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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i guess they know how important the vote is in florida. >> reporter: what do you expect for tonight's debatete >> i hope they're going to talk about how they're going to create jobs. we need more jobs nationally. we can't have four more years of higher taxes and more regulation. >> reporter: you haven't endorsed anyone yet. why iss that? >> people called on me to get out of the race back in 2012. i listened to the voters and we won. >> reporter: would you make an enrsement next week maybe? >> after tuesday maybe. i'll listen to the florida republican voters. >> reporter: have to ask you about a controversial comment made by donald trump saying muslims hate americans. >> let's don't forget there's's radical muslims. it's not a surprise they don't
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people in our state that love america and some that don't like america. >> repepter: thanks for joining us here. i appreciate it. as i mentioned earlier, it's a big gop debate. there's been 12 debates so far tonight at the university of miami. four candidates left. senator marco rubio, this is a do or die debate for him. for more on that, let's go to steve litz live here at the university of miami. >> reporter: hi jackie. governor scott may not endorsing a candidate, but a sitting senator now is. senator ted cruz enjoying his first endorsement from mike lee. that is the senator in utah. a big deal here. mike lee came into the spin room and annnnunced his support for ted cruz. he didn't ask marco rubio to drop out of this race, but he did encourage mr. rubio to, quote, get behind cruz. this is the last debate before the primaries in ohio and
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for the second night in a row, a south frida college will host a major presidential debate. the university of miami welcoming the four republican presidential hopefuls. florida gop chairman remains nntral on his candidates, but has a preferred opponent come novememr. >> i would love to run a cacaaign against hillary clinton, which is probably the antithesis of what people thought two years ago. >> reporter: the repuican underdogs like marco rubio need a strong performance tonight to slow donald trump's momentum. a "washington post" univision survey shows trump at 38%,ubio within reach at 31, and another poll shows trump with a 43% lead
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>> florida has always been the epicenter of the political universe. re we are again in florida. you guys are so spoiled and so used to this. you can say you're spoiled or you're plagued, one or the other, but florida is again the senator and it will be the center in november. >> reporter: this is the 12th debate for the gop candidates and the underdogs must move the dial in their favor tonight in order to remain viable and competitive in t ts race. of course, florida primaries just a few days off. frontrunner donald trump ahead with steam goingnto that election. nbc 6 news. so much is riding on tonight's debate. the florida prihary is on tuesday. the media is out here in full force. choppers overhead. so much is ridi on here tonight and a lot of hype on the university of miami campus.
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and closer to this debate by the hour, the buzz is getting louder here on campus. you mentioned it. i'll show you our view from the student activity center across the lake. you can see dozens of media crew standing over there outside of the d date hall covering this event. reporters and photographers from across the country. the university ofiami is literally the center of the political world tonight. spring break may have lured many students off campus, but that means the ones who are here this week are stoked to be part of the republican presidential bate. >> at um, there's a lot of diversity. you walk around. there's people from all over the world. i think you kind of want that. when you're considering these people who are voting for the president. >> reporter: the high stakes showdown comes five days ahead of tuesday's winner takes all gop florida primary. students say the hype around tonight has enticed their peers to get into the political conversation.
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inclined, you can definitely see they're excited aout it. you see them try to initiate other people. you see them registering people to vote and all this other fun stuff. it has increased exposure among students. >> reporter: presidential hopefuls will want to pay attention to these young voters, many of which remain undecided. >> still up in the air for me. it's a tough race this year. i don't think there's like any clear cut candidate for a lot of people i know. nobody is for sure on their decision yet. >> i think i have a good idea, but i'm not a registered republican. i'm an independent. >> reporter: several of the students we spoke with did try to get tickets to the debate. there was a lottery here on campus, but those tickets very hard to get. those students happy they can have a watch party here at the student activity center. that's where w w are at live. we'll send it back over to jackie. >> reporter: in just under three hours the fireworks will begin
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i sat down with gop candidate ted cruz's wife heidi cruz earlier todada we'll introduce you to heidi cruz tonight coming up tonight on the news at 11:00. you can follow me on twitter @jackienbc6. democratic presidential hopefuls are hot off last night's debate. >> i'm running a campaign that talks about what results i can produce for you. >> hillary clinton headed to tampa for a get out the vote event. she continued to speak about her plans to break down barriers and crte jobs. she surprised hotel staff at the fountain blue on miami beach. her opponent not slowing down either. he's addressing football cououry in gainesville. >> unless you're out on the
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spectator sport. demococcy is not a s sctator sport. >> bernie sanders hoping to build on his momentum. his first stop the university of florida there where thoands of students showed their support. all about the gators. sanders focused on youth and their importance in the political process he echoed familiar campaign themes of free tuition, campaign finance reform, and what he calls the rigged economy. both candidates have a clear eye on our 99 delegates. we'll learn who won over voters in just a few days. the air waves are full of advertisements for and against specific candidates. the political experts say those ads can play a vital role in the final days before we head into the primary, the political primary right here in florida. willard shepard has an inside look at one of the most powerful groups that are pulling the
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>> reporter: pacs and super super pacs. we found one base rigig here in florida has a very long reach. >> we know he has the vision to lead -- >> reporter: supporters of marco rubio are pulling out all the stops for him in his home state. this tv spot paid for by a political action committee based in florida called conservative solutions. >> for people who haven't really cided one way or another, they can push people in one direction or another. >> reporter: the woman handling the funds at conservative solutions, accountant nancy watt watkins watkins. the check of eleleion records shows the pac iss juggling lots of money for lots of air time. in a year, conservative solutions took in 32.6 million from those willing to pony up. south florida automobileingpin norman brayman is one of those donors. some call him rubio's secret weapon.
