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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ryan is off. meteorologist erika delgado with your forecast. >> it's dark and early, temperatures on the mild side. 75 in miami and ft. lauderdale. 71 down into kendall and 72 down into the homestead area. i want too take a look at our first alert cam. not much to see, waking up with just a few clouds. a nice start to the day. it is rain-free. as far as cloud cover is concerned, other than a few passing clouds coming in along the east-southeast wind, things are relatively quiet on this friday morning. for your first alert forecast, temperatures in the 70s. we'll already see 80s come noontime. let's take a look at those friday roads. here is your first alert traffic report with kelly blanco. >> good morning, south florida.
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accident-free. i-95 southbound and northbound at griffin road no construction whatsoever. in miami-dade we have a couple construction alerts. if you're h haded on the palmetto expressway northbound at tamiami trail, all lanes are completely blocked offfnot only that, the on-ramp and off-ramp are completely shut down as well. your southbound and norbound lanes at u.s. 27, okeechobee road no issues there. but there is a left lane blocked off at northwest 17th avenue. for you turnpike drivers, all lanes completely blocked off. this is a construction alert that lasts until about 5:45 a.m. yesterday morng. so expect that to be the same case today. >> all right. kelly, thank you so much. turning back to decision 2016, the four remaining republican candidates wrapped up thir 12th debate. this morning their spin from
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needs no spin, the overall feel of the debate. >> eric, each republican debate we've seen seems to get more raucous. this time we got to see a softer side of the final four. things proved different from the start with ground rules set and mostly respect for candidates to wait until they were called upon other. they respectfully talked trade, immigration and foreign policy. weertainly saw a more tempered trump. > we're all in this together, we're going to come up with olutions. we're going to find the answers to things. and so far i can't believe how civil it's been up here. >> you almost think they'd break into a round of kumbaya there. the front-runner not backing off of comments that muslims have tremendous hate for the u.s. marco rubio says the only way to
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extremists is toork with -- 'll have more in our next half hour. a popular issue in last night's debate, cuba. some of the candidatesp condemning the deal with the castro castro regime. >> i would probably hav the embassy closed until such time as a really good. >> the embassy is the consulate. it could go back to being a dons lat. if they sue us in a court in miami they're going to lose. here is an idea, cuba has freedom of the press. >> that we shouldn't be allowing billions of dollars to go to nations to hate us, to go to cuba, to go to iran. >> a strong america is what the entire world is begging for. where has america gone? >> social security also a big issue especiaialy with more than 3 million retirees in florida.
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shouldn't be changes made to the social security program. a few candidates favor raising the retirement age. >> let's get rid of fraud, get rid of abuse. let's be more careful about how we spend foreign aid. you till have hundreds of billions in deficit that you're going to have to make up. if we don't do it, we will have a debt crisis. >> this is not a theory. if you have to take on entitlement programs to balance the budget, yes. that doesn't mean you have to cut them. it means you have to innovate them. >> we need to gradually raise the retirement age, we need to matchh inflation instead of exceeding inflation. >> you heard julia asking if this is a two-man race. cruz seems to believe that, he d donald trump. if drum wins the nomination, cruz says hillary clinton will be the next president of the united states.
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conference this morning at 9:00, he says dr. ben carson is going to endorse him. >> it goes without saying we hear a lot from the candidates. running for president not only puts the candidates under the microscope themselves, but also their spouse. nbc 6 exclusively talking with senator ted cruz's wife heidi. she explains why her husband decided to run. >> people are angry at thehe left for having failed in their promises. it's important that we have someone run for office that is principled, has courage, speaks to our better selves and has the brilliance and the intellect and the care for following the constitution that ted has. it was a race that he had to run in. >> on the democratic side,e, senator bernie sanders expecting to be in three states today, north carolina, ohioio and illinois. as for hillary clinton, she'll spend part of her day attending
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she surprised staff at the fountain blue in miami beach and made appearces in north carolina and illinois. sanders stayed here in florida attending a rally in tampa and kissimmee and even made a stop at the university of florida. you'll notice he's wearing a gator hat and encouraging students to stand up and vote. >> i know florida is big football country, right? [ cheers and applause ] but unless you're out on the playing field, football is a spectator sport. democracy is not a spectator sport. >> well, he ce@rtainly knows his audience. both contenders are gearing up for the big prize. florida's primary next tuesday with its winner-take-all delegates up for grabs. on tuesday we'll bring you the results once they role in. you can see the results on our nbc 6 news and weather app. right now following breaking
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where a 23-year-old is in custody after falsely claiming had a bomb inside his suitcase. police say it all sarted when the man was turned away at the door of the u.s. embassy. a police robot called in to open that bag. they found only some personal items like clothes inside. police are saying right now, and there is a quote, there are many indications he is psychologically disturbed. we have new video of the woman attacked by her%room might on craigslist. this video was sent to us by her family. we've been telling you about danielle jones for the past couple weeks. she was attacked by her roommate she met on craigslist. byron mitchell is facing attempt attempted murder chargege a south florida home honer got an alert on her phone that house.
