a complete list of early voting, polling locations in florida, you can head to the decision and weather app. new tonight, trouble in deerfield breech. the mayor under investigation. the state's commission on ethics believes rob accepted a $1,,0 donation from charities for a local car dealership in the city. the investigation also finds rob used her position to get benefits for her church as well. her attorney said today he's confident a judge will be convinced she did not misuse her office. read about her opinions and options onhe nbc 6 news and weather app.
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guns off the street in south florida. a violent sport is taking a stand against gun violence in hopes of making our neighborhoods safer. >> reporter: trina, saturday morning this parking lot here at the jordon grove missionary baptptt church will be crowded with people turning in guns in exchanan for money. in the wake of so many shootings involving young people in the community in the past year or so, this is an effort to get guns out of circulation and the organizers are pulling no punches. so much agony. we all see it these people are trying to do something about it. >> we need you gys to turn in guns. we need the community from all over miami-dade county to show up and show out because too many young people have been shot or killed by senseless gun violence. >> reporter: reverend jerome
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buyback events since last year when his niece was killed by a stray bullet years ago. >> it's a shame that a kid has to be killed for t t community to get involved. >> it's everywhere. let's not w wt until the problem comes to your backyard. let's go to where ever the problem is. >> reporter: the plan is to give people $100 gift cards for each working gun they turn in. who is sponsoring the effort? a boxing gym. instead of throwing in the towel, organized fighting is gunfighting. this is the heavyweight factory in hollywood. city. the gym is donating $100,000 now for the gun buyback event. therefore you lead by example and not just talk and put your money where you mouth s. then everybody else will join in as well. let's put the guns down. let us not hurt each other.
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powerful message from a former heavyweight champion. every gun counts. >> that's something any child can find in the house and that one gun that could have been turned in last week or the week before could h he prevented someone from dying. >> reporter: $50 gift cards will be given out to guns that don't work. work. they're expecting to have much bigger turnout than last year when they collected more than 600 guns. this is saturdayorning from 10:00 to 1:00 at the jordan grove missionary baptist church. nbc6 news. an update on a s@-called high school sextortion case. students are aweppalled by the charges against one of their classmates. he blackmailed girls to perform
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nude pictures of them. there could be more victims out and encourage anyone who may know anything to callpolice. new tonight, a georgia mother in the center of a manhunt is behind bars in florida. clarion garrison was arrested last night in ocala. the body of her 2-year-old daughter was found in her house. she was traveling with her three kids ages 7, 6, and 4. they're safe and taken into state custody. they're looking into whether garrison is responsible for the 2-year-old's death. a teen forced to hitchhike 30 miles to his house after getting left unknowingly in the school bus. the 13-year-old fll asleep. when they finished their rounds after school, the student woke up about 15 minutes after the polk county bus was parked at the depot. he climbed out of the emergency exit window and asked a stranger
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driver and attendant are charged with negligent child abuse. it is the second time in less than a week that that same kid got left behind. a florida mother shot in the back. >> but now she may be the one facing the charars. why police say the shooter in the case was the one in the r rl danger. immigrant workers marching to the state's capital today. their message for lawmakers next on 6. i am absolutely sick. i bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. >> plus, what appearso be a simple heart on a child's toy turns out to be a code for pedophiles. how could this happen ahead at 6. pretty weather here in south
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albeit more at the capital, immigrant workerc are isspending the last two days of the legislative session at the florida capital. one bill in front of the legislature would make it a first-degree felony to live in florida after being deported. the punishment up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
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hearing, so it is not likely to pass. >> my parents came for a dream, the american dream, and also to provide for us to have a better future. i'm here to say that we -- together,,e have power. >> supporters want to extend low-cost health care coverage to children of undocumented immigrants. it is poised for final passage in the senate. w're learning more about the jacksonville mother who was shot in the back by her 4-year-old son. that mom was a reportedly a gun lover. her page is filled with posts advocating for gun rights. nbc has not been able to confirm if it belongs to the shooting victim. but she owns the gun the boy fired from the backseat of her truck on tuesday. she was in stableondition at last check. the boy was not harmed. he is with relatives.
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for a person to leave or store a loaded firearm in a way where a child can gain access. two people are dead in what authorities are calling an apparent workplace murder-suicide. officers found two men dedsad inside a room on the second floor of a plant. police heard two to four gunshots fired. the identities of the two men have not been released. a second round of rain hit an area already flooded in louisiana. the southern part of the state now bracing for the same. at leas three people are dead as a result of severe weather and rain. the governor has declared a state of emergency, concerned
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we've gone days without rain here in south florida. right now, live first alert doppler raradordar not showing any precipitation. you're going to see the sunshine sun shining upon downtown miami. temperatures will be warm for the next feweways. today's high was 84. it's down to 77 in miami. we've had very gusty winds today that are currently sustained 10 to 20 miles an hour. lowest winds in marathon right nowv that's a pretty substantial wind if you have to stand in it. you can see it is gusting or has gusted today to 30 miles an hour in ft. lauderdale and up to 38 miles per hour in miami. that is just below tropil storm strength. as we head in tonight, we'll keep a 5% chance of rain in the forecast, but 95% chance that it won't rain.n.