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conserveative solutions. the chairman at prestigious miami law firm greenburg traurig has spent over 21.4 million. it has 5.6 million cash on hand. >> candidates are led by these super pacs just because of their monee >> reporter: thispot funded by keep the promise one. >> are we really looking at the people running behind them or provided? are we looking at their ideas or the people's ideas? >> reporter: a professor echoes the criticism of super pacs as an in an in-run around the law capping donations at $2700.
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pacs would run the negative ads and the candidate would run the positive ad so the candidate could say, i didn't run that. >> reporter:ou're likely to see many more in the coming ys. nbc 6 news. our decision 2016 coveage begins on the nbc 6 news and weather app. make sure yo check out our delegate tracker. we'll have live results next tuesday during the primary. corruption crackdown. federal agents launch an all-out investigation. people worried about the
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nbc 6 invest federal agents swarm city hall in opa-locka in what they say is a crackdown on public corruption. >> dan krauth has been following the story all day longg and he joins us live from thecene with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: right now a team of spccial agents are still here inside cityall behind me searching the building for evidence. they've been here for more than nine hours now and they're not going anywhere until they get everything they're looking for. dozens of federal agents raided city hall with boxes in hand. >> it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: the fbi search
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literally dance in the streets, including former commissioner steve barrett. >> we feel we have the most corrupted city in dade county. they do whathey want with the money and they don't want to answer to anybody. >> reporter: the fbi won't say why they're here. only that it's part of a public corruption investigation. officials from the top down including t t city's own mayor under close scrutiny. she left when the feds showed up an no one answered the door at her gated opa-locka home. tonighthe city's second in command did have some strong words. >> if the city is doing something wrong, bust their [ bleep ]. other than that, no comment. >> reporter: last november the newly appointed city manager was ousted by the commission after exposing the city was millions of dollars in debt. here's what the mayor had to say then. >> it seems that he set out to expose everything that we're
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>> reporter: he's now part of this investigation and released a video statement tonight. >> i pointed out several irregularities and things that didn't make sense about their financial systems there. >> reporter: an issue that's hurting the taxpayers. they don't see this as a takedown. they see it as a new beginning. >>o be caught with their hands in the cookie jar,e don't care who they are. we want them to go to jail. >> porter: no one is going to jail, at least not yet. no arrests have been made today. the fbi wants to hear from you. they want to hear from you if you've been a victim of public corruption in this city. nbc 6 news. >> announcer: now first alert weather with chief meteorologist john morales, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> long hours of sunshine today. more than the past few days where we have had these cloud decks moving through south florida.
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our favorite shot when the timing is right. we're looking across holiday everglades park. you can see the b butiful sunset there. the sunsetting these days at about 6:28 or so. there's a couple of birds flying right hrough. this is beautiful. i love to look at this shot every hour of this afternoon. i have to step out of here just a second to fix something. we have warmer and more humid conditions expected here in south florida, but the winds are expected to relax gradually by this upcoming weekend. spotty showers in my forecast for sunday, but i'm not forecasting a washout that day, so no worries if you have activities on your sunday. shouldn't be anything more than just a couple of@ brief spotty showers. 38 miles per hour. 30 miles per hour in ft. lauderdale. temperatures were up into the mid 80s in spots.