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had a surveillance system on her phe. she drove home and that is when police say she spotted a 17-year-old running out of the back of the house. this happened northwest 19th avenue near 72nd street in miami yesterday afternoon. the homeowner then pulled a gun on burglar. he e ed at the hospital. a day-long search for evidence irn side opa-locka city hall, this was breaking news yesterday. they were tight lipidid about the investigation. but they did say they're looking intoublic corruption. officials from the top down are under scrutiny including mayor mira taylor. he was ousted aftere exposed opa-locka was millions in debt. yesterday's raid was a new beginning taxpayers say they've been waiting a long time for. >> we feel like we have the most corrupted city in dade county. they do what they want with the money and don't want to answer
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>> if the city is doing something wrong or people in city hall are doing something wrong, bust their [ bleep ]. other than that, no comment. >> and that is the way he feels. an honest action there. the fbi wants to hear from anybody who thinks they mit have been a victim of an illegal scheme by city leaders. a family looking for a new car after flames destroyed their garage and their car. here you can see some of the damage. everything inside was charred. even the front off the car has the front burned off as you saw in that picture. >> a live look at our first alert camera. fri-yay. >> erika delgado, i hope this carries us into the weekend.
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youu can feel the difference through the morning and night hours. humidity levels have beenen slowly but surely creeping up. it is a nice start to our friday. you can see we're still dealing with that breezy east and southeast wind. miami and ft. lauderdale you're seeing temperatures around 73 egrees. 72 right now in northern broward. that goes for the oakland mark airway as well. taking a look at our life first alert radar, that's what we like to see this morning. right now ft. lauderdale down into the keys, rain-free. no rainy where in sightht even over the atlantic waters. that's good because we have the east-southeast wind. take a look at the cloud cover over the gulf of mexico. it's going to take a few days for it to creep over into the sunshine state. for friday, temperatures remaining in 270s.
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>> it is friday and we are accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. good morning, south florida. as you make your way out the door here, take a look at your drive in oward. this is i-75 southbound an northbound lanes at miramar parkway. we do have all lanes completely blocked off. now i-75 construction will be going on all week and weekend and next week. plan for that as you make your way out thdoor at night and in the morning as ll. a busy palmetto expressway, traffic up to speed. no issues on this side of town southbound as you approach northwest 122nd street. if you're traveling the palmetto expressway northbound towards tamiami trail, all lanes are completely blocked off. here is another look at the palmetto expressway. your southbound and northbound lanes around okeechobee road. kelly, thanks so much. it's 4:42 on your friday morning, it was supposed to be nothing more thachb a souvenir
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but instead one tampa mom says she stumbled on something making her sick. she
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special needs student (phone ringing) you can't dedl with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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former first lady nancy reagan being laid to rest today. she's been in repose for a few days in california. the o oicial funeral service will take place at the ronald reagan library where she will be buried right next to her husband, former president r#nald reagan, of course. what you're going to see play out is exactly how mrs. reagan mapped it out herself. she said she had a lot of time planning her own funeral. he wanted it done a certain way. throughout the past week, thousands of people have passed
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we'll have live verage of the service at 2:00 this afternoon. you can watch newsing the nbc 6 >> president obama will t be there. instead he'll be at south by uthwest music festival. officials say this is the first time in the festival's history that a sitting president and the first lady have participated. a new development in the case of apple versus fbi, the justice department says there is probable cause that the locked iphone used by the san bernardino terrorist does contain evidence of the attack. the government and community need access to the phone and apple should comply. this will now set the stage for a march 22nd hearing where lawyers for apple and the justice department will argue their cases. this morning investigators are trying toigure out what cause add massive fire in los angeles.