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pretty steady due to the onshore flow. our temperatures tonight will end up in the lower 7 70s for most lolotions here in south florida. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, it will be partly cloudy. still breezy at the coast. tomorrow overallur winds will not be quite as strong. 69 to 73 degrees. 69 applies to inland spots. maybe weston. maybe kendall. you can expect those type of readings. anywhere east of the turnpike or eas of 95, temperatures above 70. you see how the fure tracker during the overnight hours had a couple of these spotty, tiny showers. that's why the chance of rain is 45%. tomorrow looks to be a partly sunny day. a few clouds around in the 3:00 hour. we end the day like today with mainly clear skies and just a flu few clouds. the only problem is the rip currents at the coast.
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the beach is not t t safest place to be at. you can be on the sand, but if you get in thewater, it can be dangerous. here's your forecast as we head into the next three days here inn south florida. mostly sunny on friday. then saturday partly cloudy. 82 on saturday. 83 on sunday. there is a risk for spotty showers on sunday in south florida. not a washout of any kind. expect a coue of rain drops here or there during your sunday. one more thing about the weekend. the humidity levels will be up there. if you're out and about under the sun, it is going to be on thearm side. before you sip that next beer, check the bottle. the company that makes corona extra is recalling certain 12 and 18 packs of its beer. they might contain small particles of glass. you can find out if your beer is being recalled by clicking on the nbc 6 news and weather app.
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souvenir to remember a fun family night out. >> she stumbled upon something that made her sick. the secret symbol most parents have no i ia about it. a brawl breaks out over a boom box mid flight to l.a. you've heard a lot about the zika virus and the dozens of travel-related cases statewide, but one person contracted it through sexual contact. the first case right here in florida. the nbc 6 investigators have been fielding calls to people concerned about mosquito breedg grounds and what they can do about them.
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you can do about now on 6, it's seedy. secret language used by pedophphes. how on earth did it end up on a child's toy sold at monster jam races? what's rerely upsetting is the
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bradenton. >> reporter: nicole kelly couldn't believe it. >> i am absolutely sick. i bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. >> reporter: this mom turned mama bear real quick. >> i wanted to call and text everybody. i wanted answers. >> reporter: when she got the answer, she nearly threw up. her toddler's toy held a sick secret. it contains a symbol that is a disgusting calling card for creeps. it is for pedophiles. it wasn't made far, far away. it was designed in tampa bay's own backyard. when a pedophile sees a child with this heart symbol, it's code meaning the child is ready to be traded for x. a child. talk about turning your stomach. >> it's the most vile thing you can ever imagine.
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job, picking up pedophiles online and busting them the heart on this truck targets girls. the triangles target little boys. this toy basically a big neon sign that a pedophile would give another child so another sicko could notice them. >> so you can know what your end game is. >> what's the end game? >> put them in jail. >> the cyber unit now loooong for parents who may have attended that monster jam show. the last thing you'd expect to happen on a plane caught on camera. [ shouting ] >> an all-out braw on a spirit airlines flight that just landed in los angeles. an airline spokesman says two women who appear to be drunk were blasting music on a boom box.
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passengers asked them to lower the volume. >> they were serious. i felt like alcohol was definitely involved. somebody had to step in before someone gets seriously hurt. >> so far no arrests or charges in that incident. that's bizarre behavior on a plane. >> you don't do ything on a plane anymore. that'll do it for the news aq 530. >> don't go anywhere. more news straight ahead. it's the republican's turns turn for the fight in florid they are preparing for the war of words tonight for this debate. live team coverage from the university of miami. dozens of federal agents raid a south florida city hall amid a corruption probe that may involve public officials. new cases of zika reported. what you can do to fight the
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popular breeding grounds. four republicans are left standing with the fight for florida now just five days away. will all four still be standing by next tuesday's primary? >> people still sharing their thoughts on social view 6 with frontrunner donald trump splitting opinions of course. many people predicting donald trump will come out triumphant again. >> meantime, democratic contenders hillary clinton ann bernie sanders are crisscrossing the state rallying for votes after last night's debate where the two s sgged it out in a tense performance. good evening, everyone. i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. >> reporte and i'm jackie nespral. we're joined here by governor scott, the governor of florida. governor, thanks for joining us here on nbc 6. what does this mean for us having two debates in south
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>> i guess they know how important the vote is in florida. >> reporter: what do you expect for tonight's debatete >> i hope they're going to talk about how they're going to create jobs. we need more jobs nationally. we can't have four more years of higher taxes and more regulation. >> reporter: you haven't endorsed anyone yet. why iss that? >> people called on me to get out of the race back in 2012. i listened to the voters and we won. >> reporter: would you make an enrsement next week maybe? >> after tuesday maybe. i'll listen to the florida republican voters. >> reporter: have to ask you about a controversial comment made by donald trump saying muslims hate americans. >> let's don't forget there's's radical muslims. it's not a surprise they don't


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