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key west starting to creep up there between 60 and 70% or so in the mainland. 75% to 85% down in the florida keys. high pressure near bermuda right now very strong, producing this onshore wind flow with those wind gusts. upstream from us close to the gulf coast and close to the mississippi and ohio valley as well, a complex system of low pressure that's been producing flooding in louisiana and other spots in thesouth. it's going to take a long time to be able to reach here. even whe it reaches florida, it is expected to wash out before crossing through south florida. that front will not be able to bring us cooler temperatures next week. we expect drier air. that'll be good, but no cold air expected with that front. you can see just aowhow clear the skies have been today. here's a look at your forecast for the next seven days. not as windy tomorrow.
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saturday looks to be partly cloudy. maybe a 10% chance of a sprinkle. sunday though 20%, 25%, maybe 30% chance of rain on your sunday. 83 will be a high. still a chance for a shower on monday. it dries out, but it stays warm. temperatures still in the mid 80s. thank you. >> there are new cases ofhe zika virus right here in florida
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has people calling the . six new cases of the zika virus r rorted today. that brings florida's total to 58 travel-related ses. more than half are here in south florida. >> that's made more people aware about the potential for mosquito breeding grounds. >>e are here with more on the calls we've been getting from people concernen about abandoned tires and green swimming pools. >> reporter: the breed that can transmit the virus not only lives in florida, but it is the
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these abandoned tires had a resident concerned. >> i worry about the mosquitos. iive close. >> reporter: worried about the mosquitos that would be breeding inside the tires filled with standing water. he's concerned because dozens of florida residents who have traveled abroadadhave come back with the zika virus. 22 miles north in plantation, this woman who prefers to remain anonymous contacted the nbc 6 invevtigators to report the pool in her condo hasn't worked in five years and is filled with dirty water. i'm scared because of the mosquitos and the diseases, she tells us, saying she doesn't know who to call or what to do. >> remember to drain and cover. >> we've been telling our residents the most important thing at this point is to eliminate the accumulation of water where mosquitos breed.
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been trying to control the mosquito population and fumigating areas where there are zika cas. >> if any mosquito from this area bites them andhen another problem, we'll have a problem with the transmission. >> i called at 3:11. i called the mosquito control. >> reporter: he felt his call hadn't really fixed the problem. days later the tires were there. his team did go out and found mosquitos breeding in the tires, so they sprayed them. because thehe tires were on private property, they couldn't remove them. they have asked the owner to take care of th. >> we can issue notices of violation. >> reporter: as for those green
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call 311 to report them. >> the mosquito fish feed on the mosquito larvae. >> reporter: another important tool to keep in mind in this fight to combat the spread of zika is mosquito repellant. use repellants with deet because they are most effeeive in bites from aggressive mosquitos. >> the nbc 6 investigators are working for you. if you have a story you think they need to check out, send us an e-mail. violence on the campaign trail. what really happened between a reporter and donald trump's campaign manager and charges filed after a punch at a trump
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leaked recruitment forms fro (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidatete seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so ourext president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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we're about two hours away from the start of the gop debate. >> let's head right back to the university of miami and check in witt jackie before we leave. it looks like a great day for debate, jackie. >> reporter: absolutely, trina and adam. we've talked about the importance, the significance, of tonight's debate for the florida primary, esscially for marco rubio. 99 delegates with up for grabs state. it is important for him to dodo well here tonight. in the meantime, this might be the last time these four candidates are together up on stage making their case to become president of the united states. so a lot is riding on tonight's bate here at the university of miami in coral gables. ming up tonight, we'll have everything you need to know about tonight's debate and also my very personal interview with
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gop candidate ted cruz. that's comingngup tonight on the nbc 6 news at 11:00. from the university of miami campus, i'm jackie nespral live. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. we'll see you tonight. >> looking forward to that report tonight. >> and how the debate is going to go tonight. are they going to be gentlemen or gloves off? >> every one has been a little breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence atis rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the risingeath toll as record floods rage. high-water scues. >rawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacd, including a pregnant
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fire in backyard barbecue. tonight, a manhunt for a pair of cold-blooded killers. why this weekend is especially high risk for heart attacks and strokes. "nightly news" begins right now. announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a vicious punch thrown at a protester at a donald trump rally and caught on camera, led to criminal charges being filed against one of his supporters today amid concerns over thehe increasingly hostile environment at many trump events. in recent weeks, trump has fired up crowds by ordering protesters removed in ways that some fear might eneourage violence. but hitting still closer to home is an allegation tonight of violence against trump's campaign manager, from a reporter who claims she was physically harmed. the trump campaign tonight strongly


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