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completely collapsed after these flames haveeen burning for a few minutes. nearly 100 firefighters battled those claiais. after all of it everybody got out okay. all right, south florida. friday, 4:47. thingsre looking pretty good. rbin-free. dealing with a few clouds out there. temperatures on the mild side. however, you head out the door this early in the morning, you'll feel the difference we've been talking about all work weak long. rain-free everywhere. you will not be needing umbrellas as you head out the door this morning. i mentioned those mild temperatures. that's where we're starting with 73 degrees in miami. the normal temperature for the
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64 degrees. we're about ten degrees above average right now pretty much across the board except naples has the idea, 64 degrees. mid 70s down in the keys. 73 in ft. lauderdale and 71 down in the kendall area. still dealg with the east-southeast wind. breezy start to the day between 10 and 20 miles per hour. as always, as the day goes on, winds pick up more. keepthat many mind if youave out door plans today, it will be another breezy one across south florida. clouds. other than that, things looking good for east coast metro area. behind us you'll notice clouds across the gulf of mexico area. that will be the trend within the next 48 to 72 hours. we are expecting changes ahead of a system that will bring us changes for the next workweek. in the meantime, first alert forecast for your friday, a warm
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mid to lower 80s. breezy conditions will stick around for most of the day. high pressure further into the atlantic waters aad of this system that will slowly creep up. we are expecting the moisture levels to creep up especially for the second half of the weekend. today breezy conditions, high risk of rip currents along the atlantic beaches. hazardous marine conditions. keep in mind as you head out the door if you have plans on the water. temperatures will remain warm. we will be rain-free up until sunday. already back into the mid 80s. s that not changing for quite a few days. >> i'll take it. good morning, south florida. happy friday. no accidents on our major roadways, taking a look at your drive here, i-95 -- i-95 southbound approaching the turnpike, the express lanes are blocked off after the golden glades interchange.
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northwest 151st street. we do have construction until about 5:30 a.m. on the palmetto expressway northbound at tamiami trail you do have to follow t tse detours because the on-ramp and off-ramp are shututown as well. we have two lanes of traffic blocked off on the dolphin expressway. look at all that red. turnpike drivers southbound at red road that exit completely blocked off, all lanes blocked as well. in broward county, yooifri-75 northbound all lanes completely shut down at sheridan. we're learning more about the jacksonville mother shot in the back by her 4-year-old son. that mother is reportedly a gun lover.
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says the 31-year-old owns the gun that the boyired from the back seat of their vehicle. under florida law it is illegal for a person to leave or store a loaded firearm in a way where a the mother accused of abducting her own son and taking him across state lines. lady bet hernandez triggered a nationwide amber alert after she abducted her son logan. her plan was to run away with him eventually to mexico. they made to it texas. her bond was set at $50,000. after that she'll be put on house arrest until her trial happens. logan, hernandez's second child to be taken away from her and he is in the custody of the state. a central florida school bus driver is behind bars and so is her assistant. police say the two lft a 13-year-old special needs student on a bus, not once, but twice. gail brown an gwendolyn similar
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deputies say the student was sleeping when she stopped at a lake wales school and everyone got off the bus. brown drove to another location, parked the bus and left with simmons. the student woke up 15 minutes later, climbed out of a window and hitchhiked the 30 miles home. police say the same thing happened earlier this month. a man arrested on a warrant for sexual activity with child. pa trish i don't gonzalez arrived fom ecuador when a custom officer in ft. lauderdale soticed the warrant out for him. the 56-year-old has since been transferred to the main detention center in pa beach county. gonzalez is scheduled to appear in curt at some point this morning. >> it is a seedy secret language used by pedophiles.
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jam races. >> this is a story that's hard to wrap your mind around. it's really confusing to understand the connecting point. >> for nbc 6, melanie michaels is going to tell us how a mom cracked thiss cacae. >> nicole o'kelly couldn't believe it. >> i am absolutely sick. i bought this for my 2-year-old girl. >> this mom turptd mamma bear real quick. >> i wantede to call and text everybody. i wantedanswers. >> reporter: when she got answers, she nearly threw up. her toddler's toy held a sick secret. this monster jam souvenir contains a symbol, a disgusting calling card for creeps. this is a code for pedophiles. >> this is pink, geared toward little girls, especially at a predominantly male event. >> reporter: the more we found
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this toy was designed our own tampa bay back yard. here is how the devevnt under cover language works. when a pedophile sees children with the heart symbol it's code meaning this child is ready to be traded for sex. talk about turning your sromach. >> it's the most file thing you can ever imagine. >> reporter: pasco detective anthony biscone tells us the heart targets girls, the triangles little boys. this toy basically a big neon sign that a pedophile would give a child so another sicko would otice them. is. >> what's the end game? >> put them in jail. reporting. >> it's a little confusing whether the toy was ol altered by the toy maker-
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in order to have that symbol on it to begin with. >> certainly faccinating. things you have no clue about. five minutes to the top of the hour on this friday. we are springing forward before you go to bed tomorrow night. meaning you're going to unfortunately lose an hour of sleep which makes me a little nauseous.
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are saying it's welcome back. much of the nation will spring forward tomorrow night. >> while losing an hour of sleep will certainly lead to a lot of grumpy people -- nobody here, right? chronic sleep deprivation has dangegeus side effects. erika edwards reports more there. >> reporter: consider this your
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company coffee p p is well stocked monday morning. a new survey from account temps shows nearly 75% of employs say they yawn their way through the work day, often blaming big mistakes on sleep deprivation. >> somebody paid the entire staff twice, somebody deleted an entire database. >> reporter: that's before losing an hour of shut eye when daylight saving time begins. it's not just the bottom line that could suffer. >> she's sleeping her on the camera. >> reporter: sleep experts say when when the body doesn't get enough sleep, the immune system suffers. it makes us more lickly to catch viruses like the flu, and that's not all. >> the deprivation long-term over the course of one's life can affect the risk of heart disease stroke risk, diabetes development. >> scientists starting to show an soerks between an ongoing lack of sleep and increased risk
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>> the sleep system that has evolved over these millenia is very complicated we need to appreciate it. step ba a little bit and make sure sleep is a big part of our health. >> even though the alarm will go off an hour earlier, experts san jose this should be a wake-up call for americans to make sleep a bigger priority. erika edwards, nbc news. >> erika, you're preaching to the choir. >yes, you are. everybody up right now at 5:00 is like, hallelujah. >> nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now nbc 6 is everywhere. >> gop showdown at the university of miami as the republican candidatesattling it out. this one takes a decidedly mi turn ahead of florida's primary. >> a south florida woman gets
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dve home and take matters into her ow hands. fbi agents raided city hall in opa-locka in a massive alleged corruption investigation. >> live. "nbc 6 today" starts now. >> time is 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. we have all made it. the weekend is officially here. >> it is friday and it looks like, erika delgado, we are in for a aixed bag. >> you're right. nice. we'll feel the changes as early as you head out the do this morning. happy friday south florida. rain-free so far. live first alert radar looking pretfy good. quiet conditions. we are waking up to mild temperatures. 73 in miami. upper 60s across the panhandle. we're dealing with a few passing clouds moving in along the east-southeast breeze
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beginning to increase. this is ahead of a system that will bring some changes for this upcoming weekend, especially for the start of the upcoming workweek. in the meantime, calling for mild temperatures. first alert forecast calling for mid 70s come the late morning hours. here is kelly blanco. thank you for joining us as you make your way out the door. this i-95 southbound and northbound lanes. you see the express lanes have oned back up. a 12-minute ride from the golden glades to the expressway. another crash in broward county on 595 eastbound as you try to ramp on to the rnpike. ex-length all lanes of the palmetto expressway north korea


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